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Beard balm or beard butter? This has come to become one of the most asked questions on the net as regards beard grooming products.  Although when it comes to beard grooming products, there are lots of choices to pick from, this duo is compared almost all the time, and it’s good anyway.

These two are however basically designed to help you style and shape your beard. Although there are a few differences between the two, and while some of these differences are quite evident enough, some are very hard to detect except you’ve learned or being thought about it in the past earlier.

Fear not anyway, in this article, you’ll get to know specifically which is which; the differences between these two beard care products; the various ingredients employed in making each of them; and even the advantages of these products as well.

So without wasting much time any longer, let’s get down to business!

What Is Beard Balm

Basically, a beard balm is a conditioning product – just like the beard oil. Thus, it is safe when we say; a Beard Balm is a mix of oil and wax. It is essentially an oil for beard mixed with beeswax, which is mainly for maximum grip. This as well helps you to shape and give your beard what kind of beard that you desire.

Perhaps you’re having unruly hairs, which needs to be trimmed and tamed, or needs to be laid down to become even with the rest of the beard, then the Beard Balm is the ideal product to be used to execute such operation.

The real benefit derived from beard balm is its ability to control flyaway hairs, and also its capability of keeping one’s beard shaped with a maximum amount of grip.

Because of this firm grip, the beard balm is best used for beards with shorter lengths. However, the con behind the beard balm is that one must be cautious of the amount of balm applied. This is because of the beeswax present in it. The addition of excessive beard balm would lead to the hardness and stiffness of the beard.

What Is Beard Butter?


This is a bit tricky, so I’ll need you to be very careful and attentive at this point.

Beard butter, what is it about?

It’s simple! Beard butter can simply be described as a combination of the beard oil and the beard balm. It is a product used to condition and style your beard. The beard butter is for a beard that needs to stay styled and healthy, beard that needs to grow even fuller and at a fast rate, beards that need to look great and healthy. In other words, the beard butter helps your beard not to give itching effects, and also puts it in control.

Most beard butter (although not all) are Shea butter based formula products, and also with carrier oils which in turn gives you the perfect amount of hydration you need in order to promote a fuller and healthier beard.

You can thus say that the beard butter is more of a beard conditioner.

You see, the main difference between the beard balm and the beard butter is actually the butter part in the beard butter which acts as a carrier of essential oils and also lubricants. But again, the beard balm also contains some butter, although it contains a light blend of them.  That’s even more of the reason why this duo are usually confused for each other – the balm is more like a building between the beard oil and the beard butter.

However, let’s carefully outline the various ingredients that made up these two products. This would even help more clearly stating the difference between them.

What Is Beard Balm Made From?

Knowing about a product is a thing, getting even more important about the function it serves is another thing, knowing the various ingredients that make up the product is another thing entirely. And as all is very important to get, in this section, we’ll be discussing the ingredients that beard balm is made from.

The basic essential ingredients found in the beard balm are; beeswax; butter; carrier oils, and the essential oils.

1. The Beeswax

Beeswax is a very important ingredient in a beard balm. Basically, this wax is used to give the balm the right amount holds. It also supplies the hair with essential nutrients; this includes vitamin A, etc.

The beeswax melts upon coming in contact with friction but solidifies almost immediately. It is however important that you note not to exaggerate the use of the beard balm.

Beeswax exists in two forms; in bars and pellets.


2.  The Butters

In a beard balm, the kinds of butter present are; Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter. Some use Mango Butter as well.

The cocoa butter provides a pleasant smell, and also various essential antioxidants and vitamins for the balm.

The Shea butter possesses an anti-inflammatory quality which helps in reducing both rashes and itching effects.

Generally, butter gives a beard balm a spreading texture. This allows the balm to melt in one’s hand.

Mango butter is quite similar to the cocoa butter. The only difference between them is the better firmness that the mango butter possesses.

In beard balm whose aim to eliminate dandruff, then mango butter would be used as butter in such balm. This butter is a good moisturizer that contains anti-wrinkle agents that in turn protects you from ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the body.

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3. The Carrier Oils

Another important ingredient of a beard balm is the carrier oil. These carrier oils are used to give the beard balm its texture.

The kind of carrier oils used actually depends on the personal preference of the manufacturer. These oils include; Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil and the Grapeseed Oil.

Basically, Jojoba Oil is used to keep the skin in good condition in order to produce natural oils as well. It is as well a good moisturizer that nourishes facial hair.

Generally, carrier oils help in reducing the degree of acidity that’s present in essential oils. Thus in order not to hurt your skin, the carrier oils must be present in any kind of beard balm you want to buy.

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4. The Essential Oils

For the beard balm to poses a very pleasant smell, Then one would need the addition of some essential oils.

However, these oils are used in very little quantity, as you wouldn’t want to overwhelm yourself and those around you with a strong smell. Thus, as regards masculinity, the various oils available include; Sandalwood Oil, Cedar Oil, Tree Oil, and Pine Oil.

The tree oil is however also used to prevent dandruff.

What Is Beard Butter Made From?

So, what is good for the goose is as well good for the ganger. Thus, let’s also identify the various ingredients present in beard butter.

Basically, the beard butter is made from Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Essential Oils, and Carrier Oils.

However, having explained a couple of these ingredients in the previous section, I wouldn’t dwell too long on them. So before we proceed, please go back to the previous section and read over again.

1. Shea Butter

Shea butter is a kind of butter that is usually used extensively in beard care. This is actually because of its richness in essential vitamins such as vitamin A, E and F. These vitamins provide the skin with the number of fatty acids it needs, and also provides the body with nutrients that are necessary for the production of collagen.

Shea Butter helps with dry, flaky, and itchy skin. Generally, Cocoa Butter helps to reduce the breaking of hairs, whilst also increasing the manageability of one’s beard.

Shea butter is also used as a moisturizer. It is butter that smoothens and softens hair follicles. Serves as a skin protector, protecting the skin from dandruff, beardruff, and eczema.

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 2. Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter helps in the reduction of hair breakage, thereby increasing the manageability of the beard.  It serves as a moisturizer and conditioner as well to the facial hair which makes the hair stronger and fuller.

Cocoa Butter also has Vitamin E in it. This vitamin helps in keeping the skin from all possible irritations and also preventing any possible damage that can be caused to the skin.

Cocoa Butter also stimulates the circulation of blood to that part of the body where it is applied, which in turn stimulates a good rate and healthy growth of hair in such area.

Cocoa butter is known for its prevention of premature greying.

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3. The Carrier Oils

Another important ingredient of beard butter is the carrier oil. The kind of carrier oils used actually depends on the personal preference of the manufacturer. These oils include; Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil and the Grapeseed Oil.

Basically, Jojoba Oil is used to keep the skin in good condition in order to produce natural oils as well. It is as well a good moisturizer that nourishes facial hair.

Generally, carrier oils help in reducing the degree of acidity that’s present in essential oils.

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4. The Essential Oils

For the beard balm to poses a very pleasant smell, Then one would need the addition of some essential oils.

However, these oils are used in very little quantity, as you wouldn’t want to overwhelm yourself and those around you with a strong smell. Thus, as regards masculinity, the various oils available include; Sandalwood Oil, Cedar Oil, Tree Oil, and Pine Oil.

Having known the various ingredient that the beard balm and the beard butter is made from, lets also highlights 3 types of these products that are currently available in the market.

However, these products to be listed are mere results of research and studies, including personal experiences. So I guess we’re good to go right? So let’s go there!

List Types Of Beard Balm

1. Honest Amish Beard Balm


Honest Amish beard balm is a balm that’s easy to work with. It is quite easy to spread this balm on your beard hair. In addition to this, this beard balm leaves a mild and woodsy scent that enthralls everyone around its user.

An important ingredient of this balm is Argan Oil. This helps in hair growth and protection.

I have been using this product for about a month know, and have no idea how I maintained a beard before it. Within a couple of days, it eliminated all the itching associated with a long beard, as well as preventing the dreaded beard dandruff. I find the smell pleasant personally, but even if you are not the biggest fan of it, after a week of use your becomes used to it to the point you only really notice it while applying. Even though this is a seemingly small container, a little goes a long way. I have a pretty sizable beard, and only use a fingertips worth (about the size of a cherry).

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2.  Seven Potions Beard Balm


Seven Potions Beard Balm is one characterized by a greats scent. It is made of organic and natural ingredients.

However, apart from the great scent it possesses, this beard balm acts as a moisturizer. It leaves your skin ever moisturized, while also giving you a shining and very healthy beard.

So I have to say I am overall very pleased with the beard balm. It has a light woods smell to it, nothing to overpowering. It seems to have a decent beard hold, and as long as you don’t overuse the product does not leave your beard real greasy or anything. My beard does feel a little softer using this product and less itchy. I am fairly new to the beard-growing world, but I would say from what I have used so far this stuff is right up there as far as quality.

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3. Smooth Viking Beard Balm

Smooth Viking is a beard balm that is formulated to keep your beard in shape no matter how long it grows. This balm provides its users’ beard with the right amount of hydration NEEDED, and also the strength to each hair follicle.

This product includes carrier oils such as Argan and Avocado. Avocado makes your beard grow thicker!

List of Types Of Beard Butter

1. Live Bearded Beard Butter


This beard butter is one which employs relatively simple ingredients, yet delivers with high efficiency. These ingredients include; Shea butter, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Almond oil, and Grape-seed oil.

Filled with lots of scents, this product is available in 5 fragrances. Made from 100 percent natural ingredients.

This beard butter is manufactured in the USA.

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2. Detroit Grooming Co. Beard Butter


This product is awesome for two reasons. Firstly, there are just two ingredients and if you have sensitive skin, then neither of these ingredients is going to cause allergies or breakouts. These ingredients are coconut oil and Shea butter.

This beard butter has a nice texture, which melts away when you rub in on one’s beard. The aroma is quite natural and mind, although most of it dissipated almost immediately. It is a nice blend of carrier oils that are rich in vitamin E.

I ordered the 2oz version as a Christmas gift, and he just recently reached the bottom and is almost finished with it. So, it lasted him close to three months, which in my opinion, is great. His beard is about collarbone length, slightly longer. Anyway, we cannot praise this stuff enough! It definitely keeps his beard moisturized, soft, and smells delicious. I’ll probably order a different scent next time, just purely out of curiosity, but yeah, in my female opinion, this is the best beard product out there, and that’s coming from someone that’s read a ton of reviews, purchased every single other beard care product for him, and that loves smelly-good things, haha.

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3.  Willie’s Beard Butter By Manskape


This beard butter also gives a nice but not overpowering scent. The odor is mild but woodsy one. This is however caused by the presence of CedarWood.

Unlike other beard butter, this product contains both Shea butter and beeswax. This, however, makes it almost a lookalike of wax which helps in holding the beard in order for the whole day.

Overall I’m very pleased with this product. I have quite a large beard and regularly rotate different products. This was recommended by an unaffiliated 3rd party and I must say, I’m very pleased.Scent (of the Original) is potent but not overwhelming by any means. I’m not good at describing scents so I won’t waste your time with all of that. I will say it’s a solid masculine smell that I found to be very appealing and, for what it’s worth, my girlfriend also really liked it.

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How To Use The Beard Balm & Beard Butter

  • Beard Balm

Using the beard balm isn’t tasking at all…very simple. However, it is advised to wash your beard only 2-4 times a week.

  1. Rinse or wash the beard.
  2. Use a cotton or microfiber cloth to Pat dry, in order to leave the beard slightly damp
  3. Scoop or scrape up a small amount of the balm using the back of your fingernail.
  4. Place product in the palm and rub hands together to emulsify it.
  5. Apply graciously from top to bottom of the beard, paying more attention to the hair than the skin.
  6. Complete styling with a comb or a Beard Brush.
  • Beard Butter
  1. Rinse your beard/facial hair.
  2. Use a cotton or microfiber cloth to pat dry beard.
  3. Use your finger to scoop out roughly a thumbnail-sized amount of the product.
  4. Spread product evenly across both hands and rub gently.
  5. Apply from neck to cheeks, working it in well into beard hair
  6. Complete styling with a comb or beard brush.

Can You Use Beard Oil and Beard Butter Together?

After spending time in forums, groups and chats this question has been asked more than a few times. Men who are just starting out with beard growth or just curious about what it is going to feel like using the two combos at a go may be asking this question.

The direct answer to this is YES. The purpose of beard oil and balm are never the same. Beard oil is an alight leave-in conditioner and skin moisturizer, using it 1 to 2 times daily can increase beard strength and growth. while beard balm, on the other hand, contains ingredients such as beeswax and shea butter. Shea butter adds an extra boost to the hairs while beeswax provides that extra pull needed to tame flyaway hairs and sideburn beard.

To make the process easy for you, we at MyBeardGang recommend that you follow the routine below: Apply beard oil immediately you are out of the shower but make you dry it till it becomes moist. 3 to 4 drops of oil should do depending on the thickness and length of your beard. Massage thoroughly then follow up with comb or brush.

After the oil has been distributed, but the size of the balm that you think is good for your beard and work into a liquid. Work the balm into your beard and follow up with a comb or brush.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Does Beard Balm Clog Pores?

We have a beard balm that can cause clogging of pores, to avoid this make sure to buy beard balm that contains non-comedogenic oils as they are the ones with a high tendency to cause clogging of pores. Example of oil that are non-comedogenic is Jojoba Oil.

What Does Beard Balm Do To Your Beard?

Beard balm can be referred to as some sort of leave-in conditioner that helps condition, moisturize and make the styling of beard easier.

Should I Use Beard Balm Every day?

Yes, you can use beard balm every day. Application of little beard balm to the beard every day won’t cause you any harm, it will help the hair moisturized, make it less pricky and keep it easy to style.

How Often Should You Use Beard Butter?

It is recommended that you use beard butter 1-2 times per day.

Does Beard Butter Help Beard Growth?

Promotion of beard growth and growing of beards are two different terms, promotion of beard growth is for someone who is already growing a beard but looking for ways to make it faster while growing of beard is for someone who just wants to grow to a beard.

Now for someone who is already growing beards, beard butter can help increase the growth rate but for someone who genetics and testosterone are against the growing of beards might be a mere mirage. Check out why some men can’t grow beards.

Yes if you already have some strand of beards, it will help you grow your beard but don’t expect it to become like that of Rick Ross overnight.

What Are The Benefits of Beard Balm?

Below are the numerous benefits of beard balm:

  • Prevents itchy beard.
  • Gives value to the Facial hair
  • It makes the beard look more healthy.
  • Prevent beard from getting infested with dandruff.
  • Protect the beard from the Elements.

When Should I Use Beard Balm?

The best time to apply balm to your beard is when the skin is slightly moist, it can be after you wash your face or shower. Don’t forget to comb the beard after you are done with the application of beard balm. Check out the best comb for men with beards.

Can I Use Beard Oil and Balm Together?

Yes, you can use beard oil and balm together as they both serve different purposes.

Does Beard Butter Goes Bad?

Beard butter can become bad. You can recognize beard butter that is going bad through the following process: when a beard butter is going bad, the smell won’t be nice to the nose, the formula will start to be separated, it will start getting the skin irritated and stop performing it Job.

What Does Beard Butter Do For Your Beard?

Beard butter is known to be mixed with oils mostly. The natural butter used in the production of beard butter is used to keep moisture in whilst making sure the beard remains manageable and soft. Another benefit of beard butter is that it makes taming and styling of beard easy.

What Are The Ingredients Used In The Production of Beard Butter?

Beard butter is generally made up of oils and butter. It is mostly made up of shea butter in large proportion combined with carrier oils, and essential oils for fragrance.

Are Beard Butters Effective?

Yes, they are effective in creating the ideal environment needed for proper beard growth especially the ones that contain essential oils such as Jojoba and so on. Below are reviews from some of the buyers on Amazon:

The smell of this beard butter is just wonderful. After applying it I’ve been just sitting here enjoying the smell of my own beard. Yeah, I know that’s really weird, but this stuff is that good.  I had been using a different product from a different company. It was a balm that looked and felt like a balm or butter. This stuff, well, when you get it, you’ll know, looks like it dried out and has gone bad. It has not. When you scoop out a little on to your finger, you can kind of feel the oil. Don’t make the mistake I did and try to push it straight into your beard. You can recover from that, but it’ll take a little work. Instead, rub your hands together. The gritty dried out stuff softens then turns into a very light oil. Now you can apply it to your beard.

I was recommended this product from my barber and boy am I glad he did. The smell is a very masculine quality smell. Kind of like rich mahogany and leather would be described. I have expensive colognes and overpowering scents that I enjoy from time to time but BBN I get the most compliments from my girl on the days I just put this in my beard after getting out of the shower.. gives a nice sheen. Makes styling or combing a lot easier. It only takes a tiny bit. This can should last me for months and I have about a 2 to 3-year-old beard. I have zero complaints.


It’s simple. No long talks. Whether a beard balm or a beard butter, both are good beard care products. Everything boils down to your personal preferences – Which of them you like the most, and also taking consciousness of your skin type.

Keep bearding!

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