Top Gold Beard Rings You Can Buy For Your Beards

Beard rings are pieces of jewelry that can be used to thread your beard. Especially if you have a long beard then beads can actually be a boon for you since you can use them to decorate as well as keep the beard in its place. This is important so that it does not affect the day to day functioning of the person who possesses the long beard.

Researchers and archaeologists have discovered adornments and rings that can have effortlessly been utilized for this reason.

Wearing facial hair ring is quite basic and there are a couple of styles to browse. For whatever length of time that your facial hair is sufficiently long to string a few adornments on then, you are a great idea to go.

Most would think that the beard has the power to make a lasting expression without the help of little pieces of jewelry, but jewelry for bearded men can really allow guys to take things up a notch.

The beard jewelry is just a way for guys to further experiment with their personality in creative ways.

Without further ado, here is our list of Gold beard rings that’s obvious every bearded man’s top-choice today.

6 Top-pick Gold Beard Rings

1. Dwarvendom Beard ring Kit goldtone TIBETAN ALLOY Viking beard rings

Top 6 gold beard rings

The beard ring pin beading system is rubber-band free, simple, and non-damaging. 

About product

This Tibetan alloy beard bead measures 12x14mm, with an inside diameter of 10mm. The beard ring pin beading system is rubber-band free, simple, and non-damaging.

You can see a comparison of sample kits in the listing photos. Look for the stars to see which two kit selections you are choosing from with this beard bead.



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2. 10pcs Gold Loc Jewelry, Dreadlock Jewelry, Dreadlock Bead

Top 6 gold beard rings

Perfect to use for anything beard…

About product

10pcs Dreadlock Beads Approx Hole Size: 5.9mm

This particular beard ring is perfect to use for, hair accessory, hair jewelry, charm bracelets, jewelry making, beading projects, faux Locs, and of course, Synthetic dreadlocks

Shipping is approx 10 business days


  • Gold Loc Jewelry
  • Dreadlock Jewelry
  • Dreadlock Bead
  • Gold Jewelry for Beard



3. Beard ring pharaoh Egypt 925 sterling silver, gold plated beard jewelry, pearl beard jewelry customizable

Top 6 gold beard rings

It’s beautiful and I want to have it! Only… What is it?

About product

The Material used in producing The Pharaoh beard bead or hair bead is sterling silver partially oxidized optionally also with real gold black enamelled

Height of hair bead: approx. 12 mm (15/32 inch). The outer diameter of hair bead (uncurved): approx. 12 mm (15/32 inch)

This item completes the producer’s Egypt collection. This hair accessory has been designed with great attention to detail. So the pharaoh has been made quite mysterious and perhaps even a touch creepy. This makes the beard bead or dreadlock bead perfect for any mummy fan!

Of course, this beard jewelry or hair jewelry is made entirely of real 925 sterling silver. There are two beautiful variants of the beard bead or hair bead for you. On the one hand, the silver version with an oxidized background. Thus, the mummy of Pharaoh on the beard bead or dreadlock pearl comes to the fore wonderfully.

But also the gold lovers should not miss out! That’s why there is also have a great version in 925 sterling silver, which was gilded to real yellow gold. The background of the beard bead or dread bead was provided with black enamel. The enamel has been carefully applied by hand and gives the beard jewelry or hair jewelry a great extra shine!

The open design of the beard bead or hair bead saves you the annoying fuse-in of your hair into the pearl. You simply bend the pearl, put your hair in and bend the pearl again. The beard bead was deliberately executed massively. This gives great quality that is also long-lasting. However, this also means that the up and bend of the beard bead or dreadlock bead requires a little force. Especially when bending, it can therefore make sense to prepare small pliers as an aid.

Whoever chooses a beard bead or Dread Pearl, which looks beautiful, is very special and certainly lasts a long time, is exactly right with this beard jewelry or hair jewelry!


  • Gold
  • Silver



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4. Gold Beard Jewellery, Sisterlocks Charm beard rings

Top 6 gold beard rings

Do not wash your beard with these beard rings

About products

Set Hair Jewelry, Hair tube, Hair beads, Sisterlocks jewelry.

Made with Gold-tone metal, patronizers are advice not to wash their hair with the beads.

And also make sure that the measurements are right for you before buying.

Sisterlocks Charm Hair Beads is a good beard ring for bearded men and measures 7 Beads Hole size 4-5 mm or 0.16″ – 0.2″

You will receive the items that are pictured.


Gold-tone metal



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5. Gold plated beard pearl tree of life, 925 sterling silver, beard rings mythology Celtic

Top 6 gold beard rings

Want to include the beautiful tree of life in your beard rings collection?

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In Celtic mythology, the tree of life stands for a symbol that represents your status in life. The rooting with the things that keep you earthed and stable in life. As well as the quest for new horizons and experiences. And your family and joy that will accompany you on your beautiful journey all the time.

The beard bead or hair bead is made of real 925 sterling silver. In addition, the beard bead (which also makes itself great as a dreadlock pearl or charm) has been rhodium-plated. This means that the beard bead or hair bead does not turn black. The rhodium seals the silver and ensures that it always remains bright silver.

Size & Dimensions:

  • Material: 925 sterling silver, real gold plated
  • Width of beard bead/hair bead: approx. 9 mm (23/64 inch)
  • Height of beard bead/hair bead: approx. 11 mm (7/16 inch) 
  • Inner diameter beard bead/hair bead: approx. 5 mm (13/64 inch)

The Celtic tree of life has a beautiful mythological meaning. That’s why we have already immortalized the tree of life as a pendant, as earrings and as bracelets. So it was quite clear that the producer would like to include the beautiful tree of life in our beard beads or hair beads collection

The motto of “Less is more” in the beard bead was followed in the production process. Therefore, all the colour underpadding has been dispensed and let only the relief of the tree of life speak.

The tree of life stands out three-dimensionally on the background. This gives a really nice picture when you wear this beard bead or dread bead.

Rhodium is a precious metal of the platinum group and, unlike silver, does not oxidize.


  • Gold
  • Silver

$7. 99

6. Beard ring Kit Dwarvendom moustache beads gold tone TIBETAN ALLOY Viking beard rings

Top 6 gold beard rings

These rings will stay in place on braided and unbraided hair. 

About product

This Tibetan alloy beard bead measures 6x12mm, with an inside diameter of 4mm.

The producer’s beard bead pin beading system is rubber-band free, simple, and non-damaging.  However, it also offers hair-bands kits now! You can see a comparison of sample kits in the listing photos. Look for the stars to see which two kit selections you are choosing from with this beard bead.

These rings will stay in place on braided and unbraided hair.


How to maintain your beard jewelry/beard rings

Beard rings to buy 2020
If you’ve never had nice beard jewelry before, caring for the nicer pieces you might acquire as you get older. Maybe you’ve never really needed to go out of your way to take care of your beard jewelry before, because it was mostly cheaper, trendier jewelry.

If that’s the case for you (as it is for many bearded men), it can be easy to inadvertently misstep when you’re trying to take care of your more grown-up beard pieces, even though you have the very best of intentions.

Here is what you need to know about the right way to care for your beard jewelry so that you can avoid anything with potentially devastating consequences.

1. Simpler is best

Though you might think that you need fancy or expensive solvents and cleaners in order to clean your jewelry, that might not be the case. In fact, you might be better off not using those sorts of things and going with warm soapy water and a soft-bristled toothbrush instead.

Diamonds are attracted to oils, which means that while you do want to use liquid dish soap with a grease-cutter in it, you still have to be careful about cleaning it.

The issue with that blue solvent that a lot of jewelry places will give you when you buy a diamond or gold beard ring or something is that that’s heavily alcohol-based, so while it cuts out grease, if you’re unintentionally putting something in there like, say, an emerald, emeralds are 99.9% of the time fracture-filled, even antique stones, with an oil-based solution or newer emeralds, because that oil eventually leaks out in all cases, are filled with a polymer, which also can become [unstable], depending on how you clean a thing.

Not only that but if you have any antique pieces that you’re trying to clean, you need to keep in mind that having them professionally cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner probably isn’t a great idea.

2. Don’t sleep in beard jewelry

Even though you may have slept in jewelry before without any issues, sleeping in your nice pieces is a definite no-no.

Sleeping in jewelry can harm the jewelry or you. Not only can you break the ring/bead or bend a prong causing you to lose a stone, but beard rings have even been known to end up in a bearded man Jaws. It’s generally safer for you and your beard jewelry if you spend the night apart.

You can put it on again in the morning.

3. Store it separately

Storing your jewelry is important too because it can either help or harm your pieces, depending on how you do it.

Always store your jewelry in a jewelry case or box and keep each piece separated from one another.

Harder stones can scratch softer ones, which you definitely don’t want to happen. You’d be upset if something scratched something else, plus, if you have designated storage for each piece, you always know where to find it – and you don’t have to worry about necklace chains or bracelets breaking.

4. Know what you’re working with

If you’re not exactly certain what kinds of materials you’re working with, it’s important to know what your beard jewelry is made out of before you try to clean it, so that you can make sure that you’re accidentally damaging things.

This is one of the reasons why we outline the component of each product that you recommend.

You’re better to not agitate a thing. Let it kind of live in the state that it’s in, you know, outside of getting Thanksgiving dinner caked on the inside of it, which we see all the time, but I think that’s, of course, really important to take into consideration: the metal, the intended patina, but then also on antique pieces, again, there’s often times something called blooming.

Blooming is a technique in which the piece has been dipped in what basically amounts to an acid, which is designed to make the piece look more gold (and make you think it’s a higher carat) by wearing down or removing the alloy on the surface of the item. If you attempt to polish this kind of material, you can wreck the finish.

5. Put it on last, take it off first

A simple guideline to help you take care of your jewelry is to put it on last, to finish your overall look, and take it off first when you’re changing your clothes or before you go to bed. Your jewelry should always be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.

Perfume, hair sprays, and lotions can potentially harm and will certainly dirty your pieces. (this mean that you should be very careful with your beard rings when applying beard oils or cream)

Pulling a sweater off first can yank a ring in out or send a beard jewelry flying.




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