List of Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal 2020

What is the list of Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal? Firstly welcome this page. In our mission to provide information to our readers, we compiled this list and if you are new here looking for information.

We’ve chosen compiled the list of affordable At-Home laser hair removal approved by the FDA for use.

One thing is certain, you must have spent countless hours looking for the best hair removal, but the provided hair removal machines are not up to the hype and specifications, to prevent future occurrence of this we have curated a list that you can choose from without worries of what you will lose. so

Apart from saving you from wastage of financial resources, with the right hair removal machine, you can get a decent hair reduction, how true do you think this is?

With the guide that will be provided here, you will be able to buy the hair removal machine of your choice in the future and save yourself the stress of moving from web pages to another looking for the right one that you can easily buy through the links that will be provided here. All you need to do when you find the one that suits your daily need is click on the links provided.

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Right At-Home Laser Hair Removal

As said above, choosing the right at-home laser hair removal is what many don’t know how to do. It is not that they don’t know how to read instruction they are just ignorant of what they are to check out for before they pay or order fo the products online.

We have countless laser hair removal machines for men, laser hair removal for kids and hair removal for women available online each with different ingredients, some are more important than the other. The ingredients or materials a laser hair removal is made is of the crucial things to factor.

To you, they are insignificant but they are important to remember when buying laser hair removal devices, since they play an important role in how effective the treatments will be. Before you buy a laser hair removal machine note the following:

  • Technology Used – Diode Or IPL
  • Maximum Energy
  • Skin Tone Coverage
  • Haire Color Coverage

#1. Technology Used

We have laser hair removal devices made with DL (Diode laser) and the ones using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL machines) for permanent hair reduction. Studies carried out by certain companies have it that Diode laser hair removal method is the best and faster way to get hairs reduced.

#2. Maximum Energy

When you are looking at what materials it is made of, don’t forget to check out the maximum energy. The higher the energy the more effective your hairs can be removed. The maximum energy a laser hair removal pulse out determines the strength of the laser. The higher the energy the more effective the machine is and how deep the light can penetrate.

#3. Hair Color Coverage

Just as the title of the blog post is hair colour coverage is also important, the darker the hair, the more effective the laser. Before you buy a laser hair removal machine, make sure that your natural hair colour is within the extent of devices of hair coverage.

Hair removal machines are known to work when they target the melanin. Since melanin is the main target of laser hair removals, the more melanin the skin has the more effective the device will be.

#4. Skin Tone Coverage

Apart from how dark the hair and skin are, your skin tone coverage also matters. The lighter the skin, the more effective hair removal that uses machine work, since it will make the light penetrates the skin the more.

Now with the above factors in mind let’s look into:

Reviews of The Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal 2020

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Now let’s look into laser hair removal and why you need to buy them.

#1. Trial Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X

Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal

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So if you are looking for a powerful at-home laser hair removal device trial beauty hair removal laser 4X is the one you should get. With over 500 positive reviews on Amazon, it has proven by a scientific study to give permanent hair reduction.

Trial Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X is the first and only FDA approved at-home hair removal device that uses a professional-standard Diode laser technology, as opposed to Intense Pulsed Light. It is one of the best laser hair removals machine you can get today from Amazon.

So It’s designed with the change in innovation at mind, handheld version of those bulky machines found in skin clinics.

Because this device uses a diode laser instead of IPL, it’s capacity for energy gives it edges over others. When you buy this you will feel it wax out 22j/cm while the rest averages at 8-9j/cm2.

The amount of energy it waxes out can be painful for those with a low level of tolerance. Pulses it emanates is strong that it can sting and cause irritation and redness. For someone with dark but sensitive on, it is advisable to start with a lower setting and work your way up. For reduction of the pain, you can use a cooling cream so you can tolerate the pulses with lesser pains if not all. Check out cooling creams like Cooling and Coupling Gel for Laser and IPL Permanent Hair Removal, and UltraNumb Anesthetic Skin Numbing Cream.

The laser window is small that makes it precise, but can also cause pains when it is used for larger areas like the arms and legs. If you are buying this product for larger areas you’ll have to create time for yourself.


  • It is pretty small
  • Battery Powered
  • Perfect for dark skin
  • Has the highest energy power than any other at-home device
  • Good for precision lasering
  • It can penetrate deep skin effectively


  • It needs to be recharged after use
  • Not perfect for people with sensitive skin

#2.  LumaRx IPL Hair Removal Machine, Full Body

Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal

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LumaRx IPL Hair Removal Machine is the most sustainable at-home laser hair removal you can get for yourself. It does not make this list for us to earn some bucks, it is due to its flexibility, detachable parts, and replaceable cartridge. Just like every other hair removal machine we have reviewed on MyBeardGang, there are two faces and body use, and the wavelength can vary base on skin types.

What makes LumaRx IPL Hair Removal Machine different from others with a shorter lifespan is the replaceable cartridge. This means that buying this device will save you from buying another hair remover for years as long as it’s kept in good condition. Also. this device comes with an app that allows you to control it with ease.

If you are thinking who is this device for, it is ideal for face and full body hair treatment, precision and broad coverage on all areas.


  • There is a low chance of mistakes or injury due to the built-in skin tone and contact sensor uses.
  • It is FDA cleared
  • You can easily track your treatments with the LumaRx App
  • It can easily be changed since different caps are available for face & body.
  • Make use of Intense Pulsed Light technology which delivers up to 94% hair reduction with just 3 treatments.


  • Interchanging the two caps can be inconvenient when charging
  • For someone with sensitive skin, it’s might be painful to make use of it as a full 8 power.

#3. Gillette Venus Silk-expert IPL 5001 ( Intense Pulsed Light) Braun Hair Removal System

Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal

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Gillette Venue Silk-expert is another laser hair removal on the list that makes use of IPL technology, that alone shows the potential it can attain. It covers the normal spectrum of skin tone and hair colour.

With this laser hair removal device, you only need 4-12 weeks for the first treatment. Once you are done with the phase, you can opt for usage once every 1-2 months for maintenance of the hair level. Although this particular hair removal machine performs below others, something makes it different from a few that lack a skin tone sensor.

What makes it be placed on this list is that the SensorAdapt technology that can automatically adjust the machine to be used on any skin tone type. This makes the removal of hairs easy for someone with varying skin tones in different parts of the body.

Another amazing feature is the built-in cartridge that can emit up to 300,000 flashes. It might the average that can be released by some, the speed is a pretty cool combined with tits large window which opens at 3cm2, this makes shaving of areas like leg faster. The low is low compared to others. It is ideal for full-body treatment and someone that wants to be removing hair on the go.


  • It is customized to be used on different skin tones
  • Can be used on body and face unlike most IPL devices
  • The app can be used to schedule your sessions
  • It is lightweight
  • Can be carried anywhere


  • Once the cartridge gets exhausted, the whole device needs to be changed.
  • The treatment schedule is a long one.
  • Has lower energy influence
  • It is slow

#4. SmoothSkin Gold 300 Intelligent IPL Hair Removal System

Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal

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So this is a machine that was produced by a brand with a 30-year history of light-based products in the United Kingdom.

This device comes with only 300,000 flashes; which is enough to last for 15 years of treatment if maintain perfectly. What makes it different from the one on #3 is that you don’t have to purchase any replacement cartridges.

It can be used for body & face and has a built-in sensor that detects skin tone then adjusts the energy levels to the skin tone. For someone with sensitive skin, the Dark mode is the right one. Ideal for face & body treatments and perfect for sensitive skin.


  • It can be applied for face & body treatments
  • A wider range of skin tones
  • Automatically scans and adjusts to different skin tones.
  • FDA cleared


  • Has a lower energy power compared to others
  • Once the cartridge is used out, the whole device needs to be changed.
  • The treatment session is a long one.

Conclusion on Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal

Here we looked into reviews of different at-home laser hair removal by making mention of their specification, why they should be bought and why not. Note that they have cons does not mean they are not good per se but as someone with interest in the removal of hairs and have your well-being at heart you must be ready to over-look certain pros and know the right disadvantages to overlook.

If you have anything to ask on Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal 2020. or have any contributions you want to make kindly make use of the comment box to share your thoughts and suggestion.


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