List of Best Hair Removal Machines for 2020

best hair removal machines

You must have been searching for the best hair removal machines after reading our previous post on the best hair removal cream. Also, you might be looking for cheap hair removal on Amazon. Here you will be provided with a list of hair removal products you can use at home, pros and their cons.

But make sure you read to the end. Before then let’s briefly look into What a hair removal machine is and what exactly it does to the hair.

Without wasting much of how time on what hair removal is, Hair removal machine can be defined as devices that make the removal of hair from the skin as an easy process. In our previous post on hair removal cream, we provided a list of alternatives to the use of hair removal products and one of those is “Laser Hair Removal Method“.  The main function of a hair removal machine is to make the removal of beard or head hair easier and effective, it gives options. With a hair removal machine, you have a choice, you can decide to stay away from the use of a shaving stick or blade. But! Finding a good hair removal machine is not as easy as it looks, that is why we have made our research, come up with the best machine you can use in removal of your head or beard hair.

Our decisions are base on reviews dropped by verified buyers on Amazon, product prices, specifications, battery life, and information we gathered through forums.

Let’s assume you have your money with you and ready to order for a hair removal machine from an online store, what are the factors to consider before purchasing? You definitely don’t have an idea of what to look out for. That is why we have here:

Factors To Consider When Buying A Hair Removal Machine

With the increase in technological advancement, we now have gadgets with specifications that buyers always confused when it comes to buying. The variety of hair removal machines out there has made the buying process more complicated, especially for someone who is buying for the first time. To make your decision making a fast and good one. Below are a few aspects to factor when looking for a beard hair removal machine to buy.

Your Age

Are you surprise? It is surely surprising but it should a #1 aspect to factor when buying a beard hair removal. Let take for example, you are buying a laser hair removal on Amazon. And you being the buyer is an adult within the age of 30-40 you will mostly be interested in total hair removal but if you are old enough wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation is what you will likely opt for.  Put your age into consideration when buying a beard removal machine, buy a product that will do you no harm.


When shopping for hair removal products make sure you opt for a head hair removal machine that is worthy of your budget. Doing this will make sure you do not overstretch your budget and also prevent buying a product with specifications that do not worth the price.


This is among what you should never overlook when buying any electronic gadget. Before you pay for the product in a physical shop make sure you check it put first. Turn on the machine to see if there is any malfunction. Also, if you are buying from an online store like Amazon make sure you read reviews of verified buyers. Some of these reviews are mostly paid for, but you can easily recognize the obvious one, they are the ones always short in words and lack substance and in some cases totally different from the products.


You will definitely have to repair your purchased beard hair removal at some point. Purchasing a removal with a guaranty is a wise decision to make. When weighing the options available make sure you check out for repairs options and how long it will take. Also, don’t forget to check for the number of months or years.

Best Hair Removal Machines Reviews

Remington iLight Pro Plus Quartz At-Home IPL

best hair removal machines

This is one of the most powerful hair removal machines needed for permanent hair reduction especially for someone interested in trying it at home and it is FDA approved. Looking at it from the perspective of how effective it is, it can remove hair with nearly 2x better results in fewer treatments. The results are not short term and users get 94% hair reduction in just 3 treatments. Make use of professional Intense Pulsed Light Technology that makes use of over 15 Joules per flash for effective hair removal in fewer hair treatments.

How effective and efficient is it? From the reviews dropped by buyers, this product is one that worth the money and recommended for anyone interested in removing his/her hairs within the shortest period of time.

I have pcos and have been dealing with whiskers for more than 30 years. This is the first thing that has ever worked for me. Worth every penny and more. It works more quickly on my facial hair and legs than any other place but it works. I was so happy when I saw bare spots among the areas that I had missed that were growing back in. It doesn’t get the white hairs but you can get carbon to rub into the roots of those after you pluck them and it works. Some hairs have grown back in much finer, but most haven’t come back at all.

Beats waxing for sure. The hair on my lower legs and upper arms has gotten more sparse on certain spots. This with about five sessions. For coarse hair on parts of the upper leg, I think I need to use this thing way more often. But the best thing about using this device to s no more ingrown hairs.

Check it out HERE.

Silk’ n Infinity

best hair removal machines

Unlike Remington beard hair removal Silk’n Infinity make use of IPL light and that makes it a good one for the skin. The shape is made to be petite, circular, these allow easy use. So it comes with well-equipped settings for a genuinely customizable experience.

The price is a little bit high but worth the price, It stores over 400,000 pulses before it dies, so that made it long-lasting compared to many of those on this list. Silk’n Infinity hair removal device makes use of a technology that makes use of light pulses to get rid of undesired hair growth without stubble being visible, ingrown hairs, irritation or redness of the skin.

How effective is it? From reviews dropped by verified buyers on Amazon. It is a product that worth what it is being sold for; the pulse duration is top-notch.

Check it out HERE.

Philips Luma Prestige 

best hair removal machines

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Philips Luma Prestige is your choice if you are looking for a professional beard hair removal machine for home use. It can remove hair in body parts such as the face, limbs, armpits, face, and other parts of the body with excess hair. It makes use of technology that can easily detect the skin colour and can decide the intensity of light. The machines emit different lasers base on the skin tones it detects, which makes doing it at home easy and safe.

The why you should buy this product is that it comes with different adaptors for different body types, skin tone detector present and fast removal of hair. Every product comes with one or two downsides, this product doesn’t have one per se. The price is just a little bit high.

This worked great for my legs, underarms, and bikini line. I have dark hair and pale skin. I started seeing results as soon as 1 month into using it. There is a little sting with some of the zaps, but nothing bad. So worth the price.


This weekend will be the 3rd session with the Lumea for my husband and me. So far it is totally living up to expectations! 100% recommend.

Check it out HERE.

Skinact IPL/SPTF Machine for Hair

best hair removal machines

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Finding a good professional laser machine online is not always easy even with the number of products available on Amazon. This machine hair removal is designed for hair removal only, it can be used for multiple skins, perfect for rejuvenation, acne treatment and good for pigmentation. Just like Philips Luma Prestige, it leverages on intellectualized control system to emit the suitable energy for hair removal. With the safety of users at mind, it can filter out harmful Ultraviolet light. 

The pros of Skinact IPL/SPTF is are; FDA registered product, touch control for easier control and separate filters. What of the cons? No disadvantages that are related to the users but it is a little bit expensive.

GSD 3000 (sPTF+) is a great IPL Platform and FDA Cleared. I purchased one from Aspen Aesthetics ( Denver, Colorado) for $9500 and have been quite impressed with the quality and efficacy of the machine. It came with 6 Flash Lamps. It works great for treatments such as Hair Reduction, Photofacial, Age / Sun Spot, Spider Vein, and Rosacea.

Vansaile IPL Professional Hair Removal Machine for Darker Skin

best hair removal machines

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This machine is a huge one compared to the ones listed above, it is versatile and makes use of different filters. The different wavelengths have different functions. For a wavelength of 620 to 1200, it is for hair removal and for wavelength within 430 to 1200 can be used for acne treatment. When you buy Vansaile IPL Professional Hair removal you are not only buying a hair removal. You are buying a machine that can use for skin redness or pigmentation treatment and skin resurfacing.

me Hair Reduction Device

me Hair Reduction Device

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This is one of the best FDA cleared Laser Machine you can ever lay your hands on. It is another amazing machine with slit design. It makes use of IPL & RF technology, which makes the process of hair removal more safe and effective even than some professional beard hair removal out there. When you buy, you will be buying a hair removal that can be applied to lighter or darker skin tones and colour.

I love this! I’m a brown person, my hair is not super thick, and this work just perfect for me. Doesn’t feel anything, no burn or pinch and I do have sensitive skin. I use it in my face, underarms, arms and bikini area, and after about 3-4 used I can see a big difference in the area.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Hair Removal Machines

What Is The Principle Of Laser Hair Removal?

It is normal to be curious about why we can be depilated by laser. It is known that lasers with specific wavelengths can be passed through the skin surface down to the hair follicles, which can get the hair follicles damaged. This, in turn, slows down the growth of hair.

The laser wavelength being selective only get the hair follicle damaged and they do not damage the tissue around the hair follicle. The chance of hair not growing again is slim but theoretically possible.

Who Is Professional Laser Hair Removal Not Suitable For?

Hair removal is known to be effective and fast but you also need to know that it is suitable for certain people. If at all you want to buy a laser hair removal machine, make sure it is the one made specifically for your skin type and tone. Example of people that laser hair removal machine is not suitable for are people with dark skin tone and pale hair.

Asides from the ones listed, it is also not suitable for those with skin wounds, and pregnant women. It is recommended that you seek advice with knowledge in this field before buying.

Conclusion on Hair Removal Machines

Do you have anything to ask on Hair Removal Machines, hair removal device reviews, cheap laser hair removal machine? Kindly make use of the comment box to let us know what you think. You can as well share your experience with any hair removal you have used in this past or using now.

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