Best Clippers For Cutting Black Bald Hair (2021 Detailed Review)

So you’re black and going bald, or your hair is becoming thin and you are considering buying the best clippers for cutting black bald hair. Jump in and see what we have for you.

Although you can use a razor, clippers have several advantages over razors. They have more features and they get the job done faster. You will also have less irritation and less ingrown hairs.

The good news is that I will not be providing reviews of best clippers for cutting hair bald alone, reasons why you need a hair clipper and factors that need to be considered to choose the right one will be discussed, then a FAQs section will be placed towards the end of the post to provide answers to questions you may want to ask.

If you are in a hurry, we recommend OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper as the Best Clippers for Cutting Black Bald Hair. Beyond reasonable doubt, this clipper will deliver sharp performance and cut hair faster without a pull. It is a high performing hair clipper with durability, and it also has a self-sharpening blade and secure fit guide combs with stainless steel attachment clips.

Best Clippers for Cutting Black Bald Hair – Our Top 3 Recommendations

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Factors to Consider When Buying Best Clippers for Cutting Black Bald Hair

#1. The Motor

The motor determines the difference, so as long as you have a decent blade in your clipper, you will get a good hair cut. A powerful motor makes a difference as it ensures you can cut and smoothly without pull or grabbling.

But, there are factors that determine how strong the motor is; one of them is the price of the hair clipper. When buying an affordable hair clipper on Amazon you should pay attention to the motor power.

Cheaper motors will burn out quicker and provide less power to drive the blade.

#2. Ease and Frequency of Use

When you want to buy the best clipper for cutting beard or head hairs, you should put of ease of use into consideration as it would save you from a lot of stress.

Let’s take for example you want to buy a clipper for personal use. Buying clipper with features that are not complex and a framework that is not too strong can work as you will be using occasionally, but if you are buying for commercial purpose you should buy the machine-made for such.

#3. Accessories

Buying a bald hair clipper with extra accessories will give you experience the best experience and easiness of use. A standard hair clipper should include any of the following:

  • A warranty
  • Manual or instructions.
  • Blade Guard
  • Comb attachments
  • Clipper Oil and Grease.

#4. Reviews

Reading reviews give hints on what the products you are buying is all about, looking under the description on Amazon products page you will find information on how well the products are performing and the thought of verified buyers.

#5. Handling and Ergonomics

How is the clipper shaped? Does it feel easy to hold at hand?

Clippers need the power to pass through coarse and thick beards or head hairs, so whenever you are buying a clipper for whatever purpose, you should only consider buying a hair clipper with proper shape and grip aids.

#6. Safety

Anything that can lead to injury can happen during the process of hair barbing that no one can tell that can lead to irritations and skin rashes.

To prevent this from happening you must invest in a hair clipper that comes with safety features.

A good example of a hair clipper with safety features is the ones with a round edge blade. Hair clippers with this type of blade are the ones designed to prevent nick and cuts.

#7. Voltage

All hair clippers are not created to use the same number of voltage. Some are made to be used in a specific part of the world and we also have the ones created to be used without limitation.

In some parts of the world, the standard outlet is 110 volts, in some other parts of the world, it is 220 volts. There are even a few that support the use of DC voltage. This is why it is important to know the exact voltage for the clippers before buying and make sure it is compatible with the one of your country of residence.

Best Clippers for Cutting Black Bald Hair

It can be a difficult task getting the best style as an African American man, as using clipper may struggle with coarse kinky hair. But you need not worry. There are clippers that can handle the hair type of a typical African American man hair.

Here I’ve compiled the best hair clippers for African-American men.  The type of clippers that will be listed here have certain features that make them ideal for black men, letting you stop worrying about getting one.

So let’s get down to Business!

#1. Wahl Clipper Elite Pro 79602

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro 796082 is a high performing hair clipper with a durable, it also has a self-sharpening blade and secure fit guide combs with stainless steel attachment clips.

The motor used is more powerful compared to the Wahl’s power drive. The self-sharpening features make it stay sharper longer and help cut hair faster without a pull.

However, if the bladed are not oiled, it may be impossible to have the self-sharpening features functioning properly. Also, there is an adjustment crew on the side of the clipper that helps keep the noise level under check.

Reasons to Buy

  • It has a fine precision blade; self-sharpening helps the clipper stay sharp longer to cut all hair types.
  • Inside the hair clipper for black men is shears, scissors, styling comb, handled storage case, drawstring pouch for guards, blade guard, cape or bib, cleaning brush, and cord wrap.
  • Made in the USA.
  • The guards are made with stainless steel.
  • It is quiet and easy to use.
  • Worth price.

Reasons not to buy

  • No negative reviews.

Words from a Buyer

After nearly a decade of replacing cheaper clipper sets every 2-3 years I finally decided to purchase a more expensive set. I am glad I did! Even if they only last as long as cheaper ones, there’s a handful of things I’m happy to pay the higher price. The reasons why I like this compare to other cheaper ones is due to better/stronger motor, stronger, smoother closed & open guard adjustment and guards that stay in place.


#2. Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

Best Clippers for Cutting Black Bald Hair

Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper is another best hair clipper for cutting bald hair on this list.  The design is sleek, comes with an adjustable blade clipper that can cut through the hair quickly and effortlessly with a powerful Whisper quiet pivot motor.

The silence of the motor keeps the noise level down and up the productivity level. It is designed with a convenient, adjustable blade lever that allows the setting to be changed easily.

Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper is ultra-durable and built to last for years with utmost performance. Inside the package are three comb guide attachments, cleaning accessories and blade guard.

Reason to Buy

  • It can cuts through either dry or wet hair easily.
  • The ergonomic design makes it easy to use.
  • It includes blade guard, cleaning brush and lubricating oil.
  • The power cord is 8ft long.

Reasons not to Buy

  • The warranty term is a little disappointing.
Words from a Buyer

Finally! I have something good enough to replace my 20+-year-old Conair clippers. I have purchased 2 or 3 other clippers in the past 10 years that couldn’t match the quality of my old clippers.

These clippers cut quietly, smoothly and don’t leave my scalp red from abrasion. They are just as heavy as my old Conair and seem to last. I am satisfied with the purchase. It is rare to find quality when everything is made to be disposable.


#3. Wahl Clipper Lithium-Ion Cordless Haircutting & Trimming Combo Kit

Are you looking for an impressive hair clipper for cutting hair bald? Wahl Clipper Lithium-Ion Cordless is one of the best cordless clippers you can get for convenience.

It can be used with or without cord. With the cordless feature, you can use it for 2 hours allowing for multiple no-snag goof-proof haircuts on a single charge.

One of the amazing features of the clipper is quick charging. within 10 minutes for instant power and fast 3 to 5 hour charge time. With lithium battery, the power can be held for a year and it is specifically for the USA  electrical outlet only.

Aside from the long-lasting battery feature, it comes with powerful clipper and bonus touch up battery trimmer for achieving your desired style.

The sharpness and effectiveness of clipper depreciating is a common problem that has to lead many to stop using hair clippers for whatever purpose, but with Wahl clipper that will never be a problem as it utilizes self-sharpening technology.

With the combination of the features above you can cut hair 40 percent faster than any other traditional clipper.

Reason To Buy

  • It has self-sharpening features that make it easy to maintain effectiveness, precision, and sharpness.
  • You can use it with or without a cord.
  • The battery is long-lasting that you can use it for 2 hours straight up.
  • It comes with a powerful clipper and bonus touch up battery trimmer, which you can achieve any desired style with.
  • Better than most traditional clippers out there.
  • Quick charging.
  • Complete Set of Guide Combs  that you can use to achieve a wide variety of hairstyles & lengths
  • The blades can cut through all hair types and stay sharp longer.

Reasons Not To Buy

  • Only works with 110 AC volts
  • Weighs two pounds

Words from a Buyer

I already had a small lithium-ion Wahl trimmer and really liked it, so I decided to purchase the larger cordless clipper via Amazon. It’s awesome! The clipper holds a charge for a long time and cuts even better than the corded Wahl it replaced. Since I already owned a small rechargeable Wahl clipper, the one that comes with this product is a throw-away as far as I’m concerned. I didn’t even put batteries in it to see how it works. Overall, I’m very pleased and highly recommend this kit!


#4. Philips Norelco QC5580/40 DO-IT-YOURSELF Hair Clipper Pro

Best Clippers for Cutting Black Bald Hair

There is a dime dozens of hair clippers from the brand Philips and choosing the right one for your hair type always seems like a feat that can never be achieved.

However, if you want to make your decision making a faster one check out the Philips Norelco Qc5580 features below.

Philip Norelco Q550 is one of the best hair clippers for bald here you should have in your arsenal of hair clippers.

It comes with features and specifications that will make the whole process easy and comfortable.

It comes with a variety of attachments that will allow you to achieve several hairstyles, but the balding attachment that you are looking for is included.

Also, it has a 180-degree rotating head that makes it easy to get rid of hairs from hard to reach places.  This feature makes the job easy and precise.

Another feature of this hair clipper is the self-sharpening technology it utilizes that makes it the ideal hair clipper to achieve the smooth style you are trying to achieve.

Reasons To Buy

  • 14 built-in length settings from 0 inches to 19/32 inch
  • Cord/cordless operation available
  • The blades are washable and it is easy to clean.
  • The exclusive 180 rotating head makes it easy to reach even the most difficult spots.
  • It comes with Balder’s attachment for a smooth and precise shave.

Reasons Not To Buy

  • An adapter must be used for 220 volts operation.
  • One hour charge time needed for quick charging.

Words from a Buyer

I have owned the gimics, the super heavy and old school Walz “Balding Clippers” which work amazingly well but are loud, heavy and will cut the heck out of your head. These Philips clippers are a Bald man’s dream. One attachment for clipping down the longer hair, the shaving attachment gives you the 1-day post-Bic razor head. On top of that, the battery lasts forever and works well in the shower!


#5. HATTEKER Hair Clipper Beard Trimmer Kit For Men

About product

To get a complete beard style in the perfect way, you can use the HATTER Hair Clipper Beard Trimmer Kit For Men.

With this clipper, you can easily make precise edges and finish small details of hair cutting. You will fall in love with the narrow design of the full-metal precision trimmer.

Enough of struggling to trim and shave below the neck without getting cuts. This trimmer will allow you to do all that conveniently as it is designed with innovative technology.

While it is very easy to use the tool, we recommend this product as among the Best Clippers for Cutting Black Bald Hair to buy.

Another added advantage is the easy to clean feature of this product. It is has a body wash design that will save you the stress of trying to keep it away from the reach of water

It is versatile. In other words, you can also use it to get rid of unwanted hair in the ear and nose and be rest assured not to get cuts.

Reasons to buy

One of the important features of the HATTEKAR Hair Clipper Beard Trimmer Kit For Men that will interest you is the stainless steel moving and standing blades.

This blade has a precision gap, deep close to the skin, more pruning and low-friction heat.

Users testify to the high performance of this product and how it lasts long, delivering the best. Not only is it compact and travel friendly but also waterproof. This means that you can wash it after use and allow it to dry naturally. It is best to use a cover to protect the trimmer after use.

It has an awesome power battery that will last 60 minutes of usage time without having to charge up. The charging time will only take  1.5 hour.

And as expected, the product comes with a  1 Year Guarantee. Indeed, every user will be able to testify to the satisfaction this trimmer offers.

Special features 

  • It is a 16 piece all in one hair trimmer
  • Includes a beard trimmer
  • A  hair trimmer
  • A detail trimmer
  • A  body groomer
  • A nose and ear hair trimmer
  • 6 guide combs
  • One  charger with USB connection
  • User guide manual
  • an accessory storage bag
  • a cleaning brush


  • 5 in 1 Multi-Functional grooming kit
  • What you get/ Warranty 
  • Whole body washable 
  • USB fast charging 
  • Moving and standing blades run together


#6. EDUP HOME Electric Shaver with Pop-up Trimmer for Men

About product 

This is another versatile shaver that will work best on a black bald head. It can be used on both wet and dry hair and will equally deliver sharp performance.

This Shaver will perfectly cut hairs hidden in contours as the Multi-Flex Pivoting Head flexes side-to-side and back-and-forth when you shave.

It has been designed with detachable parts that will ease up the cleaning process.

Reasons to buy 

As said earlier, this Shaver has been Engineered to give a close and comfortable shave and will work well on a black bald head.

It is made up of three ultra-sharp precision-honed 30° Nanotech blades and ultra-thin Arc foil follow facial contours to deliver a perfect job.

You can choose to shave inside the shower or standing opposite your mirror shaving.

It offers an appealing warranty of one year and a 45 day no questions asked return policy.

All you need to do is to charge the Shaver for one and half hours and you can use it for  99 minutes without going out of power.

It also has an LCD light that shows battery status at a glance.

You’d want to choose this product because it is very flexible and will be able to move around the contours of individuals with less effort.

Get the best shave in areas of the face, chin, neck and jaw without stress.

Special features

  • Rechargeable batteries up to 99 minutes to use when charging 1.5 hours, and plug and play. 
  • 3D smart floating system
  • freely expanding and contracting cutting head
  •  fully fit your face and neck
  • You can use the electric razor with water, foam or gel for even better gliding and a smoother skin feeling.
  • LCD display batter to avoid running out the power.


  • Wet/Dry Electric Shaver and Trimmer 2 in 1
  • Warranty
  • LCD Battery Indicator
  • Multi-Flex Pivoting Head


  • Package doesn’t include lubricating oil


#7. Surker Bald Head Shaver Barber Clipper 

About product 

The Surker Bald Head Shaver Barber Clipper is not only among the Best Clippers for Cutting Black Bald Hair, but also a total package for a gift. This package will surely impress any guy including fathers, husbands or boyfriends.

The product comes with a durable Shaver, one Protective cover, one Knife mesh, one charging Cable, Brush, Travel bag as well as a Product manual.

Reasons to buy

If I’m to choose a Shaver that will deliver the best in finishing fades and removing Stubble, my first choice will be Surker Bald Head Shaver Barber Clipper.

This is a very good Shaver that will not give you awful results such as irritation and cuts.

It has a powerful rotary motor and is quiet and durable. Included in this Shaver pack is a Long-lasting lithium battery that is perfect for travelling, charge Indicator, battery capacity, low battery and a Speed indicator.

With just charging for about 2 hours, you can use the product for more than 120 minutes.

There are 2 knife meshes. One only for hair, another only for a beard.Different knife meshes to achieve the best results.

Special features

  • Detachable Design for the easy cleaning process. 
  • perfect for maintaining fade and bald hairstyles.
  • Adapts to the contours of the face, neck and even the jaw
  • The design provides a comfortable and close shave every time.


  • Unique Pop-Up Precision Trimmer 
  • LED Display USB Rechargeable 
  • Multiple Adjustment Speeds&2 Different Knife Meshes


  • The product cannot be washed.


What You Need To Clean Your Hair Clipper

Cleaning your hair clipper the right way is one of the approaches to making it last longer and makes it perform up to its highest expectations.

Step By Step Guide

As a man, you carry around many tools in the tool belt that you will use daily.

You probably have everything from the assorted set of screwdrivers to numerous wrenches.

Well, it is the set of hair clippers that is oftentimes overlooked. A good, quality set of hair clippers can save you a lot of money and time. Just think about it.

You probably spend anywhere from fifteen to twenty bucks a pop every time you visit the barbershop. And, you probably visit the barber at least once every two weeks.

When you sit down and think about it this is a lot of money. If you factor in two kids or more, you are even talking about more money. A good set of clippers can give you the ability to cut and style your hair at home.

However, a set of clippers is just like any other tool out there. If you want it to last and perform in top condition every time, you are going to have to maintain and care for it.

This will start will cleaning the clipper blades.

Why it is Necessary To Clean Clipper Blades

Before you learn how to clean and air for your clipper blades, you need to learn why it is important to do so.

The first reason why you need to clean your hair clipper the right way is to ensure that you get the top-notch performance the manufactures said you would get.  And it will prevent the clipper from doing much work it part. Less friction!

When clippers have more work to do it will definitely put more strain on the motor as it has to work immensely harder to cut hairs.

And with time dirt and other debris begin to accumulate between the blades increasing the work that needs to be done by the motor.

Another reason why you need to clean is for sanitary purposes.

Follow the procedures below to keep your hair clipper going.

#1. Lubricating after Cleaning

Cleaning your hair clipper is not enough if you failed to lubricate it the right way.

When you lubricate it will save you from spending more money on maintenance and safe you from the stress of trying to get things done yourself.

Properly lubricated blades will stay sharper for longer periods and will resist rust as well.

With well-maintained blades and you can rest assured that it will always go through hairs smoothly.h

#2. Make Sure The Blade is Sterilized

Sterilizing your blade is one of the tactics to keep clipper going especially if you are not the only one using it.

There are different ways to get this done, and one of them is making use of sterilization spray.

All you need to do buy a sterilization spray from Amazon, turn on the clipper then spay a few on the blade, then leave the clipper to run for a few minutes, and wipe excess liquid away.

#3. Clean The Comb Guides As Well

Failing to clean the comb area is like doing an uncompleted job. It is expected of you to clean the comb area as hair could get trapped on the guides.

Small hair trimming often sticks to this area after the cut.

To clean the comb guides all you need to do is to remove the comb guide and gently wash them in warm, soapy water.

When it is clean perfectly, you can go on to dry them and place them back in storage. You can also leave them without putting in storage overnight.

How Long Will It Take For Change of Hair Clipper?

The number of months or years your hair clipper should use before think of buying another one depends on a variety of factors.

However, make sure you change it once you notice signs that it is getting damaged soon.

Conclusion on Best Clippers for Cutting Black Bald Hair

Here you have read on all you need to know concerning the Best Clippers for Cutting Black Bald Hair. Looking at the factors I have listed you can now make your decision on the Best one for you.

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