How to Take Care of Your Beard When Eating

Oh, that beard and food struggle. I understand how it is having to find answers to taking care of your beard when eating. Eating as a bearded man with a full-blown mane can be quite a chore, I know! Here, I will share with you all you need to know to get your beard in shape, before and after eating. Ready? Read on.

Your Beard is one part of your existence that makes you desirable amongst humans. A reason why those guys in your street want to be you and know your secret to have those cute beards is your facial hair.

Another reason those pretty ladies want you for themselves could be because of your beards.

So what happens when all your cute beards are out as a result of your habit of eating and not watching out for your beards.

Having a beard comes with its own assortment of problems. Occasionally, Eating and drinking can be a rough time if you don’t know where to start.

Men with facial hairs struggle with food, especially when they go out. This struggle can occur when you eat at restaurants and eateries.

So when you bit into it, the food bits and crumbs can go everywhere in your beard and moustache.

The embarrassment having to walk around with food particles in your beard is a reason why you should learn how to eat differently.

Certainly, you don’t have to stop eating in order to keep your beard healthy. Many men love beards and food, but these two can be at odds with each other.

There’s some type of delicacies that end up more in your facial hair and moustache than in your mouth.

While this might seem like an excellent situation or reason to get rid of your beards or maybe give it a big trim, We say:


There are a few steps you can follow to ensure your beard stays neat and tidy even while you eat your favourite delicacies.

In this article, We’ll help you master these tips. No one should ever have to choose between a great beard & a delicious meal.

How To Take Care Of Your Beards When Eating

First, you need to accept that managing your beard life is rigorous.

Imagine if you have to stop eating some tasty meals in order to keep your beards safe.

Some Delicacies are just terribly messy.

These foods can be your favourite, let’s say you just can’t help but eat these meals.

If you don’t want to avoid these tasty meals for the rest of your life as a facial hair enthusiast, you should know how to handle each of this food.

We are here to help anyways.

Enough of the talks already.

Beware Of Problematic Foods

Problematic foods you should be aware of

1. Noodles & Pasta

Many Men love Noodles and Pasta, this meal, in particular, can be very tasty and very Messy at the same time. If you really love Noodles and Pasta then you should not be reading on How to Take Care of Your Beard When Eating.

The truth remains that, Noodles and Pasta are disastrous to the beards when eating.

The long noodles tossed in red tomato sauce can often get stuck in your beards and definitely leave behind a terrible mess.

Apparently, the problem is not the pasta or the noodles itself, but rather, it is the sauce together with the pasta that makes it problematic.

Noodles and pasta are slippery when eaten and covered in sauce which makes them a problem for Men who are beard enthusiast.

So in other words, you should be aware of Noodles and pasta.

You can read more about how you can make your beard smell good.

2. Soups

Image Source: All Nigerian Recipes

Soups are great but quiet hazardous to the beards when its not eaten properly with your beards on. When eating soups, one can’t control certain circumstances like the soup falling off the spoon unto your beard.

3. Tasty Coffee, Beer and Milkshakes

We are sure you never knew that three of your tastiest beverages can be threats to your beards. But now you know.

The tasty foams from these drinks can sulk up to your facial hairs, as you drink them. If your beards are not properly washed after drinking, it can leave an awful smell after some time.

Ah, Yes, your extra strawberry or vanilla milkshakes can also be a disaster to the beards. Do not worry, steps to manage tricky situations like these will be familiar with you shortly.

4. Sandwiches And Burgers

Burgers and Sandwiches are very tasty. Practically, many people if not all of us Love tasty burgers and loaded sandwiches.

But then, As a beard enthusiast, you should be aware of these wonderful snacks, especially loaded burgers.

Sandwiches contain yummy lovelies that mess the beards up when you are probably eating them.

Sometimes, these yummy crumbs such as; Sauces, toppings, and condiments from your burgers can fall unto your beards.

These yummy condiments from these snacks can sometimes be annoyingly obvious on the facial hair and sometimes can go deep in and get stuck in the beards.

Proper washing and combing of the beards can help in getting rid off particles as such away from the beards.

So beware of Burgers and Sandwiches.

Merely watching out for the above delicacies is simply not enough as there are other delicacies we want you to also look out for.

The delicacies are:

  • Loaded nachos
  • Gooey lasagna
  • Chilli Wings and meatball subs
  • Sloppy Joes: You see Sloppy Joes, this is one hell of messy food to eat when you have a beard.

And yet again, FEAR NOT because We have suitable solutions to keep you eating your favourite dishes with your facial hair safe on your face.

Bite & Eat The Right Portion Of Your Meals

When you want to look at How to Take Care of Your Beard When Eating, foods we eat with our fingers can be quiet problematic because they are not easily seized and sometimes can’t be measured.

However, yummy lovelies like sandwiches, burgers, or other larger meals you eat with your hands, Are better-of when you bite them into more manageable sizes.

This is to say, you should eat according to the size of your mouth, avoid over-stuffing and eat gently.

Reducing bites to manageable sizes can be termed the easiest solution to making sure everything is small enough to fit into a bite. In other words, the smaller the bite, the less you risk dropping the food into your beard.

If the delicacy is just too awkward to cut into smaller pieces, like appetizers that are already on the smaller size, it might have to be avoided.

Interestingly, You don’t have to avoid or seldom eat these foods forever, but maybe eat them when you’re on your own and not in public.

Adjust / Hold Onto Your Beard When Eating


Men with shorter beards don’t have to worry about this technique when they are looking at How to Take Care of Beard When Eating, so if you have a short beard you can cautiously read through or skip to the next step.

A reason why you can skip this step if you have short beards is that you don’t have to worry about your beards falling into your food or soaking up your soup.

However, For Men with long beards or facial hair, this might be a problem. Considerably, If you can eat your meal with one hand, you can always hold your facial hairs back with the other hand.

By doing this, you can be able to keep your facial hair out of your plate or bowl.

If you need both hands, you can try the hair tying technique.

Funny as this technique may sound, it can really help in protecting your beards from the food.

This technique goes like this, while you eat, consider using a hair tie to gather your beard into a ponytail.

This will keep your hand free and beard tidy.

Use The Right Eating Utensils

How to Take Care of Your Beard When Eating

We advise you to use the right eating utensils when eating, in order to keep your beard clean. Using the right eating utensils can help keep your beard clean.

A fork and knife can go a long way to keeping your beard clean.

Utensils like the knife, help you Cut your food into bite-size pieces, so you have a smaller target for your mouth.

Are you conversant with Chopsticks? If yes, you can try using chopsticks for your noodles and pasta some times.

Chopsticks can also be helpful but reconsider if you aren’t the best at using them.

But the, if as a Novice you still want to try, With your best interest in mind, we wish to inform you that Novice chopstick users might end up with more food in their beard than in their mouth!

You can also find tools to make chopsticks more accessible to use which might make eating a cleaner venture.

What a better way to eat with your beards clean.

Make Use Of Wipes & Handkerchiefs At Intervals

How to Take Care of Your Beard When Eating

A safe way to eat with your beards clean is by keeping your wipes and handkerchiefs very close while you have your meals.

Despite your best efforts to keep the mess away from your beards, spontaneous bits of your meal can still find its way to your beard.

Situations like this require desperate measures, this is when handkerchiefs and unscented wipes come in handy.

Keep a tissue in your pocket for any mess or buy travel packs of unscented wipes to clean up your beards after a meal.

We also want to recommend ways you can keep your beards clean when your drink as your beards cant only be dirty when you eat.

How to Take Care of Your Beard when Drinking

Make Use Of Straws

How to Take Care of Your Beard When Eating
A straw is by far the easiest, and sometimes cheapest, way to keep your beard clean while you have a drink.

However, Many Men find drinking with straws quite stressful, hence they down their drinks in one gulp.

Most restaurants and cafes have straws on hand, but you can also carry your own wherever you go.

Here’s a nice trick we recommend you try: buy a travel toothbrush holder and fill it with disposable or reusable straws.

By so doing, you have a convenient way to carry your straws and avoid a messy beard!.

Try Using Lids On Drinks

You can use lids to cover drinks such as lattes, tea, coffee, and soda, so you don’t have to worry about a messy beard.

Interestingly, You can also find unique mugs that come with a built-in guard to keep drinks or foam out of your facial hairs while you sip away.

The Illustrative photo above will give you insights on what We are talking about in regards to this step.

Try Drinking With Mugs & Guards

How to Take Care of Your Beard When Eating
A Mug with lid or moustache guard can go a long way to keep your Your facial hair and Mustache clean.

The lids/covers you find at your favourite coffee shop work well.

We recommend you try moustache mugs, the kind of mug guards help to keep the upper lip hair neat and tidy.

A moustache mug or guard looks like a coffee lid but cut in half.

Moustache Mugs allows you to sip your beverage but keeps things like foam or whipped cream away from your moustache.

You can also find guards that will clip onto most cups.

Now that you are duly informed about ways you can keep your beards clean when eating and drinking, we also want to recommend some maintenance tips.

How you can Get Food Out of Your Beard

If you have been reading this post with attention, you will agree to how important it is to keep your beard away from contacting the food you eat. To prevent bacteria and other residues from food particles that can hinder growth and good appearance of the beard, make sure you take the above steps into serious consideration.

But what if you met this article late? Perhaps you never knew how important it is to take care of your beard when eating. Do not fret.

If you can not prevent your facial hair from being messed up when eating, here are the two main ways to get rid of food or food particles that come in contact with your beard when eating.

Wash the beard

The act of properly washing the beard is an essential task in facial hair grooming. When you wash your beard, you keep it fresh and clean.

Although it is not good to wash the beard excessively, it is a sure way to get food out of the beard. If your daily job involves excess effort and makes you sweat in your beards area, then washing of beards regularly must not be overlooked.

On average, Beards should be washed 3 times in a week to keep it fresh and clean. I’d also advise you to get other beard care products such as quality beard cream and oil online to keep it moist after washing. 

Comb the beard

The beard is equally important when it comes to facial hair grooming. The thing is, combing is required for longer beards while a bristle brush will work best on short straight beards.

A good beard comb is an important tool in grooming a nice beard and will help in removing particles and making the beard straight, full and thick.

Foods that help beard to grow faster

Still in the line of taking care of your beard when eating, I’d like to also show you some diet that will actually promote facial hair growth.

To grow a magnificent beard, not all types of food should be consumed. As a bearded man, it is a bonus to be aware of foods that contain vital nutrients which beards need to grow faster and healthier.

So let’s briefly look into some of these foods that you should include in your diet to prompt healthy facial hair growth.


Saturated fat is among the highly required fatty-acids for the production of testosterone in a man’s body. And as you know, the level of testosterone in a man will determine how fast beards will naturally grow.

Red meats as beef contain high saturated fat which can supply nutrients that the beards need into your body.

This is a reason why you should include beef to your diet.


Potatoes can be classified under carbohydrates in the classics of foods. Although to grow a beard faster, you need to consume more protein than carbohydrates but adding food items like potatoes can yield stronger results.

Do you know that high carb intake can increase your body’s production of 5-alpha reductase enzymes? These enzymes will then convert testosterone to DHT.

Potatoes should be added to one’s diet as they contain a rich source of carbohydrates that will help boost beard growth. It is not a direct process but it helps.


Consumption of fish will not only help the beard to grow but will also supply the body with multiple vital micronutrients that your body needs.

How does fish help in beard growth? Simple. They provide vitamin B and protein that helps the body to produce hair and skin.

Consuming fish will also help the whiskers to grow strong and healthy as they contain  omega-3s for cell membrane upkeep.


Eggs are examples of proteinous food that helps the beard to grow. They also supply other nutritional value to the body for healthy living. In fact, it is a necessary diet to boost hair growth.

It is a great source of biotin. It will help hair to grow healthier in the body. In addition, they offer a fair fatty-acid ratio that is expedient to the production of testosterone and DHT.

Orange Juice

A very good example and way to get pure vitamin C is the consumption of orange juice. Orange juice can help beards to grow faster.

The effect of free radicals may cause damage to your skin and facial hair but organ juice can revert this effect with the powerful antioxidant that it contains.

The high levels of fructose present in orange juice can minimize SHBG, a protein that binds DHT and testosterone, making it harder for the body to utilize them.


To all the coffee lovers, it is good news that I tell you that coffee can help beards to grow. Coffee is made of nutrients that can help the testosterone level of man boost thereby increasing beard growth.

Similar to orange juice, it contains high antioxidant and magnesium content which are both equally and extremely important for the stimulation of beard growth.

While they supply the body essential nutrients for healthier facial hair, most people claim that excess intake of coffee is not good for the body.

So if you love your beard and you want it never to be caught unfresh, here are the tips on how to take care of it when eating.

Also, these nutritional food items I have shared with you will help in growing healthy beards faster.

Maintenance Tips To Take Care Of Your Beards

Even if you manage to follow all the above measures in order to keep your beard totally clean while you eat, it’s still a good idea to clean it timely.

The thing is, You might have some food or drink hiding in there, and you don’t want to leave it.

Use A Beard Shampoo To Wash your Beards

How to Take Care of Your Beard When Eating
There are shampoo and soap specifically for the beard. You can buy these Beard shampoo.

Avoid buying beard shampoos that contain the harsh detergents that regular shampoo might have.

This Shampoo will keep your beard clean and healthy, so you always look your best.


Make Use Of Brushes & Combs

How to Take Care of Your Beard When Eating
You can also find and make use of brushes or combs suitable for beards.

Not only will these tools keep your facial hair looking fantastic, but they can also help comb out any hiding bits of food.

You can use a comb or brush before or after you wash, and it might be handy to carry one with you in case you have a beard emergency.

Final Say on How to Take Care of Your Beard When Eating

Keeping your beards clean when eating can be quiet rigorous, but when you manage to make your beard cleaning a ritual, you will never have to worry about your beards getting dirty. However, you can share your comments about this article in the comment section below.

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