Dandruff in the Beards and Eyebrows

Dandruff in the Beards and Eyebrows – An itch in the eyebrow is usually not a cause for alarm, as there is the possibility of it being a temporary irritation that goes away later on.

The alarm is, when the itch becomes more frequent and with little or no hint of going away for the time being. Now, you have to start tracking what you believe the symptom is. Noting when the itch starts might actually help figure out the cause.

Not all the conditions leading to itchy eyebrows are that dangerous. They shouldn’t affect vision if they are well controlled.

Dandruff in the Beards and Eyebrows: Are there other symptoms?

When you feel any discomfiture that has to do with itchiness, and even before you go out to solicit the help of a doctor (or other health caregivers). Look out for the following:

  • flaking skin
  • redness and bumps
  • burning and stinging
  • pain
  • similar symptoms on any other part of your body

Dandruff in the Beards and Eyebrows: What causes itchy eyebrows?

Experiencing itch in the eyebrow on a regular basis means there is something specific about the cause. Common causes of itchy eyebrows are:

Dandruff in the Beards and Eyebrows: Waxing and other beauty services

Waxing, plucking, threading and other beauty treatment can lead to irritation of the very delicate skin around the eyebrows. Usually, the bumps and itching are mild and go away in a few days. If symptoms persist, you may have a superficial skin infection.

If the eyebrow is infected it is the doctor that will determine that and prescribe the best course of treatment for it.  And in cases of mild infection, this disorder can be treated safely with over-the-counter (OTC) products.

Dandruff in the Beards and Eyebrows: Seborrheic dermatitis

This condition which is the same as dandruff affects the scalp, thereby leading to itches, flaky eyebrows or skin issues in other oily areas. What the specific cause of these skin issues is not entirely clear. It may be a result of yeast, an inflammatory response, or a change in the seasons. The condition worsens in the winter and early spring. It only needs to be managed with repeated treatments. This condition is not in any way contagious.


Psoriasis of the face affects not only the eyebrows but also the forehead, hairline, the skin between the nose and the upper lip. And asides itching, the other symptoms manifested are:

  • scales
  • soreness
  • redness
  • patches of irritation

This condition is often chronic and may require ongoing treatment, but it isn’t contagious.

Skin parasites          

Although it is not common in the United States and other developed nations, parasites such as mites and lice can live in the eyebrow area and cause itching. Lice, for instance, have the ability to live on the human body as eggs, nymphs, and adults. The adults feed on human blood several times per day.

The itching comes from an allergic reaction to the bites. At times, the itching feels like there is a crawling sensation on the scalp. With this, know that you have lice.

These conditions are often contagious especially to other people with hair similar to yours.

Shingles and other viruses

Shingles as a virus can cause localized rashes on various parts of the body. It is also referred to as herpes zoster. Even though it is not common for shingles to start on the eyebrows, it is a possibility. It is referred to as herpes zoster ophthalmicus.

Starting as a minor itch, this condition can progress over days into burning or tingling and then to a full rash, and it has to be treated promptly. The rash can last anywhere from two to six weeks.

This disease can be transmitted from one person to another if there is a contact with open blisters of shingles. Shingles can affect:

  • adults
  • the sick
  • people under significant stress
  • people who are sleep-deprived

People who are not immune to chickenpox are at high risk of contracting it.


If it is not conveniently taken care of, diabetes types 1 and 2 may lead to skin issues and itchiness on different parts of the body, eyebrows inclusive. And this is often because this disease consistently elevated blood sugars can depress your immune system.

And as a result of this, fungal or bacterial skin infections may develop.


Neuropathy is a nerve dysfunction occurring in people suffering from poorly controlled diabetes. With this condition comes itching, just that scratching brings little or no relief whatsoever.

Some people who itch from neuropathy scratch to the point of self-injury.

Dandruff in the Beards and Eyebrows: When to see your doctor

If this discomfort continues, then it is time to make an appointment to talk to your doctor.  Physical examination and explanation of what the symptoms are is what is included in this list. Your doctor may ask questions like:

  • When did the symptoms begin?
  • How severe is the itching? If it interferes with everyday life.
  • What at-home treatments have been tried?
  • Of the at-home treatment, which seems to help?
  • Does anything make the symptoms worse?
  • What medications, vitamins, and supplements are you taking?
  • Recent sickness?
  • Have you been under more stress lately?
  • What has the sleep schedule is?

Visit a primary care doctor first. They will be the one to refer you if the issue needs urgent attention, to a dermatologist or another specialist for evaluation and treatment.

How to treat itchy eyebrows

The treatment for itchy eyebrows depends largely on the causative agent. If the cause is a mild irritation, the doctor may ask you to try different OTC remedies before giving out a prescription.

And if you suffer from a skin condition that requires more attention, there are diverse treatments that can help.

Treatment for seborrheic dermatitis

Whether they are prescribed or on the counter medications, antifungals or antibiotics are very effective in combating seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff. You can apply these medications in cream or even shampoo form.

It is almost always given in combination with a topical steroid cream.

Treatment for psoriasis

Topical steroids may be prescribed as a treatment for psoriasis symptoms. Endeavor to follow all instructions to and report cases of any disorder immediately as the skin of the face can be highly sensitive. Always use creams and ointments sparingly as they can irritate your eyes.

Treatment for reactions to beauty services

You can, of course, be able to ease the symptoms at home if the irritation or inflammation from waxing or another beauty service is the cause of the itchy eyebrows. Be careful if you’re applying any OTC product or home remedy near your eyes.

Gentle application of ice also helps in reducing inflammation and cools the area. Wrap the ice in a soft cloth or towel to protect the areas of the eyes that are delicate. And you might be looking for a topical home remedy; aloe vera gel is just that. It has been a safe choice for most people.

If you think your itchy eyebrows are the result of a beauty service that you received at a salon, let the salon staffs know. They may be able to tell you if other clients have also experienced a reaction in the past.

If you go for another appointment, they may be aware of other products that might work better for your skin.

Treatment for lice                                       

Head lice are commonly contracted through direct contact with an infected person. Avoid sharing the following to help prevent contracting or spreading head lice:

  • bedding
  • hats
  • scarves
  • brushes
  • other personal items that can come in contact with your head

If you do have lice, you need to treat the condition, and it can be treated at home with the use of on the counter products containing one percent of permethrin lotion. Products containing a mixture of pyrethrin and piperonyl butoxide can also be administered.

Your doctor can prescribe lotions and shampoos to treat lice.

Treatment for shingles

For now, there is no treatment for the cure of shingles. The only medication for it is to reduce your risk of complications and ease your discomfort. The doctor may prescribe antiviral medications though, to get the virus under control. A variety of creams, anesthetics, numbing agents and corticosteroids are available to treat the pain:

Shingles generally last between two and six weeks. As most people only have one outbreak of it, it is also possible that it may recur two or more times. People older than 60, should get vaccinated against shingles.

Dandruff in the Beards and Eyebrows: Causes of Beard Dandruff

Majorly, there are two causes of beard dandruff; that is, dry skin and fungal infections. When the face is washed with harsh cleansers or regular soaps, dry skin is sure to occur under your beard… even though they obviously keep the face and beard clean, yet they at the same time, remove any oils on your skin or beard hair that keep them from drying out. And when it is cold out, dry skin can also occur.

When the yeast that lives on the skin is hidden away from sunlight, its growth is slowed down or even killed, the fungal infections come up. The longer the beard hair gets, the more places malassezia fungus can hide. And if you settle for shaving the face completely, the issue would likely resolve of course, but then there is no awesome facial hair anymore.

Wash and Exfoliate Your Beard

When you notice this condition, make sure to wash the face and exfoliate the skin under the beard regularly, for starters though. The best for this, as they are not harsh and the possibility of it drying the skin is very low, are natural soaps and facial cleansers. And then you may want to go for some not so common facial cleanser designed to moisturize the face, while at the same time cleaning it.

After that, get an exfoliator of some kind; maybe a brush or loofah-type thing, or better yet, an exfoliating glove. After that, remove all old dead and dry skin as well as any yeast or fungi with the use of fingers. Cold and not warm water should be used while washing; it will help keep the skin from drying out. And after a wash, the beard should be gently toweled dry so as not to pull on the hair follicles.

Use a Dandruff Shampoo Occasionally

Know that even though the shampoos designed for the scalp is not ideal for the face, but it can help to control the beard dandruff when it seems worsened. Products with pyrithione zinc as its active ingredients may help, that is if the dandruff is light. The zinc complement contained in it fights off fungi and bacteria and treats mild seborrhoeic dermatitis (which is another possible cause of dandruff). If the dandruff is pretty bad, another good option is products with ketoconazole as its active ingredient; ketoconazole is also used in the prescription for strength dandruff and dermatitis treatments.

Always remember that these shampoos can also dry out the skin under your beard. Therefore, shampoos should only be used for just few times in a month. And with its usage should be the addition of some moisturizers and oils.

Acting as antimicrobial barriers, natural oils produced on the skin keeps the skin from getting dry. Always be guided that if natural oils is been washed away in an effort to scrape off dead skin or use anti-dandruff chemicals, then it is just right that they be replaced.

Make sure that the beard and skin under it is dry when applying your oil. Apply a tiny quantity of it to the hands and gently massage it into the roots of your beard. Use a beard brush for longer beards. This is to help spread out the oil and groom your beard hair. This may be repeated daily.

There are beard washes which are specifically designed for washing, moisturizing, and grooming beards. This product can also perform the function of cleaning and hydrating beards and the skin underneath.

Other products for the beards are beard balms. These ones are to be massaged into the beards after washing. A number of these balms contain high concentrations and a combination of the oils mentioned above. Other natural ingredients are then added to make it smell nice and clean.

Some conditions are easy to treat at home. Others require a trip to the doctor’s office or ongoing treatment.

Always have in mind that you must not, under any circumstances, ignore itchy eyebrows if they’re interfering with your quality of life. Relief may be easy to find.

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