How To Grow A Great Beard in 2020 – Simple Guide

How To Grow A Great Beard – Beards are a true gift from God to men. You are looking to grow a beard? Well, you really are in the right place. This article is a step by step guide to show you how to grow a great beard. Just follow this guide carefully.

Starting from adolescence, young boys start to sprout little beards and over the years, when they grow into full adult men, they are able to grow full beards. Men, a lot of them, shave their beards nowadays. The art of growing beards is just making a come back into society.

A lot of people are now advocating for men to go back to the bearded look that nature originally intended for men. And due to this advocacy, keeping beards are getting more popular. There are so many amazing benefits to keeping beards. The fact that beards help you look more manly, confident and Alpha are just a few of the reasons why you should join the beard gang.

So, I take it that you have made your decision to join the beard club right? But what you are not sure about is how to grow a great beard. You are sort of new at this… We are here to help you! All you need is to follow this guide thoroughly and you are on your way!

How To Grow A Beard Faster

How To Grow A Great Beard – You will need to wait

This is one of the most important steps in growing a beard. You have to have the art or gift of patience. Patience is a really priceless and top virtue while waiting for your hair to grow out. You cannot afford to be impatient while trying to grow a beard.

The reason is, you can’t rush the process. The pace at which your body grows hair out is different from person to person. Some people have fast hair growth but thin hair, while some have slow hair growth and thick hair. You just have to be patient enough with your body. The rate at which your body grows hair out can also be quickened which we will still talk about in this article.

You need to start with patience first. You will get frustrated with your hair if you are not patient at all because you will be expecting to see fast and immediate results but unfortunately your body might not grow out hair at that pace.

You, therefore, need to be careful not to have too high expectations for when you expect to have grown out a full beard, else, you will be disappointed. Let nature do and handle what it knows best.

Give your body and facial hair a lot of time. By so doing, you will reap tremendous results. It is important to start this “patience” thing as the first step so as to enlighten you that perseverance is what you need if you really want a full beard. So that you won’t be disappointed in the long run. Don’t expect to see quick results. Apply each step with patience.

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How To Grow A Great Beard – Start with a clean fresh shave

In order to allow for even growth of hair in all areas, you need to first start with a clean, thorough shave. Let all of the beards start all out from the beginning. It’s just like creating a new template that is important for the beard to grow. If you don’t allow for a fresh start, some places will start to grow longer than other parts causing you to look unkempt.

Uneven beards are not sexy at all. So it’s best to just start all over with the beard thing. It’s just synonymous to when you want to start a farm. You first need to clear the Bush. You need an even level to allow even beard development.

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Work to increase your testosterone levels through various exercises

Raising your body’s level of testosterone is a sure place to start when trying to grow beards after clean shaving. Remember that you are advised to clean shave to grow beards right? So, after clean shaving, you have to wait for the facial hair to start to come out.

In order to quicken up the process or the rate at which facial hair will come out, you need to increase your testosterone levels. There is a link between increased testosterone levels and increased rates of beards sprouting. If you have low testosterone levels, you might take a really long time to grow a full beard. Whereas, if someone that has high testosterone levels decides to grow a full beard, it will be at a much faster rate.

You are probably asking yourself, “How can I increase my testosterone levels?” Well, there are a number of exercises you can do. Like, you can do pull-ups, push-ups, cardio, squatting, deadlift, lift weights and so on. This can speed up your beard growth.

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Testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

Testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) are both hormones responsible for beard growth in men. This means that men with higher testosterone levels and DHT will be able to grow more beards and at a faster rate.

You can also increase your DHT and testosterone levels by using artificial alternatives like anabolic steroids and supplements. Although the artificial alternatives of DHT and testosterone have certain side effects which you will not like.

Another natural way of increasing testosterone levels is by eating very healthy and balanced diets. Eat more fruits, protein, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.

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Manage the itchiness you could feel in the early stages of the beard development

When your beards are just sprouting, they have spiked tips that could grow down towards the skin beneath and prick the skin underneath causing itchiness. This is the cause of the itchiness in the early stages of your full beard journey.

Thing is, it could last up to 4 weeks.

This stage is where many men give up. Simply because they can’t stand the itchiness. Many get discouraged and get irritated with the itchiness and just, unfortunately, go back to a clean shave. I don’t blame them though. There are moisturizing creams and oils you can use to reduce the itchiness.

Coconut oil proves very effective in combating itchiness while growing a beard. So to solve your itching problem, you should moisturize your skin very well with cream moisturizers and essential oils. When you start to feel the itchiness, you are advised to just moisturizer and know that the itchiness is just a phase and that it will pass.

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Start basic grooming of your beards:

After your beard is out of its early stages and is starting to take form, a solid form, you need to start grooming it. Even at the stubble level, you can still groom. If you don’t groom your beards, it can look unkempt and not cared for.

Basic grooming practices for your beard

The first step is to wash and condition your beards

Washing and conditioning your beards help to keep it from dryness and wiry. There are beard washes you can use to cleanse your beards. But also, a good shampoo and conditioner will do the trick. After washing, you need to use a clean towel to dry it. Using a dirty towel could cause the germs to settle under your facial hair causing itchiness and you certainly don’t want that. Avoid blow-drying your beards though. It can vamp out all the moisture leaving nothing left.

After washing, you should comb

Know the type of comb to use depending on your type of beard hair. If you have afro/tightly coiled hair, you will want to use s large-toothed comb.

This allows for easy passage of the comb through the hair and will not cause you unnecessary pain. Using the wrong comb can cause discomfort while combing through. So be sure on the type of comb you will use. You can also apply beard oil before combing and maybe after combing, it all depends on you.

Some people find it easier to oil the facial hair and then comb. While some people prefer to comb before oiling. Choose which works best for you and go with it. Keep hair that strays in order by brushing them in or trimming their ends.

You should start styling your beards.

Concentrate on the very good parts. After trimming and grooming and your beard is finally starting to take shape, you should start thinking about adding some people to the beard.

Styling your beard gives you a unique and distinct look and helps you look more handsome. Go for beard styles that fit your face and that are also bold and neat. There are styles that fit different types of faces. If you have an oblong or rectangular face shape. You should have the hair grow some considerable length on the sides of your face and below your chin as well.

Having a well-shaped beard for this face type helps your face to look fuller and more matured and less oblong. For a man with square face shape, you should not grow too much length of hair at the sides and instead grow hair at the bottom of the chin. This is to give you a “longer” look. Just make sure there is more hair at the chin area while still keeping the side hair in check and well-trimmed. For a man with a round face, you should grow your beard in a similar style as a man with a square face.

Concentrate on the bottom of the face or chin region. This is to help you achieve a long-faced look. But if you have a triangled face, just trim to a minimal length and let your face shape shine. Use wet shave razors to remove stray hairs around the top of your cheeks and around your neck. You can also visit a barber to help you do the styling professionally and more skillfully without mistakes once your beards have attained full length.

Final notes on how to grow a great beard

Growing a great beard requires lots of patience. If you don’t have the priceless virtue of patience, you would have lost your race for growing beards. Endurance is another virtue you should imbibe.

Endurance is pushing through the itchiness that could come in the early stages, and managing social pressures as well. If you are unable to endure, once the itchiness starts or your family and friends start giving you reasons why keeping beards is bad, you will just give in and get a clean shave.

You really need to endure if you want to successfully join #mybeardgang community. Don’t give in to social pressures. Know the reason why growing a full beard is great so as for you to keep being motivated. Manage the itchiness that comes in the early stages, by following the tips given on it earlier.

Another way to make your beard journey easier is to make friends with those who have full beards around you.

Follow celebrities who keep full beards and study their routines. Watch tutorial videos online on how to style and groom beards so that you can learn fast. Make sure to always run a trimmer or a pair of scissors over your beards to remove split ends and stray hair which could be around your neck or cheeks.

Always shampoo and condition your beard hair. At least once a week, you should wash it if you want to keep a healthy beard regimen. And always use a clean towel to dry. And don’t forget your skin! Take very good care of your skin. Always use a moisturizer for your skin and beards. This is to avoid dry skin or dandruff whether underneath the beard or around your face.

How to grow a great beard – the tools you will need

Trimmers, scissors, edging blade and styler.

You will also need the following products like shampoo, conditioner, oils like coconut oil, beard moisturizer, skin moisturizer, beard oil, and shaving balm.

Remember to start your beard journey with a blank sheet as earlier stated in this article. Stay patient and enduring if you want to reap the benefits. The plus to growing beards is so numerous that you will be doing yourself a huge favour by successfully joining the beard gang. Have fun with your beards my friend. Let me know more about the story of your beard journey in the comments below.


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