Does Rubbing Your Face Help Your Beard Grow?

Does rubbing your face help your beard grow? What do you think?

Does Rubbing Your Face Help Your Beard Grow?

No. Not necessarily.

Rubbing your face can help stimulate and encourage the flow of blood to your face, but it cannot necessarily make your facial hair grow.

If you have issues growing your beard, then it might either be because, genetically you cannot grow unless you have a beard transplant or you have beard growth issues that can easily be solved by using the right organic beard ingredients.

Rubbing your face can help with skin exfoliation; opening up your skin pores to allow for hair to breathe on your face. Clog pores can also be opened up and cleared by rubbing your face, but automatically making your skin grow? That’s far-fetched.

The idea is to try everything possible to make your face ready for beard growth, enabling the perfect condition for your facial hair to spurt out. However, this is not enough, as there is more to do than just rubbing your face.

Asides from rubbing your face, you need to do other things like determining whether you can really grow beards on your face, washing and cleaning your face with organic soaps and oils. Using the necessary beard growth products like beard growth cream, beard growth oil on your face.

So you can see now that rubbing your face only is not enough to make your beard growth.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How Long Does It Take To Grow Beard Hairs? 

How it takes beard hairs to start growing depends on quite a number of factors. It can take tw0 to three months before beard hairs start growing, however, rubbing your face is the least of things that can help it grow.

Rubbing your face only helps ensure proper blood circulation, enabling needed nutrients to be transported to the hair follicles and others. Also, you need to know that, two to three months is for strands of beard hairs to start showing, it takes more time to grow full beard hair.

Other Factors That Determine Beard Growth. 

It takes more than rubbing your face to grow beard hairs, and you must at least meet up with other criteria to grow a substantial amount of beard hairs. Aside from proper blood circulation, other factors that determine beard growth are genetics, diet, age, environment, and Testosterone.

Genetics plays a vital role in beard growth.  The chance of growing beard is mostly by genetic makeup if you grow up seeing your dad grow a substantial amount of facial and body hair then your chance is high as well. Although, you may be finding it difficult now, give it time and make sure other factors fall into place.

Another factor that determines your chances of growing beard is your environment. That is your birthplace or where you stay during puberty decide your chances of beard growth. The effect of the environment on beard growth is due to the climate and lifestyle. Hot climate helps to be more active and create metabolism that encourages hair growth.

Also, you should keep a tab on your diet the same way you are stimulating beard growth by rubbing your facial hair. You will definitely need it as beard growth and diet are very much related. What nutrient do you expect the blood to carry to the hair follicle?

At the time you are stimulating proper blood circulating, the foods you eat should not shortfall of  Vitamin A, B, C and E, Omega 3 fatty acids, protein, and carotene. And they can found in foods such as eggs, nuts, raisins, potato, gelatin, beef, fish and oranges.

Another factor is the testosterone level in the body system. Research made us believe that the amount of sensitivity of your body to Testosterone and Dihydro-testosterone decides the rate of beard hair growth. And in a case where the body system is a shortfall of theses hormones, testosterone boosters can be purchase from Amazon.

What Hormone Is Responsible For Growing Beard Hairs?

The two primary male hormones responsible for beard hair growth are dihydrotestosterone and testosterone. But testosterone is the one responsible for hair follicle priming, DHT promotes the linear growth of facial hair.

What Can I Rub On My Face To Grow A Beard? 

When your rubbing for face for blood circulation, you can try adding peppermint, almond and coconut oil to name a few. Pour a few drops of any of the oil unto your palm then massage it your facial skin. Using it after your beard hair starts to grow will help in creating the right needed for proper beard hair growth.

At what age does a beard grow fully?
Men typically start to grow facial hair right from the puberty stage and in some cases adolescence, which is between the age of seventeen to twenty years, and it takes years to finish developing full adult beard hair. In short, the age that a beard has grown fully depends on your definition of fully grown beard hairs.
Can I Brush My Beard For Faster Beard Growth? 

Brushing your beard hairs is similar to the function performed by rubbing of the face. However, brushing the beard can only be practice at the early stage of beard growth, brushing will exfoliate your skin, helps distribute natural oils through your beard hairs, stimulates proper blood flow and increase beard growth as blood can easily carry nutrients to the hair follicles.

 What Oil Can I Rub-On My Face For Beard Growth? 

There are dime dozens of beard oils that can be rub on the face overnight instead of rubbing alone, making use of best beard of 2020 will ensure that you give your skin the right environment needed for beard growth, and if you find it absurd making use of beard oil you can make use of beard cream.

One of the few oils you can apply to your beard hairs is the argan oil. Argan oil is a natural moisturizer that is packed with vitamin E that helps dry hair skin while soothing against damage.

How Do You Use Jojoba Oil On The Face? 

Jojoba oil is known to be mild and can be applied directly to the face without mixing with any other liquid materials. However, you can decide to mix with other oils such as tea tree oil or coconut oil.

To apply jojoba oil to your face, you can apply to the face by moistening your fingers with a few drops. Gently rub the oil into your face and neck using small, circular motions.

What Contribution Does Rubbing The Face Has On Beard Growth? 

Although the effectiveness of face rubbing mostly goes unnoticed, rubbing your face as someone who is interested or into beard growth will help in getting rid of dead skin cells. Also, it can remove dirt that may be blocking the hair follicle from pushing out hairs.

Here you have read on the effects of rubbing the face on beard growth, recommendations on the type of oil that can be used when rubbing the face and how to get it done.

Although the significance of face rubbing mostly goes unnoticed, doing it will ensure you are a step close to grow the beard hairs you have always wanted.

However, during the period of you rubbing your face, you should ensure your hands are clean from dirt and that can be done by you washing them thoroughly.

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