How Often Should You Oil Your Beard Trimmer

How often should you really Oil Beard Trimmer?

Beard trimmers should be oiled immediately after usage. According to Wahl’s FAQ page, it is ideal that you should oil your beard trimmers regularly after usage in order to maintain a good performance. For best result, it is recommended that you should put one or two drops of oil on your beard trimmer blades when necessary.

This signifies that you don’t need to over oil your blade. It is in fact recommended that you should approximately oil it once a month for personal use, once a day for commercial use.

Oiling your Beard Trimmer

How Often Should You Oil Your Beard Trimmer

How do you oil your trimmer?

We need to identify simple tips on how to oil your beard trimmer. This will help in the extension of the trimmer’s performance.

Turn on the trimmer and hold the unit ensuring that the blades are facing down and then apply one or two drops of oil on the blades. Clean up excess oil with a clean soft towel or cloth.

You shouldn’t over oil the blade because excess oiling can cause damage to your trimmer.

Why do you need to lubricate your trimmer?

You should oil your trimmer blade to ensure the best performance. Mostly, trimmer blades that are not oiled pull out your hair and as such, you don’t want it to happen to you.

Clipper Oil

How Often Should You Oil Your Beard Trimmer

Clipper Oil is a specially formulated oil that is made to keep your trimmer or clipper blades clean and lubricated.  It is a liquid that enhances the performance of your beard trimmer tool,  and also prevents the trimmer from pulling your hair while shaving.

There are various clipper oils on amazon which we are going to recommend for you. So follow up and check out the best for you.

What kind of oil is clipper oil

Clipper oil is simply mineral oil. It is the oil recommended by Wahl to be applied on your trimmer blades.

Can you use baby oil on clippers or trimmers?

How Often Should You Oil Your Beard Trimmer

Yes, it is okay to use baby oil on your beard trimmers and clippers. This is usually recommended when you desire to avoid thicker oils that are known to clog the trimmer blades. You are free to replace trimmer oil with baby oil.  The same method of the application of the normal trimmer blade oil should be applied when using baby oil.

Can you use WD-40 on your trimmer or clipper blades?

We don’t actually recommend that you should use WD-40 and other penetrating lubricants because often time; they don’t work well. A lot of them smell terrible and you will not like to mess up with some customers on the professional level, besides, these oils are not real.

They are better described as water displacers and rust inhibitors. For this reason, they can’t do your trimmer any good except for a very short time.

Do you oil new brand trimmers or clippers

Yes. Wahl is an authority that has been in existence over many decades. The company recommended that you should oil your new trimmer before usage. Oiling your blades ensures you get the longest span and best performance out of it.

Recommended Beard trimmer Oil You Should Use

Here are various types of beard trimmer oil we found online, we are sure you will like them due to their reputation and good reviews.

Wahl Clipper Oil

We recommend this oil for you because of its effectiveness when it comes to aiding the performance of your clippers.  It helps in speeding up the function of your trimmer, and drastically reduce friction and heat caused by unlubricated blades.  It prevents the blades from easily getting dull when used over time. It is a liquid designed with 4 fluid oz.

Oster Blade Lube

This is another good quality product. It has amazing features that make it stand out among others.  With dozens of good reviews, Oster has gathered a lot of advantages over the years.

It is made of a 4-ounce dropper bottle. It Keeps clipper blades and bearings lubricated for maximum efficiency as you may desire. It is refined white mineral oil of the highest purity and approved as a lubricant by the USDA you can find in the Amazon market. It can be used regularly to maintain a light film of oil between upper and lower parts of the blade in order to give you a better performance.

Panasonic Oil for Electric Shavers

How Often Should You Oil Your Beard Trimmer

Try this lubricant and see the good performance it has on your trimmer blade. It is made by the popular Panasonic. It has good features that make sense and we hope you should try it out. Here are some of the features:

Features & details

It is a Lubricating oil that is designed to be used on a range of Panasonic shavers to be precise.

It is stored in a Panasonic oil bottle care oil for long hair beard and hair trimmer blade cutting units which is odorless.

It is made to be suitable for all Panasonic shavers.

You are free to apply a drop of oil to the shaver head as may be necessary for the lubrication

It contains approximately 6ml of Appliance Oil.

How to Disinfect your Beard Trimmer?

After oiling your beard trimmer, it is ideal to also disinfect it to maintain cleanliness both for the trimmer and the human skin. This act is called the proper maintenance of the grooming kit. Just like your clothes, your trimmer is also entitled to cleanliness from time to time.

It is ideal that you wash or clean your beard trimmer after usage in order to remove dead skin,  hair and debris pile up on your beard trimmer. This is because the pile-up does not only affect the performance of the trimmer but equally makes it harmful to human skin.  It may pull up your hair or introduce bacteria to your skin due to the germs contaminated.

Clean with Brush

Electric trimmers always come with a brush. The function of the brush is to help you remove excess hair that clogs to the blades. Use the brush to remove the excess hair after every use to clean the blades.

Failure to remove the hair clogs from the blades makes them get inside the trimmer and causes problems such as jamming. Ensure you practice this step each time you make use of your beard trimmer.

While cleaning the beard trimmer, allow the trimmer on for twenty minutes to remove any hair stuck inside, it will loosen up and you can now clean it effortlessly.

If there is still some hair in the crevices and seems so difficult to take it out, don’t hesitate to use a cotton swab or toothpick to remove it. You can now use the brush once again to thoroughly clean the crevices and blades to be sure of proper cleaning.

Oil the trimmer

As you buy a high-quality beard trimmer, a little bottle of oil usually comes with it, it is not there for fancy. In fact, most people do not know the value of this oil is for the trimmer. If you want your trimmer to keep running smoothly all you need to do is keep the blades lubricated.

Just like any other machine, a beard trimmer requires lubrication regularly so that it can work fine.

Probably, your trimmer does not come with oil, there is no big deal if you use baby oil or olive oil—they are also good lubricant recommended for beard trimmers. Don’t use an oil like motor oil, extra virgin olive oil or Vaseline. They are not good for trimmer’s lubrication. They will ruin the trimmer.

After you have cleaned the trimmer with the brush and remove all the hair, debris and dirt, ensure that you switch off the trimmer and then apply one or two drops of mineral oil on the blades. Applying excess oil is not good on trimmers, there, it is essential that you economize the oil for a better result. n this case, the less oil poured, the better and not the other way around.

Wash your Beard Trimmer

Some beard trimmers are washable, if you check your trimmer manual and observed that it is washable, then you are free to follow this step.

After brushing away the excess hair from the trimmer, you can now wash it by putting the shaver head under running water to clean it properly.

You should put a little soap on the blade and turn the trimmer on to allow the soap to get into the blade. Then, wash it with cold or lukewarm water.  This method is effective, and will easily clean off all the dead skin, hair, and grease trapped in the trimmer.

How to Store your Beard Trimmer?

Now that you know how often you should oil your beard trimmers, it is also essential that you know how to store them properly. Together, it makes up good maintenance for the trimmer and the user.

It is necessary that you should keep your beard trimmer in a dry and cool place while storing it. For instance,  you can keep a small grooming box where you can store the items to keep them from getting damaged. The habit of keeping everything in one place also ensures easier identification.

It is also important that you put beard trimmers out of the reach of kids. Remember, these children are innocent and don’t know the expense they may cause you if they damaged your trimmer. The trimmer’s battery may be detachable, still, allow it to be inside of the trimmer. Taking them out will eventually damage the trimmer’s charging capacity.

With these tips, we hope you will now be able to oil your trimmers properly, disinfect them as supposed, and also store them properly for longevity.

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