Best Beard Jewelry For Your Beard [2021 Detailed Review]

On this page, we shall be talking about top-notch beard jewelry that will suit just the cute bearded man that you are!

So, If you are looking to connect with your inner craving for uniqueness, then this jewelry collection for bearded men is perfect for you. Sit back and explore our list of beard jewelry on trend.

Best Beard Jewelry For Your Beard – Our Top Recommendations

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Best beard jewelry for unshaved men – Detailed Review

1. Bronze Norse Viking Dragon Beard Beads Rings

beard jewelry

They look great on men with thinner and shorter facial hair.

One great item for men who are into Vikings, Bronze Norse Viking Dragon Beard Beads comes as a set of two pieces. They are made of metal, after all, so this happens. The actual color is a bit different than the one on the photos.

Although, men with thicker beards will probably want to look for some other options because these items hold no more than 1.14 inches of beard hairs. The material used is a solid, reasonably good quality bronze. They look great on men with thinner and shorter facial hair.

Also, there is a feeble possibility that the beads will slip from your beard.

Why you should buy

+ Made of pretty good quality bronze
+ Come as a set of 2 beads
+ Large enough hole for most men’s beards

Why you should avoid

– Not big enough for men with thicker beards
– Tend to slip from beard because they are metal
– The actual color is a bit different than in photos

So I think I’m the only lady who bought these for myself to put in my hair. I can definitely see how these would be better for a beard, especially a curly and thick one, but I think they should work well with my hair. I tried it out with a thin braid and used a small rubber band to hold it in place. These are versatile, and I could even use these for a necklace or other type of jewelry item. The delivery was crazy fast.


2. Long Snake Norse Vikings Beads for Beards

beard jewelry

Men with longer and denser beards will appreciate it.

I recently discovered that a virtual disadvantage of this piece could be the fact that it pulls beard hairs slightly, especially if you have a really thick beard.

But on the flip side of the coin, it holds the beard together without slipping or coming off even from the most silkier hairs. making it a great feature about the item

With the ring hole of 10mm and in size of 100cm x 13.5mm, it’s very big for shorter and thinner beards. Quite sturdy, classy looking and plated by sterling silver, Long Snake Norse Vikings Beads for Beards is yet another amazing gadget for bearded men who are fans of the Vikings.

Trust me when I say men with longer and denser beards will appreciate it.

Why you should buy

+ Plated by sterling silver
+ Doesn’t slip at all
+ Reasonably priced
+ Sturdy and elegant

Why you should avoid

– Pulls hairs a bit
– Not for short beards because it’s pretty big
– The Beard Movement

A touch heavy for my hair; I have to check them regularly. I almost want them in aluminum, but then they wouldn’t be as strong. Either way, I’m happy with them.


3. Norse Vikings Runes Beads for Beards – All 24 Elder Futhark runes included

beard jewelry 

Make the ideal mix for you!

Whiskers, braids or dreadlocks – These extensive, multipurpose rings are ideal for decorating any kind of hair.

The size is about 12 x 12 mm with a 9 mm gap, these whisker rings highlight a bigger opening than numerous different dots.

Why you should buy

+ It weighs  6.1 grams per globule
+ Its made of metal alloy
+ Strong and solid silver-plated zinc +combination
+ 24 point by point Viking runes pieces in a pack
+ Does not discolour
+ To a great degree savvy
+ Arrive in an antique style material pocket

Why you should avoid

– The openings are too huge for littler facial hair
– Doesn’t accompany a diagram that says – – what every image implies

WHEN I WEAR THESE I SPEAK IN ALL CAPS LIKE A MIGHTY VIKING!! In all seriousness though pretty cool beard rings. Made of nice sturdy heavy metal and doesn’t feel cheaply made. Runes look sweet. Just getting the hang of putting them in my beard it really does help keep the beard contained. All in all great beard beads.


4. CooB EDC Paracord Bead Beads Pendant Charm Hair Beard

beard jewelry

Sensibly evaluated

Item is made in Bronze. Because of handwork, the shade of metal and some cleaned components may somewhat shift from the image!

This Bead is the immaculate collectable thing however you can happily utilize it on the cord of blades, electric lamps, compasses, cameras, take watches or keychains and so forth. You can use as zipper pull appeal or pendant on coats or knapsacks. It can also be utilized for making a custom paracord wrist trinkets as an appeal

Measure: 30~17mm. Gap Size: 4×4.5mm. Gap’s size of globule – is entirely appropriate for the standard 550 paracords.

Why you should buy

+ Doesn’t slip by any means
+ Sensibly evaluated
+ Solid and rich

Why you should avoid

– Slightly expensive for one piece
– The real color is different than in photographs

Nice, I love them. 


5. 925 Sterling Silver Beard Twist Jewelry

Smooth and comfortable to wear in your facial hair

As a bonus, it comes in a nice jewelry pouch in case you want to give it as a gift to your bearded friend or lover.

The unusual design on 925 Sterling Silver Beard Twist Jewelry makes it look stylish, elegant and unique.

Smooth and comfortable to wear in your facial hair, this product consists of a stainless steel twister with sterling silver stone holder and diamond-like crystal inside. Weighing no more than nine grams, this jewel is very compact and lightweight, so you can take it anywhere with you.

The only qualms may be the price, which can be expensive for some.

Why you should buy

+ High-quality sterling silver stone + holder with stainless steel twister
+ Very compact size
+ Comes in a nice jewelry pouch
+ Lightweight and elegant

Why you should avoid

– More on the expensive side
– Can slip from a thinner beard


6. Lynn around Bronze Norse Viking Wolf Beard Beads Rings

It’s made of Bronze which is of premium quality. It’s Lead, cadmium, and nickel free.

It measures at 1.10 cm (0.43 inch) x 1.20 cm (0.47 inch) x 1.80 cm (0.71 Inch). Comes in sets of 2 bits of bronze Norse Irish Viking wolf head dabs rings structure, strong pieces quality.

It’s made of Bronze which is of premium quality. It’s Lead, cadmium, and nickel free. Extraordinary for whiskers dabs rings, dreadlock or privateer or medieval twist hair dabs decoration styles.

Why you should buy

+ Made of extremely incredible quality bronze
+ Come as a great deal of 2 globules
+ Sufficiently immense hole for most men’s hairs

Why you should avoid

– Not adequately tremendous for men with thicker facial hair
– Will by and large slip from facial hair since they are metal
– The genuine shading is fairly special in connection to in photos


7. Guo Shuang Norse Viking Thor Mjolnir Camouflage Paracord Bracelet with 4 Beads, The Horns of Odin, Vegvisir, Valknut, Helm of Awe

Guo Shuang Norse Viking Thor Mjolnir Camouflage is beard jewelry made with environment-friendly material, free of nickel, keep glossy for a lifetime and no harmful for people. One of the Odin used is associated with wisdom, healing, death, royalty, gallows, knowledge, war, battle, and victory. Aside from being attractive, it can be gifted to loved ones on their special day and functions.


8. CooB EDC Metal Paracord Bead Beads Pendant Charm Hair Beard Bead

CooB EDC Metal Paracord is one beard jewelry with unique author design and made with high-quality metal by using the method of vacuum casting. This is the ideal beard jewelry you should get if you are looking for beard jewelry that goes well with almost everything. Also, if you are looking for gift ideas for beard men, you can this from amazon.


9. PIAOPIAONIU 28 Pcs Dreadlock Beads Viking Rune Beard Bead Hair Braiding Jewelry Hair Decoration with 1 Pcs Handle Pulling Loop

PIAOPIAONIU 28 Pcs Dreadlock Beads Viking is one of the beard jewelry you should think of if you are feeling ready to go to the road of the Viking aesthetic, in which case a braided beard-if you are lucky enough to be the kind of guy that can grow the requisite facial hair-is a must.

Aside from being ideal for decoration of the beard, it is good for head hair decoration, making of necklace bracelets and other DIY stuff. Also, it can be given to bearded men on their special occasions and functions such as birthday, Christmas and so on. 


10. Alchemy Hair Beard Rings Beads SET of 3 Janus Skull Coffin Alchemist Skull

Alchemy Hair Bead Rings Beard SET is what you should go for if you are looking for beard jewelry that will get people attracted to you.


What do you think beard jewelry is, actually?

beard jewelry

Beard jewelry is a pretty piece of jewelry that can be used to thread your beard – either fluffy or not. This item can kill two birds with a stone as it makes your beard look different and beautiful. And at the same time, it helps you to keep your beard neat and tidy.

It is no news that a beard takes a serious amount of commitment and time. While it is an indication of individuality, it has always been more of a display of male dominance.

We often boast that “Make no mistake about it, a guy with a beard definitely stands out in the crowd” – true. But it is also better to take things one step further and actually get ahead of the crowd by pairing up with any of this jewelry for bearded men.

And, man, if you’ve got a long beard, then these accessories can actually be a boon for you since you can use them to decorate as well as keep the beard in its place. This is important so that it does not affect the day to day functioning of the person who possesses the long beard.

It is expected for people to think that the beard has the power to make a lasting expression without the help of little pieces of jewelry, but jewelry for bearded men can really allow guys to take things up a notch.

“Fact : Guys who grow beards have many different reasons for letting their facial hair take over their faces. Some men want a change, while others want to express their personality”

Good jewelry on a well-groomed beard, yeah? Then don’t forget to get some grooming kits

Who is Beard Jewellery meant for?

beard jewelry

The concept of who a facial hair adornment is meant for can be deciphered in this manner, any individual who needs to truly separate themselves from the pack.

An unshaven dude isn’t over-excited about anything. So, decorating his facial hair with beard jewelry will definitely permit him a greater amount of a chance to inform the world he is taking the street less gone by innovating a trail the majority of his own in the dopest, unconventional way.

Thoughts in retrospects…

In the case of wearing a piece, two pieces, or more, these embellishments enable any man to display his facial hair such that will give him considerably more consideration.

These bits of facial hair adornments give the hairy man significantly to a greater extent a focused edge over a clean-shaven person who is cuffed to fit in with the tenets of society. However, digest my next line!

“beard jewels are not for everyone, yikes!
but if you think you have what it takes, take a look at the reviews of the best beard jewelry today and take your pick”

How to use beard jewelry right?

Wearing facial hair beads is quite basic and there are a couple of styles to adopt. For whatever length of time that your facial hair is sufficiently long to string a few adornments on then, you are a great idea to go.

Being able to brush your beard rightly doesn’t make you an expert in using the right beard jewelry.

There is no standard length however a couple of inches ought to be okay.

Take a closer look at this stylish brand for men and you will discover that it offers guys the chance to let their beards really grab attention and stand out further at any gathering.

While all eyes are fixed to the guy in the room with a beard, what happens when two bearded men are together in that room.

The guy wearing these one-of-a-kind exclusive beard accessories listed here will further express his sophisticated yet eccentric side. It’s more like adding a sophisticated touch to your adorable beard.

Our collection of beard jewelry in this article comprises of many manly and iconic shapes like crystals, anchors, and of course the skull.

Becoming an adorable bearded man with a great beard jewelry

Can you think for a moment about the time and dedication that is required to grow a beard? It starts with the early development, then you must make it through the pain of the first few months wear wild hairs are irritating the surface of the skin to the point of insanity, but the man pushes on.

  • The bearded man today is obsessed with caring for his beard, as represented by the thousands of beard care products available for sale today.
  • The bearded man of today has access to beard balms, beard oils, beard soap, beard shampoos, and now, beard jewelry.
  • Once he has groomed his beard and is ready to allow the world to see his masterpiece, clipping in some beard jewelry only enhances his already captivating look.
  • The beard gives the man the ability to express his personality, the beard jewelry gives him the chance to attract more eyes to his masterpiece.
  • Do you know where to get the best beard oil?
  • Beard kits for African-Americans?
  • To reward himself for his hard work and for his ability to bring another masterpiece into the world for mere mortals to enjoy, guys are clipping in beard jewelry as an expression of creativity, uniqueness, boldness, and fearlessness.
  • Whether up close and personal or gazing from a distance, you will not be able to take your eyes off these manly accessories when he adorns his beard with them.

There are shocking things you don’t know about growing beards… In here.

Tips on wearing  beard beads and jewelry

I am really interested in also showing you various styles in which you can rock these beard jewelry that I have reviewed for you. For you to wear Beard beads and rings, you have to grow your beard to a certain length that the rings can hang on to.

Of course, there is no general length for beards to grow before they can be decorated with beard rings but it is ideal to have enough long beards for it.

I will also show you the various types of ward styles you can wear when wearing beard jewelry. You can even choose to experiment with all of them from time to time. Depending on your taste.

There are some beard beads that can fit into your beards with a plug in it. In this case, you do not necessarily need to have your beard tightly full in the ring or bead.

There is also another type of beard Bead that 8s hollow and will require you to thread your facial hair through the holes to slide it upwards. When using these times of beard rings, make sure your hair is tight and full inside the holes of the beads so that they don’t fall off.

Growing long beards for beard jewelry

There is Something adorable when you grow long, full, and thick beards. The facial look will make you stand out among peers of clear shaved men as well as Stubble beards fellow.

When you want to grow long beards, have it in mind that it is not really easy as it sounds or as the end result looks. If you want to rock a beard jewelry, you need to grow some length of facial hair. This is where you need to know how to get one.

While patience is the key in growing long and magnificent beards, there is other basic importance that you need to equip yourself with in the growing process. Whatever style of long beards you want to wear, you need to wait for a couple of months. And not just waiting. Grooming.

There are some shapes of faces that long beards may not fit with. So, understand your face shape and decide what style of long beard will look good on you.

So to rock a beard jewelry, one primary consideration is a full, long beard. Let me show you the steps to take when growing longer beards.

Do not trim your beard for a while

Especially when you are starting from scratch, you need to resist the urge of trimming your beard and neckline for a while.

Wait for at least 4 weeks, when your beards are fully grown before you begin to trim. While your facial hair may look rough at this stage, it is at its full potential and ready to be decorated. At that stage, you will be able to cut any beard style with long beards.

Use quality beard oil

Beard oil is a natural beard straightener and can serve as a very good moisturizer in keeping the beard moisturized and hydrated. This condition is required for the beard to grow fuller and thicker.

From the day you begin to wait for your beard to come out to the fullest potential, do not fail to apply beard oil after washing and drying.

Quality beard oil should contain all the necessary and important nutrients needed for the beard to grow. One more important thing, it is of no use having a decorated beard when it is itchy.

It is the work of the beard oil to prevent the beard from itching and frizzy.

Using a quality beard brush and beard comb

Use a beard brush when your hairs are still short and straight. The bristles on quality beard brushes will straighten and make the facial hair smooth downwards.

If you do not want a curly beard at the end, make use of a beard comb to straighten it downwards after applying a beard balm.

Another usefulness of a beard brush aids the even distributions of beard oil around all beard areas, the skin underneath as well as the facial hair follicles.

Do not fail to comb and brush your facial hair using a quality brushing or combing tool and beard oil to keep your beard soft and straight.

Healthy and balanced diet

There are other nutritive values in some food that are required for beard growth. Increase your intake in proteins, vitamins and good fats. Food items like eggs, meats and fish should be added to the diet.

Avoid eating junks or food that contains excess sugar. They have a way of hindering long beard growth.


Experts and scientists have proven that one way to increase the testosterone level in man is the regular exercise of the body. Testosterone level in men is one of the major factors that affect how fast beards grow.

Exercise more and your body will produce more testosterone which will, in turn, make your beard grow thicker and faster.

Frequently asked questions about beard jewelry

How do you keep beard beads in place?

Keeping beard beads in place is not a difficult thing. In Fact, the only way to get the beauty of beard beads is when they are in place on beards. Simply use your left hand to take a hank of hair, slide the loop of string off your hand and around the hair.

Use your forefinger and thumb to grip the beard and Pull on the string to keep the hair against the bead.

Does braiding your beard damage it?

It is OK to braid your beards when they are long enough for braiding. But be very careful that you do not braid it too tightly as doing so can tangle your beard. It can be very difficult to untangle beards.

What is the most attractive beard length?

It is a very attractive look to have a long beard that is well-groomed. But studies have shown that the most attractive beard length is heavy Stubble.

To get this beard length, you will have to wait for at least 10 days of beard length.

Final words on the Best Beard Jewelry

Make no mistake about it, both women and men of all ages seem to agree a bearded man is more attractive, powerful, mature, and has a higher social status than the guys who must maintain that clean-shaven appearance.

The beard jewelry is just a way for guys to further experiment with their personality in creative ways. And I hope that you’ve seen a perfect facial accessory for your fluffy beard.

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