How Do I Get Rid Of Dry Skin Under My Beard?

Hey, are you asking the ‘How do I get rid of dry skin under my beard’ question?

Know that you are not the only one with dry skin.

We have numerous men with fighting dry skin under their beards.

But do you know that we have solutions and tips you can follow to get rid of this problem? There is nothing worse than having your beard scalp full with dry whitish layers. It’s is not always comfortable and if not properly care for can lead to the development of dandruff. But worry no more as you will show how you can get rid of it in order with easy to understand steps.

Asides from tips on how you can get rid of dry skin under your beard, you will be learning how to prevent dry skin. In your own case, we assumed you already have dry skin under your beard, and the solution to that is what matters right now.

With tips, you will be learning here, following the tips that will be provided below will make the skin beneath your beard hair free from dryness. This is not an empty promise, but you must be consistent with it before you come up with a story of it not working.

Before we deliberate on How Do I Get Rid Of Dry Skin Under My Beard, let’s look into the “Why”

Causes of Dry Skin Under The Beard

After following our tips on growing of beards and thankfully you have finally achieved full beard status. WELCOME TO THE BEARD GANG. But you’ve run into a common problem: Dry skin under your beard. No cause for alarm as we have already promised to show you everything you need to get rid of it. What of the why?

Here are things that can cause Dry Skin Under Your Beard:

1. Using Bar Soap To Clean Your Beard

As a bearded man using bar soap can be the cause of your problem and it can cause a wreck on the skin beneath your beard. According to the recent study released in the year 2014, the majority of traditional soaps available are known to have high PH within the range of 9-10, which can cause fluctuation to your skin PH and get the skin dehydrated. It does not only get the skin dehydrated alone, using bar soap can cause acne to the skin.

When you use a product full of heavy chemicals as present in detergents and bar soaps. It might be tempting to grab your favourite detergents on the shave, you should start to restrict yourself from using anything close to detergents. They strip the skin and hair of all the vital vitamins and nutrients secreted by the sebaceous gland. Instead of using bar soaps/detergents to wash your beard making use of the proper beard shampoo is better.

2. Taking Hot Showers

That hot show you take every before going to work and after is cool and nice but do you know that they are not good for skin especially as a bearded man you are? This is not another bluff. The hot water from the shower can strip the natural oils from your hair and skin when you take hot showers consistently, it can result in skin dehydration that can make your skin as dry as the Sahara Desert.

This does not mean you should not take hot showers, do it but make sure you strike a balance.

3. Genetics

The skin beneath beard getting dry is not caused by taking hot showers or using bar soaps alone. Drying of the skin beneath the beard hairs can be a result of genetics. If you’ve always had a problem of dry skin and you think growing beard can solve that, it won’t work out. The problem would definitely get worse because the facial hair is now competing with the skin to get oil for proper moisturization. Also, dry can skin can be associated with certain medical conditions that are hereditary. Let’s take, for instance, atopic dermatitis, eczema, and hypothyroidism are hereditary and can all related to dryness of the skin.

4. Weather

You must have noticed that the skin tends to get dry in the winter. It is known to many that cold, dry weather can suck up all moisture meant for the skin and beard, leading to a dry and itchy beard. And it is observable that the older audience tends to fare worse compared to the younger ones.

How Do I Get Rid Of Dry Skin Under My Beard

1. Take Colder Shower

Taking Hot shower was listed as one of the caused of dry skin under the beard. Taking a colder instead of hot one can put an end to dryness of the beard. Turning the hot water knob a few notches towards the cold water is a good decision towards preventing the skin from getting dry the more. When you make use of this process the skin dryness should be eliminated within a few days.

2. Stop Using Facial Soap

If making use of facial soap with heavy chemicals to wash your beard has become your addiction, stop it now. Using detergents and cheap bar soaps with chemicals that can strip your skin and beard hair off its valuable nutrients should be avoided. Stop using bar soaps and start making use of shampoo and beard moisturizer on your beard. Check out the ingredients used in the production of beard shampoo.

3. Use A Facial Scrub Twice Weekly

It is normal for the skin cells to die with time. However, do you also know that the build-up of dead skin cells can cause dryness of the skin and leads to dandruff? In a situation like this, your skin becomes itchy, leading to discomfort. The only solution to this is to exfoliate your skin. Check out the best facial scrub.

Exfoliating your skin with a brush twice in a week with a scrub made specifically for the face can help ward off dead skin cells, get rid of ingrown hairs and remove skin flakes.

4. Watch Your Diet

Eating the right foods is not for health alone but also helps in proper skin management. And the skin beneath your beard hairs is not excepted. We have foods that vital for the prevention of skin dryness and dandruff. If you have been eating foods that lack Omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, Vitamin C, A, and E, make sure you start including them in the foods you consume daily. If by chance you are allergic to any of the listed, you can make use of their supplements here.

6. Work Out Regularly

It is not enough to eat foods, take cold showers you must be ready to do the right exercises. Working out regularly will go along way in boosting your testosterone level which in return have a great impact on your skin condition. Investing a little in monthly gym subscriptions won’t be wastage of financial resources.

7. Give Your Skin Breathing Space

If you are the type that wears garments that suffocate the skin you need to stop it now. Doing this can lead to the buildup of beard dandruff. Let’s take an instance, you are the type that wears hats and balaclavas that are known to hold heat which creates a perfect environment needed for dandruff to thrive perfectly.

Also, don’t turn a blind eye to your bedding including your pillowcase that you love so much. Do you know your bedding arrangement can cause irritation of the skin beneath your beard that can later lead to dandruff? Make sure your bedding set is a simple one and make it neat always.

To make this least of your problem, it is recommended that you wear loose-fitting clothes to keep sweat away. Also, make sure to use cotton or any smooth bedding to avoid your skin getting irritated.

8. Apply Beard Oil

Applying beard oil to the affected area is one of the options you can choose from. Beard oil is recommended for situations where the dryness of the skin is caused by weather. With consistent application of best beard oil and proper combing, you can get rid of dry skin under the beard without the help of a professional.

Asides from the tips provided above, consider the following your daily routine:

Daily Routine To Getting Rid Of Dry Skin Under The Beard

Step 1: Wash Your Beard on a Daily Basis

Many believe that the beard is not a home to germs and bacteria. Washing it on a daily basis not needed. That does not mean you should not wash it at all, you can make use of gentle face wash or shampoo. Making use of the right shampoo won’t in any way strip off the natural oils and by washing your beards you can get rid of white scalps before it gets out of control.

Step 2: Apply Beard Oil Daily

Applying beard oil made with natural oils such as Argan and Jojoba to your beard will not only make it look attractive but go a long way to help in your fight against dry skin.  You can make use of any of the beard oil listed here. And don’t forget to check out what makes a good beard oil.

Step 3: Use a Beard Comb

That comb is not for decoration of your back pocket nor is it for filling your backspace alone. It can be used as an important fighting item against dry skin under the beard. It serves the purpose of moving applied beard oil to all areas it should reach. Doing this does not only improve your look but also make you feel at ease instead of battling with itchiness of beard.

Take Note of This!

You need to be consistent. Don’t do allow the tips provided above in a day then expect that your beard dryness should disappear before the next day. Consistency is needed. Without a regular routine, you will keep on moving in a cycle, moving from one blog post to another, asking friends for tips and at the end have nothing to show for it.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on getting rid of dry skin

Can Dry Skin Under The Beard Be Treated Permanently?

Dryness of the skin under the beard can be permanently treated, and it also depends on the cause of the dryness. so if it is caused by the change in weather condition, you can’t get rid of it permanently, the best thing you can do is apply beard oil to it consistently. This way you can conceal the dryness till the weather is back to normal.

Does Beard Oil Work For Dryness Of Skin Under Beard?

Yes! Beard oil work perfectly for dry skin if applied consistently you are a step close to making the skin beneath your beard free from dryness. But make sure you buy good beard oil.

Conclusion on How do I get rid of dry skin under my beard?

Here we’ve looked into causes of dryness under the beard, the solution to this problem and the way forward. Although, we’ve already provided you with solutions the decision to follow what we have listed is left to you. You can only get rid of dryness by doing. It is not just about reading, buy the products recommended, work towards achieving beard scalp free from dandruff.

If you have anything to ask on How do I Get Rid Of Dry Skin Under My Beard, causes of dry skin under the beard and others? Kindly make use of the comment box to share your experience and the Journey so far on beard grooming. We will be waiting to hear from you.

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