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Keeping Beards Stops My Bumps – Femi Fragile

beards story

This is my beards story – I started growing while I was in the University. However, since the #beardgang movement wasn’t this acclaimed in those years, it was just well trimmed teddy beard. I official joined the beard keeping community shortly after service in 2012.

I love to keep beards relatively, because of the kind of face I have – round. It complements my head very well, I’d look ugly if I barb a low cut without my beards. It makes me feel matured and confident in my skin.

Is Beards Keeping fashion or style?

For me I see keeping beards as fashion or style as intertwined concepts. You cannot really take one away from the other. I see it as both. More of style though.

Why the discrimination against beards by our parents and the society?

I can understand that mothers think keeping beards makes one look unkempt. It’s a sentiment I don’t share, but that’s mothers for you.

The damning believe by the society, especially the police force that anyone who keeps a beard is a lowlife goes to show how rationally shallow people can be. I AM NOT MY BEARDS, MY BEARD IS A PART OF ME – LOOKS.

Do ladies love beards?

Not all ladies.The majority love beards. I am presently turn between choosing one of two ladies; a beard lover and a beard rebel. Yes, you guessed right.

I will advise everyone to grow a beard, keep it neat, lead a responsible life, stay hardworking and legit, so that people will not see you as an unclean or unkempt individual

Beards for me kills my bumps. It helps me network too. I step into a place and people are quick to enquire, ‘what do you use for your beards’. Beng!

Keeping my beards healthy?

I’m very concerned about the types of hair product I use. I comb it regularly and apply self made beard oil made from Coconut oil, Shea butter, and orange extracts.

I don’t think the #beardgang trend will fade any time soon though. All I know is that everything trend was once relevant faded. The trend might extinct but people will still keep their beard. People did way before this trend.

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