How To Straighten Short Beards Hair in 2020

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Straightening your beards’ hair helps you to look overall neater and better. Having tightly curled hair like an Afro, for example, can make it quite tough to comb through and make grooming more difficult.

Straightening the hair is a go-to remedy for this problem since straightened hair is usually soft and easier to comb through.

So, are you looking for how to straighten your short beards hair? But you don’t know how? This guide is meant to put you through the step by step process of successfully straightening your short beards. There are certain tools you will need though in order to be able to do this.

How to straighten short beards hair. Tools you will need

What Major Ingredients Do You Need?

mini straightening iron
– Mild beard cleanser
– Beard Conditioner
– Hair blow dryer
Beard brush
– Silicone cream
– Beard balm-like cocoa butter
– Beard relaxer
– Relaxing shampoo
– Disposable gloves
Beard oil
– Texture Paste
– Beard holding spray

Why are some beards curly?

You can’t expect an African man or a man of African descent to have a straight beard. Because normally Africans have tightly coiled hair both on their heads, faces, and body. If you have naturally curly hair, you are bound to have curly-haired beards. Sometimes, people that have straight hair, could have curly-haired beards too.

A benefit of having curly-haired beards is that you can choose if you wish to straighten it out or not. While men with straight-haired beards never have this choice or benefit to change the style. So know that you are lucky.

What are the disadvantages of having curly beards?

One of the disadvantages of having curly beards is the difficulty in combing, and also the fact that it tends to tangle a lot; have a rough texture and needs to be given regular care that is needed for straight beards. Curly beards also need more time to grow out as against straight hair beards in that they grow in a spiral form as like a spring.

This means that if it has grown an inch it will look shorter, way shorter than that. Whereas, straight hair beards will look longer. This is not a totally good thing if you want your beards to appear long. Curly beards jeopardize your efforts and make it seem like your hair is not growing any longer whereas it is.

This is the point where many men get fed up with their curly beards and decide to straighten it out. Which can be good if you want to increase length but may have its side effects.

There are various methods that you could take to straighten out your beard hair. There are mechanical methods and chemical methods. The methods are well illustrated below;

How To Straighten Short Beards Hair: Natural Method of straightening your curly beard hair

You can straighten your curly beard hair by establishing a daily and consistent routine. This natural method will keep your beards straight throughout the day thereby helping you establish a straight beard Look.

First things first, you need to say “No”, to harsh soaps and conditioners. These things rip your hair of its natural oils and moisture making it look and feel dry and hard. This is not good for your beard hair if you want to keep it straight. So firstly, throw away all harsh soaps and conditioners. Your beards need the gentlest of care in order to yield maximum results.

1. So, firstly you will need to wash your beards with a mild cleanser specially made for beards.

2. After using the mild cleanser and rinsing out, use a beard conditioner afterwards. Conditioners specially formulated for beards won’t strip it of its natural oils and won’t cause breakage. So by using a beard conditioner, you are playing safe which is good.

3. After using the conditioner, work it in into your beards and wash out.

4. After that, use a soft towel to gently pat your beard dry. Remember to ‘gently pat’. Don’t be rough with the patting to prevent breakage.

5. Now you need to get your beard brush ready along with your best hairdryer and silicone cream which is common in drug stores.

6. You have gotten these right? Good! So as your beard hair is still damp from the washing you did previously, now rub the silicone cream you bought into your beard hair which is still wet. Massage it well into it like you are applying a cream to your hair.

7. After this, use the beard brush and blow dryer to set your beard into the form you want. Use the beard brush to brush the hair downwards, straightening, and smothering it as you go. Use the blow dryer to make the hair even straighter. After doing the above, you are so good to go for the day with your straight hair beard! Yay!

But you should keep certain precautions in mind before carrying out the steps:

1. Be sure to use a minimal amount of silicone cream on your beard. Too much of it can cause the silicon in it to enter through your skin pores into your bloodstream which could be poisonous.

2. Be sure to use a blow dryer with warm air and not “hot air”. Hot air is sure to make your hair brittle which could lead to hair breakage. And you definitely do not want that.

3. Gently work the products in. That is the cleanser, the conditioner, and the cream. Follow the direction in which your beard grows.

4. One important thing you should also remember is to use beard oil after this whole process. The importance of beard oil cannot be overemphasized. It helps to keep your beard hair moisturized and soft. Thereby improving the overall appearance of your beard. Do all of these and you have your beard hair straightener.

How To Straighten Short Beards Hair: Chemical Method of straightening

Method of chemically relaxing your hair is through the use of a beard hair relaxer; Another method in which you can straighten your beard hair is by applying beard relaxation cream. This method does not damage your hair or your skin but instead, it is designed to help your beards get healthier and more beautiful, and you should definitely tap into this.

Applying beard relaxation cream only straightens your beards’ old hair that is, the one already grown out. But new hair that will grow will definitely come out curled. The relaxation cream is only working on and straightening what is already present not what isn’t there yet.

This means that you will need to keep reapplying the cream after a specific period when new hairs have fully grown. This is in order to keep your beard hair looking straightened. Because if you fail to reapply, the already straightened one will go back to its original form and the new ones just coming out will also join the original curly hair league, which we both know, is the exact opposite of what you want.

It is advised that you reapply the relaxing cream after two months of the previous application. This is to keep it efficiently in a straightened form. But you will also have to add the mini straightening iron to your regimen for this method. Because you will be needing it. Remember, it has been previously listed amongst the things you are to get for this beard straightening journey.

So to the steps of applying the relaxation cream:

1. You will need to first wash your beards with relaxing shampoo which probably comes along with the beard relaxation kit. It will be indicated on the packets which one is shampoo or relaxing cream or conditioner. Just use the right one which here is shampoo.

2. While wearing disposable gloves, which will be in the kit as well, divide your beard or facial hair into sections. Now apply the relaxing cream into these sections. Be careful so that you don’t allow the cream to touch the skin underneath your beard. This is to avoid inflammation of your skin because the chemicals in the cream are too strong for your skin that they burn it. And you don’t want that definitely.

3. Using the help of a beard comb, spread the cream all over your beards’ sections.

4. Leave the relaxing cream in for 30 minutes.

5. After 30 minutes, rinse the relaxing cream out. If you have warm water, be sure to rinse out with it. It helps your hair.

6. Now dry your hair with a blow dryer. Do not use a towel because using a towel can clean out the relaxing cream which is not good here.

7. Now use a straightening iron to press our the curls this is very needed to aid the straightening process.

8. Now use beard shampoo to wash out the relaxing cream after iron straightening. And then rinse out the shampoo with water and repeat this process three times. It is important to repeat three times in order to let your hair straighten well.

9. After doing it three times, then you should apply the relaxing conditioner in the kit on the beard hair and leave for 30 minutes. After letting it sit in for that period, wash out and rinse.

10. Now you can towel dry and apply your beard oil. Remember that beard oil is very important after this whole process. It gives your hair sheen and moisture which is just perfect! Once you have done these, you are all done for this method!

The Mechanical Method of straightening beards

If all else fails, and you have tried really hard at taming the rough curls of your beards but they keep resisting, you might need the mechanical methods.

Even though the mechanical methods involve a lot of heat which might result in burning, you will just need to be very careful and handle the process with care. What you will need mainly for the mechanical method is the mini straightening iron.

The regular one, the common straightening iron is way too big for beards. The mechanical method is simple actually, easy to understand, and comprehensible. And also another plus to it is that it saves you time. But the mechanical method of straightening will only last for a day which means it will last all through your days’ processes but you have to reapply or renew the next day after a shower.

So to the steps;

Step 1: After showering, use a blow dryer to dry the beard but make sure not to use hot air but warm air. It is necessary to take note of this. Letting your beard dry with ordinary air will make it curl more and you definitely don’t want that. So use a blow dryer.

Step 2: Section your beard into segments and place the mini iron against the neck of the hair strands. Make sure to avoid it from touching your skin or the tip of your hair.

Apply the mini iron to all sections you want it applied to. Just remember to be very careful while applying. There are a number of reputable mini straightening irons you can order online for affordable prices. Get one and get your curly beard hair straightener!

How to straighten short beard hair – Oils that can help naturally

Did you know you can use natural oils to straighten your beard hair? I bet you didn’t! Well, it’s true! You can! There are a number of oils that have a reputation already for helping to straighten hair. They are;

Olive oil

Olive oil is said to be one of the best natural oils that can help you in improving the straightness of your beard. It also helps it look shinier hence giving it a straight impression. You can use olive oil by applying it to the beard hair and then using a beard brush to brush and straighten it in the direction that the beard grows. This works like magic!

Try it and let me have your review in the comment box below.

Milk and Honey

A mixture of milk and honey can help you straighten out your beard. Just mix the two together and apply them to the beard. Then use the beard brush to comb and straighten out while still having the mixture on your beard hair and let it sit in. After 30 minutes, rinse out and pat dry gently. Not roughly remember.

Coconut oil

Coconut is one of the best ingredients for beard nurturing and growth.

This is another sure ingredient you can employ in the straightening process of your beard. Just apply and brush in the right direction and you are set! Although, you might have to do these natural methods everyday to achieve an everyday look of straight beard hair. But these natural methods prove faster and more hygienic and less risky than the other methods.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can You Flat Iron a Beard?

Yes, the beard can be flat iron but iron straightening a beard come with some side effects. If all you want is a long, straight beard, the best way is to soften it and straighten it at low heat. Making use of the blow-drying approach at any level of heat will take a toll on the health of your beard.

Why Is My Short Beard Curly?

Curly beards result from bent hair follicles, while the short and straight beard hairs ones come from straight ones.

How Can I Straighten My Beard Without Using Heat?

There are other tips you can use to get your short beard hair straight without facing the risk of getting your hair burnt or fried:

Blow-dry with cold hair, Wrap your beard hair, Make use of products meant to straighten hair, apply essential oils, and you can try a beard hair mask.

How Long Does Straightened Hair Last?

If your beard hair is naturally curly or extremely wavy, the straightened beard hair would last for about 1-2 days. But, your hair type is curly at average and properly waxed; it can last for 4-5 days approximately.

Which Beard Straigtehing Method Is Best For My Beard?

The best beard straightening method to use depends on your hair type; if you have a soft beard washing and drying is enough to get it straightened, you can as well apply balm or oil to keep it moisturized. But for someone with thick beard hairs then heat brush or combing is the best way to go.

Here you have read on different methods to straighten your beard with or without beard straighteners, cons of using the iron method of beard straightening; with all you have learned here, you should be able to decide the best method for your hair type and educate others on this topic.

Do you still want to know how to straighten short beards hair? What else do you need apart from what was highlighted above? Wishing you a smooth and stress-free experience in trying the methods that work best for you to straighten.

Good luck on your way to learning how to straighten short beards hair and becoming a part of #mybeardgang.

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