Medicine for Growing Beards And Moustache

Medicine for Growing Beards And Moustache: It is an unarguable fact that men who have even the slightest bit of stunted hair growth, tend to have great difficulties in growing a beard or moustache. The universal agreement says: “some men can actually grow sweet and inviting beards, while some cannot”. lol.

The consensus sounds fair right? Or doesn’t it? Well, for men who aren’t as hairy as desired, I guess it isn’t really fair for me. At all.

Any solution to this? Are there supplements for this? Are there medicines to grow beards and moustache? Or is it plainly genetic, & doesn’t have a solution?

It’s widely known that a bigger part of beard growing ability is aligned more to genetics & traits, however, we should also know that there are already quite a number of medicines used to grow beards and moustache.

Agree? Well, relax a little, keep reading this article – time would tell if you’ll agree or otherwise…chuckles.

You see, its quite evident that beards are in vogue at present. But it’s quite disheartening that most of the lovers of your beard actually do not care to know the amount of effort put into such beard in order to make it inviting & healthy, and most importantly thick.

They believe it’s your right to possess a distinct style – thus, if your style is keeping a thick beard accompanied by a moustache, then it should be all of your business. Theirs is just to keep admiring. Too bad tho.


Because MyBeardGang is here for you!

We are here to keep you educated – bringing to you several medicines for growing beards and moustaches. However, not just for growing beards and moustaches, but for growing it in the right way.

However, I’ll love to make you aware aforehand, that this list about to be entered into is basically based on online researches, rigorous studies, and a few personal experiences and reviews. Got that? Fine!

So, are you set for this journey your about to embark on?

Let’s move!

Medicines For Growing Beards And Moustaches

Beardilizer Beard Growth Complex for Men

Medicine for Growing Beards

Are you a man challenged with beard and moustache growth? Then this product is capable of taking care of this issue. Beardilizer is a facial hair complex which helps in giving a man stronger cum fuller beards. It is a professionally formulated multivitamin which serves as a facial hair formula for men.

This medicine for growing beards and moustaches is a natural dietary supplement which acts as a supplement for beards who want to attain their maximum growth and strength.
It offers intensive treatment for a period of 10 days or standard treatment for 1 month. In other words, these products aid the growth of thicker, fuller, stronger, and healthier beard faster.

In addition to these, this medicine also serves as a lasting solution for dry and itchy beards and moustaches. Incorporating a form of unique combinations of performance ingredients, as well as botanical extracts that work in order to provide synergistic properties that are needed to achieve the best beard or moustache you can ever think of, even without patches.
Beardilizer is recommended to be taken once a day after a meal – 3 capsules.

No jokes. This powerful complex, with a multivitamin as an added advantage, would draw a string of surprise in you, as its amazing and wonderful benefits begin to appear. Of these benefits are the prevention of itchy beards, and soothing of the beard and moustache skin are, amongst.

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Prime Beard

Medicine for Growing Beards

Prime Beard is basically a premium beard and moustache growth supplement, which was invented or produced in order to aid the growth of a thicker, fuller, healthier, and manlier facial hair. This is a beard and moustache medicine which has been perfectly styled and designed for any form of facial hair growth problem a man can get faced with. This beard supplement, however, works irrespective of the type of beard you possess on your face; irrespective of your personality, and how you desire to rock such beards – this supplement works all round to please you! In short, Prime Beard is the best resort when craving thick and full beards, shaped into different styles.

Asides genetic factors, sometimes it might be a little bit of defect that’s causing the stunted growth of your facial hair. Agree?


However, this particular supplement wouldn’t just checkmate this defect on the surface, like lots of other supplement does, rather, it addresses the issue from within – directly from its root. Basically, it helps in filling the gap that’s present as a result of not taking the right diet, hereby also ensuring that its users are getting all the required nutrients needed to get a full and thick beard.
Isn’t that wonderful! Great right?

Well, that’s not all yet. The ingredients of this supposed beard magician need to be known.

Prime Beard is made of 20 essential proteins, minerals, vitamins, and most importantly, herbs. In other words, Its ingredients are 100% natural.

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BeardPerfect Thick Grow

Medicine for Growing Beards

THICK GROWN is a beard and moustache supplement that’s formulated with more than 20 nutrients whose main function is to build a healthy beard. As a plus, this product is the only leading beard growth vitamin that’s formulated with bamboo silica.

ThickGrow is made by the bearded, for those whose fashion sense is aligned to beards. The main idea behind the design of this medicine for growing beards and moustaches is to unleash with the maximum strength, the inner beard demon lying inside of every man.

It’s inarguable that a man’s inability to grow beard or moustache (I.e stunted growth) is caused solely by the lake of some essential nutrient. Thus, fear no more. For ThickGrow contains all the right kinds of nutrients your face and facial hairs would need, in order to thrive excellently. This product is scientifically formulated with Biotin, MSM, bamboo silica, Collagen, and even much more nutrients whose function is to encourage the growth, strength, and thickness of the hair.

Perhaps you’re at present struck with the doubt of your hair type, this having thought whether this product would work for you. Well, I’m happy to burst your bubbles, with the announcement that this product can successfully work on any type of hair. Any. Be it a coats or fine hair, straight or curly hair, just mention it. ThickGrow works for them all.

This product is proudly made and produced in the great state of Georgia, USA – the generally agreed home to epic and wonderful beards.


IRON BEARD Beard Growth Vitamin Supplement for Men

Medicine for Growing Beards

Iron Beard beard growth vitamin supplement is a beard supplement that is used to help you maintain a fill, thick and manly beard – exactly that one you’ve been wanting to keep.


It’s simple! Basically, and even widely accepted, the beard is that strong and striking element that distinguishes your masculine face from others. And it’s now quite common, that even if you just starting sprouting beards, or you’ve being bearding for a long period of time, your alginate goal is still to possess a full, glorious and thick beard. Don’t argue!…lol

Hence, we’re already at a cross-road. Luck to those who aren’t affected by stunted hair growth. Well, for we who are a victim of stunted growth, what do we do from here?

Well, search no further. No further I say because IRON BEARD is here to help us out of this dilemma! This product is here to help maximally nourish from deep within the surface, thus supporting a faster facial hair growth, and also simultaneously keeping your heard healthy, vibrant, and also with a smooth and cute look & feel – beautiful! Just the perfect way that girl you’re wanting wants it to look like.

Iron Beard also aids a powerful nutrient boost. For everyone who’s driving to have that wonderful beard and moustache, this advanced multivitamin helps in supplying just the right amount of natural, and effective nutrition to your beards and moustaches. These nutrients include; biotin, collagen, vitamin C, MSM, and other B vitamins which support facial hair that’s either existing already, or just incoming, thereby helping it to attain that level of full-thickness and length that you desire. The presence of collagen in this product helps in providing the 18 essential amino acids, which are the building blocks of hair protein, thus, in turn, helping to boost healthy growth.

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Scared all this while that this product would have side effects? Of course, you need not be.

Iron Beard is made from herbal blend features, which is beneficial to the hair’s health. These include the pumpkin seed and nettle extracts. Also present is the Chinese herbal fo-ti, which is also sometimes called the Shou Wu. These herbal ingredients together help in providing the herbal nourishing protection that your beard needs in the rider to keep being thick, and healthy.

So you see; you’re safe from side effects whilst using this medicine for growing beards and moustaches!

In addition, apart from helping your beard and moustache to grow, Iron Beard helps in protecting your facial hair from breakage, and also helps in conditioning and revitalizing it, thereby giving it a healthy look and feel.

No tricks applied, no short-cut employed, no excuses encountered. This particular product is capable of delivering just the best effect you’re desiring!

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Godefroy Thick Beard and Mustache Growth Serum

Medicine for Growing Beards

Godefroy Beard & Moustache Growth Serum is a 100% natural cum cold-pressed, Jamaican Castro oil which is used to aid the growth of beards and moustaches.

Scientific studies and researches have revealed that this organic and cold-pressed Jamaican castor oil is extremely effective in this field, and has over the years proven to stimulate the growth of facial hair.

This product is rich in Omega 6 fatty acids. Works from deep within – penetrating deep into the hair’s skin, thereby encouraging the growth as well as the thickness of such hair.

Godefroy beard and moustache serum also help in preventing or eliminating in places where they’re once present, itchiness and flaking of the skin. Ingrown hair doesn’t also get massacred at the action of this serum.

Are you also craving a richly dark coloured beard? Then this medicine for growing beards and moustaches is the right solution for you! As it helps in elimination any uneven tone of colour present in the beard, thereby darkening the colour of the beard.

Cost? So far, this product is one of the products that are cost-effective. In the sense that, even though it contains all the required proteins, and nutrients that are expected of medicine for growing beards and moustaches to contain, it is still quite cost-friendly and can be purchased at a cost relatively lower than other beard serums. Isn’t that wonderful!

…and finally, this product helps in filling up/in all sparse or patchy areas present in the beard or moustache.

Homemade beard stimulating recipes have played a lot of big role in the grooming of the beard. We are about to tell you more about these recipes and how to work on your beard growth. We are going to mention some of the recipes right away and also show you how to apply them.

To make beard oil at home, you need some ingredients:

You will need essential oils such as Jojoba, Argan, Sweet Almond oil, Castor oil and many more. If you are able to get this done, the next is to do some add ups and you get your beard oil right before you. Let’s demonstrate a procedure for you to see.

DIY Method of Beard Oil Production at home

Ingredient Needed

Half oz of Argan oil, i.e. 14 grams

¼ of Jojoba oil i.e. 7 grams

¼ of sweet almond oil 7 grams

7 drops of lavender essential oil

5 drops of rosemary essential oil

3 drops of cedarwood essential oil


Mix the entire essential oil listed above in 1 ounce of amber glass bottle with a dropper and then swirl to incorporate.


Gently drop some amount of the beard oil on your palm and rub with it. The longer and fuller the beard, the more oil to apply. You can also dip your finger in the beard oil, and go deep inside your beard, apply to the surface of the scalp, massage for a good result.

Minoxidil lotion for beard

Many people are already trying the magical power of minoxidil, it has been proven itself good over the years. You may want to try it and see what the capacity it carries. If you actually want to grow your beard properly, this is one of the best recommendations we will like to tell you this year. Precisely, it is a drug. You may be scared that it has some side effects. It has side effects such as more hair in the body generally, heart palpitation (Heart rate, increases and decreases) may occur however, it was said that it is normal and unserious. This is left to you the user to decide whether to go for this drug or find an alternative.

Beard growth medicine in homoeopathy

Going by the definition of homoeopathy, which means treating something with the same thing, i.e. using what a thing is made of, to treat it, we will have to deduct that, in the beard-growing, this has to do with a natural way of growing the beard.

We have several ways through which we treat our beards naturally, however, most have to do with the application of natural oil, such as coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet almond, olive oil, sandalwood etc. This means you can grow your beard with natural products that are already tested and recommended as mentioned above. For instance, if you combine coconut oil with rosemary, it will produce a very good beard growth product that will help trigger the growth of your facial hair.

Rogaine for Facial Hair Growth

Rogaine can help with the growth of your beard. It only may not be fast. Another name for Rogaine is minoxidil, the reason being that they are exactly the same. It is known for its functions of stimulating the flow of blood to the hair follicles around the areas you applied it. This means Rogaine is active when it comes to growing enhancing your hair follicles to grow more hairs. You must remember that using minoxidil has side effect as mentioned above.

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Conclusion on Medicine for Growing Beards

So far so good, we’ve successfully outlined a number of medicines which can be used to grow our beards and moustache to the desired state of thickness and healthiness. Good!

Hence, I’ll implore you to take our reviews on this page, alongside Amazon reviews to heart, before choosing a product that suits your pocket and the sensibility of your face. – this is the best conclusion cum advice I can grant you.

However, I’m just human you know, & I wouldn’t know all, even though I wish to do. Thus what are friends for – you’re my friend now you know. And I know you’ll also want to share the information you know, just like I ’ve as well. Perhaps information got via personal experience, your online researches, and studies, et al.

Whichever way, I’ll sincerely love to hear from you via the comment section. So we can do this right? As bearding friends…winks.

Keep bearding fam!

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