Is A Boar Bristle Brush Good For Your Beard?

Are you uncertain as to if a boar bristle is best for your beard or not? This post is for you, jump in!

Now that the beard growth thing, in recent times, has taken a whole new trend and most bearded men are really looking out for essential tools that they need to have in their possession in order to grow that magnificent, sexy looking beards. Interestingly, the female counterparts have found this seriously overwhelming for years.

Luckily, the topic before us today is a very straightforward one and I’ll be answering all that pertains to it in this article.

Is A Boar Bristle Brush Good For Your Beard?

Is A Boar Bristle Brush Good For Your Beard?

Boar bristle brush is very good in the even distribution of beard oil, creams and balms when they are applied on a beard. The bristles on the brush will effectively brush your facial hair and make them straight without much effort.

The Natural Boar Bristle brush helps in the trapping of oils in your hair and as such distributes it evenly. If you need a go-to brush that will help clean, brush your beard effectively, then the Boar Bristle Brush is just what you need.

Proper Grooming requires the use of a boar bristle brush! The boar bristle brush is an inevitable grooming item that should be in your arsenal as a bearded man.

The boar bristle brush is also more gentle on your skin and promotes healthy beard growth. However, keeping it in good condition should be a priority.

Boar bristle brushes are frayed brushes with rough edges (this, you will only discover under a microscopic view).

Before you come across these brushes, you have probably been doing harm to your beard hair with those plastic Bristles that have rough edges. Well, sad to say, they will make your facial hair weaker and cause a lot of split ends.

This is a major reason why most men will want to embrace using a boar bristle brush for their beards and even the hair on the head.

Using a plastic bristle brush that has sharper points can end up irritating your skin and makes it itchy. Your skip will only stay plump when they are massaged and not irritated. This, boar bristle brushes can guarantee you.

Any inflammation on your skin can lead to pores getting clogged which increases the risk of ingrown hairs. In contrast, A boars hair beard brush gently cleans out your pores and lessens the risk of ingrown hairs.

In addition, dirt, dust, and food particles in your beard can be easily removed using a boar bristle brush. Who doesn’t want to see his beard looking and even smelling fresh and clean?

Beards will look frizzy and a home to different particles when you continue using nylon or plastic bristles. Because it is impossible for these tools to brush out these particles. They create electric statics, worse off.

Why there is a need for you to brush your beard

Is A Boar Bristle Brush Good For Your Beard?

To give an appropriate answer to the question before us, we need to identify the purpose of even having a brush in the first place. How often do you brush your beard? Are there methods of properly brushing a beard?

Before I talk about boar bristle brushes, let me explain the reasons why there is a need for you to brush your beard properly.

Itchiness is reduced

The number one discouragement when it comes to beard growth is itchiness. They can frustrate a man into shaving anything. Really! One of the easiest ways to avoid or control itchy chin is by brushing your beards in a proper way and often.

You may ask what has itchiness got to do with brushing beards? Well, the underneath skin of your chin becomes dry as a result of the soaked natural oil.  You will also improve yourself by Brushing the beard as they help blood circulation thereby allowing the skin to remain plump and feel no itch.

It Smoothes Out the Beard

After applying a good beard cream, it is the duty of your beard brush to neatly distribute it on your beard.

With a regular bread brush, you are teaching the beard to adapt to the direction of growth you want it to go. Not only that but also straighten your beard hair.

You can now say bye to any fizziness as these brushes will train it to grow straighter, regardless of how much beard oil or balm you use.

Boosts Hair Growth

As one of the ways to promote your beard growth, the essence of regularly brushing your beard can never be omitted as it is a core responsibility for any bearded man. Generally, hair tends to grow faster when healthy. One of the ways to keep your beard healthy is by brushing it properly and regularly

As long as your skin remains a fundamental factor in growing facial hair, your beard will grow faster and stronger when it is cared for.

Fluffy, Healthy, and Shining beards

Application of Beard oil and good beard balm will definitely make your beard shine. But it is the duty of a beard brush to distribute them to bring out that natural healthy glow.

Now that you know the importance of brushing your hair, I’m sure the next thing coming to your mind is whether you should use a Beard brush or comb.

Well, that is the bane of this article. It is time to decide whether boar bristle brushes are good for Beards.

How to Use a Boar Bristle Brush properly

Is A Boar Bristle Brush Good For Your Beard?

I have shown you the benefits of boar bristle brushes and how it is among the accessories important for a healthy beard growth in the long run. But now, it is time to explain how you can properly use them on your beards.

So to get started.

  • Do not brush wet hair as they are vulnerable to breakage. Brush only dry hair
  • You should detangle your beard before brushing with a boar bristle brush. Curly beards are easy to brush with these brushes. Well this will not be a bother if you disentangle them
  • Bristles have different levels of firmness. It is entirely your choice to select how firm you want your brush to be.
  • You should also consider your comfort when using a boar bristle brush on your beard as it plays a big role in general beard grooming. I recommend you use softer bristles If you have sensitive skin.
  • For men who have very thick and curly beards, your personal preference does not matter in this case. You should go for bristles with firm brushes so that they will be able to brush through beards effectively.
  • When buying a boar bristle brush, and you want to know how firm the bristle will be, look for the first cut or second cut.

If you notice that the First cut bristles are firm and rigid, they are great for thick beards. But second cut bristles are softer as they come from the tips of the boar hair which have been softened from exposure to the air.

How to maintain a Boar Bristle Brush

Is A Boar Bristle Brush Good For Your Beard?

Like I have mentioned earlier, you should always keep them in good condition. Not only because they are made from animal skin but also because you don’t want faint musty odour emitting from the brushes.

Ensure you remove any of your facial hair that got entangled in the bristles with a fine-tooth comb after using it.

Use a cotton swab and rub the area between the rows of bristles on the body to remove any build-up of dead skin and beard product at least once in a week.

Lastly, use warm and little bit soapy water to wash the Bristles. Please do not use dish soap for this. The recommended liquid is using shampoo.

Afterwards, allow the Bristles to dry by placing the bristle side facing down so the water drips away from the body. After it is dried, do not let it sit in any puddles, all you need to do is to keep in a dry area.

We recommend that you clean your boar bristle brush every week.  If you neglect these processes, You may start to notice lots of build-up of toxins, oils, and dirt on your brush sooner or later.

Frequently asked questions on boar bristle brush for Beards

Why use a boar bristle brush on a beard?

Unlike some other types of beard brush, the boar bristles have a stiff texture that can easily dive into the roots of each follicle to provide a solution in cleaning up the beard and skin underneath. The use of boar bristle brush promotes beard growth in such a way that there is the stimulation of blood circulation after the exfoliation.

What are the benefits of using a boar bristle brush on beards?

The use of boar bristle brush comes with a number of benefits to your beard, skin and face in general. One of the added advantages of using a boar bristle brush is that hairs are not damaged during the process of brushing. Other brushes may cause the hair to split or fracture but boar bristles will not tear out hair from your chin. 

What it does when you use it on beards is to massage the scalp gently and stimulate the blood circulation that will bring about fuller facial hair growth.

Can I use a beard brush on my hair?

It is okay to use a beard brush for your hair within the first 3 to 5 months. Afterwards, it is ideal to start using a beard comb because your hair will not be fuller. As for hairs on the head, a boar bristle brush will work perfectly for shorter hairs. But when they become longer and start tangling, then a beard comb is needed.

Are beard brushes worth it?

There are two phases of beard grooming. When you have shorter beards, I will strongly recommend the use of beard brushes. The use of a beard brush goes beyond brushing your beard as a normal routine. When you use a beard brush, it conditions your beard and will dive deep into each hair space to give you a very effective hairbrush at each stroke.

Applying beard oil, cream and balm in beards for facial hair growth are not enough. You will need a beard brush to evenly distribute them as they will trap the oil in beards faster and better than a beard comb.

Should I brush my beard or comb it?

This entirely depends on how long your beard is. A Beard brush should be used for a shorter beard while a beard comb on longer beards. Study shows that an average man should start growing long beards after 3 to 5 months of grooming short beards.

But before that time arrives, it is best to stick with a beard brush. Preferably, boar bristle brush. A beard comb is very good at disentangling the hair. And it is. It is possible to tangle short beards.

How often should you clean your beard brush?

Maintenance of your grooming tools is very important. They will last longer and work perfectly well when you clean  and maintain them from time to time.

When it comes down to beard brushing, it is advised to clean them at least once or twice every two weeks. An ideal way to know when your brush needs to be cleaned is when you notice residue of hairs on it before brushing.

But if you use a beard comb and you use it on longer beards, then it is required that you clean it more frequently.

What type of comb should I use?

When you have wavy and thicker hair or a beard, a wide-tooth comb is highly recommended because it is the best tool that will help maintain the pattern in which the curls grow. But for straight and short beards, make use of those comb with a handle and smaller teeth.

What is a boar bristle brush made of?

If you have always wondered what a boar bristle brush is made of, let me spell it out to you that they are made of keratin. If you take a microscopic view of those bristles, you will notice that the scales of a boar bristle from the PW1 brush closely resemble those of a human hair. The function of these scales is to absorb the natural oils produced by the scalp, and evenly and gently distribute it down the hair shaft.

How do you remove hair out of your beard brush?

The easiest way to remove hairs out of a beard brush is to make use of the bottom of the comb 5hat has a long pointed end. It will be effective and easy to reach into the base of the brush with those types of comb. 

Or as an alternative, you can make use of any other object that has a pointed end like that if the rat tail comb. Such as a pen or pencil. If hairs are too rigid around the bristles, you can cut them off with scissors.

Should you clean beard brushes?

It is needless to say that you should always clean your beard brush. Not only because you want them to look nice but also to get rid of any germs that might have come in contact with the bristles.

The skin underneath your beard can be a very sensitive one, and any slight contact with germs from brush could cause something unpleasant. So I recommend you clean your beard brush every two weeks.

Final Thoughts on Boar Bristle Brushes

Most times when I move around, I see bearded guys who do not brush their beards. I am sure when you ask them ‘why’, their reply will be that it makes no difference brushing your beard with the wrong brush and not brushing at all.

Well, I hope this article about boar bristle beard brushes has helped you realize that it is a great tool for beard grooming and should be used regularly.

This doesn’t look like a big deal, but if neglected, your chance of growing a great looking beard is slim. Very slim.

Finally, while you go out to buy a boar bristle brush, ensure it is the right firmness and density for your beard and skin respectively.

Do you need one of the best boar bristle brushes in the market today? We’ve got something for you. I recommend this post HERE

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