Best Beard Oil Review: All You Need To Know In 2021

Beard Oil

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Honest Amish Classic Beard oil

This beard oil is one that is characterized by a great cologne and its ability to take care of both beardruff and itching. The Amish classic beard oil also does well in helping to maintain the facial hair of black men and people with other hair types as well ’cause the beard oil moisturizes the beard and helps with growth.

Woodland Harmony by Seven Potions

This beard oil is one that is reputed for its masculine smell and its ability to transform brittle facial hair into soft ones. Reviewers have hailed the Woodland harmony beard oil as one that creates a strong masculine yet gentle effect.

The ingredients of the beard oil make it even better as it is an all-natural product that makes for a non-greasy, soft and easy to comb beard.

Beardoholic natural beard oil

This one is particularly targeted at bearded men with some irritation and itching. The beard is a finesse product of several natural ingredients which is why the many benefits of beardoholic natural beard oil cannot be underplayed and the natural ingredients in it are the key players when it comes to eliminating any form of itching that might be going on under your chin.

This unique beard oil has some extra juicy features that have endeared it to beard lovers around the world, the dropper in it is just about right for applying the needed amount of oil, there’s also a manly scent to it alongside a unique kind of container that protects the oil from direct sunlight that might affect the effectiveness of the oil inside.

Art naturals organic beard oil

This is one of the great products for people with either fine or coarse hair as it helps to stimulate healthy growth of facial hair as well as a great looking beard that is non-tangly, soft and straight.

Smooth viking beard oil

Dry beards can be as frustrating as it can be but with the smooth biking beard oil for men of all racial background, you’ll have to do away with the comb or brush for a while as this product takes care of making your beard appear smooth as well as rapidly increase your facial hair growth. The product is also in the league of beard oils that can help with the relief of itching alongside the eradication of beardruff.

Best beard oil on Amazon and their prices

BossMan Jelly Beard oil

Unlike some inferior quality beard oils on the market that dries of in no time, leaving you with no option than to reapply the product, bossman Jelly beard oil only needs to be applied once a day and that will get you through the day as well as trap, moisturize and shield your beards as no other beard oil would.

This unique beard oil doesn’t routinely what a beard oil should do, work against dryness, Brittleness, Itchiness, slow. Growth and Bearddruff. The top quality Jelly present in the bossman Jelly beard oil solution is one that creates an unbreakable bond between the hair follicles and the skin pores.

The makeup of the beard oil is one that is heavily laden with natural oils, ones which moisturizes and stimulate beard growth for an even better and thicker facial hair growth.

The killer feature that has endeared this beard oil to the esteemed amazon marketplace customers is its quantity, the quantity is twice what you’ll find in other oils, which is why it lasts longer than the rest. Price is only $40 for a pack.

Mad Viking premium beard oil

Mad Viking premium beard oil is a perfect blend of 8 carrier oils that seeks to moisturize the skin and improve the rate of hair growth. The product is paraben and cruelty-free.

This premium beard oil helps with the elimination of beard dandruff, itching, and flaking, fly-aways, brittle and dry hair.

To top it all, the beard oil is one that is easily absorbable by the skin pores, which in other words will leave the beard area non-greasy. Price is only $15 a bottle.

Reverend J beard oil

Regular use of this beard oil has proved to help eliminate beard dandruff and split ends with regular use. Reverend J beard oil is a blend of various organic and natural beard oils that includes jojoba, Avocado, castor, and Argan oil.

These oils have been tested and trusted to help with strengthening of hair roots and improving the overall health of men’s facial hair. The unique thing about this oil is the fact that reverend J himself is a bearded man and his zeal to help fellow bearded men all over the world look great while sporting their well-groomed facial hair is what brought about this great product.

The cologne of the product is one that is a bit complex, in a good way though as the scent is wielding the power of three as one, the Cedar-Citrus-Pine oil utilizes layers of good scents with pine-like smell being the dominant one while citrus and cedar-like scents are the underdogs.

The cologne is a good one regardless of its many layers. Price is only $15 a bottle.

Aberlite beard oil

Aberlite beard oil manufacturers hold a belief dear to their hearts and that’s the fact that the key to a neat looking beard is daily conditioning and grooming, an effort which might seem daunting at first without the right tools and knowledge.

Easy grooming is the keyword here fellas! And it’s the reason why the ingredients in the Aberlite beard oil are ones that have been carefully chosen to help nourish and soften your beards.

The oil is a byproduct of 9 organic carrier oils and three premium essential oils. Ones which seeks to help moisturize the facial hair, promote growth, relieve itching and counter hairs that are starting to grow out of place. Price is only $20 a bottle.

The outlaw beard oil

The outlaw beard oil for the oldies, war veterans and those who stayed around for some time in the west is a quick reminder of the old wild wear as the cologne is one that trails black pepper, sweet tobacco and vanilla.

Forget about the oldies, even millennials who are into video games and history can already envision the picture the outlaw beard oil is trying to paint, heck, the scent might even be the inspiration behind its name, let that sink in for a second. The product is handcrafted with fully organic food-grade ingredients.

The texture of the beard oil is one that is light and easily absorbable by the skin through its pores, a singular act that can turn your beard story around ’cause the faster your body absorbs the ingredients and distribute them to the needed departments, the better your chances of sporting a full, soft and healthy beard in no time at all.

The beard oil even does better way beyond your hair as your skin also gets a special treat, one that will help it combat itch, skin flakes, slow hair growth, flyaway hairs, split ends and coarse hair. Price is only $15 a bottle.

Viking Revolution Beard oil

With its organic ingredients that are suitable for all hair and skin types, Viking revolution beard oil is no doubt a quality one that every bearded male regardless of whether you have a ginger beard, a black one, long, short, red, brown or white should consider giving a shot.

Viking revolution beard oil manufacturers believe that beards are a symbol of strength and they speak volumes about the person sporting them, it is the reason why the beard oil has been made to last you through the day even in places with harsh weather conditions as the oil keeps your facial hair and the skin under it moisturized. Price is only $9 a bottle.

St. Pierre’s beard oil

The richness of st. Pierre’s beard oil in vitamin A makes it suitable for all skin types and this right here is what a product should be all about, the eagerness to satisfy every customer.

Even better, the company utilizes a GMO-free golden jojoba carrier oil, one which is rich in vitamin E and has a close semblance to the sebum being secreted by the skin.

Asides helping with facial hair growth and the hair beneath it, you also get a glow in your complexion as a bonus, value for money innit? Price is only $13 a bottle.

GRAVE BEFORE SHAVE Gentlemen’s Blend Beard Oil 

The caliber of this beard oil is a rare find as it contains all the needed ingredients that will help strengthen and moisturize your beard hair while at the same time, the need for increased growth in the facial hair region is not being neglected.

Just like the majority of the beard oils on the shelf, this one also promises to treat the skin hosting your beards to a beardruff and flake-free ride. Scent-wise, this beard oil has a unique bourbon scent with a touch of sandalwood underlining. Price is only $13 a bottle.

Beard Flux XL beard oil

Beard Flux XL beard oil is a self-acclaimed top facial hair formula for increased facial hair growth. The product contains a caffeine growth stimulating agent that deal thoroughly with scruffy and itchy beards alongside whatever it is the skin underneath the beard is struggling with.

The oil is easily absorbable by the skin and that boosts the chances of its effectiveness. Price is only $15 a bottle.

I really like Beard Flux XL and think it works well. It contains various oils and caffeine which is known to stimulate hair growth. I love using hair products with caffeine and this one did not disappoint. I just rub the liquid into my facial hair and let the results show themselves. I feel it helps me fill in some earlier missing gaps in the beard, while also improving the quality and overall look.

Is Beard Oil Really Worth it?

“Is beard oil worth it?” is a question that has been on the lips of several beard lovers who will love to grow some or make the already existing one look better, worry no more ’cause the answer to that age long question is here and it’s a resounding Yes! Beard oils are worth it.

For admirers of bearded men and bearded men alike, there’s a choice between going all old school without using any products to help their beards look better or doing things the 21st century way, millions root for the former as well developed beard oils provides a whole lot of benefits, for the beard, the skin, and your very own psychology.

Points to show that beard oils are worth it


Well developed beard oils do a great job in keeping men’s facial hair and the skin on which they sprout moisturized. And as a cue to every man out there with a dry looking brittle beards, using a beard oil regularly will definitely help.

Even better, the skin in your face region never gets dehydrated as long as you keep on applying the beard oil you’ve chosen to stick with, as an addition, you can kiss beardruff kiss bye forever.

Tames the beard

When your facial hair gets lengthy enough, the sebum being produced in your body will not be enough to get all of that massive beauty coated and if you do care about the well-being of your beard, getting a beard oil is the decision to stick with.

Taming a beard oil without the help of beard oil can be quite daunting but with the help of beard oil, it’s the direct opposite as your beard gets softer and easily manageable.

Well-developed is the key and in our book, well-developed beard oil is one that is made up of all-natural ingredients as they have the tendency to be skin-friendly i.e. Natural beard oils will cause your body no harm.

Soothes the skin pores

Men with some other skin problems like blocked pores, blackhead, acne, and some others should grab a beard oil off the shelf as well made ones can help eliminate a few of these problems since the genetic makeup of some of the ingredients used in concocting the beard oil contains antibacterial and medicinal properties.

This is just to mention a few of the benefits of beard oils, now be the judge.

Is it safe to use Beard Oil?

The question of whether it is safe to use beard oil or not has both a negative and a positive retort, that leads us to the indecisive sitting on the fence zone. The final answer though, your safety while using beard oils DEPENDS on the choices you make.

Beard oils have been around for long and without these awesome products, most bearded men you see around you will probably be with a chin that is as clean as that of a baby while the lucky ones who have beards adorned on them by mother nature will probably have patchy ones, only the extremely lucky ones will be walking around proudly with a full and well-groomed beard.

On how the choices you make can determine whether your use of beard oil is safe or not, the choice of beard oil is usually between one that is all-natural and one that is made up of chemical compounds or in some other cases, synthetic materials.

Quality beard oils are usually made up of ingredients that are 100% natural and these products are aimed at making men’s facial hair softer while experiencing an increase in growth rate.

Beard oils also help combat split ends which is a problem that is being faced by almost every bearded man as the split ends phenomenon is one that occurs after trimming your facial hair.

As a take-home note, it is important to note that the organic nature of natural ingredients crafted beard oils as against the chemically made up ones is the fact that you can apply it as much as you want and as often without any side effect.

This is where choices come into play. Before making that one decision of purchasing any beard care products, you need to take things slowly like you’re starting a new relationship.

As you may have known, the decisions you make can mar or rapidly increase your progress in life.

As for beard oils, you need to make a thorough research of about the ingredients contained in the beard oil you want to settle for, quality of the ingredients in the particular one you’ve chosen and the integrity of the manufacturing firm.

To be perfectly candid, there are tons of beard oils out there that do not contain natural ingredients and they have the tendency to harm the health of your beard and if you are not careful your self-esteem.

The research bit is a very important one if you’re looking to stay on the safe side and because most of these harmful products end up in shelves of big stores around you, you need to look out for yourself as no one else will.

When you should apply Beard Oil

When should I apply beard oil? As proven over time, the best time to apply your beard oil is not necessarily when you wake up in the morning or when you are getting set to hit the bed and catch some sleep, the very best time is when you just had a bath, be it a cold one or a hot one.

This is because, after a bath, your skin pores open up, your facial hair is at the cleanest and softest leaving your skin in the right position to absorb whatever beard oil you throw at it. This process will ensure that the beard oil gets to the hair follicles where the ingredients contained in the oil will carry out their own part of the bargain.

You need to be mindful of how immediate you apply your beard oil product after a bath, as the application of beard oil almost immediately without first drying your facial hair of the water from the bath will end in futility as the presence of water in your facial hair will prevent the beard oil from being absorbed.

The application of a beard oil product after a bath is quite simple, for beard oils without a dropper, all you have to do is get some of that oil onto your palm, spread it evenly then brush your beard oil coated palm along the sides, front and under the skin of your beard. You can then take it a step further by using a comb on your beards.

Can you use Beard Oil on Mustache?

Going by the logic of this whole beard oil thing, there is a high probability that beard oils will work efficiently for moustache and here’s the reason why;

The logic behind this whole beard oil thing is using organic products to enhance the health, growth and overall outward appearance. The keyword here being growth.

How does this growth happen?

The beard growth oil product is massaged into the hair, the skin absorbs and transports it to the hair follicle, the hair follicle then acts of the absorbed nutrient like its one provided by the skin to secrete sebum, an oil that is responsible for human hair growth.

So, basically, a beard oil product can be applied to your moustache.

What is the difference between Beard Oil and Beard Balm

The difference between beard oil and a beard balm is quite an easy one to accept, one is oil while the other is a balm but they both help with making your facial hair look great.

Who am I kidding?

The difference is way deeper than just a few lines of words, now, let’s get into it. The difference between beard oil and a beard balm has been highlighted in the first few lines of this paragraph and even though that might come off as a badly scripted comedy, it’s nothing but the truth.

Some bearded men are already torn between the choice to make as to whether to go for a beard balm over a beard oil, thing is, none has been proven to be better than the other and according to a large percentage of the beard gang members around the world, beard oil is to short facial hair while beard balm is too long facial hair, let’s leave it at that.

From the perspective of a bearded man who has tried both beard oils and beard balms alike, the logic seems about right as people with a short hair just want to make it look clean, healthy and itch-free, a gig beard oils can do efficiently while people with beards longer than four inches want to keep it in place and there’s no other contender that can take up the role of a beard balm in taming a wild beard efficiently.

Some other noticeable differences between beard oil and a beard balm:

Beard oil gives your facial hair that shiny look while keeping things light throughout the day while beard balm, on the other hand, will keep your long beard in place but it comes with a price and that price is how heavy you are under the chin will feel as you go about your day to day activities.

Bearded men who just don’t care about how dangly their beard gets in the course of the day can opt for a beard oil while those who do care about how fluffy their beard gets can as well stick to a beard balm of choice.

Beard balm is all about control, calling beards that are growing out of place into order, this type of control is usually enforced with a good beard balm product alongside a well-made beard brush as this will help in shaping the facial hair better, this control. It is at the expense of the shiny look you get with beard oil.

Beard balm keeps things together for bearded men working in an open space for a very long time and from comments, beard balm has been reputed to keep things in place after a long day of work while beard oil is most suitable for bearded peeps working in cubicles.

The bottom line about the difference between beard oil and beard balm has been highlighted in all its glory, the one you choose to use is a matter of personal preference.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Beard Oil

What Are The Benefits of Beard Oil?

What exactly are the benefits of beard oil? Beard oil can be referred to as a cosmetic oil made specifically for the beard and skin, and using it will create a healthy environment for beard growth, fuller and more manageable. Asides from these, your beard will smell better.

  • Get rid of itching
  • Fights dandruff
  • Help treat patchy beards
  • Makes styling of the beard easier
  • Fighting of acne
  • Improves beard appearance
  • Helps you smell good
  • Builds confidence

Why Should I Use Beard Oil?

Asides from beard oil moisturizing your facial hair and skin, it will help in fighting acne, prevention of dandruff, get rid itching, improves beard appearance and helps you smell good.

Does Beard Oil Have Any Side Effects?

Beard oil made with natural oils has no side effects. For beard oil that contains inorganic ingredients, the sin can be exposed to itchiness, dryness, skin irritation or slight sensation.

Should I Wash My Face After Using Beard Oil?

Washing your face after applying beard oil means you want to wipe off the whole oil. Beard oil is best applied to your face in the morning right after you come out of the bathroom. Applying beard oil after washing will open and damp hairs and that makes the oil to be absorbed readily.

How Many Drops of Beard Oil Do I Use?

The shorter your beard the lesser drops of oils to be dropped. To apply oil to your beard, drop 2-3 drops on the palm of your hands, rub them together to spread the oil. Then, comb your hands through your hair to ensure the oil gets to every part of the beard area.

How Long Do You Leave Beard Oil In?

To get the best out of the use of beard oil. You should use it at least 2 -3 times a day for a minimum of 3 weeks.

Can Beard Oil Expire?

Beard oil can expire after a certain period, but it takes longer than the other. How long it will take before one beard oil expires can be different from the other; this can be due to the difference in ingredients used.

How Do You Wash Beard Oil Off Beard?

To get this done, make use of lukewarm water to wash your beard. This will ensure that the oil-producing sebaceous glands are activated and not allow to wilt away.

Now that you have a proper beard oil review and a total guide to starting out on using beard oil, have you bought any of the beard oil products recommended for you here? Do let me know.

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