Low EMF Hair Dryer: Your Buying Guide

Our day to day life is made easier thanks to some tools like hair dryers, fridges, and laptops. But the reality is that even the smallest electric tools can bring in radiation.

Radiation and any other similar issues can be a pain-in-the-ass when you buy a new hair dryer. And that is why it is important to go for hair dryers with low EMF value.

One of the latest concern is the effect that something as harmless as a hair dryer can have. Just like many other electrical appliances in the home, it emits high EMF.

Although there hasn’t been any scientific proof that would link them to cancer or other illnesses, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be as careful as possible, and the easiest way to do this is by getting a hair dryer with lesser EMF that will minimize your exposure.

Having this in mind, I have decided to come up with a well-detailed list that will contain the top 5 Low EMF Hair Dryers on the market.

If you always wanted to use a good hairdryer while also thinking about personal protection, these are some of the best models for you!

Best Low EMF Hair Dryer – Our Top Recommendations

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Low EMF Hair Dryers – Why you should buy them

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Believe me when I say They look great and they bring in front some great features that you do not want to miss as a professional hairstylist (or even for home use). It’s always very important to take your time and tackle this correctly.

Apart from how unique it may look, these low EMF hair dryers are the right investment for you in that perspective.

Needless to say, it is always a good idea to try and push the boundaries when it comes to protecting yourself. And

To get the best product that you want, you will need to study the market as you try to figure out which are the best models. Only then can you get a very good experience.

Once you take your time and study the market you will have no problem finding the best outcome. But no need for the rush as I have done half of the work for you. In this post, I encourage you to study these models, as they deliver amazing benefits and that’s what you want.

Plus, they are not very expensive, yet you get a lot of durability from them. Which is maybe the most important thing to have in the end! Yeah?

Best Low EMF Hair Dryer – Detailed Review

Selecting a low EMF hair dryer requires knowledge about your hair and the best dryer for it. You also need to know the features and specifications that the hair dryer has.

The various settings of the dryer such as the heat settings and how to adjust from low to high heat determine whether you will have a bad hair day or not. Here are some top low EMF hair dryers to pick from.

1. Solano – This model comes with multiple heat and speed settings

Best Low EMF Hair Dryers

About product

The Super Solano Professional is designed for comfortable use and professional results. A super velocity high-performance motor provides powerful airflow for fast drying time.

This model comes with multiple heat and speed settings, a cold air button and 2 concentrators. The ceramic thermal grill distributes heat more evenly while the far-infrared heat dries from the inside out for overall healthier tresses.

What I like

When I say a low emf hairdryer is POWERFUL, then I’m talking about Solano! It’s is made of sturdy materials that will actually last forever

Its power cord is long and has A super velocity high-performance motor provides powerful airflow for fast drying time

What I don’t like

It’s actuary ‘too quiet for my liking and I think the weight also contributes to its little drawbacks as it is somewhat heavy.


  • It’s really powerful, so it cuts down on the drying time
  • The hot setting is really hot, so your tresses will hold the style all-day
  • It’s really well made and sturdy, so it will last forever
  • Comes with a really long cord


  • Quieter than other models
  • Pretty heavy


2. Chi Professional – Great for managing fly away strands

Best Low EMF Hair Dryers

About product

Listed on many websites as one of the most popular at the moment, the CHI Pro is an 1800 watt model which is lightweight, quiet dryer utilizing ceramic technology, negative ions, far-infrared and Low EMF to dry your tresses faster and leave it shinier.

This model uses far-infrared heat which is safer for the environment and reduces the level of EMF and dries from the inside and locks in moisture and dries 50% faster than regular models.

What I like

Chi Professional low EMF hair dryer has made it to our number one list simply because it is recognized as the best low Emf hair dryer currently. With its amazing features, all hairstylist opts for this model in the market and online.

It comes with some rather practical features as it can do away the rear filters when your hair get caught. It is easy to manage and use.

What I don’t like

Oh boy! This product is somewhat heavy. Yeah, I just said it is easy to manage but not about the weight.

You should also be careful with the switch button as it is placed in an irregular place on the surface. Unlike some other hair dryers, you are likely to turn off the dryer unknowingly while in use. So watch out.

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  • Cuts drying time in half and gives salon results
  • Comes with some practical features like the ability to remove the rear filter when hair gets caught
  • Leaves your tresses looking shiny and easy to manage
  • Great for managing fly away strands, static electricity and frizzy ends
  • Really quiet


  • The on/off button is positioned in a strange place so you can accidentally turn the dryer off while using
  • A little heavy


3. FHI Nano Salon Pro 2000 – You can adjust the fan settings to suit your desired heat temperature

Best Low EMF Hair Dryers

About product

The digital model features a digital temperature control that displays the heat using colour from 99°F to 241°F. Depending on your hair type, you can adjust the fan settings to suit your desired heat temperature for your preferred style using the (+) or (-) buttons.

What I like

It interests me that it comes with an adjustable fan setting that you can set towards your hair type. FHI nano salon boast of being a hot hair dryer for so many years in the market. It also dries your hair more faster than other computers.

What I don’t like

This particular product is not as compact as others. And so you may have a problem handling it if it is your frost time. Reviewers also complained that the control buttons are too small. But all in all, it’s worth your money as it is very efficient and long-lasting.


  • A powerful hot hair dryer
  • Gives great results with a shiny hair effect
  • Dries hair evenly and very fast with a reduced drying time of up to 50%
  • Has a storage hook and an ergonomic shape making it easier to handle while drying your hair due to the self-grip as well as easier to store.


  • The buttons are small


4. Karmin G3 – This works at powerful 1875 watts for fast drying

Best Low EMF Hair Dryers

About product

This works at powerful 1875 watts for fast drying. Ceramic heating makes for healthier styling and the ionic technology produces a faster drying time and emits negative ions for smooth, soft and shiny results.

What I like

It features 2 narrow nozzle attachments and a professional diffuser attachment. This model offers 2 Speed Settings and an option for cold drying.

What I don’t like

Most of the product I included in this list often come with comb attachments except this one. But it seems it has given up that feature for long-lasting working hours.


  • Dries really, really fast: will reduce the drying time for up to 75%
  • The attachments are great and never slip off the dryer
  • Works great for long, curly or thick tresses
  • Much quieter than the regular models
  • Makes hair less frizzy


  • Doesn’t come with a comb attachment
  • The hot/warm switch is badly placed, so it’s easy to accidentally switch it while using


5. Barbar – you can be health-conscious without sacrificing performance

Best Low EMF Hair Dryers

About product

The Barbar ECO8000 blow dryer comes equipped with a ceramic heating element, instead of the traditional coil heating elements. Thanks to this, ECO8000 emits a low level of EMF (4.1 mG).

On the other hand, this model delivers 1,100 watts of power, equivalent in heat and blowing power to a standard 1,800-watt blow dryer, so you can be health-conscious without sacrificing performance. Comes with two air concentration nozzles for precision styling.

What I like

One thing that caught my eye in this product is the ceramic tech that is able to protect tresses as a result of heat damage. Just so you know, it saved more electricity than the regular dryer and compact to use.

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What I don’t like

Some reviewers testified that the control buttons are quite disarranged. While it is easy to hold and handle, you may have a problem switching it off accidentally while in use. This shit can suck too, you know.


  • Easy to hold and handle
  • Ceramic technology protects your tresses from heat damage
  • Saves 40% more electricity than a standard dryer
  • Offers multiple heat & speed settings
  • Features a cool-shot release button


  • The controls are in an awkward position that interferes with handgrip position


6. Amaxy 2nd Gen REAL INFRARED LIGHT Professional Hair Dryer

About product

This is another amazing hair dryer that is recommended for professionals. The Amaxy 2nd Gen REAL INFRARED LIGHT Professional Hair Dryer is compact, lightweight and long lasting.

It uses real far-infrared technology. This hair dryer has a honeycomb ceramic that is able to prevent hair loss while drying the hair faster.

You can be sure not to have hair frizz when using this hair dryer and still have smooth and shiny hair at the end of the day.

If you are battling with damaged hair, this hair dryer can be a lifesaver.

Why you should buy

There are loads of benefits why you should go for this hair dryer. It gives users a healthier, smoother and sinner hair after use. As mentioned earlier, this hair dryer makes use of real infrared light without producing radiation.

It is an ideal hair dryer with relatively low emf. Heat is distributed evenly into hairs and scalp with therapeutic effects. It also reduces the possibility of hair loss and frizz. It is ideal for treating the early stage of hair damage.

Another benefit to gain from the Amaxy 2nd Gen REAL INFRARED LIGHT Professional Hair Dryer, which is probably the reason why you should opt for this hair dryer is that it is radiation free.

Some basic hair dryers can release high radiation as a result of the resistant wire heating.

This hair dryer uses a bioceramic advanced tech that releases infrared and free electromagnetic radiation. It is safe to use on kids and pregnant women.

This particular product also offers free replacement of any part that gets a token within one year after the purchase date.

I needed every reason to buy the Amaxy hair dryer. Let’s not get down into other important and special details about this product.

Special features

A special feature about this hair dryer that you will not find in a basic hair dryer is the real infrared light technology.

This ionic system has the ability to dry the hair and at the same time enhance hair shine, create silky smooth hair and no frizz. You can be rest assured not to have a burnt hair at the end as this hair dryer releases Low EMF.


  • Promoting healthier hair
  • Preventing hair loss
  • Stimulating scalp & cuticle
  • The honeycomb Ceramic helps concentrate airflow
  •  provides consistent heat


7. BaBylissPRO BABNT5548 Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

About product 

The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer offers a super blend of fantastic interior and exterior body design, power, heavy-duty battery as well as a compact and lightweight handling. It dries hair faster and reduces the risk of hair frizz.

It can be used by professionals and for home users.

Why you should  buy

A good reason to buy The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer will definitely be because it is a lightweight dryer and yet uses ionic technology to create gentle and even heat. With low EMF, the babyliss hair dryer dries hair faster without hair loss or frizz.

Another great thing is that it can be used on any hair type, even coarse ones. This is another best hair dryer to bring out the shiny, healthy-looking hair you’ve got.

Special features

Like I have mentioned earlier on the Babyliss BABNT5548 Nano Titanium Hair Dryer, it is a super-duper combination of both power, speed and efficiency in performance. The lightweight ergonomic handling will make you handle the hair dryer without hassle.

It contains six heat settings to achieve a successful hair dry. You are also offered a wide range of styling options with the cool shot butting and concentrator nozzle. You really do not have to go through too much stress to clean this hair dryer as the filters are easily removable.

  • Nano Titanium technology.
  • 2000 watts.
  • Ionic.
  • 6 heat/speed settings.
  • Removable filter/stand.
  • 5548 dryer
  • lightweight dryer
  • 2000 watt dryer


Low EMF hair dryer to buy 2020 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Best Low EMF Hair Dryers

How to Find Out If It’s Low EMF?

Incase you do not know, EMF stands for the electromagnetic field. Many electrical appliances that we use on a daily basis (microwave ovens, washing machines, coffeemakers…) emit it.

The highest radiation comes from appliances that use the most electrical current, such as handheld hair dryers.

Luckily nowadays there are appliances labelled with ‘Low EMF’ that indicate that they generate a harmless amount of radiation, much lesser compared to other models on the market.

Unfortunately, if a hair dryer is not specifically labelled as Low EMF, finding out the levels of radiation in a model can be tricky, since manufacturers are not required to indicate them.

But there are testers that you can use in order to test the EMF rating of the appliances in your home.

If you can’t get an EMF tester, you can always stay safe by choosing one of those Hair Dryer models that are clearly labelled as Low EMF.

While there are some low-frequency fields that emit less radiation, which is considered safe, EMF radiation can have its own negative effects.

Finding low EMF appliances like a low EMF hair dryer is the best choice you can make.

Is EMF Radiation From Hair Dryers Dangerous?

As you can see from the numbers listed above, hair dryers emit a lot of radiation. It’s the type of thing that can bring in front a whole lot of challenges.

You must adjust and adapt all these things as much as possible. And the return on investment can be huge every time, just try to consider that.

The dangers are everywhere when it comes to EMF radiation. Most electronics tend to have some, be it in a small or larger amount.

So how do you go about this problem?

The thing to keep in mind is that you need to stay as far away as you can from the unit while using it. You can bring it closer to your head, but don’t prolong the exposure too much.

There are some other small tricks you can focus one. One of them is to towel dry your hair. This way you will need to use your hair dryer a lot less. And you also get to limit the EMF radiation exposure, so it does tend to work very well in this situation.

And even if the hair dryer seems a simple unit without a lot of radiation, that doesn’t mean it will not harm you in any way.

Which is why keeping the unit far from your head or getting low EMF hair dryers is the best approach you can have in this regard!

Are there dangers in using a hair dryer with high EMF?

Having explained what EMF in a hair dryer is and why you should go for hair dryers with low emf as the ones I have shown you in this article, I’d like to take you through the risk of using a hair dryer with high emf.

It is possible for not just hair dryers but other likely home appliances like the ones you use in the kitchen to release high and stringer emfs when in use.

It is also true that exposure to these, even at a very little one, can cause damage to the human body. In other words, they are not good for us.

Getting to differentiate a Hair Dryer with low emf from others with high emf may be a little more difficult especially for those who do not really use a hair dryer like professionals.

That is why I have taken my time to explain how to identify a hair dryer with low emf.

It is OK to make use of your hair dryer regularly. But studies have shown that exposure to electronic devices can affect health. It is best to reduce and minimize the risk of using a hair dryer too often.

Most science projects that centre on the study of the dangers of emf are always based on interviews with people who have cancer.

Researchers will try to ask questions to know about their exposure to emf and how it may have brought them to that particular state. Nevertheless, we can say that scientific studies on emf can not be totally relied on.

For some people, it will be best to use their hair dryer a few minutes each day. This is to reduce the risk of exposure. The smarter way is to get a hair dryer with relatively low emf.

Experts also advise that those who have cancer cases in their family or have cancer themselves should go for hair dryers with low EMFs.

Otherwise, they should consider letting their hair dry in the air. All in all, the use of hair dryer, in this case, should be within the shortest time as possible.

Another angle of concern goes to hair stylists who may be much more exposed to EMFs from hair dryers each day. It is possible that they are at more risk than the average user who uses a hair dryer at home from only her hair.

This is why it is recommended for hair stylists and salon owners to use hair dryers with low EMFs. The use of other significant protectives such as aprons, smocks, and other gear should not be ignored by hairstylists when hair drying in their salon as these materials help in blocking their exposure.

Wrapping up on Low EMF Hair Dryers

Finally, the most important part is that the EMF level of all those hairdryers are low and safe, and can’t even be compared to the other regular models on the market.

Their radiation levels are low-risk levels and you can select your desired choice based on their features and your preferences and start using the product without having any worries.

I hope this article was helpful, please share. Thanks.

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