The Right Hair Removal Machine For Men

You must be scratching your head, thinking, what’s the point of looking for the best hair removal machine for men, when I can just buy from lots available on Amazon.

Hair removal machines are a dime dozens these days. So if you are looking to explore the process of hair removal without worries, it makes sense to be picky and knows How to choose the right machine or read reviews written by those who know what to look out for and what to ignore.

And that is exactly what I will be doing for you here.

We have thousands of

  • Facial hair removal machine
  • Hair removal machine for bikini area
  • And many others

There are thousands of facial hair removal available on Amazon and other online e-commerce stores but not all are worth the hype and the price. Are they all that bad? You can only know that when you read this blog post to the end.

A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing The Right Hair Removal Machine for Men

Yes, a lot of them are worth the hype, but you must know your onions to choose the right one for your skin tone and hair type.

Where lots of others come with amazing features but in the end, they fail to perform as expected. Also, we have scenarios where the machines are not as effective, and it is not always the manufacturer’s fault, many of the products are good but not just the right one for skin tones and hair types they are using on.

The following are things to factor before buying or paying for any hair removal machine on Amazon.

#1. Reviews

Reading reviews is what many don’t do, in fact, the majority hates it and doesn’t read beyond the order now button. Doing this will definitely save you from problems, it is not rocket science.

When you read reviews you will know what to expect from the product, know if it is perfect for your skin type and also read tips provided by verified buyers on how they used the product.

The majority of them buy reviews, the purchased ones are always obvious and unreal. They are the ones always short and different from the topic.

#2. Skin Colour

This matters as well, if you have dark or black skin making use of hair removal machine that uses IPL is the worst thing you can ever do. To be on a safer side it is advisable to read the chart as they always come with one. The skin colour chart tells what intensity setting for your skin type or comes with an in-built sensor that automatically detects skin type then adjusts the light setting.

Note that IPL technology-based hair removal machines are not suitable for dark skin.

#3. The Area of The Body To Be Treated

  • Do you want to treat the face?
  • The leg alone?
  • Or all body areas?

If you are to treat a small area it is advisable to go for ones that can conveniently be held and if it is for all body area, make sure to buy one that is concise and small enough to reach all body area and comes with Auto-sensor to adjust to different skin tones.

#4. Your Budget

Getting the right hair removal machine is the best investment you can ever make, but that does not mean you should spend a huge amount of money on a device that might end up not performing up to expectations. And that does not mean you should settle for a device with features that are not necessary. There are ways to cut cost and still buy the best Amazing device with specifications just like those tagged professionals.

To do this go for an older model at a significantly reduce price, but make sure it contains features that matter to you.

Now that we are done with factors to consider, let’s dive into the reviews

Reviews of Hair Removal Machine For Men

#1. LumaRx Full Body IPL Hair Device For Face & Body

The LumaRx full-body device is a perfect hair removal machine for black men, it is top-rated and top-selling home IPL hair removal system. It is approved by the FDA for permanent removal of body hair for men and women.

hair removal machine for men

The downside of this product is that it is not suitable for facial hair or men with dark skin tones. It comes with an automatic sensor that ensures a perfect skin tone is chosen.

LumaRx also comes with comfort filter to shield the skin from infrared energy. Just like every other hair removal machine, it has five intensity settings.

It comes with two crops that make it effective for a small area where precision is needed. Operates at 65,000 flashes and along with the pulse tendency is effective to reach the root of the hair that can prevent fast regrowth of hairs for long.

The 65,00 flashes can last for a considerable amount of time and can get replaced if exhausted. I can authoritatively say that it is the perfect hair removal machine for men who want to remove hairs from the chest, the groin area, underarms, and back legs.

With LumaRx you can get features that you will get from a professional hair removal machine. It was designed with recommendations from dermatologist and reviews from users are positive

To get perfect results, performing 3 treatments in the first  30 days, and every 2 weeks is the way to get that done. You might have certain still hairs you can carry out a touch for final removal.

The downside of this product is that you will need to be recharging which can be frustrating. When you buy you have 90 days money back guaranty.

When you are this, you might experience pain, with time the pain will become bearable. LumaRx is the best hair removal of hairs for men’s private parts.

hair removal machine for men


  • It comes with a safety filter
  • 5 settings
  • It comes with a large window which makes it faster for use on large areas.


  • Not perfect for darker skin tones
  • It does not remove all hair at once, touch-ups needed.


#2. MLAY M3 Home IPL Hair Removal System

This is another perfect MLAY M3 Home IPL hair removal system that is fast, effective for the treatment of unwanted hair and convenient. Reasons, why you should buy this device, is that;  it is appropriate for dark skin, suitable for men and women.

Talking of designing, it is effective and glides over the skin without hurdle. It was designed with ease of use at heart.

Note: It is not good for those with dark or deeply tanned skin and less likely to work effectively on light or grey hair.

Review from a buyer:

So I use it for one time and the next session will be next week, I could see some areas are empty of hair from now!


  • It comes with a safety sensor
  • 5 light intensity settings


  • Not practical for male facial hair
  • It is less effective on light/grey hair



#3. Remington iLight Ultra Face and Body Hair Removal System

hair removal machine for men

Brand producing Remington iLight Ultra Face and Body Hair Removal System has been in the business of producing hair care products for long and they understand what the consumers want.

This particular hair removal machine is the right one for men.

So, it was designed with recommendations from dermatologists and skin surgeon experts. This FDA approved laser hair system is easy to use and effective.

The technology used is the same as the ones used in specialist hair removal salons. Reviews provided by users proved it’s effectiveness and precision. so, it is useful for treatments of large areas such as the back, you can’t possibly do this yourself you will need the assistance of others to do this.

What makes it different from others on this list is that; it can work effectively on darker hair but should not be used on or around tattoos. It has a sensor that can detect skin tone and colour without a human assistant.

So is there anything special?

It can be used on all body hair with the exception of the face (men only). But it is not recommended to be used on the head, face, and neck.  Results will start showing after a few treatments

Review from a buyer:

My thick black manly full beard facial hair has been the bane of my existence for so many years now. Tweezing several hours EVERY single night gave me excruciating carpal tunnel. So when I finally could afford this, I prayed so hard it would help me. Its been almost 8 weeks. The freedom from tweezing is emotional. Seeing my face without hair makes me feel like a woman again. So far so good. I’m thrilled.


  • It worth the price
  • 2-year warranty
  • The replacement cartridge is affordable
  • It can be used on relatively on a large and small area


  • Not suitable for face, head, and neck
  • Less effective on grey and light hair
  • Can’t be used for darker skin tones. so


#4. DESS Hair Removal System iLight 3 Plus

hair removal machine for men

Yeah! This is last on the list.

The manufacturers boast of 17 years of experience in the industry and none of their hair removal products has never been wrong. This particular hair removal machine for men is used by professionals in the field, plastic surgeons and dermatologists. So it comes with a UV filter that protects the surrounding area from harmful rays. Also in the package, you will find safety goggles, a charging cable, and an instructional manual. Apart from the goodies, it is easy to use due to its compactness making it easy to carry around.

hair removal machine for men


  • The design is compact
  • Large window for fast treatments


  • It is recommended for male facial hair
  • Not for black and dark skin tones
  • It is not for white, blond and grey hair either.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

So Are Hair Removal Machine Effective?

Hair removal machines are as effective as other methods of getting rid of hairs. From the reviews dropped online there should no doubt of their effectiveness. Below is one of the reviews dropped by a buyer on Amazon:

Great product! I purchased this as an upgrade to my Tria. This really is painless. You shave the skin to prepare for the treatment and then there’s just a sort of warm zap, does not sting at all. Amazing! I think this makes it ideal for larger areas like arms or legs. Highly recommend!

How Fast Will The Results Start Showing?

How soon the results start showing depends on the technology used and the effectiveness of the products. Some take a month while some will take a week or more.


Here you have extensively on Hair Removal Machine For Men, reviews and the reasons why you should buy them, I also go as far as providing you with their disadvantages. Among the reviewed products we have those that can’t be used on men face, those that are meant for the face alone and those perfect for all body areas.

The final decision on which one to buy is yours to make.

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