Why Do Beards Itch When Growing?

Why do beards itch when growing? After deciding to grow beards. You have spent time shaving the hairs, applying shampoo and spent days researching the best beard accessories.

You have started seeing the results of all you have done, the mass of manliness you have always wanted start to manifest. Every young adult living close wants to a beard like yours, and many others, but there is one problem they don’t know you are facing “beard itching”.

Beards itching is what many growing beards face, it can itch any time and it is shy of no one. If you are facing this you are not the only one, but growing a beard should not be about itching beards all day. It should be fun.

In this article, I will explain the causes of itching, causes of itching and ways to prevent it from happening ever again.

I know you may have the following questions

  • Why do my beard itch?
  • How can I stop my beard from itching?
  • What are the preventions to take?

Why Do Beards Itch When Growing

You can’t solve a problem without knowing the cause. The first step to treating that severe beard itch is to understand the cause.

There can be one or several reasons why your beard is itching. One thing is certain it will surely be one of the numerous reasons I am going to state here. So let’s take a look into them.

  • The way you shave
  • Dead skin cells
  • Dump beard

#1. The Way You Shave Your Beard


The way you shave your beards hair determines what becomes of them while they grow back and they contribute to major reasons why beard itch many. It is almost inevitable as many don’t know there is a way to get beard shaving done and it goes away in one or two weeks.

How does this happen?

The reason behind this is that modern beard shavers are designed to give users close shaving, this means during shaving the razor will pull out hairs from beneath the skin and get them pulled out.

The problem won’t start immediately after itching but when the hair starts to grow back. When the hair starts to grow back you will get inflicted with itching when the hair starts to grow. When the hair strands start growing they begin to tear apart your skin causing microscopic serrations. Thousands of these tiny cuts build-up to cause skin irritation that makes scratching of face irresistible.

Another effect razor does is that it cuts beard hairs at an angle. And when the beard hairs grow to a certain stage they start to curl back. This makes the sharp tip of the hair strand to consistently run the facial skin and the can cause skin irritation.

Is there any solution to this?

If beard growth strategist tells you growing beards is possible without sacrificing something he must have cooked up lies for you. It is a phrase that anyone interested in growing beards in a proper way must have pass-through, so you need to take things with ease then watch things fall in place. However, it does not end there you reduce the itching by using effective beard oil like the one from our store.

The growing beard should be an amazing experience not full of pains that could have been reduced in the first place. To reduce itching to the barest level make sure you trim your beard once it reaches 1/4 inches. Doing this would take care of sharp tips that may likely cause skin irritation.

#2. Dead Skin Cells

Science made us know that our skin produces thousands of dead skin cells each day. dead skin cells is not a problem, but leaving it for a long period of time is. The routine of many that grow a beard is trim beard hairs, wash it off without proper care for the skin. It should not stop there as you need to do more. Whenever you trim your beard hair catches all and keep them just above your skin surface. They wait for the day they will strike. When they strike, they cause skin irritation and itching.

Any Solution?

The way out of this is to cleanse your beard. Note that you should not use just any shampoo or bar soap, only use recommended shampoo for the beard. Using regular shampoo can strip your beard hairs off the natural oils which can even make things worse.

In order to keep this under check, you should only buy shampoo that contains ingredients that won’t affect your skin and skin. A good beard shampoo for beard would remove dead skin cells without stripping off natural oils, soothe and flake off your skin.

#3. Damp Beard

Yes, dump beard cause beard itching. You may e thinking how can have water in my beard cause itching?

The water applied for cleansing are not all 100% pure, it is made up of impurities among which we have minerals. What happens is after each bath when you leave water in your beard, the water gets evaporated leaving behind all the minerals. The minerals left behind start eating up your skin causing irritation and itching.

Another reason why you should dry off your beard is not to give chances to for bacteria and microbes. Bacteria and microbes love the dark and damp area, having them even in small amounts can cause irritation that will eventually lead to itching.

What is the way out?

If you belong to the long and thick beard hairs gang, drying off water is easy as you thought. There are things to do and what should not be done. You should stay away from rubbing the towel against your beard, this can strip natural oils off, and rubbing a towel against your skin in a hard way will cause skin irritation and possibly lead to itching.

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