How Do You Prevent Ingrown Hair When Using an Electric Razor?

How Do You Prevent Ingrown Hair When Using an Electric Razor?

An electric razor is also known as a dry razor or electric shaver is a device with a rotating or oscillating blade.

The razor is sometimes powered by a DC motor, which itself is powered either by a battery or the main electricity source. Especially these modern days, many electric shavers are powered by rechargeable batteries.

I have seen people with ingrown hairs due to shaving, and for this reason, I am tempted to write on the reason it happens and how to prevent them. The question is what causes ingrown hairs?

The answer will be provided when we know the root of the conflict. As usual, let me quickly declare what ingrown hairs are, and what causes them to appear on your skin.

What are Ingrown Hairs?

Ingrown hairs are said to be a condition in which your hair curls back and grows sideways into the skin. This condition without any doubt is common with people with coarse or curly hair.

Sometimes, it may be as a result of the infection of the hair follicle or razor bumps and can vary in size.

Signs and Symptoms of Ingrown Hair

The symptoms of ingrown hair in your skin include itching skin, rash, and your hair will remain in spite of shaving. Once the ingrown hair begins to appear, you will see a reddish, raised bump that looks like pimples.

How to prevent ingrown hairs when using an electric razor

Indeed there is a prevention for ingrown hairs, And I am going to show you all that it entails.

1. Determine what irritates your skin

Determine whether shaving or waxing irritates your skin and hair while you shave. Also, you must know how to shave with an electric razor properly in order to prevent ingrown hairs.

The prevention of ingrown hairs also involves preparing the skin before shaving with an electric razor.

2. A moderate application of lubrication

There must be a moderate application of lubrication such as shaving cream, gel, or good soap on the skin if an ingrown hair is to be prevented.

All these factors are important as they play a big role in the prevention of Ingrown hair when using an electric razor.

Failure to follow this procedure will force your hair from underneath the surface of the skin and as such will result in ingrown hair.

3. Apply less force when shaving

Make sure you do not apply too much force as it could also contribute to cutting hair shorter than the surrounding corium.

4. Set the precision for your electric razor to 1mm or 0.5mm

If you are using a beard trimmer, ensure that you set the precision to 1 mm or 0.5 mm to prevent ingrown hair.

5. Permanent hair removal also helps

Permanent shaving if hair with the uses of laser hair removal or electrolysis treatment can help in preventing ingrown hairs.

What is the Easiest way to treat ingrown hairs? 

Ingrown hairs caused by electric razors can be treated in so many ways.

The use of tweezers can be used to treat ingrown hairs such that hairs are painfully removed individually. This is actually a painful method of hair removal that may have you looking away for other solutions.

You can dislodge with a notable medical device for ingrown hairs. Some people make use of laser hair removal while others embrace the use of electrolysis which in itself is painful too.

There are various products that help in the prevention and cure of Ingrown hair.  While some are alcoholic and other non-alcoholic, the alcoholic product used in preventing ingrown hair can cause skin irritation. Hence, it is recommended to use the non-alcoholic ones.

In addition, Prophylactic treatment can be of great help to treat ingrown hairs. The treatments include twice-daily topical application of diluted glycolic acid.

An effective way to treat ingrown hair is the application of benzoyl peroxide. To get good results, it should be applied two times a day for several weeks.

The use of the salicylic acid solution is not effective when it comes to the treatments of ingrown hairs caused by electric razor after shaving.

Some people use an exfoliating glove in the shower to exfoliate the affected areas. This can actually be a great way to treat ingrown hair.

Other treatments include shaving in a different direction, exfoliating with a facial scrub, brushes, sponges, towels, acidic creams, or salves.  Sometimes, you can even make use of ibuprofen or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment.

Review of Ingrown Hair Treatments Products

I can now do some reviews on various ingrown or razor bumps products for you to identify the most suitable one for you. Remember, I will always advise you to consider the quality and features of any product before you buy it.

This is our purpose on this platform, to ensure we recommend the best products for you following a standard set. Here are some of the products recommended:

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Razor Bumps Skin Care Lotion

Prevent Ingrown Hair When Using an Electric Razor


If your skin is already burning with the sensation of fire due to ingrown hair causing rough and irritating pain, here is a product that can tackle it for you.

It will soothe your irritated skin and then finally eliminate razor bumps and ingrown hair from your skin. If you miss your formal smooth skin, don’t worry, you have got the best product to give you back your lost skin.

Features & details

Here are the features and detail around this product:

  • If your skin is irritated and burning, this product soothes it for you with no hardship.
  • It will help you to remove the ingrown hairs and clear the razor bump to bring back your skin to normal.
  • It is a unique skincare lotion that is reliable and will be of great use for you at any time the need arises.
  • You can wet a cotton ball and apply to affected areas after shaving in order to get rid of the ingrown hair with time.
  • It is advisable that you should apply this unique product on the affected areas twice a day – one after shaving and again 12 hours later in the day for effective action.
  • As the condition improves, reduce the usage to only once a day after shaving.


Skin Lightener and Bump Fighter

Prevent Ingrown Hair When Using an Electric Razor


This is another indefatigable formula for your skin; it is made to mainly fight bump caused by ingrown hairs. Even though your skin is now dark due to the razor bumps, this product contains some ingredients that will get rid of those uncalled stains from your dear skin.

It is a 100% guarantee that you will get a fast solution when used, and this is a good reason why you should consider buying it.

If you observe the customer review under this product, you will realize that some customers are very excited about it while others whose skin perhaps reacted to it due to previous treatment are not happy about the product.

The good news is that majority of the customers that are satisfied with the products gave it five stars. This is enough a reason to consider the product.

Features and Details

The real name of the product is PFB Vanish + Chromabright, which indicates that it is another version of a previous product.

It still maintains the same ingredients with the formal product—PFB Vanish but with the addition of Dimethylmethoxy Chromanyl Palmitate, for the purpose of lightening the dark skin formed by the razor bumps.

This product is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation that was able to impede tyrosinase activities by 37%.  Embrace PFB Vanish + Chromabright; it is 45.9% more effective than Kojic acid and hydroquinone.

It is perfect to apply this unique product on the following parts of your body in case of ingrown hairs and razor bumps:

  • Inside things and bikini area
  • Underarms
  • Chin nape of the neckIt cures acne, suitable for all types of race skin, and gives you skin lightening result between 6 to 8 weeks of treatment.


Folliculitis Solution Medicated Body Wash
Prevent Ingrown Hair When Using an Electric Razor


At the first sighting of the customer reviews, I saw rains of five stars pouring on my screen; I thought that was the end of my PC. Fortunately, they were good reviews of this fantastic formula.

Whether you have exposed your skin to prolonged scorching heat, dust, and dirt in the natural environment, this is the body wash that can soothe your body to prevent irritation of any kind.

The product is good at cleaning your body and preventing it from rashes, itchiness, redness, and inflammation of the skin.

No matter how chronic your skin condition is, this very formula is equal to the task as it gives you great relief from mild chronic issues relating to your skin. Is it ingrown hair?

No worries, every battle, no matter how long it will take, has an ending.

It is 100% natural because the entire ingredients are natural products; therefore, it is better described as a herbal product that can give you the result you need.

Lastly, be guaranteed that the skin wash will make your skin glow naturally.

Features and Details

  • The product is a therapeutic, nondrying, and non-irritating formula that you can rely on.
  • It is a very effective cleanser for your hair follicles.
  • It is active in reducing excess oil from your skin and soothes folliculitis sensitive skin
  • It fights against ingrown hairs, stops itching and irritation of the skin


Best Home remedies to treat ingrown hairs

Quit the acid and chemicals, there are perfect homemade remedies that you can use to prevent and cure ingrown hairs.

This is something that is suffered by Both men and women. And everyone wants a solution that will not cost them much and in fact, something they can do by themselves.

After thorough research, here are the three main home remedy solutions that I have been able to put together to prevent and cure ingrown hair.

Ranging from taking necessary precautions for improving your shaving technique, wearing appropriate clothing, and using some natural skin products.

The combination of this measure will pose as a great factor to consider when preventing ingrown hair.

1. Allow your skin to breathe! 

In my opinion, this is a simple and effective way to prevent and cure Ingrown hairs. Make sure the clothes that you wear are not too tight in a way that it doesn’t allow air to go in freely.

When clothes are too tight to your skin, it doesn’t allow the skin to breathe. In that way, ingrown hairs will begin to form beneath the surface. Try wearing clothes that are 100% cotton and allow you to cool down.

And a good tip:

When you experience ingrown hairs, apply tea tree oil to the affected area. It reduces inflammation

2. Using the correct shaving techniques

They say prevention is far better than cure. The best way to prevent ingrown hair, something that is in your own hands, is shaving correctly. Do not use a multi-blade if you know that they will cause the formation of ingrown hairs. Be sure of what works for your skin as every one skin is different and reacts differently.

Another tip under this is to shave against the grain which will remove more hair than shaving with the grain. A good technique is shaving in the same direction that your hair grows.

3. Lastly, the Use of Natural Skin Products to cure ingrown hairs 

If you have come across any guide that mentioned natural remedies to cure ingrown hair and natural products were not recommended then it is not complete.

To cure ingrown hairs, there are some natural skin products that can help. I will highly recommend these for people who constantly struggle to cure ingrown hairs. The natural skin products are listed below.

  • Aloe vera
  • Lemon juice
  • Tea tree oil
  • Witch hazel
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Ice

The outcome of these items when they are used may vary from one person to another. So when you try one and it works pretty fine, then you should stick to it. If otherwise, try other ones listed above.

It will surely take time and require your patience and commitment. But at the end, and after you’ve done the needful, experiencing ingrown hair will be a thing of the past.

Conclusion on Preventing Prevent Ingrown Hair When Using an Electric Razor

Ingrown hairs are mostly caused when using electric razors if we don’t follow the right procedures to shave as mentioned above. When the need arises to get rid of the ingrown hairs, try to apply my recommendations above.

I also suggest that you see a dermatologist recommend the kind of antibiotics that is suitable for your kind of skin.

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