How Do You Deal With An Itchy Beard?

How do you deal with an Itchy Beard? It is a question you may ask when your itchy beards like a naughty child get out of hand.

You never can tell what to do about an Itchy beard especially if you are a novice to this facial hair menace.

According to an MBG reader,

“Itchy Beards makes me feel like I am loosing the lower part of my face to a refuse dump or still exchanged skin for that of a dog whose body hair suffer lice infestation.

Its so Uncomfortable,

How do you deal with Itchy Beards?”

Our response to him will be detailed down in this Article just so you know you are not alone in this fight against Itchy beards.

Let’s share more experience on Itchy beards from MBG readers before we proceed to ways you can deal with an Itchy beard.

“Itchy beard is a very ugly experience. I was apparently going to take a week off from my Job to fix my Itchy Beard.

It was an avenue of sheer embarrassment.

Scratching at board meetings, among colleagues or when a Job is going on..I for once thought I was going to loose my Job.

I got my Itchy beard fixed anyway..”- Roy Ikechukwu Donald.

Not everyone of you experiencing an Itchy beard can be as lucky as Mr. Roy, he promised to disclose his subtle remedy to his ailment at his leisure time.

But MBG simply can’t wait!

So guess what?

We went on research for Ways you can deal with an Itchy beard.

Itchy beard is one of the disadvantages so many beard enthusiasts face, especially newbies in the beard grooming sphere.

It’s one of the few beard issues that can throw you an array of seconds thoughts in beard grooming.

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Itchy Beards – What Are They?

They are your worst nightmare in broad daylight! Itchy hairs can make you go Mad in split seconds and it can also give you a mentally unstable look.

It is the unconscious monster that rips your flesh apart from within, you can’t see it but experience the brash reaction on your beards.

It’s awful above all else.

Imagine, after you must have taken your peculiar time to get ready for your Job, happy for your new look only to face the brutal embarrassment of an itchy beard at work.

No way!

I am sure you can’t stand that much of an embarrassment which will most probably convince you to read the full article…

Itchy Beard: Foundation Causes Of Itchy Beards

How To Prevent White Hair From Spreading.

Before any problem surfaces, there is a root cause of it, a skeptical example is when you see a child crying, something must have propelled it…

It is quite similar to Itchy beards, and just as you do everything to stop the child from crying continuously, You can also do something to get rid of the itchy beards.

Itchy beards occur at different stages of beard grooming, namely

  • New growth

  • Full growth

New growth is probably when you are just starting to grow your beards and then the sudden appearance of itchy beards.

We will be sharing the subtle causes of Itchy beards at the early stage (New growth) of beard grooming.

While Full growth, on the other hand, has a lot to do with your fully grown facial hair, itchy beards usually occur in this stage for one or two reasons.

And such reasons will be disclosed in the latter part of this Article.

However, whether you’re just starting to grow your beard or it’s already fully grown, itchiness can and will most certainly be an issue.

Apparently, there are two main causes for itchy beard and they depend on the growth phase, i.e a beard that has just started growing and a fully grown beard.

Causes Of Itchy Beards In New Growth

Does Weed Help You Grow A Beard?

Consequently, Newly growing beards are particularly prone to itchiness.

If you’ve been barbering your entire life, your skin is familiar to being hair-free.

Frequent shaving off your facial hairs leaves a razor-sharp edge to each cut hair.

The closer you shave, the sharper the edge.

As long as you’re shaving frequently this is fine.

But then the problems start or should we say the devil sets in to dwell when you stop shaving and start growing a beard.

As the hair grows, the sharp edges of the hair scrape against the edges of the follicle.
That’s a recipe for all-over itching.

These reactions happen in newly grown beards because your face is quite familiar to a beardless face.

This itch occurs during the stubble phase.

Causes Of Itchy Beards In Full Grown Facial Hair

Fully grown beards also get a fair share of experience of itchiness In other words, itchy beards occurs in fully grown facial hairs.

Poorly conditioned beard hair rubs against dry, caked skin and causes a persistent itch.

Dead skin cells and dry skin are a one-two punch which leads to a beard which is rough, coarse and irritating – and actually gets worse over time.

We explain exactly how to keep your beard healthy.

Also, We are going to disclose to you steps you can take to moisturize your beards.

How to soften your facial hairs by so doing stop the itch.

Lastly, these steps will make your facial hairs look great.

Super Methods To Get Rid Of Itchiness In Your Beard

Here at MybeardGang, we recommend you get a beard kit for your facial hair.

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How To Deal With Itchy Beards – Step By Step Guide

The following are accurate step by step guide on how to deal with itchy beards.

  • Wash Your Beards Regularly
  • Condition Your Beards
  • Moisturize Your Beards
  • Trim your Beards
  • Comb and Brush Your Beards
  • Eat Good and Healthy Foods
  • Live a Healthy Life.

Now that we have disclosed to you a list of some things you should do to get rid of itchy beards, let’s go on to explain them.

  • Wash & Rinsing Your Beards Regularly – How To Deal With An Itchy Beard

    Frequently washing your beard is the best way to get rid of the itchy beard, many will suggest you shave off your beards.

    Every day we lose many dead skin cells, the beard confines them and restricts them from falling away.

    Confined dead skin cells will make your skin itchy and irritated.

    This is why you must wash your beard and keep it clean.
    But you need to do it correctly.

    Your facial hair is androgenic in nature.

    Which means it’s affected by testosterone levels.

    Androgenic hair can’t be effectively cleaned in the same way as the hair on your head.

    What do you avoid?

    Avoid cleaning your beard with traditional hair shampoos or body soaps.

    The reason for avoiding them is because they will strip the natural oils from your facial hair, dry your skin and make it itchy.

    Since you will no longer be using traditional hair shampoos, we recommend you use Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard SHAMPOO to wash your beards.
    Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard SHAMPOO will get rid of the itch and give your beard a healthy look.

  • Condition Your Beards – How To Deal With Itchy Beards

    Well, A good facial hair conditioner presents a similar function to hair conditioner. The difference is that a beard conditioner use ingredients designed for facial hair only.

    Since your facial hair is different from your hair you will need to use separate conditioners for both hairs.

    You should know by now your face skin is also much more sensitive than the scalp.

    Beard conditioners come in different forms, the most popular forms are balms/kinds of butter and in-shower conditioners.

    Leave-in conditioners apparently come in form of balms or butter.

    While “in-shower conditioners” are very similar to hair conditioners.

  • Moisturize Your Beard

    Another method of preventing itchiness in your beard its by making use of moisturizers on your beard.

    You can moisturize your beard by using beard oil.

    While conditioners help sustain your beard, beard oil hydrates the skin underneath your beard, which is just as important!

    The skin beneath your facial hair is sensitive to dandruff, dryness, irritation and more.

    For that reason, using The Gentleman’s Beard Oil will hydrate and soften your stubbles.
    Lastly, they keep it itch-free.

  • Trim Your Beards

    Frequent trimming helps of your facial hairs keep your beard looking neat and itch-free.

    For trimming your hair, we recommend you make use of Panasonic Precision Hair and Beard Trimmer.

Final Say,

Now you’ve read how to deal with an itchy beard, aside dealing with an itchy beard this article will certainly help you maintain a healthy beard grooming lifestyle.

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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