List of Best Beard Detanglers For Bearded Men

Every bearded man must be sure of the best beard detanglers for him before making his purchase.

Have you ever been told by someone that your beards suck? Or feel embarrassed that you just want to stay indoor without moving out in day time?

So let’s see the best beard detangler you can use!

Before You Buy Beard Detangler (Brush)

  • The materials
  • What are the bristles like
  • What about the handle

#1. The Materials

The main body is one of those things you should consider, some beard detangling brushes are made with bamboo, some other types of plastic, or wood. There are advantages to each of the materials used, but wooden brushes are usually of a high standard.

One advantage of detanglers brush made with plastic is that it is water-resistant. Wooden plastic brushes also don’t react well with water, which is why beard detanglers brush made with wood should not be in any way cleaned with water.

#2. The Bristles

We have brush bristles that are either natural or synthetic. Natural bristles are the ones of boar’s hair or horsehair. Let’s keep the story short: Natural hair brushes are the best, they can easily spread beard oils throughout the beard with little effort and make it softer. All of the brushes that we are going to be listing here are made with boar’s hair bristles.

#3. Stiffness

You need stiffness when choosing the right beard detangler brush but unfortunately, beard brush’s bristles are fair in this aspect but can provide the “backbone” to clean the beard and get rid of tangles.

#4. The Handle

We have beard brushes that come with handles that extend from the body and those without handles like the brush used for shoe polishing. Both come with their pros and cons, the one to choose depends on personal choice. If the ones without handles feel good in your handle to go for it and if it is the one with a handle, go for it.

But have it in mind that the longer the beard, the firmer the bristles should be.

Now let’s move to reviews of best beard detangling brush.

Reviews of the Best Beard Detanglers (Brush)

#1. Seven Potions Beard Brush For Men With 100% Cut Boar Bristles

Best Beard Detanglers

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This is a beard detangling brush with limp bristles. It is made with the opinion that bristles on brush must be stiff in mind. Seven potions beard brush for men is stiff enough to untangle your whiskers and carry natural oils you applied to your beard.

The advantages of this brush do not end there, it is good for simple beard tidying and more extensive work. If you want to do all these with ease, Seven potions beard brush for men is the one for you.

Others benefit from seven potions beard brush is that it ensures you get all the stiffness that men so desire with the first cut (First cut means that the bristles came closer to the animal’s body). Another benefit of this brush is that brush’s natural bristles also help get rid of dead skin cells and massage the skin. Getting rid of dead skin cells means exfoliating, including those that can cause itching.

When you buy this beard detangler it can easily remove beard tangles, Pearwood handles, and first-cut boar bristles while the cons are that it is not good for men with long and thick beard hairs.

You should surely consider this brush if you are on the lookout for the best beard detanglers.

One of the Amazon Reviews of Seven Portion Brush

This brush is awesome. Mind you, it is my first soft bristle boar hairbrush. But none the less. I don’t think I could have made a better choice. Beautiful build quality. Feels really good to the touch. I use mine for my head and beard, and I use it every day without fail. It almost feels like a massage. And price-wise, it’s not the most expensive, and it’s certainly not the cheapest either. I know there must be brushes that are (better) but after trying this one I really couldn’t imagine a need for another one. Great company.

#2. Zilberhaar Pure Boar Bristles Natural Firm Hog Hair and Pearwood Beard Brush

Best Beard Detanglers

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The black forest region made in Germany is known for a lot of things. This beard brush is carved fro the Pearwood that comes with the black forest. Its standard has made it survive the test of time.

The benefits of this brush are that the bristles are 100% natural boar, the size makes it easy to take along when traveling, it can be put in the car, travel kit or even in your pocket.  Talking of the length, it is good for practically any length and it is also finely-crafted handle that gives full control when it comes to the styling of the beard while providing a firm grip.

When you buy this beard detangling brush you will get a bristle brush that is made of 100% boar hair, lifetime guarantee, and good for any beard length. Also, the con is that the price is a little bit higher than other brushes.

You should surely consider this brush if you are on the lookout for the best beard detanglers.

Review of the Brush on Amazon

I had heard of the Boar Bristle Brushes before and thought, what difference could they make? Well, I have a very healthy long beard that is treated with products galore, beard wash, beard cream, beard conditioner, etc. I never thought a brush could make the difference from an epic beard to an ultra epic beard. Needless to say, I am very happy with this brush and would highly recommend it to other beard lovers. Also, It would be a great gift for your bearded dude. Fast delivery from Ziberhaar and the quality of the brush is outstanding.

Before You Buy Beard Detangler (Comb)

  • Material used
  • Size & Use
  • Electric or Normal beard comb

#1. Materials Used

On Amazon, you will find different beard detangling comb made with different materials which include wood, metal, bone, and plastic. What makes them different is to what extent each can be used for, in some cases what you may beard comb made with plastic can be a spoiler for the one made with wood.

Beard detangling comb made with wooded materials are the most popular on an online retail store, they are favored due to their low cost and natural composition. However, they have their own problems which is they are easily subjected to cracking and make beard hairs snag.

The ones made with metals can last a lifetime in as much as they are not left in a damp or wet environment. They are always heavy. If you want to keep things at minimal, beard comb made with metal is the one for you. Also, we have beard combs made with bone extracted from real animal horns. The combs that fall into this category are hand polished and they offer far better combing experience. Unlike the ones made with metals, they do not carry much weight and they are thick.

You will find a beard detangling comb made with plastic. They can either be good or bad depending on the brand that produced them.

#2. Size & Use

On Amazon, you will find a beard comb of different sizes and shapes. The size of a beard comb has a lot to say on the thickness and density of the beard you can use it for, which can only be decided by you. Before you buy a beard detangling comb make sure to buy the one which its size can go through your beard hairs.

Reviews of Beard Detangling Comb

#1. Kent Men’s Handmade Beard Comb

Best Beard Detanglers

Kents Men’s Handmade beard comb is known for its golding standard. The competition is a severe one but the producer of this beard comb comes with something different which makes the best available.

The cellulose acetate composition and polished finish make it balance in weight and size, this also makes it good when placed in between palm

Looking at the picture above you should notice this is a 3 pack thing we have here and is different from the others on the list.

Having a variety of beard combs available within your reach is the way to go. With this, you can comb different beard hairs size and length without going through the buying process. The kent beard comb gets high marks for the ability to comb through beard hairs even if it is .24″ or 5″. So what are you waiting for?

You should surely consider this comb if you are on the lookout for the best beard detanglers.

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  1. It is of a gold standard and that grace the scalp of your beard hairs.
  2. The varieties are versatile
  1. None

#2. Go-Comb-Waller Comb + Bottle Opener

If you are looking for the best travel beard comb Go-Comb-Waller Comb is the one for you. Just like the first one, it is another versatile beard comb on the list. You can take it with you whether you are going out on a Sunday afternoon with your buddies or simply outdoor at a BBQ, instead of looking for opener you can flip it out to open your beer.

From a look at the picture above, it is incredibly thin and you thought it may break after 2-3 uses right?

You guessed wrong., this beard comb is made with steel that performs well. Another benefit of this comb design is the spacing of the teeth, unlike Kent teeth that are too narrow Go-Comb-Waller Comb has wider set teeth. But you should be careful if you want to straighten your mustache hair, it may be tougher.

You should surely consider this comb if you are on the lookout for the best beard detanglers.


  1. The size is compact and can fit perfectly into a pocket.
  2. The design is lightweight.
  3. It can be used as a bottle opener and a beard comb.


  1. Feels cold when left in the opening

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#3. Viking Revolution Beard Comb

Viking Revolution beard comb is another wooden beard comb on the list and it caught people as it is a product of Viking revolution. It does not only have fine and coarse teeth on both sides, but it is also of compact size that it can fit perfectly into the pocket.

While kent comes in variety Viking revolution comb offers beard comb with coarse and fine teeth on both sides. If you are growing beard for the first time and you need a beard comb that can go through your beard hairs without stress this is the right beard comb for you. – the teeth are fine, good for both long and short beard hairs. Another feature of the Viking revolution beard comb is that it comes with a travel pouch.

You should surely consider this comb if you are on the lookout for the best beard detanglers.


  1. It is compact and made with design
  2. There is no need to worry about static discharge.
  3. The smell is good.


  1. Negative reviews on standard control

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#4. Beardilizer Ox Buffalo Horn Beard Comb

Are you looking for a horn beard comb? This is the right beard comb for you.  Just like the ones made with wood and synthetic materials that are hand-cut buffalo horn generates static when combing your hair. Unlike beard comb made with wood that may snag, buffalo horn will run through beard hairs smoothly.


  1. It won’t cause static discharge
  2. This beard comb can last a lifetime
  3. With the teeth, it will never snag


  1. It is too small

You should surely consider this comb if you are on the lookout for the best beard detanglers.

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Here you’ve read the best beard detanglers for black men and we broke them down into detangling brush and comb. Each of them has its functions, advantages, and limitation. Beard comb is for thick and long beard hairs while beard brush is for beard hairs that are short and not strong enough. In short, before you buy any of the two make to know your beard hairs density and thickness. Knowing such basic details would save you from wasting financial resources and time.

In case you are confused about which beard detangler to choose from or have anything to ask on Best Beard Detanglers For Bearded Men, kindly make use of the comment box to let us know.

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