Best Sharpener For Clipper Blades

Looking for the best sharpener for clipper blades, then you should remain on this page.

I realized that a number of people are having problems finding the best sharpener for clipper blades and we are going to do justice to that here.

In this post, I will show you one of the highest quality sharpening equipment available for your clipper blades.

If you are looking for a mobile clipper blade sharpening service, look no further than the Tough 1 Clipper Blade Sharpener Kit.

Tough 1 Clipper Blade Sharpener Kit  is one of the simplest machines for learning how to sharpen hair clipper blades

With this machine, You can sharpen any size clipper blade regardless of their use. (hair stylist or animal groomers)

One interesting thing we found in the machine is that not many other machines offer low-cost business opportunities that give this kind of profit.

Some sharpeners can sharpen 10 sets of clipper blades per hour or even more! With the national average at $10 per set, that’s $100.00 per hour or more.

We looked into the five crucial things required when sharpening clipper blades and we found it in this machine. What are these five things?

  • Direct drive
  • proper motor RPM
  • A true running honing plate
  • Correct honing compound
  • Technical support when you need it now.

Any clipper blade sharpening machine you want to buy must have these features. And the tough 1 Clipper Blade sharpening kit has it all.

The machine comes complete with everything required to be successful when sharpening any size of clipper blades.

Not only will you get the exceptional quality of the equipment but also the outstanding service it will give you when in use.

Generally, tough 1 product offers every sharpening machine with complete pictured instructions, training DVD’s, supply and tool vendor list, average price sheets, toll-free number for life on the spot customer service, as well as yearly follow up calls.

Quick Recommendations

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Best Sharpener For Clipper Blades –  Detailed Review

Tough 1 Clipper Blade Sharpener Kit

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About product

Without breaking the bank, you can now sharpen your clipper blades in the most simple way and successfully.

With simple instructions included, the tough 1 Clipper Blade Sharpener Kit allows almost anyone to sharpen Without applying much effort.

The sharpening plate surface is machined to.0005 of an inch for perfect grinding and with the special formula sharpening compound, you can quickly offer your customers a new service or keep a kit handy in the barn when clipping.

Special features and details

  • It is not expensive and so you can sharpen a set of blades with pennies
  • With little effort, almost anyone can sharpen blades
  • Special formula sharpening compound
  • You can quickly offer your customers a new service
  • Simple instructions included in the pack


What are people saying about Tough 1 Clipper Blade Sharpener machine?

learn to sharpen clipper blades,  how to sharpen clipper blades with aluminum foil,  how to sharpen clipper blades without a stone,  how to sharpen clipper blades with wire brush,  best stone for sharpening clipper blades, 

I took my time to get reviews from verified users of this product on Amazon. It seems a lot of people use this machine to sharpen their clipper blades and it works perfectly. Well, let’s take a look at some. If we are to cover all, you’ll read this article for eternity.


Arrived in perfect condition and appears well made. Maybe it was me, maybe the blades, maybe the sharpener but

I was unable to sharpen my blades effectively with this sharpener and ended up needing to buy all new blades


Love this!

Was good quality, and came in a nice carrying case to keep all the parts together. Saves a lot of money on new blades!


Nice product.

Always good to have a sharpener for anything that needs sharpening… Takes some getting used to using, but saves in the long run.


It works as well as we thought it would. You have to put some elbow grease into using it, but it does sharpen blades. You have to read the directions and follow them or it won’t work

Sara Rowell

I’ve used this item and it works allot better than the sharpener that I bought elsewhere

I’ve used this item and it works a lot better than the sharpener that I bought elsewhere. I would definitely recommend this item for clipper blades

How do I use Tough 1 Clipper Blade Sharpener Machine?

learn to sharpen clipper blades,  how to sharpen clipper blades with aluminum foil,  how to sharpen clipper blades without a stone,  how to sharpen clipper blades with wire brush,  best stone for sharpening clipper blades, 

As I mentioned, it is a very simple equipment to use. Coupled with the guide provided. Apart from homemade ways to sharpen clipper blades, Blades are fast and easy to sharpen using a machine like these

However, it is important to pay attention to a couple of key points. If not done, your clipper can cut. Take a look at these steps carefully:

  1. Ensure that the spring tension is set correctly, the factory settings suggest 2-3/4 and 3-1/4 pounds of pressure. Accurately measure the current spring tension by Using a clipper blade test scale. Use a plier to add spring tension by bending the spring clips together slightly. Using a flat head screwdriver to spread spring clips apart slightly will remove spring tension. To get a proper tension, overbend the spring slightly. This is because the spring is made of steel
  2. The clipper blade socket should be adjusted to the factory shape. The ears on the socket can flair outward since the top cutter of the clipper blade moves back and forth to cut the hair. You can insert A socket setting tool between the ears and bend them back straight with pliers. But if  ears are flared outward, the clipper head clip will not have the socket fit tightly to it
  3. In the stage, you are going to be demagnetizing the clipper blades. Over time friction can set into the blades causing chatter as these blades to run across each other at a very high velocity. You can use a powered demagnetizer to remove the friction in the steel allowing for a smooth cut.
  4. Lastly, in order to align the bottom comb and top cutter properly when reassembling them, tough 1 Clipper Blade Sharpener Kit provides a detailed list of blade sizes and proper setback in their written instructions in its pack that you can carefully follow. Remember, The top cutter blade needs to have the correct blade set back

TQ 220V Electric Sheep Clipper Blade Sharpener
TQ 220V Electric Sheep Clipper Blade Sharpener

About product

This is another wonderful machine to buy for sharpening clipper blades. Now, you no longer need to order more blades, one blade can cut for a long period of time. It also saves you a lot of money here.

Plus, you get 2 free abrasive papers which would be included to the package.

  • It is very suitable for home use.
  • Not only does it aim at a livestock farm, but also for clipper blades
  • A perfect  replacement for the manual sharpening tools
  • Large motor, strong power, makes it more sturdy and durable.
  • It is easy to check the blades since It can be disassembled.
  • High-quality all-steel grinding disc.
  • Efficiency from the wear-resisting abrasive paper.


  •  With polishing function
  •  Strong power
  • Quickly polish
  •  Thickening grinding disc
  •  Low noise design,The movable rod can be adjusted flexibly


The Rich Barber 1 Minute Blade Modifier Sharpening Tool

The Rich Barber 1 Minute Blade Modifier Sharpening Tool

About product

They call it the One Minute Blade Modifier.

This sharpener machine is designed to sharpen normal trimmer blades up to 15-20 times!

The premium diamond metal sharpening stone will transform your tools with a high-performance feature.

Like the name, it  Modifies all professional shavers, including Andis, Whal, Oster, or Babyliss.

All you need to do is detach the blade from the complete tool and sharpen properly for about 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

You should have the One Minute Blade Modifier in your Arsenal to keep your clipper blades shiny and sharpened. It also saves you money since you will not have to replace blades too often. And like the tough 1 Clipper Blade Sharpener Kit, this machine comes with a guideline instruction to make it easy to use for both pros and novice.


  • The ultimate tool for your home or professional barber kit.
  • It turns regular trimmer blades into perfectly modified barber blades in just 1 minute.
  • It contains a diamond metal sharpening stone that’s marked with guidelines
  • Accomplish precision finishes without spending a fortune on speciality blades
  • Customize your own cutting blades.
  • Compatible with all major-brand professional trimmer blades


How long should a sharpened blade last?

learn to sharpen clipper blades,  how to sharpen clipper blades with aluminum foil,  how to sharpen clipper blades without a stone,  how to sharpen clipper blades with wire brush,  best stone for sharpening clipper blades, 

If you are looking for an answer to how long your sharpened clipper blade should last then it depends on how well the clipper is maintained, how frequent your clipper blades are lubricated and cleaned, and finally how well the tools are sharpened.

If you use your clipper for animal grooming, they perform the best by enduring the dirt, debris and dander that comes from the coat of animals. This is another factor that will affect the longevity of the cutting edge of the tool

When you keep the blade drive area cleaned after each use, you will maintain a good stable power that will minimize an overload of electricity to the motor, switch, carbon brushes, and also minimize the wear to the carbon brushes in the clipper.

Keeping the blade drive areas maintained will reduce the debris on the tools, which will help the tools performed to the manufacturer’s specifications.

When you refuse to maintain the blade drive, you are indirectly deteriorating the clipper efficiency and this may start creating lines in your grooms, increasing stress and damage the bearing that the blade drive is fastened to and increases stress to the motor of the tool.

Apart from reducing the lifespan of your clipper, an unclean clipper blade will create a vacuum to entertain bacteria and fungi that can be transferred to other persons that are groomed.

No matter what the situation is, I recommend you to always clean and lubricate your clipper blades after each use. If you want a sharpened blade to last longer, you need to keep them clean and lubricated as this process will extend the cutting edge of the tool and reduce sharpening expenses.

It will also minimize excessive spending when you need to replace anything in your clipper.

The lifespan of a sharpened clipper is intertwined with how clean and lubricated you keep it. Dirt will increase friction to the tool and create wear to the edge of the tool.

The point is that some of your customers’ hair may be contaminated by bacteria which can be transferred from one person to another if the blades have not been properly cleaned, disinfected and lubricated before the next groom.

Here is a link on how to disinfect your hair clipper blades to prevent dirt and hazards.

Lubrication is highly required to preserve the effectiveness and longevity of a well-sharpened clipper blade. The integrity of the cutting edge of the clipper blade solely lies on this factor.

If you are wondering if you should oil a ceramic blade, then this post is for you HERE. It’s a must-read, I must say.

However, you can agree with me that the majority of clipper blades produced today are metal. Hence, these tools need lubrication to provide adequate lubricity for the metal cutter to move smoothly and efficiently across the comb section of the clipper blade.

One major downside associated with not lubricating your blade is that it attracts dullness quickly. The friction to the tool will cause this.

Lubrication reduces the wear to the surface of the tool by Removing debris from the cutting edge. This is called the whisking function.

All in all, the cutting edge on clipper blades should last anywhere from three to six months if you take all that has been said here seriously. One significant factor that determines longevity is how heavy the blades are needed in various seasons of the year.

Basic clipper blades maintenance tips when using a machine to sharpen

learn to sharpen clipper blades,  how to sharpen clipper blades with aluminum foil,  how to sharpen clipper blades without a stone,  how to sharpen clipper blades with wire brush,  best stone for sharpening clipper blades, 

When it comes to achieving a successful grooming operation, we can not do but talk about clippers and their blades.

Giving the appropriate maintenance to your clipper and blade is an absolute requirement in sustaining effectiveness and productivity of the groomers in your salon or at home.

Now that you’ve gotten Tough 1 Clipper Blade Sharpener Kit as a perfect machine for sharpening your clipper blades.

You should find out what exactly you should be doing for your clippers to keep them in optimum shape. But don’t worry, that is what we will look out before we wrap up this article.

While guidelines on how to replace or use parts of the clipper are provided in the package by the manufacturer, here are practical steps to take in order to maintain your clipper blades

1. When you keep your blades clean, oiled, and sharpened, your clippers will not have to work as hard, and will last longer. It all starts with maintaining the blades. Especially on high-speed clippers

2. Use a clipper blades brush or toothbrush, force dryer, or vacuum frequently to remove hair and debris from around the hinge and latch area.

3. On a regular basis, you should Replace the blade drive. Like the Andis clipper, The blade drive can be a single unit, or individual pieces, which have a link, lever, and gear that make up the drive assembly. This is the exact mechanism that allows the cutter part of the blade to move back and forth and cut hair.

4. The mechanism that holds the blade on the clipper should be replaced every 4 months. This is usually hinge and blade latch.

5. It is not wise to store your cord wrapped around the clipper, this can cause damage. Professionals are encouraged to Periodically check the electric cord for damage, and replace if necessary.

6. The Brushes looks look like a big chunk of pencil lead and they conduct electricity to the motor. You can always reach out to manufacturer or service and repair professionals for instruction on how to check the carbon brushes, and how often.

Because once they are worn, they will damage the armature and quickly ruin the clipper. Soft brushes will wear more quickly and will require replacement every 6 months.

7. Finally, Make sure you are very careful when sharpening or cleaning your clipper blades. When cleaning your clipper, a common caution you should know is to hold clippers pointing down while cleaning blades.

How to choose a good hair clipper with quality blades 

A little bit away from clipper blades sharpener, I’d like to show you some important things about having a clipper blade.

If you make the right choice when buying a hair clipper, you may not really be bothered about replacing or sharpening clipper blades. In this connection, I’ll be showing you in this section, the important tips to be aware of when buying a new hair clipper.

It can be a challenging task to choose a perfect hair clipper that has sharp and long-lasting blades because it is not easy to check the features in each of then by just viewing. When it comes to selecting your preferred clipper to buy, you need to take not of features and qualities. Technology in the manufacturing of hair clippers improves each year as new features are Introduced to make haircutting for both professionals and home users very easy.

A standard hair clipper should be durable and relative anytime without surprising the user with dull blades at any point in time.

Once you make the mistake of choosing a bad hair clipper to buy, you may have to face problems each time you use them. Perfect hair clipper should produce less noise and have powerful motors.

Depending on personal preference there are various features to look out for in a hair clipper. It is best to do a little research on the qualities that make up a perfect hair clipper. This will make you make the right decision that you will never regret. Do not stress yourself about looking for the quality of a perfect hair trimmer, I have it fully explained here.

Clipper Blades

I have decided to talk about the clipper blades as part of the important feature to look out for when choosing a hair clipper because this is where people make most mistakes.

Most buyers will not pay attention to the durability of the clipper blade because they can always have it sharpened with the best sharpening of the clipper blade. Clipper blades vary in ranging size such as small .2mm and large as 13mm.

You should also look out for clippers that have magnetic motors and blades which are made from durable high-carbon steel. For professionals, it is advised to go for clippers with a self-sharpening blade feature. If you are a barber or one who uses hair clippers frequently, make sure you pay good attention to the quality of clipper blades.

A standard clipper blade will be made with  Zirconium Oxide which will ensure a wonderful Haircut experience by conducting less heat.

Clipper Motor

A very important part of a hair clipper is the motor. Any hair clipper with a less durable motor is not ideal for use.

Just like the brain box of the car, the clipper motor is the engine of the hair clipper. You need a powerful motor for your hair clipper, most especially when you use them almost every time. This is why I mentioned earlier that the choice of your hair clipper depends on personal preference and how you intend to use your hair clipper.

Motors will vary from Ac/Dc, magnetic motors, to the rotary and pivot style. If you are getting a hair clipper for home use and just to keep the hair Line in shape and good look then one can say you do not really need a clipper with a very powerful motor.

Wet/Dry Clippers

Speaking about clippers that are water-resistant, most men like to trim or cut hair in the shower or even standing at the sink with wet hair. Here, you should know that you’d need to buy a wet clipper that will have no default when it comes in contact with water.

Be ready to battle with the jam, tug and pulling of hairs when you decide to use clippers made for dry hair on wet hair.

This is where you need to make the decision whether you need to buy a wet or dry clipper.

The best choice is to buy a clipper with both features. This kind of clipper is now popular in the market as most men have found it helpful. But be sure to spend extra bucks in getting these kinds of hair clippers.

Either your hair is wet or dry, getting these kinds of clippers can give you a sweet haircut experience. It is often bought by men who would prefer to have their hair cut at home.

The  Design of the clipper

The design of a perfect hair clipper is not entirely about how it looks but how the look of the hair clipper Contributes to its efficiency. This is another aspect of a hair clipper that most men and barbers do not pay attention to.

When choosing a hair clipper, do not just go for any kind of hair clipper without checking out the kind of design. While ignoring this aspect may not seem to have any consequence, it is a necessity for those who intend to use hair clippers on a regular basis.

A perfect trimmer will be designed to fit in the hand to ensure a safe grip when held by the user. Check to see if the clipper is lightweight and compact.

Ideally, you’d want to buy a hair clipper that is both travel-friendly and less cumbersome to carry around.

Also, the material used to make the exterior body of the clipper is the mother factor when it comes to design. Is it plastic or high-grade aluminium? It’s up to you.

The best choice will be to go for hair clippers with ergonomic design. This type of hair clippers are lightweight and will feel very comfortable when held. Hence, you can move about with ease when cutting hair.

The Attachment Guides

A good hair clipper that is being manufactured these days will come with varying attachments guides and comb to help users achieve their desired hair cut and specific hairstyle.

Attachment comb and guide vary from the little which can be  1/16th of an inch and to a full inch. To achieve different hairstyles, you 2illbne3r different length attachment.

In that way, the more variety of attachment length, the easier you can change the length of your hair.

Go for hair clippers that have more numbers of varying attachments guides and combs. Having this feature in a clipper will make changing of hairstyle very simple and easy.

Most Professional barbers really lookout for this feature. It is among the items in the package of a hair clipper that helps in achieving a standard haircut.

Frequently asked questions on best sharpener for clipper blades

Can you use sandpaper to sharpen clipper blades?

Yes. Sandpaper is an effective DIY to sharpen your clipper blades. When your blades get dull, you can have them sharpened with items that are accessible rather than going out to borrow blades from people or wasting money to replace and sharpen them.

Sandpaper can be found almost anywhere making it easier and accessible. We have also written a guide on how you can sharpen clipper blades with sandpaper and I think that will help you.

Why are my clipper blades pulling hair?

A dull blade is a very reason why your clipper will begin to pull hair. This is a very horrible experience, especially as a hairstylist.

When you experience this, all you need to do is to apply two drops of clipper oil to the blades and test cut again.

Lubrication of clipper blades will not only stop the blade from pulling hair but will also make the clipper cool.

But to stop your clipper permanently from pulling hairs, you will need to either sharpen or replace them with sharp and durable blades.

How much does it cost to get clipper blades sharpened?

A professional clipper blade sharpener should charge about $5 to $9 to sharpen a blade set. This is the estimated cost of sharpening your clipper blades.

You will be charged based on the kind of blade you are dealing with.

The money used to sharpen blades for 5 times can be used to get new ones. While not up to half of that figure can be used to sharpen them at home.

It is ideal to sharpen your dull blades to replace them with new ones.

How Often Should You Sharpen Your Clipper Blade? 

While different hairstylists use their hair clippers differently, how regularly you should sharpen your clipper blades depends on how frequently you use them.

All in all, you should sharpen your clipper blades once you notice a drop in the performance. Unless you use your clipper in a barbers shop almost every day.

We suggest that you sharpen your clipper blades every six months.

How long do clipper blades last?

When you sharpen clipper blades, they will become shiny and sharper than they used to be. It will make the job easier and faster. But as you use them, they tend to dull back again and require sharpening.

This will continue until you decide to buy a new clipper blade.

A sharpened clipper blade usually lasts for three to six months before they get dull again. This is why it is recommended to sharpen your clipper blade at least once in every six months.

How long a sharpened clipper blade will last also depends on how frequently you use it. If you use your clipper every day and mostly on coarse hairs, they are likely to get full quicker than normal.

How do self-sharpening clipper blades work?

Self-sharpening clipper blades are important features of a good clipper or trimmer.

When clippers have self-sharpening blades, it saves the user the stress of sharpening them or replacing them.

A self-sharpening clipper blade is usually found in rotary paper cutters.

It works by sharpening itself against metal while in use. As the cutting blade is used to cut paper, it also rubs against this metal strip, causing the blade to sharpen.

How often should you replace Wahl blades?

Clipper blades replacement is needed when your balls are really dull that even sharpening them seems not to be a good idea.

As required, it is best to change the blades of a clipper at least once in three months.

This will help you accomplish a very smooth and easy shave in just a single stroke each time you place the clipper or trimmer on your skin.

Can I use rubbing alcohol to clean my clippers?

There are many ways to clean your clipper. It is not a nice thing to use dirty clipper blades. The use of rubbing alcohol to clean clippers is among the good ways to clean your clipper.

All you need to do is to take per 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol into a small measuring cup and pour it over the blades as you hold the clippers over the sink.

Once you can see dirt and hair falling into the sink after each pass then you will know that the clipper is getting cleaned.

Do you oil Ceramic clipper blades?

Lubrication of clipper blades, which also means oiling clipper blades is very essential in maintaining a clipper.

There are different types of clipper blades which include one made of stainless, titanium, ceramic, plastic and so on.

No matter the Nature of the clipper blade, it still remains important to Oil the blades after each use.

A ceramic blade can sharpen steel, this means that you should not leave them dry.

Do you need to oil Clippers?

Oiling of clipper blades can never be overemphasized. They ensure the smooth running and cooling of the clipper when in use.

Oiling your clipper blades ensures that you get the best performance out of your clipper.

The best time to oil your clipper blade is after each use and this should be done with hygienic spray.

Are ceramic clipper blades better?

One of the added advantages of using a clipper with ceramic blades is that they are corrosion-free. Unlike other clippers blades made of different material, a ceramic blade will stay up to 75 percent cooler when used over long periods of time.

They are better because they do not conduct high heat like blades made of steel. While a ceramic blade will help barbers in having a smooth and quick cut, they usually come really expensive.

How do barbers sanitize Clippers?

Sanitization and Disinfection of your clipper are very important. You do not want germs from a customer’s head to move into other customers.

This is why you should sanitize your clipper before using them on another person’s head. If you are worried about how to sanitize your clipper then you have no idea how simple it is.

By simply removing the debris from the clipper, disassembling the body parts and applying a  liquid disinfectant to wipe down the blades, teeth, and accessories of the clippers is all you need to know about sanitization.

Bear in mind that you should not submerge any electrical components of your clippers, it can spoil the functionality of the clipper as a whole.

Final Words on Best Sharpener for Clipper Blades

We hope you have been able to get the information you need on best sharpener for clipper blades. Let us know how it goes when you buy yours.

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