Best Clippers For Black Hair [2021 Top Review]

Choosing the Best Clippers for Black Hair that can do the job and last longer than usually comes to mind when you intend to get a very good clipper. It is also worth noting that the fear of buying products that won’t perform up to expectations won’t allow us to rest.

It is not what starts in a day, it is all due to what individuals have experienced during the process of buying gadgets, hair removal machine and so on.

With a large number of hair clippers and hair care tools available online and physical stores, it is no more easy to choose that “Hair Clippers for Black Men” that is worth the money in the sense that: “It works” as the manufacturer promised.

Buying Hair Clippers as an African-American needs extra care, so you won’t be buying “Just Another” Hair clipper for black hair that you’ve always been buying.

Why the majority of the products don’t last or perform up to expectations is obvious; many buy machines that do not have what it takes to shave ingrown, thick and curly hairs. Machines, as we know, can’t take care of all same type of hair.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

As a black man, one thing you should know is; you can’t buy just hair clippers, it must be a clipper for black men. There are different clippers produce to cater to people of different colours. We have dozens of them, but how can they be purchased.

If you are wondering where to find one. I’ve compiled the list of best clippers for black men for you in this article. Also, you will be learning factors to consider before buying any hair clippers. This might seem unnecessary,  but trust me, you need it. The FAQs will be placed towards the end of the post.

Which should come first? The reviews section or factors to consider?

Yeah! Let’s dive into the main topic before any other thing.

Reviews of Best Clippers For Black Hair – Top Recommendations

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Reviews of Best Clippers For Black Hair

The products will be listed here are chosen base on what previous buyers are saying about them, the features and specifications provided by the sellers on Amazon and words of people that have used them in the past from Forums couple with my personal opinion.

1. Wahl Professional 5-Star 8148

So are you looking for an effective tool that can be used to get rid of coarse or afro-textured hair? This is the right product for you based on recommendations from verified buyers.

Apart from being for personal use At-home, it made the list of hair clippers that can be used for professional use. It comes with corded and wireless features. So it depends on a Lithium battery, meaning you don’t have to worry about your clipper shutting down while you are busy with making your hairs look better.

When fully charged it can work for more than 90 minutes.

The cord makes it fit for professional use for hours to get better results. Wahl Professional 5-Star 8184 is a hair clipper for black men that can be used within or outside the USA without compromise.

Inside the main unit is an electromagnetic motor that provides fast and clean power for cutting hair. What makes this machine stands out is the level of Quietness this machine exhibits, which is due to the electromagnetic nature of the motor.

With the features and specifications that come with this device, spending to get professional help will become past tense.

Looking at the efficiency of the whole machine, it comes with a unique stagger tooth bladed. These are high-precision 2161 blades that always ensures zero overlaps.

With them, you can be sure of a cutting speed that only a few hair clippers can deliver.

So with all this, the blades can move through the thickest head or beard hairs without obstruction. Also, blade guards are available to protect the skin from any accidents.

Apart from it being the perfect clipper for heard and beard, it can be used for the removal of hairs from the hands. It weighs 10 Oz and it is 6.25 inches long.

There are a lot of things to benefits from buying this hair clipper for Afro-American men but you can only get to know when you buy yours from Amazon.

Inside the package, we have a clipper, chargers, six combs, a lubrication system, and a brush.


Reasons To Buy

  • It can be used for different styling options.
  • The blades remain sharped for a long time with little maintenance.
  • It comes with silent motors. so

Reasons Not To Buy

  • No Negative review


2. Panasonic ER1611 Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

I told you not to just buy any other hair clippers Panasonic ER1611 Professional Cordless Hair Clipper is another best that should be on your watch list. It is a hair clipper for whoever wants to enjoy the best just like the ones professional barbers deliver without leaving their homes.

If you are one of them don’t hesitate to order for Panasonic ER1611 Professional Cordless Hair clipper from Amazon. This is not another rant or fake review like the ones you’ve read in the past, whatever you read here is what you will get.

This is a device that runs on a powerful motor with a speed over 99,000 revolutions per minute. The speed and effectiveness of the blade make it easy to go through any kind of hair as if it never does. It gets rid of hair faster and smoothly.

With the power of the motor, it is expected that the noise should be a nuisance reverse is the case.

So it is a hair clipper for black men you can buy without worrying about disturbing your neighbours or waking them in the middle of the night.

Just like Wahl Professional 5-Star 8148, the hair blades are top-notch. And because of this, this device can always depend on to make a clean cut every time. I am not bluffing on what does not exist, it can be used for cleaning of hairs of different skin.

So? Blades of many hair clippers get bad after few uses but that is not the case for Panasonic ER1611 Professional Cordless Hair Clipper as it comes with Carbon coating and Titanium Nitride coating to help the blade retain its sharpness.

If you are thinking it is normal for clippers to comes with coatings. Only a few exceptional clippers can come with such technology.

Apart from the coatings, it comes with different attachments that make it suitable for use on any hair length and density.

This hair trimmer or whatever you decides to call runs on battery. That does not mean it won’t work as expected.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with different attachments and that makes it easy to cut hairs of different lengths. so

Reasons Not To Buy

  • No Negative reviews from buyers


3. Andis Master Hair Clipper 01557

Andis Master Hair Clipper 01557 is a perfect example of a hair clipper that is built to last. It as an aluminium housing that makes it lightweight. If you are wondering in what way does aluminium makes it different.

It is one of those metals used in making rockets and other devices. Andis Master Hair Clipper makes the list of best clippers for black hair as it can be used for years without compromise in the levels of satisfaction.

What makes this product kind of unique is that; it stays cool even if you have been using it for hours. This is due to the high-speed magnetic motor, which is not only powerful but also quiet.

These motors deliver 14,000 strokes per minute. That means. it will cut more hair within a short time frame.

With all the features and specifications, this 15-watt Master Hair Clipper from Andis is a professional grade product. You can always get that professional service you have always wanted without leaving your home. It also comes with a Carbon Steel Blades just like the #2 on the list.

With the Carbon Steel, blades feature it can be used for years. All you need to do is perform regular maintenance by oiling before and after use. The blades can be adjusted from 000 to 1, which can allow you to get the desired shave. The adjustment can be done by using a lever on the side.

The power button is place placed at the side for convenience. Don’t worry about the performance of this product one bit, you can only find it underperforming if you don’t follow instructions. Base on reviews provided by those who have used it, this hair clipper can provide the best results.

Reasons To Buy

  • It is lightweight and durable.
  • Blades are very sharp and serve the purpose.

Reasons Not To Buy

  • All reviews on Amazon are positive.

I have had them all: Wahl, Remmington, Norelco, and Andis (this is my second). Andis is the tops! Lightweight (but durable), with a sufficiently long cord, multiple settings and all the tips you can need (as well as some you will never need), this baby will do it for you. Add to that the ability to travel the world with you (dual voltage) and you have the champ, hands down.

The price is very competitive. There is nothing not to love. Highly recommended for the do it yourself and the professional alike


4. Philips Norelco Hair Clipper HC7452/41

Philips Norelco Hair Clipper HC7452/41 is one of the high-quality clippers out there. It cuts twice as faster compared to its counterpart. And it comes with a dual cutting technology that makes it self sharpening.

Furthermore, it is a cordless clipper that can last for 120 minutes after disconnection from AC, which means you can clip your hair comfortably without cords. This also makes it the ideal hair clipper for travelling.

Another feature that makes Philips Norelco Hair clipper kind of different is its dual cut technology, you can cut your hairs faster without friction.

Another reason why you should buy this trimmer is the presence of a strong and durable lithium-ion battery that can last like forever while maintaining the same speed.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with a lithium-Ion battery.
  • It can be taken along while traveling.
  • Feature a self-sharpening technology.

Reasons Not To Buy

  • No negative reviews yet


5. OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper is your go-to if you are looking for a clipper that is perfect for heavy-duty use.  Not only does it has a powerful motor that can go through the thickest hair. It comes with detachable blades that can cut hair to the minimum level.

Also, it is made with resistant housing, which means it can be used for a long time.

Furthermore, it can be used on wet or dry hair. That means you can shave when your hair is moist or not.

Reasons To Buy

  • It is ultra-durable and powerful.
  • It is easy to use and maintain.
  • Rugged body structure.

Reasons Not To Buy

  • No negative review yet.

Others have gone into detail about the quality of these clippers. I’ll just say I’m very glad I moved up to a professional clipper. I bought an extra clipper 00000 for a real close cut. These clippers are much better than the $40 Wahl’s I had been using for years. I should have bought these years ago!


6. Andis Professional T Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer

Andis Professional T Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer is your go-to if you want to style like a Pro. In addition to being good for styling; it is suitable for both genders.

It can also be used for trimming beards, necks, and beards. Also, it has a high-speed motor that is fast enough.

Another reason why Andis Professional T Outliner is recommended is that; it can be used for dry shaving. It comes with a close cutting T blade. This makes it perfect for design work and closes cutting. The blades are of high quality.

I am a barber student I got these clippers to help do bald fades and have an extra clipper when my Whal Seniors heat up. They are great for fades u can blend outlines easily. Clippers sound great when cutting they do not heat up too quickly they feel great in the hand very minimal vibration. They have a nice weight and want to rock naturally when doing heal toe. Very happy with the purchase I have done over 50 haircuts so far.

I wish andis had other guards. I like my masters better than my Wahl seniors but find myself using the seniors more because I like the Wahl guards better.


7. Remington Shortcut Pro Self Hair Cut Kit

Remington Shortcut Pro is another beard shaver on the list. You can use it for almost everything due to its versatility. Also, it comes with a pouch that makes it easy to carry around; that makes it carry around.

Furthermore, it is easy to maintain as the blade can be removed and wash. Another feature of Remington shortcut Pro is the integrated washout port that makes it easy to rinse.

The Remington Shortcut Pro Haircut Kit comes with a variety of tools that make the hair removal process easy and comfortable. The blades are made with steel that provides accurate precision and cut through all hair types within a short time frame.

Very nice little machine; easy to operate and clean. It gives a perfect cut every time. My sons have their hair short so this is super quick shave for them. I also talk to my husband to give it a try since he has a short buzz cut.

He did and he said this is exactly what he was looking for. Save us tons of time and $ now.


8. Wahl Lifeproof Lithium-Ion Foil Shaver – Waterproof Rechargeable Electric Razor With Precision Trimmer for Men’S Beard 

You should think of Wahl Lifeproof Shaver if you are looking for a clipper that is shocking resistant and waterproof.  It makes use of long-lasting Lithium-Ion technology that can go months between charge with regular use.

Furthermore, it features a flexible foil cutter and pivot for comfortable shaving. It is a pocket and environmentally friendly.

I like the Wahl Lifeproof foil shaver for men. It is a good electric shaver that gives a good, close shave. It holds a charge good and is easy to use and hold. I would recommend it to anyone that wants a shaver that gives a close shave and doesn’t pull on your skin.


9. FEENGG Electric Hair Clippers for Men 

About product 

The FEEING Electric Hair Clippers for Men is a perfect Precision facial hair & body grooming trimmer with titanium blade technology. The package of this clipper includes one hair clipper, 4 guide combs, a Power Adapter, hair comb, cleaning brush, as well as a comprehensive User Manual guide

Reasons to buy 

The clipper is among the  Best men’s hair clippers with a self-sharpening ceramic titanium blade. It has been specially designed for stay shape longer & efficient precise smooth trim and cut, suit for all hair types

It is a cordless clipper which means you will not have difficulty moving from one place to another as it is wireless. The battery is very durable, a full charge that will take a few minutes can last you for up to two hours or maybe more.

When using the FEEING Electric Hair Clippers, you need not be worried about disturbing other people as it is a noiseless clipper and can be used in any type of environment. It has a low vibration and noise reduction as a professional clipper should do. 

This is not among the set of clippers that disturbs the children when you use it. It is an ideal hair clipper for home and professional use. 

Basic features 

  • Take 2 and a half hours to charge and last for 2 hours without charging. 
  • Comfortable Stubble look with the taper control for precision cut adjustment 
  • Voltage: 110-220V 50 / 60HZ 1800mA 6w
  • Can cut thick and coarse hairs with the turbo boost feature

Reasons to avoid

There is really no downside to using this hair clipper only that you can not use water to clean it directly while for some other clippers, you can.


Important tips when taking care of men’s afro hair

A lot of people believe that it is a difficult task to take care of black hair. I really don’t know the reason behind this wide belief but it is definitely a myth. 

With these tips I’m about to show you, you will find taking care of men’s afro hair really simple. It only requires that you know some basic hair care routine for men.

Maintaining healthy hair on the head and even facial hair may not necessarily mean you should have all the quality products in the world. There are some little tips that can prevent the hair from looking frizzy and rough all the time. 

So in this last section, we will be looking into the hair care tips for men’s afro hair. 

DONTs in taking care of afro men’s hair

 Do not expose your hair to harsh conditions

Try as much as possible to prevent your hair and scalp from harsh conditions as they do not contribute to healthy hair growth and outlook. Do you know that you can have your afro hair damages as a man when you constantly expose it to harsh environmental conditions? Yeah. 

What do I mean by harsh environmental conditions? This involves rain, heat, excessive blow-drying and so on. If you are placed in any of these harsh conditions, you can use a bandana or men’s hat to prevent it. 

The heat will dry out the scalp and cause breakages in the hair. Also, rain could make your hair look frizzy when moisture is displaced. When drying your hair, simply use a microfibre towel or cotton t-shirt to absorb excess water. It is pretty much better than blow-drying which can cause breakages.

Avoid washing of hair every day

It is not really nice to wash your hair everyday especially when you make use of sulphate-based shampoos. Reduce the rate at which you wash your hair once every week. 

There are some shampoos that are too harsh but powerful in cleaning hair. A sulphate based shampoo can eventually deter the natural oils in the hair that is required for healthy growth. 

Washing of hair everyday using shampoo could attract irritation and hair damage. You are also weakening the strength of the hair by doing so. 

All in all, it is best not to use a shampoo that is sulphate based. There are other shampoos that contain natural cleaning Compounds that can have your hair cleaned without stripping off the natural oil called sebum from hairs. 

That is all one thing not to do when taking care of afro men’s hair. You should also make sure that you appropriately condition and moisturize your hair using specified hair care products. 

If you are worried as to how you can properly condition your hair, check out this post here. I believe it will be useful to you. 

Taking care of black hair is not as difficult as many people may have painted it. All it takes is the dedication to the process and using the right hair care products. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Clippers for Black Hair

Does Hair Clipper Get Dull?

Yes, hair clipper gets dull once you continuously, but there are clippers with auto-sharpening features that can keep the blades sharp for as long as possible. That does not mean you should neglect regular oiling and removal of dirt.

How Often Should You Oil Your Clippers?

There is no limit to the number of time your hair clipper for black men should be oiled, it is recommended for oiling with each use doing this will prevent quick dulling rusting of the clipper blades.

Can You Use Baby Oil on Hair Clippers?

The answer to that is ‘Yes”, making use of baby oil have no Negative effects on the performance. The method of application is not different from other oils.

How long should Clippers Blades Last?

How long clippers blades last should depend on different factors, Mr. A’s Clipper blades might last longer compared to that of Mr. B. In short, we can say that how long is determined by the environment and lifestyle of the user.

What Happens If You Don’t Oil Your Clippers?

Without oil, using a dry clipper blade can make the cutter get bad. It may cause one or two problems that could have been prevented in the first place. Little or normal just make sure you get your clipper oil when due.

Do You Oil Brand New Hair Clippers?

Yes, you can oil your brand new hair clipper. However, make sure you do it right to prevent malfunctioning of the device.

How Do You Sharpen Hair Clippers At Home?

To sharpen your hair clippers at home follow the instructions that will be provided here; remove the blade from the clipper, run it along with a 400o grit coarse stone, which you can easily get from any home improvement store or order online.

Angle the blade and move forward across the stone about 10 times until you see that shiny object from the first time you bought it. Turn the blade and repeat the process on the other edge.

Final words on Best Clippers for Black Hair

You’ve read the reviews of different Reviews Best Clippers For Black Hair, reasons why you need to buy them and why you should not. Looking at the review you should be able to know the one that can perform what you’ve expected, so the final decision on which one to choose is left to you.


Also, don’t forget to read the instructional materials that come with any of the clippers above you will be buying, reading will give you hints on the proper use of that particular device.

Note that if you buy through any of the product links provided above, MyBeardGang will earn a percentage from them with effects on your initial price you are meant to pay.

Do you have any experience using any of the products listed above? Kindly share your thoughts with us.

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