Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

The most frequent questions salon owner ask is what is the Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine. So I thought of writing a well-analyzed blog post that discusses extensively on factors to consider before buying. It won’t end at that you will also read on FAqS,  and reviews from buyers on each of the products.

Ordinarily, buying a professional hair removal machine that uses Laser technology should not be this hard, we have quite a number of them available on Amazon that is not worth the price and specifications manufacturers say that is. For a first-timer buying a perfect professional laser hair removal machine at first trial is more like luck. But in some cases, the machine might not be worthy.

But I don’t want you to make a mistake others made, which is why I am writing this in the first place.

This article gives you an in-depth analysis of a good laser hair removal machine,  and pros and cons. You will also read what previous buyers are saying concerning each of the products that will be reviewed here.

As a professional salon owner or someone who grows excess hairs in a certain part of the body, the fees per head is around $50 – 100. So getting back your money won’t be impossible. But do you know that you need the best Professional Hair Removal Machine that won’t give you a problem?

Yeah! You need on and that is what you will be provided with here.

Below you will be introduced to the “best” that are affordable and work as expected.

What Counts When Buying A Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

If you’re thinking of buying Laser Hair removals, below are the factors to consider before paying or making orders online.

Read slowly then understand what won’t make you waste your financial resources”


You might find it hard to get a laser hair removal machine that will remove your hair permanently, so, the best you can get is a laser hair removal machine that can make the regrowth process slow. This counts even for someone who wants to use for commercial purpose and personal purpose, you must buy a machine that can perform up to expectation and this can be confirmed from reviews others are dropping. Also, make sure to check the label for how long you can use the machine before it starts getting spoilt.


The price it is sold for matters just like features and specifications, but that does not necessarily mean you should spend features you don’t need in the first place, to reduce the cost spent on Laser hair removal device you can buy old models with features that you need for removal of hairs.


Reviews also count but I guess you don’t check the review section before paying for the ones you have bought. The review is where things happen you will be able to know what happens when used, and for skin tones. The review section also gives insight on what to do and what not to do base on what verified buyers shared theirs.

Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

#1. Philips Lumea Prestige

Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

Philips Lumea Prestige is the first on the list, for the fact that it is regarded as a professional Laser Hair Removal for home use.

I know you want a better and professional hair removal experience. With this machine, you will be able to remove hairs from face, lips, armpits easily and painless. It makes use of IPL laser technology, it is suitable for people with darker skin.

Although, professional Laser hair removal machines are known to be bulky, well, that is not the case for Philips Lumea Prestige as it does what the ones tagged professional can do. With 3-4 treatments the hair can be reduced to 92%.

That does not mean it is not good for purchase for home use.

Do you know the most interesting thing about Philips Lumea Prestige?

It comes with an intelligent skin colour detection system that ensures that the machine emits different lasers according to the skin tones and hair colour. With this, you can remove hairs at home without professional assistance.

Apart from the intelligent colour detection system, it comes with Laser adapters for different skin tones. These features ensure monitored and proper removal of hairs from part of the body.


  • The outcome of sessions is fast
  • Skin detection system present
  • It comes with adapters for different body parts


  • The price seems high if intended for home use

What Buyers are saying:

I love this product!! It really works. At first, I wasn’t sure but It works after the first use. After using it 4 times, my hair takes more time to grow (even weeks).
Highly recommended!

Really good product. I started to see results in my second section. although it is expensive, I feel this was an investment for myself and I am more than happy to see the results that I already got. 🙂


#2. Vinmax E-Light OPT Laser Hair Removal Beauty Machine

 Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

This is another professional Laser Hair Removal as it utilizes laser technology to get rid of hairs from the armpits and pubic area. From the image above one can say that, it is for beauty salon owners that want to buy a laser hair removal machine at an inexpensive price.

Making use of Vinmaz E-light OPT laser hair removal beauty machine allows the removal of hair to be fast than the conventional methods. Less painful than waxing, but the hair follicle can get burnt. One of the major functions of this machine is Epilation.

Vinmax E-Light OPT uses OPT technology, meaning the pulse is in a rectangular shape.


  • Can be used for different skin tones


  • It is bulky
  • It can get the skin burnt


#3. Skinact IPL/SPTF Machine for Hair Removal

Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

Skinact IPL/SPTF Machine for Hair Removal is a multipurpose professional laser epilation machine that confirms the doubts of the impossibility to find a laser hair removal machine designed for hair removal alone. This machine is one of them as it can be used for acne treatment, rejuvenation, and pigmentation.

The characteristic of this machine is that it makes use of an intelligent control system, which means it emits a controllable amount of energy base on the skin type and hair colour. It is also safe for use as it comes with a filter to filter out UV lights.


  • Touch screen for easy operation
  • FAD registered


  • The price is very high compared to other professional hair removals

Words from a Buyer:

GSD 3000 (sPTF+) is a great IPL Platform and FDA Cleared. I purchased one from Aspen Aesthetics ( Denver, Colorado) for $9500 and have been quite impressed with the quality and efficacy of the machine. It came with 6 Flash Lamps. It works great for treatments such as Hair Reduction, Photofacial, Age / Sun Spot, Spider Vein, and Rosacea.


#5. Silk’n Sensepsil Professional Grade

Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

If you need a light a professional laser hair removal device, this should be included in your check out on Amazon. Buying this device gives you the chance to perform laser hair removal in your house and anytime without the guidance of a professional, and you will also have nothing to do with other methods of hair removal that seems primitive and slow.

However, this device comes with its limitations and it is that it cannot be used on lighter hair or darker skin.

To get the best results of this, the skin should be clean before making use of a laser hair removal machine; this would ensure excess hair body hair has been removed, but wax should not be used for any reason. Also, the treatments should be carried out every two weeks. How fast the effects start to show depends on the skin colour, laser intensity, and skin colour, but the results should start showing after 3-4 treatments.

It also comes with a split design that makes it easy to carry out, so the weight won’t be a burden and that decrease the pull force on your hand during epilation.


  • It is effective and fast
  • Worthy of the price it is being sold for


  • It is not suitable for lighter hair or darker skin tone


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Who Should Not Use Laser Hair Removal Machine

Removal of hair with laser hair removal machine is fast and efficient but that does not mean it is for all. Before using a laser hair removal machine make sure to take note of the following set of people excluded from using it:

  • People with darker skin tones
  • People with pale hair
  • Those with wounds
People With Darker Skin Tones

Laser energy is more sensitive to the melanin, darker skin tones are known to absorb lights emitted more compare to others, and thus generate more heat. The excessive heat might get the epidermis burnt. So if you are not sure your skin colour is compatible make sure to seek the help of a professional before using any At-Home professional hair removal machine.

People With pale hair

The principle behind the operation of any laser hair removal machine is that the melanin in the hair follicles absorb the light emitted by the laser, and get the hair follicle to destroy. Therefore, insufficient of the follicle can get the skin burnt.

Those With Wounds

Laser hair removal treatments are not for someone with wounds. So before performing hair removal treatments, therapists check for inflamed skin or infection, as the wound might get infected.

How Many Treatments Are Needed To Achieve Permanent Hair Removal?

So do you think permanent removal of hair is possible?  No permanent removal of hair is not possible, the only thing you can get is a machine that makes regrowth of hair slow. Now back to your question how long it takes depends on your skin type and many other factors that are totally beyond the control of man.

Conclusion on the Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

Here you’ve read on what Laser hair removal machine does, what makes it different from other technology, factors to consider before buying a laser hair removal machine and reviews of different best professional laser hair removal machines and others. You’ve here the best machine with amazing features but that does not mean you can buy all, what you can do is choose 1-2 that can do exactly what you want and leave others. The ones that can do what you want without damages are your best.

Do you have anything to ask about the Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine? or experience to share using any of the products listed above? Kindly make use of the comment box to let us know.

Thank you!

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