Do Electric Razors Prevent Razor Bumps?

Do Electric Razors Prevent Razor Bumps? Let’s find out!

Razor bumps are usually caused based on the sharpness of the trimmer or clippers used for shaving or trimming the facial hair. They can also be caused based on the sensitivity of the skin. So one should understand his skin sensitivity before determining the type of electric razor to buy.

Does an Electric Razor Prevent Razor Bumps

It is known that the use of an electric razor can lead to a reduction in the growth of ingrown hairs on the face. This is based on the result that the blades of the electric razor cut levels above the skin.

Therefore, since electric razor reduces the amount of ingrown hair on the face, then razor bumps can be reduced or prevented. Every African American man should have an electric shaver because it is very good for their skin.

A typical example of Electric Razor to buy is the Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 9 9290cc.

Do Electric Razors Prevent Razor Bumps

Efficient, with the gentleness that makes every man want to have it in their safe, the Braun Electric Shaver will give you all you need to shave the hair that will not lead to razor bumps.

It possesses 5 synchronized elements that allow more hair to be trapped on the first shave. Powerful isn’t it?

It also has two specialized trimmers, which include titanium coating which allows the shaver to grab even the smallest of hair.

Braun possesses a titanium blade and allows you to charge for more than 1 hour.

Very mild on the skin with great sonic vibrations that allow the shave to move seamlessly, gentle on the surface of the skin.

Your Braun shaver can be wet or used in a watery space. You don’t need to be scared, the shaver is waterproof.

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Best Electric Shaver That Won’t Cause Razor Bump

Getting the right electronic shaver is the best way to fight against razor bump especially for those with sensitive skin.

Of course, finding the right electric shaver or trimmer won’t be an easy task, which is the reason the best has been collated for you.

1. WAHL 5 Star Bump Free Razor

Shaving can be painful if it leads to pain but it is what the majority are used to. However, with Wahl 5 star you can get your skin free of bumps and irritation.

Firstly, Wahl 5 Star comes with coated Hypolleargenic foil. This is a foil designed to prevent rashes and cut on the skin; providing a pleasant shaving experience.

Furthermore, it has a unique case that differentiates it from others in the same price range. Although, you may feel like it belongs to the 80s the machine used is not.

Another specification is that; it is lightweight and compact as it is easy to shave hair from hard to reach areas.

Reasons To Buy
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery that can for 60 minutes per charge.
  • It has hypoallergenic gold foil that can prevent the skin from irritation and razor bumps.
  • Package includes the shaver, foil guard, charging plug, cleaning brush, and operating instructions.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • No negative review yet

I can’t use a razor. I can’t use a regular electric shaver. I have Eczema. I use Magic Shave depilatory, which BURNS the hair off of my face. My barber one day accidentally used this particular shaver on my face and neck. I let him, but deep down I was panicking because I thought I would break out. I didn’t. So I bought one. It works, and I can use it in between the depilatory without a breakout.


2. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900

If achieving a clean and closer shave has always been an imagination for you, then you should get yourself a Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900 from Amazon.

The Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900 can allows you to cut twenty percent more hair. Also, it comes with three heads that move in eight different directions.

Furthermore, it can be used for shaving of wet and dry hair. That is you can shave your hairs while in the bathroom without getting bothered about getting it dried.

Reasons To Buy

  • It is designed to prevent skin irritation.
  • Presence of 3 levels LED battery indicator.
  • It can be used in the shower.

Reasons Not To Buy

  • A verified buyer made a complaint of the shaver being substandard.

I’ve been using electric shavers for a couple of decades. I had Norelco before and I loved them. My last one was from a cheap brand that only lasted for 2 months. I felt bad that I made up my mind not to buy another one, however thinking about it.

I decided to give it another try. I read a lot of reviews and it looked good. I bought it and it was the best shaver I owned. I have thick facial hair and it will go through without discomfort. I have gone 10 days without shaving.

Very impressed with it. A little pricey but worth every penny.


3. Philips Norelco Shaver 4500

The Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 is another best electric shaver that won’t cause razor bumps. It does not only provide a smooth and clean shave but also easy to use and maintain.

Presence of rotator shaver pivot makes it easy to remove hairs from hard to reach areas. Furthermore, it is gentle on the skin due to the dual precision system utilized. The head is of low friction, rounded and offering protection and comfort.

Also, Philip Norelco being confident offers a two-year warranty.

Reasons To Buy

  • It provides wet and dry shave while protecting the skin.
  • It comes with a full 2-year warranty.
  • It is easy to maintain and clean.

Reasons Not To Buy

  • A buyer made a complaint about poor customer service.

It charges quickly and shaves my heavy beard adequately. However, it’s a bit heavier than I’d like. It also does not have a digital display such as the Suprent electric razor, telling you how many minutes left on a charge.

For this reason alone, I keep the Philips at home and I keep the Suprent in my car.


Factors To Consider When Purchasing Bump Free Razor

There are dime dozens of razors out there, from cheap to cost-effective and so on. Nevertheless, not all are good for a skin that is sensitive or prone to break out. Keeping this in mind, a list of factors to consider before buying a razor that won’t cause razor bump is being provided below:


The price of electronic shavers is very important. Afterall quality is all you need, Still, you need to realize that spending should be prioritized. That is making sure you buy only what you need not otherwise.


The number of years that the shaver can be used for should be checked out, spending your money wisely is a priority. Make sure that the razor you are buying is protected by a 1 or 2-year warranty.

Wet and Dry

Getting the face wet can help reduce the pain that will be experiencing. Therefore, you need an electronic shaver that can be used in a wet and dry environment.

First and foremost, you’ll be able to shave your hair in the shower.


It is important to buy an electric shaver that can use gently on the face’s contours. Some razors are flat and their heads cannot move around the face easily.

Putting this in mind you need a razor with a flexible head. That is, the head should be able to move smoothly around contours without disturbance and discomfort.


With the list of best electric shaver that won’t cause you skin bump being provided it should become a thing of the past. Also, you will be able to make decisions by going through the factors to consider before buying an electric shaver for sensitive skin.

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