Transdermal Electrolysis Review

What you need to know about Transdermal Electrolysis Review

This is a procedure that is fundamentally advanced compared to the normally known methods of electrolysis for hair removal. It can be administered to large areas of your body to remove unsolicited hairs permanently without the pain of needles or the cost of laser. It works by the utilization of electrode patches, swabs, or specialized tweezers.

Transdermal electrolysis can specifically be said to mean “Through the skin”. For this reason, it means the application of electricity through the skin without the use of a needle.

One major difference between these methods of electrolysis is that transdermal doesn’t involve piercing of needle into your skin.

Basic Facts About Transdermal Electrolysis

The promoters of transdermal electrolysis believe that this electrified cotton swab can remove your hair permanently, but scientifically, it is not proven so.

Description of How Transdermal is Done

  • Conductive gel is first of all spread on your skin.
  • And then, electricity is passed through a cotton swab which is touched to the gel spread on your skin.
  • The electricity is expected to move down the hair follicle and permanently destroy the hair root.

Quack Claims about Transdermal electrolysis

It is believed that some quack claims surround the transdermal method of electrolysis and I am going to point out those claims shortly. Here they are:

  • Transdermal is painless and permanent
  • It doesn’t have any side effect
  • It is clinically proven
  • It is more effective than electrolysis and done without a needle.
  • Your hair can conduct sufficient energy to kill the root
  • It offers your client permanent hair removal
  • And it is a great home business.

The above are the quack beliefs according to the critics surrounding transdermal electrolysis as far as this article is concerned.

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Background of Transdermal Electrolysis?

It is true that knowledge has its own background and this gives us a reason to see to the circumstantial of transdermal electrolysis. The devices used in transdermal electrolysis are seriously upheld to beauticians through trade shows and magazines.

Many of the users also claim that the devices work as claimed, and as a result, invested their money into the treatment. If it works for them fine, it doesn’t mean these people are unwitty as some people opined.

I will equally give sincere advice that you should apply for a professional electrolysis treatment even though I will not condemn the transdermal method.

History Behind Transdermal Electrolysis?

Yeah, you can pick up your popcorn now, and then read along as we vent into the history of transdermal electrolysis.

After the U.S Federal Trade Commission hammered charges against the Removatron electric Tweezer, a North Carolina beauty salon owner that was known as Huber Lee Cole began American Hair Removal System – AHRS and the patented DC  electric tweezers.

Back in the early 90s, Cole had a partner called Mark Chandler, M.D whom they both agree to modify their TE 629 electric Tweezer. They were able to ascertain that they could swap their electric tweezers with an electrified cotton swab and get the same solution for hair removal.

This is what gave birth to the word “transdermal” electrolysis; furthermore, the modified devices were sold with the electric Tweezer tool as elective treatment.

Just like I cited above, both the transdermal electrolysis and its apparatus were not scientifically approved, therefore they have to be massively promoted illegally as painless and permanent hair removal.

In 1999 FDA declared in a letter that it had not evaluated these claims revealed above.

On 2 April 2001, FDA informs the original manufacturer of this transdermal device that they have violated the federal law in making the claim that the electrolysis process is painless and permanent hair removal.

Clinical Data

There is no gathered clinical data that transdermal electrolysis hair removal method can cause permanent hair removal. The reason for the rejection is that the claims by the sponsors contradict the laws of physics. Human hair or hair in general according to science is a poor conductor of electricity.

Skin is a good conductor of electricity and conductive gel is an exceptional conductor.

Electricity flows through a path of least resistance, thus, any energy that is applied by the device will not travel down the hair. It will only dispel across the gel on the surface of the skin.

The approved method of permanent hair removal is painful and the reason is that it requires energy to destroy hair follicles when it comes in contact with them due to the rich pack of nerves surrounding each hair.

Imagine plucking of the hair, laser and waxing, that hurt, and yet are classified as a temporary hair removal method. If the transdermal method does not hurt, the reason is that the energy is not strong enough to stimulate the nerves not to mention the destruction of the hair follicles permanently – a claim from critics.

For this reason, the critics concluded that the painless and permanent hair removal claimed by the manufacturer is quark.

Another attack on this device is that the critics claimed that the promoters have not offered a valid proof that their device works as claimed.

Human diversity is complex, there are people that believed and accepted that transdermal electrolysis works and it is advance, despite the karate approach the critics used to kick it against the wall.

I have gathered some of the upper hands of transdermal electrolysis against the traditional methods as claimed by the admirers. Here they are as mentioned:

  • Because it doesn’t involve needles, many people will embrace this method of electrolysis since it claims it can painlessly remove hair permanently. In that case, it is a welcome development.
  • The traditional method of electrolysis requires piercing of needles into the skin and also comes with tedious pain that may be unbearable to some clients, so if they have such an alternative as transdermal, they will quickly embrace it.
  • Transdermal has been greatly promoted and people are said to have been embracing it since it claims that it can remove unwanted hair permanently without the use of a needle.
  • It is a newer technology compared to the traditional method. There is a likeliness that due to curious nature human, people will quickly embrace it instead of the traditional method that hurts. I think I will also go for a painless machine if it is true.

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Advantages of Transdermal Electrolysis

  • Just like the traditional hair removal method, transdermal lead to permanent hair removal too but with painless and no needles approach.
  • It is more essential to remove hair from sensitive areas of the body, and for this reason, has an advantage over the traditional method.
  • It doesn’t leave you with skin irritation as often seen in traditional electrolysis. For this reason, if you have a transdermal treatment, you will be safe from skin burning, bruises, scabbing, scarring, or swelling of the skin as a result of treatment.
  • There is a little or insignificant risk of infection with transdermal electrolysis. Transdermal electrolysis is beneficial for the treatment of conditions such as ingrown hairs and distorted follicles.
  • It is now claimed to be growing in a larger number as it is available in many clinics these days. For this reason, many people are enjoying the painless and permanent hair removal of this method.

AVX400 Salon Quality Permanent Hair Removal Transdermal Electrolysis System

This is an example of a transdermal electrolysis system, and evidence that it has been accepted by many beauty salons. If it works for others, fine, it is a welcome development and there is no course to condemn it.

This device is a promising device; it is designed to remove your hair without a single pain and doesn’t work with needle, unlike the traditional electrolysis system. It can give permanent smoothness to your skin and those unwanted hairs will not come up ever again.

This device is made of Electrical Output Range: 300K to 24,000K µV (10V-6), there is no needle and more advances than ever. It is quite expensive, no customer reviews yet.

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Conclusion on Transdermal Electrolysis Review

Based on the contents of this article, it is left to you to decide whether to go for this advanced method of electrolysis or not. I have been able to talk about two sides of two different people. One for transdermal, and the other against it, and as such, the superior argument should be considered first before any further treatment. We expect to see your feedback in the comment box.

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