Best Cordless Hair Dryers to Buy – 2021 Detailed Review

Are you looking for cordless hair dryers to buy that will meet all your hair drying this then this ultimate guide is definitely for you as we have taken time and caution to list all the available cordless hair dryers in the market?

Whether you are a bearded man with needs for hair dyers, a lady or anyone in need of hairdryers, we advise that you try out these cordless hair dryers we will be outlining below.

We have spent a decent amount of time researching the very best for you and our list of cordless hair dryers is what you need to make your next buying decision.

Hairdryers have available and have been used to dry hair by most people these years but the use of cordless hair dryers is a new invention.

Do you ask yourself these questions, what are cordless hair dryers? How good are they? What are their uses? What are the best cordless hairdryers available in the market?

Yes, this article is written to answer all the questions you may have concerning cordless hair dryers.

But in case you are in a rush, below is a table showing the best cordless hair dryers to buy. They will be fully reviewed as we move on in this article.

List of Cordless Hair Dryers – Our Top 3

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What Are Cordless Hair Dryers?

Cordless hair dryers are types of dryers that do not have a cord so in essence, you cannot plug it to a source of power while using it. Using cordless hair dryers seems a lot less stressful because it allows for maximum freedom and flexibility that the dryers with cord are unable to provide.

They are also called battery-powered hair dryers because they are powered and function because there is an inbuilt rechargeable battery that allows it to charge and then you can use it afterward.

Most buyers will choose cordless hair dryers over the ones that have cords because the flexibility it offers on usage is incomparable and again you can package it and travel to any destination with them because they are portable and consumes less place unlike the dryers with cord.

Cordless hair dryers are preferred for usage by mostly travelers who want to by any means minimize their luggage while traveling and do not want to occupy extra space in their traveling bags by carrying extensions so they will rather go for cordless hair dryers.

They have also been used by campers on vacation because they may not have access to poor supply as well as generally by people who have short hairs and do not need to use up much power during the drying of their hairs.

Advantages of Buying A Cordless Hair Dryer

The advantages of buying and using a cordless hairdryer are enormous to mention and as stated earlier travelers who want to minimize packing space mostly go for cordless hairdryers, as well as campers who may not have access to a power supply, can go with their rechargeable cordless hairdryer and use them to dry their wet hairs.

Well aside these, there are also other reasons why you should get yourself a rechargeable cordless hairdryer for usage. We are going to be looking at all the reasons why you need one of them in your dryer collections after which we will go ahead to recommend the best collections among all the cordless hair dryer brands in the market.

So, all you need do is to follow us gradually and steadily while we list the advantages of using a cordless hairdryer and where to buy one for yourself.

Ready? Let’s go!

The advantages are;

Cordless Hair Dryers Are Portable

One of the major reasons why buyers always love to purchase cordless hair dryers is because of its portability and how easy it is to use them even while you are multi-tasking.

Also, because it is portable, it allows for maximum efficiency and makes it possible for users not to feel any arms pain while they use the dryers.

It Is Ideal for Travelers and Campers

The cordless hair dryers are very essential for travelers because it will help them to minimize their packing space and also campers who have no access to a power supply during the period of their camping can recharge and go with their cordless hair dryers for drying their hairs.

It is Very Safe for Usage

The cordless hair dryers use less voltage and of course, you do not have to plug it to any source of power and so this helps to protect your body against unnecessary electromotive force and radiation emitted when electronic devices are plugged to a source of power.

It is Very Easy to Use

Cordless hair dryers are very easy to use and you are in the best flow to adjust the airflow from the dryer because of the settings and available. This will give more opportunities to enjoy the flexibility of the hair dryers to the fullest.

It is not heavy

These portable rechargeable hair dryers are very light weighted so for users, it is very comfortable unlike the dryers with a cord that is designed to be heavy.

Portable cordless hair dryers can easily be held without the user feeling any type of pain in their arms. This makes it likable for all its users all over the world.

They are foldable

Many of the cordless hair dryers present in the market are foldable and this makes it ideal as you can easily fold them and put them in your luggage or storage and they won’t occupy all your space for other items.

They are Affordable

Cordless hair dryers are very affordable to buy hence they will fit into your budget properly without you bothering to spend so much money looking to buy a dryer and of course they are going to provide value for your money.

How to Choose the Best Cordless Hair Dryers

Choosing the best cordless hair dryers is one of the most important aspects of owning them.

Why? Because if you make the wrong choices of products you will end up not getting value for your money and you may spend another money trying to buy again.

So when you are out on a hunt for your dream hair dryers you must take into consideration all the things we are going to list here because they are going to help you make the right choices so you don’t waste your money unnecessarily and of course we are writing this review to help you make the right choices so it will be best if you can closely follow this article to the last as it will enable you to choose wisely.

In the meantime, we have selected a few of the most important things you should look out for while choosing your cordless hair dryers to avoid mistakes and regrets.

Below are the things you need to look out for;

Check How Long the Dryer Runs

While making your choices of hair dryers you must look out for the running time of the dryer as this is very important, remember that we listed that the advantages of cordless hair dryers include the need for campers who are away from the source of light to use them so, in essence, you should look out for ones who have a running time long enough to allow you dry your hair as well style it before the battery runs down.

Be mindful of the charging time

While you are looking to buy your hairdryer another factor you should be concerned about is the charging time of the dryer, for most of them the charging time is always about 3 hours and of course, you wouldn’t want to buy a dryer that takes about 6 or 7 hours to charge, that wouldn’t be pleasant or would it?

Well, the bottom line checks out for a dryer which takes some less time to charge and not the one you will waste the whole day charging.

Check the Power Consumption of The Dryer

It is also very important that you check the amount of power the dryer usually consumes as this will enable you to choose the best dryer with the best drying power according to your needs.

If you have a large hair volume and length too, then a dryer with a high power wouldn’t be a bad idea but if your hair is of less volume and not lengthy too then there won’t be any need buying a dryer with high power.

In essence, while choosing your dryer it is very important to consider your hair type and the drying power of the dryer before making your choice.

Check the Key Features of The Dryer

The list of things listed above that you should consider before making your choice of the cordless hairdryer is very important and it will also be very good if you can equally pay attention to the key features of the products as listed by the seller before making your purchase.

What are the Disadvantages of Cordless Hair Dryers?

In as much as we have succeeded in listing out all the things you will gain by using a cordless hairdryer there are also some disadvantages they have and it will be unfair if we fail to let you in on that.

Irrespective of its advantages, it is important to note that cordless hairdryer is still a new product in the market and as with all new products there is still a lack of excellently good ones in the market.

Not to worry because the ones we will be listed here will serve your hair drying needs and provide value for your money.

Although there are also some in the market that are not worth the money, it took us a lot of time, effort and research to finally come up with these products we are about to recommend for you.

If you follow the guidelines, we listed above on how to make your choices of cordless hair dryers and also follow our recommendation then rest assured that you are going to get the best products from this article.

So, if you are ready to roll let’s go on with the list of best hair dryers to buy!

This is our ultimate guide and we are very sure that you will find it extremely helpful.

Yes! And here comes our Premium list! Stay tuned!

List of Cordless Hair Dryers to Buy

The number one on this well-researched list is:

1. WHS Cordless Portable Hair Dryer Hot

Powered DC Motor Blow Dryer
WHS Cordless Portable Hair Dryer Hot and Cold Air Wireless Compact Rechargeable Lithium Battery Powered DC Motor Blow Dryer

WHS Cordless Portable Hair Dryer Hot and Cold Air Wireless Compact Rechargeable Lithium Battery Powered DC Motor Blow Dryer

WHS Cordless Portable Hair Dryer Hot and Cold Air Wireless Compact Rechargeable Lithium Battery Powered DC Motor Blow Dryer

This hair dryer here is very portable with an attractive body design that looks so appealing to the eyes. Not only that, but the features are also so useful for users who want to make use of hairdryers for outdoor purposes especially for camping.

The portable hair dryer is designed for both kids and adults as well as for outdoor purposes and it is powered by rechargeable batteries.

It is small-sized, lightweight, portable good for kids, good for traveling and outdoor camping and so it is very efficient for users and helps in drying the hair.

Key features

• The package contains, 1 hairdryer, 1 concentrator, and 1 user manual/guide
• The weight of the product is 1.76lb
• The battery power is 5000mAH
• The battery used is LI-ON 22.8v


The cordless hair dryer is portable and convenient for usage and it is powered by rechargeable batteries and of course, it is very professional and safe for usage.

The heat produced by the dryer spreads evenly with a fast-heating and stable heat.

The gentle wind blown will not do any harm to the brain and this makes this dryer exceptionally safe for babies. It is also very ideal for drying small pets at home.

The portable cordless hair dryer blows both hot and cold hair and has a running time of 180 minutes in cold stings and 15 minutes in warm settings, this makes it very essential for outdoor camping.

Yes, Of course, it comes with a temperature control mechanism that helps it blow air at a constant temperature of 40 degrees Celsius to protect the hair from high heat.

The battery is rechargeable and it takes 3 hours for the battery to fully charge.


The drying power seems to be a little low but that is not a major turn off because it still dries hair properly

Tips to Note

Those who have long thick hair please do not buy but men who have short and less volume of hair can buy.



2. JKS Italian Ultra Light 4200 Powerful Blow Dryer

List of Cordless Hair Dryers to Buy -Our Ultimate Guide

The JKS Italian ultra-light 4200 powerful blow dryer has been voted by salon owners as the best blow dryer awards for multiple years. So we shall see why the dryer is an award-winning dryer looking at the features, descriptions, as well as the pros and cons.

The hairdryer is designed by a fill time behind the chair hairdresser and has 5 temperature settings with a cold shot button.

With a weight of just over 1lb and 2 special nozzles for the perfect airflow of your choice and 2000 hours, motor life guarantee this dryer offers you all the efficiency you need in drying your hair perfectly while promising to provide excellent values for your money spent on the product.

Key Features

• 5 temperature settings with a cold shot button
• Just over 1.1lbs in weight
• It cut blow drying time from 30 to 50% than other dryers
• 2500w with 220 current and 1875w with 110 current.
• 2000 hour motor guarantee against manufacturer damage


The 2000 hour motor life makes essentially good and durable because it will last for a long time.
The dryer is manufactured with a double spiral cone geometry design to improve heat distribution for the integrity of the hair because it prevents scalp burn.
It has a stainless steel back cover which makes it easy to clean and a diffuser available separately.


By looking at the price it seems a little costly but the value provided is worth the price.

I spend anything for my hair, why, because I wear it every day and have nice, thick hair. I prefer not to use flat iron even though it takes less time …I know it is not good for my hair. I had $200 plus blow dryer before which was nice but the JKS one is half the price and works 2x better. Why? I now blow dry my hair half of the time compared to the previous expensive one. It is quiet and lighter, nice heat that is not too hot. This hair dryer is well made and sleek looking. Say no more, I love my new blow dryer!


3. CHI Hand Shot Handle Free Hair Dryer

The CHI Hand Dryer is a cordless hair hand dryer featuring handle-free body design. It’s convenient surface styling provide advanced versatility advanced and ease of use.

The presence of improved dryer motor and fan blade that is powered makes the hair drying process to be faster; increased airflow. Also, it is lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about your hand getting stressed.

Furthermore, it features a ceramic heater that helps maintain consistent heat creating smooth styles.

I honestly don’t understand how all hair dryers do not come in this handheld design. It stands by itself even when it’s on! So easy to hold and put down to shut off or readjust hair then pick up again. My hair was recently destroyed by a bleach job and yet after styling, my hair looks like I went to a salon. Extremely satisfied.


4. MANLI Cordless Hair Dryer, Portable Compact Wireless Hair Dryer

About product 

You do not need to be bothered about plugging this hairdryer before using it because it is 100% Rechargeable. In addition, it is a compact and lightweight hair dryer that you can carry anywhere easily.

Special features 

  • The hair dryer is suitable for indoor and outdoor.
  • Cordless Hair Dryer   
  • Professional Blow Dryer
  • item weights 0.77 lb    0.88lb    0.88lb
  • Folding Handle
  • Rechargeable   
  • Power:    32 Watt 1800W 
  • Compact & Lightweight

Reasons to buy

It is mainly for infants, men and oil painting as it ensures hairs are not hurt due to high temperature. It is a compact hair dryer with a folding handle design that makes it easy to be carried around. It is powered by a durable battery that will last for longer hours.

As a plus, the hairdryer has overheated protection such that the power is turned off automatically once it overheats. You get to use it for over 30 minutes after a full charger of about 3.5 hours. It also has a power indicator that shows battery life. Recharging Power Input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz.


  • Unique Designed
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Simple Control
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Baby Professional Design


5. Go Styler Cordless Hair Styler & Dryer

About product 

Go Styler Cordless Hair Styler & Dryer is among any list that mentions the best cordless hair dryers to buy. Apart from the Cordless feature, it comes with 3 different styling attachments.

The hair dryer enhances natural curls, creates volume and smoothen the hair.

Reasons to buy

The hair dryer is really lightweight and can be easily carried about. This means that you can use it anywhere and anytime. It is also powered by long-lasting batteries that will not dull – q rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The Nano-Tourmaline technology releases negative ions as you dry your hair to give you soft, shiny & healthy hair.

Special features 

  • Lithium ion for long battery life and outstanding performance.
  • Fully rechargeable with no memory charge down.
  • LED Indicator
  • Dual Heat & Cool Mode
  • Weighs less than 1.5 pounds
  • Nano-Tourmaline Technology


  • Heat protecting technology 
  • Cordless and Rechargeable 
  • Salon quality 


6. Panasonic EH-NA65-K nanoe Dryer

About product 

This is another really powerful, cordless hair dryer I must not fail to review in this article.

The Panasonic nanoe EH-NA65-K Moisture Infusion Hair Dryer with advanced nano ionic hair dryer technology is an answered prayer to any demand of a hair dryer that makes it quick and easy to blow dry and style hair.

The machine draws naturally occurring moisture from the air and transforms it into micro-size particles containing 1,000 times more moisture than regular ionic hair dryers.

It outshines other basic hair dryers when it comes to outstanding features required in a perfect Cordless Hair dryer.

Reasons to buy 

If you still see no reason to go for the Panasonic nanoe hair dryer, then you should consider the fact that it reduces damage caused by everyday brushing and enhances hair’s smoothness and shine.

Not only that, this powerful hairdryer draws moisture from the air to gently infuse nanoparticles, which hold 1000x more moisture than regular ions, into every shaft of the hair.

It comes with three different attachments, Dual airflow quick-dry nozzle that will help hair dry faster, as well as the Concentrator nozzle which delivers focused airflow for precise styling.

With all these powerful features, the Panasonic EH-NA65-K nanoe Dryer remains a quiet and long-lasting hair dryer with a cool shot button that aids easy use.


  • Hydrate Hair, Reduce Damage and Improve Smoothness & Shine
  • Removable Filter
  • The Panasonic nanoe hair dryer helps strengthen and protect hair against damage from heat and everyday brushing. 
  • supplements the hair’s natural moisture to leave hair shinier and smoother.
  • Moisture-Rich nanoe Technology for Beautiful Results


The Panasonic nanoe Quick-Dry Nozzle delivers both soft and strong airflows designed for faster, more even drying. 

7. BaBylissPRO TT Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

About product 

I don’t think there is any other hair dryer – Cordless Hair dryer – that is as compact as the BaBylissPRO TT Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer and still provides this heat and power. This device is of 13oz size.

It is equally a very quiet hair dryer that will work perfectly in your salon. Lightweight and easy to use, the hair dryer is designed to offer nothing but peak performance.

Benefits Of having this as your hair dryer is numerous including the six heat/speed settings.

Reasons to buy

One interesting reason to go for this product is that it is really compact and can be very travel friendly. The compact 1000 Watt BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer has dual voltage and a folding handle.

It boosts hair shine and fights against static with the ions emitted from  Tourmaline crystals.

Feel free and safe to use this hair dryer on all hair types and expect an excellent result. Above all, you can be sure to get shiny and healthy-looking hair after using this Cordless blow dryer.


  • Infused with Tourmaline Titanium technology, this high-tech dryer eliminates frizz and promotes healthier-looking hair.
  • Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer
  • Designed for convenience and efficiency without sacrificing power. 
  • This compact dryer includes an innovative, foldable handle for easy travel and storage. 
  •  versatile dryer that delivers the results you’d expect from a full-size dryer.


Titanium 5000 hair dryer releases millions of ions for bright, longer-lasting shine. Far-infrared heat helps hair dry faster

8. Andis 80020 1875-Watt Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer

About product 

Lastly, this article is the one I’ll call among my favourites when it comes to hair dryers. Who doesn’t want a cordless hair dryer that is portable and foldable?

Powerful 1875 watts of power when and where you need to dry and style your hair. It is travel friendly and does not limit you to a particular place when using it. The Andis Fold-N-Go portable hair dryer with ceramic drying technology is the most versatile hair dryer on the market.

The concentrator gives you the capability to concentrate on the specific sections of hair making styling easy.

Reasons to buy

This hair dryer provides and easy to use process with the foldable design and 3 heat/air speeds for styling control.

The Cool shot button locks in style and can be stored in a small space. Either in a cabinet or in your luggage.

Above all, it is a very quick and efficient hair dryer that delivers nothing but proficiency at all times.


  • Ceramic and tourmaline ionic
  • Retractable cord and foldable handle for easy storage
  • Quick and efficient hair drying proficiency


Well, this is our most rated list for the cordless hairdryers available in the market.

If you followed us to this point I am very convinced that by now you should have made up your mind on the cordless hair dryer to buy to ensure that you get value for your money and buy a dryer that has proven over time to be very efficient in taking care of your hair drying needs.

Do you have any more questions regarding cordless hair dryers then please do not hesitate to drop your questions on the comment section or send us a mail and we will reply as soon as possible

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