Best Rechargeable Cordless Hair Dryers For Black American Hair

Without playing with words, you can blow dry your hair without any cord hassle only if you have the best rechargeable cordless hair dryers.

If you are looking for a hair dryer that uses a battery to dry your hair more conveniently and comfortably, this article will give you a handy guide as we present our list of best rechargeable cordless hair dryers.

The best rechargeable cordless hair dryers can save your time and effort when out of electricity or travelling abroad because you don’t need to deal with the complicated compatibility such as voltage settings, plug types stuff. Luckily, I will help you to choose the best fit among various battery hair dryer models and brands.

To some extent, rechargeable cordless hair dryers are presented in two different perspectives to most people. On some occasions, it’s a lifesaver when you don’t have sockets around. But some people consider cordless hair dryer as weak and non-useful gimmicks. If you truly want to know what is happening in detail, keep on reading.

What are Rechargeable Cordless Hair Dryers?

Best Rechargeable Battery Operated hair Dryers

A rechargeable hair dryer because they do not come with a cord or wire. They are usually bought by bearded men, women or users who would prefer something straight forward or convenient for drying their hair. They use rechargeable Lithium batteries instead of a power plug to get functioning.

A rechargeable cordless hair dryer is the most convenient hair dryer for outdoor use. Most models, like the ones we have provided here, are lightweight, suitable for travelling, fit for use outdoors, and can be used even without electricity.

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Why do you need these type of Hair Dryers?

Cordless hair dryer

Less Charging Time

You will always prefer a fast-charging battery-operated hair dryer. This is becoming usual as the advent of technology rises every day.

If the cordless hair dryer you are currently using doesn’t charge fast, then you may want to check out the ones we have here. Ensure to always recharge your hair dryer consistently to avoid inconvenience, specifically when rushing to go out for school or work.

Cool Shot Button

A good rechargeable hair dryer make provisions for a cool shot button which allows blow-dry to cause less heat damage and equally boost hair shine without any over-drying whatsoever.

By using this cool shot button, there will be no need to have all the hair dryer’s heat when one’s hair is not very wet.

The best ideal for Drying the kids’ hair

You don’t want to face the hassle that is involved in making the Kids immobile for the whole time. Kids are always moving here and there. A normal hair dryer will make you frustrated as they cannot stay in one place for a long period of time.

For this reason, a rechargeable cordless hair Dryer is absolutely needed. While blow-drying the kid’s hair requires patience, the use of a battery-operated hair dryer will make the task of drying your kids’ hair become less daunting.

Very Convenient and Easy to Use

I bet you will not tolerate a roommate/Housemate that dominates the use of the bathroom in the name of blow-drying her hair. Especially when the rest are in a rush to school or work.

What if you are in the habit of blow-drying your hair at bedtime, you may end up disturbing others. But with a rechargeable hair dryer, you can avoid all these unnecessary mess.

Frequent travelers/international

How will you feel when you realize that your blow dryer’s plug doesn’t fit the outlet in your room? Worse is that the hotel may not provide a complimentary hair dryer. What does this leave you? Stranded?

Imagine a traveler dealing with different sockets!

Like when you are from the US and you brought your Type B plug to India which typically offers Type D sockets or even other countries in Asia where Type C is commonly used. Simply settle for a cordless hair dryer and enjoy a convenient blow drying process while away from home.

Small Dimensions

It is forgivable to tag the “heavyweight” feature as a drawback for most rechargeable hair dryers. This is because battery also adds up to the weight. It is for this reason that you must choose a smaller device so to maintain convenience in use and operation of the blow dryer to counter the added weight.

Showering at the gym

Unless you go to an exclusive club where the amenities are superb, normal gym facilities have limited power outlets and lots of patrons coming in and out the bathroom which gives you less chance of plugging in that hair dryer you brought with you.

You wouldn’t want to inconvenience some members just because you needed to blow dry.

All in all, Having your own travel-sized model can be a real lifesaver, and it will ensure you look amazing when you are off on a night out. Of course, you have the difficult task of trying to find the right hair dryer for you, but chill.

I’m here to help you, and also to offer some advice so that you can find the best rechargeable hair dryer. I have put this guide together, bring together all of the relevant cordless hair dryer reviews in one place, so you can find the right one for your hair.

Now, It is true that people do not give much consideration when it is time to pick hair dryers up at the store.

As a matter of fact, many people will just rely on drugstore models. There’s a need to explain why rechargeable hair dryers that look quite expensive should be recommended.

So, if cheap hair dryers can do the job, why is there a need to go an extra mile in getting an expensive model? What difference does a top-end hair dryer makes when you are just using it to blow dry your hair? Below we will check out the cheap vs expensive hair dryers saga in greater detail.

Cheap vs Expensive rechargeable Hair Dryers: The crystal Difference

Best Rechargeable Battery Operated hair Dryers

Without beating around the bush, The main difference between the cheap and expensive rechargeable hair dryers rests in the level of technology.

Let’s take it, the technology invested in any hair dryer will play a colossal role in determining the price.

“Cheap models will just be shooting out hot air. The heat combined with airflow will then dry up your hair. But expensive hair dryers will have their unique technology incorporated into the design so that the heat and airflow that they give out is more suited for hair care”


Most expensive rechargeable hair dryers have an edge over cheap ones with some features. These include:


You get the best warranty from hair dryers that are more expensive as well as their well-known brand name will stand behind their products.

In most cases, they will offer at least a 1-year warranty. But there are hair dryers like the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium which is sold with a 3-year warranty.

The Elchim 3900 even has a lifetime warranty for repairs although you do need to pay a minimal fee for labour, parts and shipping. Having these in mind, Why won’t you go for the splurge?


Cheaper models will tend to stick to the conventional AC or DC motors. A typical example is the T3 PROi which is equipped with a brushless motor which is supposed to give off less vibration for quieter operation with longer operating life.


Buying cordless hair dryers like the Vidal Sassoon Stylist Travel Dryer will only give you a High and Low setting.

But regular dryers which tend to be more expensive will have 3 heat and 2 fan speed settings.

If you are willing to spend on rechargeable hair dryers that cost $100 or more, you can even get hair dryers that allow you to customize the fan, heat and ionic settings. This means you are in total control over how much airflow, heat and ions that you want which is a far cry than just a simple High and Low option

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Best Rechargeable Cordless Hair Dryers – Our list

Best Rechargeable Battery Operated hair Dryers

Not all the battery-powered and rechargeable hairdryers are the same.

Although they may look alike they sure vary from design, features and so on. Picking a battery-operated hair dryer that suits your needs becomes weighty. You can check out the below models that I have compiled after a thorough research and reviews from real users.


1. Manli Cordless & Wireless Battery Powered Hair Dryer

Best Rechargeable Battery Operated hair Dryers

About product

If you are looking for a great one that you can buy for drying your kids’ hair, then consider the Manli battery powered hair dryer!

The hairdryer is DC rechargeable, and it has a folding handle perfect for storage in small spaces. Coming in a portable, lightweight design, you can fold the handle and take this dryer wherever you want without any burden.

It also has overheating protection. Its continuous working time is 35 minutes. The portable hairdryer only has cold wind and no hot wind, and it only uses 32W to dry hair.

Reasons to buy

I would recommend this product first. While It’s not a good idea to buy this as a long-distance travel hair dryer, Manli can work perfectly when you only need short-time blow drying.

The dryer needs 3.5 hours charging time, and it can continuously work for 30 minutes. For example, it’s a helpful & useful tool for parents who are taking their children to swim. This battery operated hair dryer is equipped with a small 2000mAh Lithium polymer battery. Thus it only has a low wattage cool setting.


  • DC rechargeable cordless
  • Overheat protection
  • Full charge and low battery indication
  • Inbuilt safety features
  • Easy to pack
  • Lets you know when you need to recharge it


  • Only keeps battery charge for 30 minutes



2. Remington Travel Dryer – found to be quieter than most in this category

Cordless hair dryers

About product

Remington, one of the top notch haircare brands, has introduced one of their latest travel dryer called the D2400. This product has been scientifically assessed and found to be quieter than most in this category.

This has a 1400W motor and two combined heat and power settings. It is dual voltage so can be used worldwide, and it has a foldable handle and a concentrator styling nozzle

Reasons to buy

Remington Travel Dryer Styling on the go has never been compact. For a wonderful hair on the move, this compact travel dryer bags the glory for its size with 1400 Watt power. There is nothing worse than being stuck with a low performance hotel hair dryer, and you don’t want to take up unnecessary space and weight with your everyday hair dryer.

This great value hairdryer produced good styling results and left hair feeling smooth and silky. Despite its 1400W motor, it’s slightly more powerful than many travel dryers, and it seemed slow to dry long thick hair. I’ll give it a 75 pass mark!

Helpfully, though, the nozzle and casing remained cool in use. Still, some reviewers found it had a few issues, mainly that it folds up too easily and the handle does not click into place.


  • Nozzle and casing remained quite cool in use
  • Well shaped nozzle
  • Hair dried to a smooth finish


  • Folds too easily and doesn’t click into place
  • The nozzle doesn’t fit on easily
  • Bulky for a travel dryer



3. WHS Cordless Rechargeable Lithium Battery Operated Hair Dryer

Best Rechargeable Battery Operated hair Dryers

About product

Are you taking an outdoor adventure soon? Or are you accustomed to this kind of activities? The WHS battery powered hair dryer with a DC motor is a good fit for you.

Reasons to buy

Amazing! The dryer can run 3 hours in cold setting, but only 15 mins in a hot setting. With a stylish look, you would not expect this dryer can work without electricity.

The built-in 5000 MAH lithium batteries enable you to dry your short & thin hair quickly. For thin or short hair, it’s a pretty useful tool to dry your hair in the wild


  • Two hot and cold controllers
  • USB output: dc5v 3a
  • Output temperature: 55-60 ℃
  • Easy to carry
  • Affordable
  • Can stay running for up to 60 minutes


  • Has a delicate battery pack


4. VLOXO Cordless Portable DC Hair Dryer

Best Rechargeable Battery Operated hair Dryers

About product

Let’s talk of a versatile and practical hair dryer for home use. We can’t do without mentioning VLOXO Cordless portable DC hair dryer. It’s low noise hair dryer gives you two options when it comes to power. You can use battery or the standard plug.

Reasons to buy

Above every other reasons that speaks for itself, the fact that You can even use a solar panel to charge some rechargeable batteries, and then you will make this a solar battery hair dryer is a great feature.

And the best part of it is that the batteries are not built in the dryer, so you do not need to recharge the battery frequently if you have extra batteries. You can use the battery case as a plan b when the power is cut, and you are able to use the dryer with 8 batteries for 50 mins.


  • Overheat protection
  • Travel-Friendly
  • The fold-able handle and compact dimensions
  • At 0.76 pounds of weight


  • Not EMF free
  • Cannot use while charging
  • Doesn’t include any diffuser or concentrator nozzle



5. Amble Cordless Hairdryer-Rechargeable Wireless Hair Dryer – Hot Air and Cold Air Blow for Indoor and outdoor

Best Rechargeable Battery Operated hair Dryers

About product

It’s simple. With a conductive 5000MAH battery, you won’t be encounter trouble with the restraint of a cord by buying this blow dryer from amazon

The AMBLE wireless hair dryer solves all your problems!

Reason to buy

If you always get frustrated when you can’t find the right socket to blow dry your hair while on a trip, then look no further. No need to stress anymore!

Whether you’re indoors, outdoors, camping, in the car or travelling, dry your hair anytime, anywhere.

Ambles’ hair dryers are truly cordless. No longer do you have to trouble yourself with wire entanglement or finding a socket nearby. Blow-dry your hair anytime, anywhere.

Channel the blow-dryer directly with the included charging base which uses fast charging to technology. Get a full charge in only 4 hours

There are no restrictions regarding wires and sockets. Amble’s hairdryer can either be used indoors or outdoors. For instance living room, on a trip, poolside, outdoor like camping and so on.


  • Highly versatile
  • Long battery life
  • powerful
  • Convenient charging
  • True cordless capabilities


  • Battery overheating is likely to occur if overuse



If the above models don’t still suit you, here are some other models you may want to try out

TRESemme Power Dryer – Best Lightweight Hair Dryer

Best Rechargeable Battery Operated hair Dryers

About product

The rear filter is removable, and it also comes with a concentrator nozzle for more control over your hairstyles. In addition to this, there are also two heat and speed settings to choose from, as well as a cold setting. This hair dryer also uses ionic technology, which works to ensure that your hair is free from frizz and static when you have finished drying it.

Reasons to buy

While some customers found that it overheated sometimes, these reviews are few and far between when compared to those who found it to be an excellent and efficient model with easy control over the temperature settings. From a trusted brand and at a very reasonable price, it is one to look into further if you need something lightweight and reliable

This hair dryer has a very low price point, which makes it great for those who are on a budget or don’t want to spend a lot on a hairdryer that they are using for travelling

If you want something lightweight and durable, this is the place to go.


  • Three-year guarantee
  • High power, 2200W for fast drying


  • Some customers found that it overheated at times.



Remington Power Dry Hair Dryer – Best Travel Hair Dryer

Best Rechargeable Battery Operated hair Dryers

About product

This hair dryer has a sleek and modern design that will have you falling in love instantly. Plus, it comes in a glossy black and has a comfortable handle, providing you with a good grip that won’t leave your hands cramping, and a lightweight built that will go easy on your arms. Plus, it is pretty compact and easy to store away, which makes it an ideal travel companion.

The motor is powerful, ensuring that your hair is dried as quickly and efficiently as possible for its size, and with results that leave your hair looking shiny and healthy until your next wash.

It even has an eco-setting to keep your energy bills and environmental impact down. The ceramic grill is there to prevent static and frizz, and you also have several heat and speed settings to choose from.

Reasons to buy

The handle folds to make it easier to store away, ensuring that you have a little extra room in your bag and making it more compact. Lightweight, it won’t leave you with sore hands and arms when you dry your hair.

Looking again at Remington, this sleek hair dryer comes in a traditional black with turquoise details.

That’s not all, it has two-speed settings and heat functions so that you can achieve the style you want. All of this comes at a great price too. If you are travelling abroad, you don’t need to worry about the voltage as this particular model is suitable for use across the world – making it a dual voltage hair dryer.


  • 2000 Watt travel dryer
  • Folding handle for easy storage
  • 2 heat/2-speed settings


  • The battery doesn’t last long


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Are there downsides to using Rechargeable hair dryers?

Best Rechargeable Battery Operated hair Dryers

This article will not be complete If I do not show you some drawbacks that are commonly said about rechargeable hair dryers.

The batteries must be charged.

I do not feel this is actually a down side. But If you are thinking you can use the dryer many times after recharging it, then you might be disappointed.

Usually, the charging time should be at least 2-3 hours to get a dryer fully charged, which is a bit long compared with its working time. You’d better be aware of these limits before you buy it.

If fully charged, you will be able to use Battery operated hair dryers for about 45 mins after fully charged.

Overheating of the batteries.

This will definitely happen when you use these dryers consistently for a long period of time without letting it rest for intervals. The battery tends to overheat.

Not nice on thick hair

Coarse and thick hair normally takes longer to dry up and requires high heat to achieve desired styling effect which might not be served well using the battery-operated hair dryer.

Weak Airflow

If you have short or thin hair that can be dried within 45mins, then you can give these dryers a try. If not, then go for a high wattage hair dryer might be more suitable. Due to a limited wattage, the battery can not work as a powerful motor that delivers super hot & fast airflow to your hair. So it may take longer to make your hair completely dry.

Why are rechargeable cordless hair dryers important?

Best Rechargeable Battery Operated hair Dryers

Looking away from the little drawbacks mentioned above, they are important Hair drying tools.

A blow dryer is indeed a heaven-sent device and a staple beauty tool. But don’t you wish it is better? Something that won’t require you to go looking for an electrical socket or do away with cord which often tangles with everything on the dressing table and sometimes even tangles with your neck.

You wouldn’t want to have a flat hair day right because that is the next worst thing to a bad hair day. And for ladies with naturally wavy hair, blow drying helps get rid of those knots and tangles, it helps reduce the appearance of split ends and gives us more options on styling our hair.

The answer to this dilemma is the cordless or battery operated blow dryers, they don’t come with those annoying cords.

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What feature makes them different From Normal Hair Dryers?

Best Rechargeable Battery Operated hair Dryers

They need to be charged

To manage and ensure uninterrupted blow-drying, make sure to have a spare battery in case of external battery and for the internal battery, make sure to schedule recharging always.

They are battery-powered

Variants are either using internal or external batteries and some models come in rechargeable form.

They use DC motors

Unlike electric motors, the battery motors are generally smaller and lighter.

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What Are the Key Benefits of a rechargeable Hair Dryer?

Best Rechargeable Battery Operated hair Dryers


The low risk from electric shock and overheating.

Travelling/ Camping

No need to bring along a bulky generator, just make sure you get spare battery and power bank.


Since less bulky and comes without the cord or wire, a battery-operated hair dryer is easier to pack for travel or outdoor activity.

Easy to use and lightweight

No hassle brought about by the cord and no EMF.

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Conclusion on best rechargeable battery operated hair dryers

Best Rechargeable Battery Operated hair Dryers

Even as I round off my article, I will like to spell it out here that these rechargeable hair dryers might not perform well on you if your hair is too thick & long, and you should always think twice before you place the order.

However, If you only want to dry your hair a couple of times in areas that don’t have sockets & outlets, then look no further than a battery-operated hair dryer. It can be your emergency saviour.

In addition, the budget always matters when making purchase decisions, thus the concept of the best value for money always comes into consideration.

Hair dryers are so important to have, especially if you want great looking hair, I strongly believe that this guide has helped you to find the best cordless rechargeable hair dryer, and their reviews gave you some extra information.

Now that some brilliant models from a number of different brands have been listed here, I have no doubt that you can now find one that you know and trust.

Well, they come at a range of prices, ensuring that you are able to choose a rechargeable hair dryer that lies within your budget.

I am really positive that one of these is going to be just perfect for you and your hair

What can you make of this rechargeable hair dryer guide? Are there any that you would have liked to see or recommended? I love hearing from you, so make sure you drop a comment in the available box below.

Also, Feel free to tell me if you have any questions on hair dryers, and I will be happy to answer them

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