How To Know If You Can Grow A Beard

You are looking for how to know if you can grow a beard, right? Well, you are in the right place. There are a number of ways for you to know if you are indeed capable of growing a beard. Now, when I mean “Beard”, I don’t mean just tiny and scattered beards but real full beards.

Can you grow them? We see men who seem to be able to keep and grow full beards without any effort on their part. All they do is leave it for a few months without shaving. And the next thing you know, they have a full beard on their face. And you are like, ‘Damn! How do they do that? I wish I could grow some full beards too!’ Well, it turns out that you are not alone as regards wanting full beards. A lot of men and women in the world today, think that beards are cool. And really, it is cool. Beards just significantly lift your face and appearance to a higher level. Beards are a gift to men by nature, believe it. Beards rock any day anytime! So, to answer your question as to how to know if you can grow a beard, let us get right into it!

1. The first way to know is to look through your family and ancestors

Ask yourself, ‘Did my dad have full beards?’ How about you check if your dad or grandpa had beards. If they had, then you will most
likely be able to grow a full beard. A lot of our abilities are passed down through genes.

From one generation to the next generation, traits unique to a family are passed down. This means that if your dad was tall, you will very likely be tall at least at a 50% chance. If both your parents are tall, then you will be tall. And that is 100% certain. So, look back at your family history.

If your dad never kept a beard or couldn’t really grow many beards, then you too might not be able to. This means that if your family history research findings indicate that the men in your family had really long and full beards, then how lucky you are! But if it says the opposite, then just accept and embrace the fact that at least you will look significantly younger than other bearded men your age. Because yes, beards also add to a man’s age making him look older. So be happy with whatever your finding is. There are positives to everything.

2. Are you very hairy?

This is one question you should also ask in addition to that first question. If you have lots of hair on your chest, legs, and head, then you will likely have a tendency to grow a full beard. It is only logical that things are this way, isn’t it? If you have a tendency to grow a lot of hair on any part of your body, then you will also have a tendency to grow a lot of facial hair if you do decide to keep one. Being hairy we all know, isn’t something that can be forced. Although there are treatments to boost facial hair growth. But being hairy is in the genes. It’s in your genetic makeup. A part of you. So, if you aren’t really hairy naturally, then you might have to use supplements to boost your facial hair growth.

3. Do you have a healthy lifestyle and eat good meals?

Yes, eating good meals and healthy ones at that, are necessary for you to be able to grow a full and healthy-looking beard. If you don’t eat healthily and lack essential vitamins in your diet, you will definitely have a hard time growing a full beard. It is guaranteed. If you naturally aren’t hairy, then you need to work on eating healthy diets that are very rich in vitamins. But if you are naturally hairy, then you will surely have your full beard easily whether you eat enough vitamins or not.

4. During your adolescent years, did you sprout a lot of hair?

Please, this is another question you should ask yourself. While your mates we’re still beardless and totally smooth like an egg on their face, were you already sprouting facial hair? Was the facial hair coming out from many different angles? If yes, well my friend you have been blessed with the tendency to grow a full beard. Own it!

Know that if you answered positive to the above, you are 70% likely to be able to grow a full beard. Wow! You really are lucky. Considering how much men out there are looking for the perfect beard growth cream or oil just to get what you have. Thank your lucky stars dude!

Seriously, jokes apart, a lot of men are trying to join in the beard gang movement, and it is not surprising since it is totally worth it.

Being a part of the beard gang means you don’t miss out on all the fun. You are able to woo women effectively since women admire bearded men a lot more than the clean shaved and baby-faced men. Beards also boost a man’s confidence you know? Have you ever looked at bearded men and concluded randomly in your mind that they are super confident? Well, they might not be naturally confident per se, but the beard is
just what is at work. Beards make you look more handsome, mature, attractive, and aggressive. All these traits will likely win you major points with women. Cool huh? I challenge you bro, that next set of facial hair that will be growing out on your face, don’t shave it.
Leave it, let it grow out.

Yes, even if you are not that hairy or beard blessed in your family. Leave it. Your beard will grow full like the ones you admire on TV. Yes, they will. It just takes time. And another way to know if you can grow a full beard is your ability to be patient with the hair growing process. If you are not patient, you cannot and will not be capable of growing a full beard. Learn to be patient. Alright?

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