How to Straighten Beard Hair Naturally

Do you feel your facial appearance is great when you straighten your beards? If Yes, here is an article that will teach you how to straighten beard hair naturally.

One of the reasons why you probably want to straighten your beard hair is because you have curly beards. If you perhaps feel maintaining your natural curly beards is an issue, this article will disclose the ups and downs of having curly beards. And then it would go on to disclose to you How to straighten your beard hair naturally.

Curly Beard Hair: Advantages

Having a curly beard is not a bad thing recent online research discloses how often people perceive men with curly beards as healthy.

Not only do they consider men with curly beards as healthy, but they also share in the opinion of having locks of curly beards as a normative impression of youthfulness.

The unique thickness of curly hair is nothing to compare to the straightened one, its thickness is nature’s gift.

It is very obvious that once you straighten your beard hair, it becomes thin and scanty unlike the thicker form of it.

In order words, it is safe to say that due to the nature of curly hair, it is thicker and more luxurious than straight ones.

Hold on, please continue reading to find out the shocking disadvantages of sporting curly beard hair, you may certainly find the reason you on this page listed.

There countless unconventional kinds of beard hair and some hair textures are naturally hard to manage.

Curly Beard Hair: Disadvantages

Although these curly beards exhibit a luxurious and socially intimate appearance that should not be underestimated, the fact remains, they come with a lot of management issues.

The following are subtle disadvantages of curly beard airs;

  • They Need More Time To Grow: Curly beards consume time, they need more time to grow longer than straight beards. Although every beard grows half an inch per month, the trouble with a curly beard is that it grows in subsequent loops.
  • Delay in Growth: By the time a curly beard grows half a foot long, a straight beard will be three times longer than that, which can be one of the reasons you now choose to straighten your hair?.
  • All that being said, while a straight beard just keeps on growing straightly downwards, a curly beard will continue to grow in like spiral fountains, and thus appear to be shorter. A lot shorter and thicker though.
  • Tangle and Knotting: Tangling and Knotting is a major issue; Besides the length, tangles and knots are sure to challenge men with curly beards experience. One of its challenges is using your beard comb or brush to detangle your beard hairs as it can cause damage if it’s done aggressively.

How To Care For Your Curly Beard Hair

Not drifting away from the topic, “How to straighten your hair naturally” it’s only mutual if I disclose how you can care for your curly beards in case you change your mind.

In spite of all the ruckus conceived in sporting a curly beard hair, like every problem has a solution, these ruckuses have subsequent solutions.

Now you may ask, “What are these solutions?”

Do you want to know what they are?

Continue reading to find out!

Now, taking care of your curly beard hair as earlier said can be challenging, still, it’s not impossible to discipline them.

Sincerely, before they ruin things, the following are steps to curtail and care for your curly beard.

Hold on!

Somethings are amiss here! What are they? The Right Curly Beard hair care products.

Before we can proceed to disclose how you can care for your curly beard, you need to be familiar with the right products.

And these products are namely;

Beard shampoo, conditioner, oil, and balm

These Beard care Agents are Inevitable.

They play a major role in retaining your curly beard clean and hydrated.

The aforementioned goes for all beards, but especially for curly beard hair ones.

Since curly beards in its curly nature are very much close to the skin, so are specks of dirt, oil build-ups, and bacteria.

To get rid of these menace aiding agents, you need a shampoo and proper conditioning as well…

Men with curly beards should consider using the right comb or brush. We recommend you use the Boar Bristle Brush.

Note: Don’t attempt the use of synthetic combs or conventional brushes because they can damage your beard.

Let us proceed to how you care for your curly beard hair

  1. Wash Your Beard Every Morning:

    You should consider washing your beards every morn.

    Once you get into the bathroom, washing your beards should be one to do list among the routine activities you perform in there.

  2. Periodic Trimming:

    Curly Beard hairs tend to get out of form and shape most of the time.

    So periodic trimming can help keep its shape and form, your trim it every 3 weeks thus lessening the number of split edges.

Straightening Your Beard Hair

First, answer this question, do you still want to straighten your beard hair after all you have read about maintaining your curly beard hair?

If Yes, We are good to go, as you a see maintaining your curly beard is very easy but then deciding to straighten it is a whole new phase altogether.

What works for your curly beards may not be suitable when you straighten your beard hair.

If after doing all it takes to care for your curly beard and it still hard for you to maintain, maybe straightening your beard will be the best option for you.

There are three different methods in straightening your beard hair and they include;

  • Natural Method of straightening beard hair
  • Chemical Method of straightening beard hair
  • Mechanical Method Of straightening beard hair

But we are going to only focus on the natural method of straightening your beard.

You ask Why?

Why because it is apparently, the reason you are here.

So let’s proceed, shall we?

How To Straighten Your BEARD HAIR Naturally

Leaving tales of curly beard hair care, let’s take a stride on how to straighten your beard hair naturally.

Subsequently, straightening your beard hair is a daily process, more like a routine/ritual that you must follow judiciously.

With proper care and diligent approach, your beard hair will remain straight throughout the day, but probably not when it is under water.

Now the following steps are how to straighten your beard naturally;

By Brushing Them:

Using the right brush on your beards is a natural way of straightening it. Before you proceed with the brushing method you need a quality beard brush, hair dryer and a bottle of silicone creams.

Silicone cream can be gotten from most drug stores. You can get silicone cream from drug stores around you.

How to put the aforementioned materials to use?

  1.  Wash and condition your beards
  2. While your beard is quite damp from washing and conditioning apply the silicon cream to your beards.
  3. Gently massage the silicone cream to your beards sporadically.
  4. After massaging, use your brush and blow dryer to graciously straighten your hair.

Now the following are things you should probably not do while you are carrying out the above methods.

  1. Don’t use a hot blow-dryer; heated air will make facial hair crisp
  2. Don’t spread too much silicone cream on your stubble
  3. Do use the coolest setting possible

Make sure you do the above every morning.

By Using Beard Hair Relaxer

Using a facial hair relaxer on your beard hair is another way to Naturally straighten it.

Not just using any kind of relaxer, using the right relaxer will straighten it, we recommend you use the famous; “Bossman Relaxing Beard Balm

Boss Man Magic Beard Relaxer

Boss Man is the most used beard relaxer and it has zero side effects because it is designed to enrich the beard while making it develop healthier.

Please kindly note that this product affects only the old growth of your facial hair.

you can re-apply the products after some months to the new growth of your hair.

How To Apply Boss Man beard Relaxing Cream

The following are methods you should follow to apply BM Beard relaxing cream on your  beard;

  1. Thoroughly Wash your facial hair with a beard reclining shampoo, we recommend you use “Polish Man Beard Relaxer“.
  2. With the subtle use of disposable gloves, divide your beard hair into small segments and apply the facial hair relaxing cream to each facial hair segments, while avoiding to get it on the skin.
  3. Now its time for you to use the beard comb to spread it across your beard.
  4. Subsequently, half an hour, rinse the beard relaxing cream off your bead, but without shampooing your beard.
  5. Dry your facial hair with a blow-dryer, simply don’t use your towel or else you will eliminate the beard hair relaxing cream.
  6. Next, Use a Straightening iron after drying your beard to iron the curls away from it.

Once all has been done, use your beard shampoo to wash out the beard relaxer.

Repeat the above action three times.

And that’s it, your beard will straighten out!

Remember do not apply to the old growth of your beard hair.

Final Say.

Be careful when using the beard straightener, there is no other way to naturally straighten your beard hair.

Now go on and rock your new look.

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