Are Electric Razors Better for Ingrown Hairs?

Are electric razors better for ingrown hairs? We are about to find out in this article. One of the reasons men switch to electric shavers is a comfort during and after the shave.

Most men will observe drastically, clear improvement. Meanwhile, there has been some doubt as to if this is the most effective method to tackle ingrown hairs.

Before we further ahead, do you know what an ingrown hair really is?

Those small red bumps that keep turning up after you shave? Those are ingrown hairs. They happen when hair curls back on itself as it grows, re-entering (or sometimes never exiting) the skin.

I bet you are about to ask me the causes of ingrown hairs. Well, let me spell it out here that everyone gets ingrown hairs.

Sometimes it’s a one-off or just nature’s way of telling you that you’re destined for Gandalf levels of beardedness. More often, razor bumps are caused by bad shaving and neglect. That’s why ingrown hair prevention starts with rethinking your facial maintenance routine.

Speaking about the maintenance routine, the best tool to use is AN ELECTRIC RAZOR

Are electric razors great for ingrown hairs?

Electric razors are better for ingrown hairs. The blades in an electric razor are surrounded with guards to protect the skin from the moving blades. These guards in some electric razor has holes and slots that catches the hair and lifts them upward, allowing the blades to clip them more effectively. 

In other words, these features found in electric razors are best suitable in the context of  ingrown hairs. 

Read on to know more about how electric razors work.

What are electric razors?

Are electric razors better for ingrown hairs?

An electric razor uses spinning blades or blades that oscillate back and forth to cut the coarse hairs on the face tightly to the skin.

It is true that modern electric razors can provide a close shave at home. While they can’t quite match the closeness of the shave you’d receive from a talented barber, they’re far more convenient and safe than the straight razor. Especially when you are using it in your homes.

One of the best features of modern electric razors is the ability to use them in wet or dry environments, as well as with shaving gel or foam. The heads on the electric shavers will flex singularly from each other, allowing the razor to match the contours of your face, which helps you achieve a closer shave.

Due to the undeniable fact that some men aren’t lucky when it comes to anything shaving, In this article, we’ll see what we can do in order to reduce it to a minimum and even prevent the downside of the electric razor from happening.

While razor burn affects mostly men who shave frequently with a razor blade, it can still be an issue in the case of electric shaving. This leads us to how you can do away with razor burn — just in case you mishandled them.

How To Avoid Razor Burn And Irritation From Electric Shavers

Are electric razors better for ingrown hairs?

Among other good reasons, men switch to electric shavers because of the comfort they get during and after the shave. And that is why it is recommended for ingrown hairs.

But in a case where you have sensitive skin that is prone to irritation you are more likely to be affected by razor burn.

So why is razor burn still present with electric shavers? After all, we’re not dealing with a blade that comes in direct contact with the skin anymore.

The major cause is actually excessive pressure. This, along with a more aggressive electric shaver can easily cause severe razor burn.

Based on my research and experience, razor burn caused by electric shavers can be avoided/eliminated effectively via the following steps below

1. Use the right electric shaver

It is important that you use a suitable electric shaver. An electric razor that is gentle to the skin and doesn’t get hot during use would be a good starting point.

Even if you get everything right, you simply can’t make up for a shaver that’s plain bad if you want to eliminate or at least reduce razor burn. You need a perfect electric razor to buy? Read on. I’ve got something for you!

2. Lubricate the foils and blades

Needless to say, lubrication is important for the comfort of the shave and the lifespan of your shaver’s blades.

If your electric shaver doesn’t come with an automatic cleaning station or you simply don’t use the station on a regular basis, you must lubricate the shaver yourself.

In order to reduce the heat generated during use and also prolong the life of the blades, you need lubrication.

3. Keep the Shaver and your face as dry as possible. (Dry shaving only)

While washing your face and regularly exfoliating the skin is mandatory for healthy skin, avoid doing it right before a dry shave.

Ensure that your razor is perfectly dry as well for optimal performance and comfort.

It is important that you also use a pre-electric shave lotion. If you prefer to shave dry (and most men do), I highly recommend using a pre-shave lotion.

4. A quality shaving cream should be used (wet shaving only)

If your electric razor allows wet & dry operation, grab a good shaving cream and give it a try. It just might be your most comfortable shave yet.

Are you suffering from razor burn and haven’t tried wet shaving yet? Oh man, you’re probably missing out on an ample opportunity.

Since steam and hot water will open the pores, causing the hairs to stand straight, then you should take a hot shower before shaving.

Using plenty of warm water for your face with a mild cleanser two times a week with a gentle scrub is advisable as well. Do not forget to exfoliate the skin

5. Shaving technique – Don’t press too hard

If you’ve been reading this post, you will notice that this is an example of the major cause of razor burn as I have mentioned earlier. It is probably the main cause of razor burn when using an electric shaver.

Some users just assume that it’s safe to apply more pressure simply because there’s no blade directly touching the skin.

I’ll call that a totally wrong assumption. If you constantly have to press harder or do additional strokes then it’s time to change the blades or buy a better razor.

In most cases or Most of the time, you should allow the shaver to do all the work for you.

One more thing, a cool shaving head, more battery charge, more patience and thoroughness from your part is an advantage to starting off with the most sensitive area. For the majority of men, that would be the neck.

6. Shave against the grain

If you want hairs to be effectively captured by the foils, the direction of the stroke should be against the grain.

In the case of rotary razors, the overlapping circular movements will ensure an efficient shave. It’s a good idea to try both clockwise and counterclockwise strokes depending on the direction of the grains.

For a complete guide on shaving technique, I recommend this post HERE

Please, allow your skin to heal between shaving sessions. If razor burn is still present to some degree, you may want to wait a bit more before shaving again. Simple.

You make things worse by Going over a rash, even with a gentle electric razor!

In my opinion, I think Shaving every two days should be a good compromise because the length of the hairs will still be manageable for a capable razor.

What are the qualities of an electric razor that are better for ingrown hairs ?

A very good electric razor should have some important features and qualities that will enable it to function well and for a long period of time. Before we can completely say that an electric razor is good for ingrown hair, here are some important qualities that must not be missing in them. 

Multiple cutting elements

In my opinion, a suitable electric razor should have a minimum of three individual cutting elements. This is because more blades will improve the shaving experience to a particular extent in the case of coarse facial hair. 

Unlike men who have light beards, it will be difficult for men with heavy beads to avoid a very dense stubble. In other words, there are more hairs to cut during a shaving session.

Powerful motor

No matter what the situation is, an electric razor with a very powerful motor will be more beneficial. But when you want to use them on coarse hair, powerful motors are highly required.

What you will find in the fiction of a decent razor and a powerful one is what a powerful motor can serve.  When you use a razor to cut through coarse hair, serious power is required to cut them well. Especially ones that are dense stubble and thick. You will get significant performance from a motor with high speed that will save your time and effort.

Wet or dry shaving

While it may not be a compulsory thing to put in mind, I’d advise anyone with sensitive skin to go for wet shaving.

An electric razor that can go on wet operation is best for men with coarse beards. To completely reduce the risk of Ingrown hairs, the use of effective shaving cream can further improve the comfort of shaving. Electric razor that can allow you to shave in the shower sounds appealing. The best thing to use, apart from s shaving cream is the pre-shave lotion. It works very effectively and takes no time to apply. 

Sharp blades

Needless to say, an electric razor with obviously dull blades is a dead razor. When you use dull blades, they can yank hairs and make the closeness of the shave suffer. A razor with sharp blades will allow you to achieve a successful cut without any negative effects.

Dull blades are often caused by frequent use of the razor through tough beards. If this is the case, you may need to replace them regularly. The best time to replace the blades and foils as recommended by the manufacturer should be the moment you start noticing that it does not cut as effectively as when you first got it.

How to prevent ingrown hairs

Are electric razors better for ingrown hairs?

I’m certain that the problem of ingrown hair has brought you to read this article. Well, here’s our definitive guide to ingrown hair prevention, so you can stop bumps in their tracks.

There is forever an inevitable pain that accompany ingrown hairs when you shave not just your beard but any part of the body. It may be easy to find out ways to cure them. Even natural remedies that you can access easily. But the best option is to know how to prevent them. This goes with the saying that prevention is better than cure. To avoid the pain of ingrown hairs and also the stress and expenses of treating it when it occurs, there are some important steps to take to prevent.

Places that has hairs in your body that are prone to ingrown hairs include your legs, armpits, arms, and face. And ingrown hair can be very painful in these areas.

It will be much easier to even cure ingrown hairs in the places mentioned above. But when you have ingrown hairs in sensitive areas of the body like the public area, treatment may just be like frying pan to fire.

This is more reason why you should look out for ways to prevent than ways to cure. While you can consult a certified dermatologist to learn the best ways to avoid ingrown hairs on the skin, I have put together all you need to know about the prevention of Ingrown hairs.

If you have been reading closely since the beginning of this article, you must have learnt that ingrown hairs are likely to occur mostly where there is friction in the skin. In other words, they occur in places that has shorter hairs. They are common in people with curly and coarse hair after shaving, tweezing or waxing.

On a lighter note, ingrown hairs on places like the legs will resolve on their own and may not cause any problems. To help you prevent this, there are some ways they can be prevented when you shave and that is what we are going to look into now. It is best to avoid shaving, tweezing and waxing in the prevention. But if that is something you can not do, the tips here should help you.

1. Grow a beard

Yes, this is particularly one of the easiest ways. Well, depending on your perception of beards, it may not be an easy way.

If you Grow a massive, magnificent full beard, and keep it in check with a decent trimmer, you are on your way to avoiding ingrown hairs.  Just in case you want to learn how to take care or  grow  your any new face fuzz check out this post HERE

2. Cleanse and exfoliate before shaving

Without tongues in the cheek, exfoliating removes dead skin that can trap hairs and turn them into razor bumps.

Lightly scrub your face (and I mean lightly – don’t go down south) with a product that is designed for your face. No steel wool, please note.

3. Turn up the heat

Heat opens up your pores, so you can get a close shave without irritating your skin – making it one of the best ways to prevent ingrown hairs. Hold a hot towel over your face before you shave, or shave right after you get out of the shower.

4. Keep it sharp and clean

If you have an electric shaver, wash it regularly and order new components as needed, depending on the tool you’re using and how steely and grizzled your hair is.

*Note: Sharp blades will move over your skin easily; blunt ones will tug*

If you’re using a manual razor, replace it (or its blades) after every five uses – and rinse it after each stroke to prevent ingrown hairs. Whatever you’re using to shave, (in this case, we are talking of electric razors, yeah?) keep it sharp and clean. The smartest move is to get *trimmers with self-sharpening blades*

5. Don’t shave too close

To tell you the gospel truth, Manual razors can do a lot of damage, especially if you press too hard. Really! That is why this post recommends electric razors. It gives you a shave that looks and feels close without massacring your skin.

And like I described earlier, They have a cover over the blades that keeps them from going close enough to irritate or cut the skin, shielding you from nicks and helping to prevent ingrown hairs too.

6. Hydrate your face

Another way to properly Prevent ingrown hairs on your face is by applying a decent aftershave balm or moisturizer.

Whether you are using a manual razor or electric razor, always hydrate your face aftershave.

7. An easy-going approach to ingrown hairs

I’ll repeat it here again, ingrown hairs can not be avoided always. Sometimes, ingrown hairs could sort itself out if left for a few days or so.

I will not squeeze it or dig into it with your nails or a tool if I were you.

A clean pair of tweezers will be good enough to tease the rest of the hair out  If some of the hair is poking out of the skin. Do you dig?

Buying the best electric razor

I’ve shared with you above, the necessary features of a good electric razor that is better for ingrown hairs. Now, looking for the best electric razor online may be a difficult task. I experienced a similar problem when I was searching for one to get a friend. 

I needed something effective, perfect and long-lasting. The best electric razor so far comes from the Braun. 

The Braun Series 9 has  5 synchronized shaving elements with the world’s strongest sonic technology. Its features outstandingly supersede some other products I’ve reviewed so far. 

It has an intelligent auto-sensing motor to shave more hair in one stroke than any other Shaver one could think of. It features a titanium blade and battery charge time is 1 hour.

It also has a very durable motor that will assure efficiency in each stroke. More hair is captured in every stroke with the innovative synchronic technology with 10, 000 micro-vibrations. It also features an integrated precision trimmer with a superior cutting performance that will facilitate effectiveness in trimming sideburns, beards or moustache. 

Verified Users also say that it is 100% waterproof and should last for about 7 years of usage. If you choose to use this particular series, I’d advise that you shave before showering.

The best way to use it is to stretch the skin and shave against the direction in which beards grow.  

When using this electric Shaver, ensure that it is held at a right angle (90°) to your skin always. Maintain an even pressure to get the best and smooth shave from the machine. 

Final Verdict on ‘Are electric razors better for ingrown hairs?’

After all being said, Electric Shavers are Best to Prevent Ingrown Hairs. If you need the best product on electric razors that will do an excellent job and last longer, we’ve got you covered. Check out this post HERE

Though an electric shaver does not you that close shave like manual shavers, safety razors or straight razors, it actually makes sense that this happens to prevent ingrown hair. So, if you want the most ideal clean shave, an electric razor may not be perfect for you However, if ingrown hair issue is the bane of your problem, then you know the type of razor to get.

Let me know if you’ve got any questions or comments.

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