Best Beard Curlers to Achieve a Curly Beard

Want to achieve a curly beard? Have you tried using beard curlers?

Well, a lot of guys are sceptical about going around with curly beards while a whole bunch of others is looking for ways to achieve curly beards probably because they want to do something different from others.

A whole lot of people find curly beards funny and ridiculous, yes people often think that having curly beards isn’t adorable but the ones who keep them find them interesting and that is the most important aspect of it all.

Best Beard Curlers – Our Top Recommendations

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Whether you want to grow a curly beard for fun or because you needed to the good news is that there are a lot of tools out there to help you achieve your aim.

Of course, we are here to bring the good news of the best devices to use to curl your beards.

If you really want the best products to use in curling your beards then you have to sincerely this article to the last as we will be making a lot of recommendations on the best products to use in achieving that amazing curly beards you always wanted.

Before we go on to give you a detailed list of products to use in curling your beards let us first of having a look at all the things we need to know about curly beards, why some men want them, how to maintain and take care of them, best products to use in maintaining your curly beards.

Now that we have listed the things we are going to be talking about in this article, can we now get to the main point of the review and list all the things you need to know about beard curlers and the beard curling techniques widely used to lovers of curly beards?

Are you ready? Then please come with me to explore this topic to the fullest!

What is Beard Curling?

Beard curling is a condition where the beards grow and instead of being straight the end up curling as they grow.

Beard curling is dependent on the symmetry of the growing beard hair follicles.

Symmetrical beard hair follicles will grow in beard hairs that lie flat while asymmetrical beard hair follicles will grow into beard hairs that curls as they grow longer.

Although for some people, growing curly hair is the newest trend, for some it is a natural occurrence. They have no hand in, because their hairs curl as they grow longer.

If you have been wondering why your beard hair curls as it grows longer then keep an eye on this article to see the reason and find out what you want to do with your curly hairs whether you want to keep them curly or make them straight by using some tools available.

Well, whichever one you choose to do just be resting assured we are to give you the best recommendations you will ever get.

Why are Beards Curly?

Most people complain of how they have a curly beard and how they are not able to care for them as much as they’d love to because of non-availability of products to use in doing so while a whole lot of others crave to have curly beards but can’t seem to get their hands on the best products to use in achieving their aim.

Well, we are definitely here for the second group of people who are looking out to grow a curly beard, we are going to list the best techniques and products to use in achieving your aims.

What are the Causes of Curly Hair?

Like we already stated earlier curly beards are mostly caused by the growth patterns of the hair follicles around the beard zone. When they grow symmetrically a straight beard that lays flat is achieved if they grow asymmetrically a curled beard is equally achieved.

Aside from that, there are other reasons why your hair can become curly over a period of time.

Let’s look at the reasons below:

  • Dryness of the beard hair can make the hair to become stiff and then end up becoming curly.
  • Dehydration can also lead to having curly hair.
  • Poor hygiene can also lead to the hair becoming unhealthy and curly at the same time.
  • The growth pattern of the hair follicles can also lead to a curly beard

How to Take Care of Your Curly Beard

Although curly beards look funny and ridiculous most times, many men are still ready to spend their last penny on maintaining and taking care of their curly beards because somehow it makes them feel better about themselves and makes them happy.

Of course, I am an advocate of people doing things that will always make them happy no matter whose ox is gored.

I could remember my uncle had a curly beard and how we always laughed at the way his beards were looking, you know what? He was extremely happy for growing a beard like that and with time we came to reason with him, now I kind of found myself loving curly beards.

So, whether you have a curly beard because they grew naturally or because you wanted to grow them, I want you to learn how to keep them neat and maintained all the time because if you don’t maintain them chances are, they will be looking unkempt and ugly.

So, if you are looking for the best approach to taking care of your curly beards then you should be reading all through to understand the best ways to care for your beards without breaking the bank.

Follow these tips to properly take care of your curly beards

  • Taking care of your beards involves the use of shampoo, beard oil and other tools like beard brush, beard rollers, beard curlers, etc. to properly handle your beard so you can enjoy a healthy beard growth.
  • You can also use conditioning on your beards, this will help moisturize your beards and leave it looking healthy and neat.
  • Using the proper beard tools on your beard is a very important aspect of taking care of your beards, because if you use the wrong tools you may end up harming the healthy growth of your beards.
  • When combing your beards try as much as possible to use a wide-toothed comb as they will help in properly combing your beard hair.
  • In taking care of your beards it is also very important that you employ a healthy beard care routine to help you groom and maintain your beards. Beard care routine is more than using the best oils or balms, it also includes the tools you use and how well you know about the various ways to use them in order to achieve maximum results.
  • Finally, make sure you get your beards trimmed regularly as this will help them stay in the best condition you want them to be.

What is a Beard Curler?

Beard curler is an instrument or tool used for making a straight hair into a curly hair.

Many people who want to transition their beard hair from straight to curl will always make use of beard curler to achieve their purposes.

This is why there are a lot of beard curler brands in the market used for the same purpose of curling beard hair.

How to Use Beard Curlers

To use beard curlers, you have to master the techniques of using them, because proper usage will produce better results compared to improper usage of the curlers.

There are many ways to use beard curlers so we are going to list them here;

  • First of all, you have to make sure that your beard is neat and clean
  • Secondly, you can apply any beard curler cream to help speed up the process
  • Then you can plug the beard curler to a source of light and set the heat, then gently use them to curl the hair around the beard.
  • A lot of people will prefer to use wax in order to make the curl prominent but it doesn’t really matter because even without the wax a perfect beard curl can still be achieved.

Why Do You Need Curlers?

To achieve perfect beard curls you will beard curlers because without using them the curls you achieve will look somewhat tacky and unkempt.

So your best bet is choosing very nice beard curlers with a good description, features, Pros, and Cons as this will go a long way in helping you achieve your dream curls.

How to Care for Your Curlers

Caring for your curlers is also a very important aspect of maintaining your curl because even if you buy the best products in the market, without proper maintenance the product will end up not giving you the best values because you failed to maintain them properly

Best Beard Curlers to Achieve a Curly Beards – Buyers Guide

Achieving a perfect beard curl is a little more difficult and tasking than achieving a straight beard.

Having, a good and efficient beard curler will give you the leverage to achieve a perfect beard curl using the best techniques and approaches available.

We have taken great caution after doing thorough research on the subject matter to write a comprehensive list of the available beard curlers you can use to curl your hair.

If you are looking for the best beard curlers to use then look no more and follow this article as we shall be listing all the available ones with their key features, Pros, and Cons to enable you to make the best choice of product to buy.

Ready? Here comes the list of beard curlers available in the market, read carefully and make your choice.

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Professional Curl Machine

Best Beard Curlers to Achieve a Curly Beards- Buyers Guide

The Babyliss Pro Nano titanium curl machine is marked with high performance, precision, and perfection which is the hallmark of every single product you are looking out to buy out there in the market.

Product description

The hair/beard curler makes the curling of your hair or beard effortless and at the same time works to make your hair curl perfect with excellent performance and precision.

Key features

  • 3 direction curl control which enables to perfectly create tight curls or loose waves
  • 3 heating settings suitable for all hair types
  • Instant heat up and recovery
  • It has an energy saver mode which enables it to shut down, switch to sleep mode an as well as a motion sensor.


  • The 4 timer settings are made to ensure different curl effects
  • The instant heat up and recovery feature enables consistent and very efficient styling
  • The brushless is available for precise curling control and for the hair curler to last long


The product seems to be quite heavy and it is uncomfortable when holding it up to get a curl


2. Mini Curling Iron PHOEBE Hair Brush for Travel, ¾ inch Dual Voltage Tourmaline Ionic Hot Curler Brush with Traveling Bag

Best Beard Curlers to Achieve a Curly Beards- Buyers Guide

Best Beard Curlers to Achieve a Curly Beards- Buyers GuideBest Beard Curlers to Achieve a Curly Beards- Buyers Guide

This mini curling iron is among the most useful hair curlers in the market very preferred for travelling and has about ¾ inch dual voltage.

Product description

The mini curling iron by PHOEBE is very ideal for travelling because of its lightweight and length which is short and can fit into any travelling bag.

The tourmaline feature functions to produce negative ions that are capable of preventing hair frizz, locking moisture in the hair and making the hair healthier.

Key features

  • it has a dual voltage of about 100-200v
  • It is of mini size and very convenient for travelling
  • Ceramic tourmaline features essential for protecting the hair
  • Easy and fast heat-up with ON/OFF button.


  • The anti-scald function helps in protecting the beard hair against damage and scalding
  • The ON/OFF button helps to control the flow of current and the temperature
  • The lightweight and the mini length of the curler makes it the perfect choice for travelling
  • It heats up really fast and this helps to achieve the best results


The feature that enables it to heat up really fast starts malfunctioning over a period of time and makes it really hot while in use which can affect your hair’s health.


3. Ferbon Electric Beard/ Hair straightener Brush Comb, Hot Tools Hair Flat Curling Iron, Fast Shaping for Beard Grooming and Hairstyling For Men


Best Beard Curlers to Achieve a Curly Beards- Buyers Guide


Best Beard Curlers to Achieve a Curly Beards- Buyers Guide
Best Beard Curlers to Achieve a Curly Beards- Buyers Guide

Most men who need to curl their beards are always confused as to the best beard curlers to use, if you are among this category then you are at the right place because this particular beard curler is specifically made to sort our your beard curling needs.

Product Description

The Ferbon electric beard/hair straightener and curler are out to give you the convenience and fashion you desire and long for. Not only does it help in curling it also helps you to maintain the style for the rest of the day.

The package includes;



    with a USB plug(Dual Voltage,110-240V)

  • User Manual
  • Color box

Key features

  • 60s fast heating
  • 180 degrees centigrade to 220-degree centigrade two gear switches
  • Ionic heating technology
  • Two in one comb tooth design
  • Multi-function hair styling brush


  • The two gear switches make it easy to use
  • It has a 360-degree rotating power cord which helps to prevent entanglement during use
  • It is extremely compatible with different hair types whether curly, thick, thin, flat, straight, long or short hair.
  • The hair curler is multi-functional because you can use it to curl, straighten, volumize, or just to do a routine brushing of the beards.
  • It is slim and the weight is very light
  • It is ideal for travelling


  • The iron teeth start to break off after a long term use
  • The hotness decreases as you use the product for a long time


4. Aveloki Electric Beard & Hair Straightener For Men

The Aveloki electric hair curler/straightener is good for both hair/ beard as well as for both men and women. It can be used to straighten, curl, volumize, and detangle both hair and beards.

Product description

The Aveloki electric beard curler is good for both hair and beard and helps to give your beards the perfect curled look.

It is multi-functional hence you can use it to perform other hair techniques like straightening as well as volumize your hair.

Key features

  • Dual voltage
  • Lightweight design
  • Non- slip head design
  • Temperature settings
  • Preheating settings
  • 360 degree rotatable & 78 inches long cord design
  • Ac 110-240V,50hz,25W
  • Ceramic tourmaline technology
  • Indicator light


  • The lightweight design makes ideal for travel purposes
  • The electric head and bear comb present is used for curling, thinning, thickening, straighten or shorten the beard/ hair for both men and women
  • The temperature settings enable you to choose the highest temperature at the beginning then reduce later according to your hair texture.
  • The preheating settings allow the curler to heat up really fast within 15 seconds.
  • You can use the curler daily without hurting your hair


It may stop working on a long-time use


5. WORD GX Electric Beard Straightener For men- Professional quick styling Comb for Frizz-Free Beard Hair- Ceramic ionic heating Control- Portable Brush with Anti-Scald feature

The easiest way to style your beards is by using this multi-purpose electric beard brush. It can be used to curl, straighten, volumize, as well as detangle your beards.

Product description

It is very easy to achieve great beard styles that will last you the whole day by using this amazing beard curler with all other of its portable features.

Key features

    • Heat barrier design
    • Removable outer comb
    • Fast styling technique
    • Multi-function beard brush


  • Great design to work with
  • Quick heating period


  • The hair straightener/ curler is very compatible with all beard hair types
  • The operations of the curling tool are very simple and safe
  • The quick heating period allows you to spend less time on styling your beards
  • The design of the product is made to fit in the men’s palm for easy handling
  • It is a perfect gift for men on their birthdays, celebrations and rewards


The plastic packaging seems to be weak but nevertheless it is still a great product to use

How to use

  • You must dry out the water on your beards after shower before you use as this will prevent any case of electrocution
  • Plug the device and make sure it properly plugged in.
  • Then start usage after you have selected the normal temperatures
  • The device can be taken near the hair roots because it has an anti-scald feature to protect the skin from burns
  • Make sure that you unplug the device after use


6. KIPOZI Hair Straightener. 2 in 1 straightener and curling iron, Titanium Flat Iron for Hair with Salon High Heat

Best Beard Curlers to Achieve a Curly Beards- Buyers Guide

Best Beard Curlers to Achieve a Curly Beards- Buyers Guide

KIPOZI has been at the forefront of creating amazing and efficient hair and beard styling tools necessary for meeting all your hair demands and of course, this amazing hair curling tool is not an exception.

Product description

Whether you are at home or you are travelling, no matter the fact that your hair is curly or straight, this device promises to give you multiple salon styles in a short period of time.

So if you need a product to help you achieve amazing salon styles in record-breaking time, then this device is the deal for you!

Key features

  • 3D floating plates
  • Details put in place for your safety
  • Heat resistant glove
  • 2 salon hair clips
  • Travel velvet pouch
  • Exquisite gift box
  • Smart control


  • With just a simple technique of twist and lock the KIPOZI HAIR Straightener and curler gives you a perfect looking gorgeous hair
  • The smart temperature control ensures constant temperature throughout the hair curling process thereby ensuring that no damage happens to the beard hair
  • It provides multiple functions because it can be used as a straightener as well as a curler


It seems a little costly but it is worth the money spent


Dealing with curly beards and straightening it

When you have an unruly beard, it can bring shame to your overall appearance and self-esteem as a man. Having a curly beard naturally can make you look more attractive and younger. Curly beards can also be a symbol of healthy living and youthfulness.

The benefits that a man with a curly beard enjoys cannot be compared to that man with straight beards.

This is because someone with a curly beard can decide to let the beard grow naturally in that particular way or can decide to straighten it out using a beard straightener. A guy with natural straight beards has no option than to keep grooming that way.

If you are in such class, I’m pretty sure this post has been helpful in finding the best beard curlers for you.

But now, we will be looking into the set of people who see having curly beards as a problem to them. Yes, while curly beards can make one facial hair look fuller and thicker, there are some considerable disadvantages of having curly beards. A

mong these disadvantages include tangles, texture, and hygiene.

When you use any of the beard curlers we have provided in this article to curl your beard, the story may be different as they did not really grow naturally.

But when curly beards begin to naturally grow from your skin, you can end up with a messy mass of hair.

Let’s briefly examine the disadvantages of natural curly beards and how they can be tackled

Curly Beard Downsides

For a fact, do you know that it will take more time for a curly beard to grow than when it is straight? Yes, you read that right. While normal hairs will grow half an inch per month, a curly beard has a differing story. For example, a straight beard will grow three times longer within the period that a curly beard will grow half a foot long.

Have you noticed that those with curly beard are likely to complain that their beard look shorter? Yes, this is because the growth pattern is spiral. Straight beard, on the other hand, will grow straight and downwards, making it looks longer.

Beard tangling is a very frustrating problem that bearded men should run from.  This will mostly affect men with curly beards because facial hair is going to grow into other hairs. Most curly beard will become thicker and coarser.

Since curly beards are closer to your skin that straight beards, they can easily transfer germs and bacteria from facial hair to the skin. This will then attract acne, pimples, and blackheads.

Important things to do when you have natural curly beards

Unlike straight beards, it is not really a common thing to grow natural curly beards except you use a beard curler. So it sounds unique and special when you have curly beards but it comes with a responsibility.

Do not feel strange because you are the only one growing curly beards among your peers, it is actually something you can flaunt if you follow the tips I’m about to show you.

When you have curly beards, there are extra grooming care and treatments that are required to keep it on a nice shape and prevent it from being unruly and rough. Let’s look into some advice we have for men who have natural curly beards.

Always keep your curly beards moisturized

Sebum is natural oil produced by the hair follicles of the beard. Since curly hair tends to remain dry, it is important to always keep it moisturized. In the case of curly hairs, the hair follicles will not produce as much sebum as in straight hairs as a result of the way curly hair grow naturally.

Keeping your curly beards moisturized will make them well defined and smart. A dehydrated and dry curly beard is a frizzy and damaged beard. Avoid your curly beard from looking dull and flat by moisturizing it as frequent as possible.

Men with a curly beard should use quality.

Comb curly beards only when it’s wet

It is one thing to have a quality beard comb and it is another thing to know how to use it on beards. For curly beards, the best time to comb is when it is wet.

Men with straight beards can grab a comb any time of the day to run it through their facial hair in stokes to keep it straight and fresh. But such an opportunity is not extended to the men with curly beards.

Combing curly hair when they are dry will allow it to frizz due to the friction and at the end of the day, curls become straight.

Try as much as possible to come to your curly beard when it is wet and not when it is dry. After combing wet, the curls will appear stronger when it eventually dries up.

I recommend the use of a wide-tooth comb to comb curly beard.

Maintaining your curls with scrunching

Using the scrunching technique on curly beards can help make your beard look better greatly. It is much better to scrunch in a beard balm into a curly beard than to comb it during application.

The process of scrunching involves squeezing the beard inward, one section at a time. This technique is ideal as it forces the curls to become defined and stay that way.

Yes! and that is how we have ended up giving you the best list of hair curlers to achieve a curly beard.

All the products listed have great features, it now depends on you to go thoroughly through the features and make your choice so that when you buy, you’d be sure that you will definitely be getting value for your money.

Did you find the review helpful? Then please drop your comments and as well share with your friends.

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