Hair Dryer With Retractable Cord – [2021 Detailed Review & Buyer’s Guide]

Looking for the perfect hairdryer with a retractable cord? Hairdryers with retractable cord have so far gained popularity to a great extent as a result of its astounding efficiency. The retractable cord will make your dryer more travel-worthy. It will help you to keep neat storage as well as make the safety confirmed.

Now, In this article, we are going to discuss all Hairdryer with a retractable cord. I will also proffer you the best products with this retractable cord feature and other alternatives as well.

The choices for retractable cord hair dryers do seem pretty limited in the market. Majority of buyers specifically look for this feature always.

So, this article is mostly dominated by quite cheaper brands. In fact, many are designed as travel hair dryers. I have featured 4 models below for you to choose the best hair dryer with a retractable cord that best suits your needs.

Top-rated Hair Dryers With Retractable Cord – Top Recommendations

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Before we go into these models, What is a Retractable Cord?


The 4 Best Hair dryer with retractable cord 2020 – Buyer's guide
Hair Dryer With Retractable Cord


A retractable cord is used to retract a cord back to a device after pulling that cord to a particular distance.

Those hairdryers which have this feature have space inside the dryer to store the excess length of the cord.

They keep a lot of things plugged in, in a very neat way. As they are stretched when needed and spring back afterward, you will not face any tangled knots and there will be no wiring snarl-ups which saves time that would otherwise be spent strengthening things out.

From the above, you know what hair dryer with retractable cord is and why they have been made safe in every way possible for you.

Top-rated Hair Dryers With Retractable Cord – Detailed Review

So, let’s get into our list of hairdryers with a retractable cord that you can buy for your personal or commercial use.

1. Andis 1875-Watt Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer – 6 feet long retractable cord


The 4 Best Hair dryer with retractable cord 2020 – Buyer's guide

This product provides a retractable cord which is 6 feet long. They have used nano ceramic and ionic technology so that you can have fewer frizzes and silkier hair in less drying time.

What I like

Besides the retractable cord feature, it also has a folding handle. This is why; undoubtedly this hairdryer is a total package for travelers.

This product has 3 heat settings and 2-speed settings and a cool shot button. You will also find a button to retract the cord. This hair dryer provides a concentrator attachment for pinpoint styling.

What I do not like

I discovered that this product will not be able to satisfy the users who are looking for a dryer with a “retractable cord” feature.

The build quality of this product is not good, especially the area of the folding handle. This area is insubstantial. As a result, the cord often stuck inside the dryer near the joint of the handle.

As a result when you retract the cord it, sometimes, stuck in the mid-way and it leaves approximately one and a half feet cord sticking at the end of the dryer.


  • 6ft long retractable cord
  • retract cord button
  • Foldable handle


  • Poor build quality
  • Cord not apt in retracting

I used one of these at a hotel and really liked it, enough to buy one. This is a great dryer. It dries quickly without over-drying my hair. I love the retractable cord. It does not retract completely but enough that it keeps it from being tangled or requiring daily wrapping.

It may not sound like a big deal but I like the feature. Several heat settings plus ‘on-demand’ cooling to help set your style. Great purchase


2. Revlon Style And Go Compact Hair Dryer – ionic ceramic technology & travel model


If you are looking for the best hair dryer with retractable cord, its retracting mechanism would probably catch your eyes.

At times, you can get this product for a few dollars less. This lessens the hesitation to purchase because many people don’t expect a cheap hair dryer to last long either.

To them, a smooth retractable cord is the most important consideration, and the Style And Go is able to fulfill that need well.

What I like

The Style And Go is an 1875-watt hair dryer that comes with ionic ceramic technology. It is a travel model. Hence, it doesn’t have separate switches for the heat and speed settings. Instead, it offers a combined 2 heat/speed switch with just a High and Low option.

It is still a fairly powerful unit for a travel model. It should work for people with short and easy to dry hair.

Looking at it from this perspective it would be the best retractable cord hairdryer.

What I don’t like

The main issue with this Revlon compact hairdryer is its durability. The complaints about its short life span is pretty common on the web. However, it makes up for it with its attractive pricing.

Complaints of the cord not going in all the way for retractable cord hair dryers are common. After a period of time, the mechanism may become defective and it becomes difficult to reel in the whole length.


  • Ionic ceramic technology
  • Travel model
  • Favour to people with short hair


  • Less durability
  • The mechanism may not stand the test of time

As a basic travel hairdryer, this works fine, however, I would not recommend it for actual hair styling on the 250V setting, as the “high” button is blocked off and the “cool” button becomes the low button, so there is no longer an actual cool button. That is the reason for the 4-star rating. Otherwise, it worked fine in the US and Europe, by changing the voltage setting.


3. Conair Cord Keeper 2-In-1 Styler – separate switches to adjust your heat and fan settings

Hair dryer with retractable cord 2020

The Conair Cord Keeper 2-In-1 Styler Hair Dryer is a bit different than the other first model above. For a start, it is not a travel hairdryer.

This makes it a good choice for everyday use if you really want a retractable cord hair dryer for your home. That means instead of having one switch for both heat and speed control, you have separate switches to adjust your heat and fan settings.

It also has ionic technology that claims to minimize frizz by up to 75% compared to models with just natural ion generation.

What I like

There are 3 heat and 2-speed settings to cater to different hair types and textures. The other extra feature of this Conair model is that it is a tourmaline ceramic hairdryer.

So, for those who have less than healthy hair, this would be a better choice than basic models. It will give off less hot spots and minimize heat damage to the hair.

Being a non-travel model, the Conair Cord Keeper 2-In-1 Styler does not have dual voltage capability nor a folding handle. But because it has a retractable cord, some people still bring it along for their travels.

What I don’t like

Many buyers have mentioned that they need to manually guide a section of the cord back into the handle because they can’t get the whole length to reel in automatically.

The retractable cord for the Conair Cord Keeper gets more complaints from buyers. So, if you are buying it for the retractable cord feature, you might need to think twice.

Also, it is not a lightweight hairdryer and I wouldn’t recommend this for traveling.


  • 2-in-1 styler
  • tourmaline ceramic hairdryer
  • separate switches to adjust your heat and fan settings


  • Not lightweight
  • Not perfect in the retractable mechanism
  • Not a travel model
  • Non-foldable handle.

This is a good hairdryer and performs well. I find they usually last 5-7 years, but I use it daily for my personal use.
I recommend the retractable cord because it is so easy to store with that function. Otherwise, I am left with a mass of wire, wrapped around the handle (which never stays neat).


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4. Andis 1875 – Watt Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer


Hair dryer with retractable cord 2020

The Andis Fold-N-Go is another popular retractable cord hair dryer although it also seems more like a travel model with a folding handle.

In some aspects, this Andis model is better than the Revlon Style And Go above. Firstly, the cord is longer at about 6 feet compared to just over 4 feet for the Revlon unit.

For a hairdryer with a retractable cord, this is considered long. Secondly, it has 3 heat/speed settings. Most travel hair dryers will only give you 2 settings.

What I like

Its performance is enough to convince you to buy it for your own use at home. The Andis Fold-N-Go is an 1875-watt ionic hair dryer that conditions the hair to reduce frizz.

Most buyers are happy that it makes their hair look better and shinier. It can also dry hair at a reasonably fast rate. In fact, many buyers come across this hairdryer at hotels they stay in during their vacation.

What I don’t like

For its downside, it is not a dual voltage unit and hence, you can’t bring it overseas. Some users also feel that it is on the bulky side that makes it less than suitable for traveling.

With a barrel length of over 7 inches, it is much bigger than the Andis Micro Turbo which is probably the smallest travel hair dryer that you could find. I would put the Andis Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer in the mid-size range.

In addition, there are a few complaints of it not lasting beyond a few months. The retracting mechanism also becomes less than smooth after a while.

Given that the number of positive reviews far outweighs the negative, the Andis Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer seems like a good buy.


  • dries hair at a reasonably fast rate
  • the cord is longer at about 6 feet
  • Cold Shot button for styling


  • not a dual voltage unit
  • The retracting mechanism may become less
  • not suitable for travel

I love the retractable cord. It does not retract completely but enough that it keeps it from being tangled or requiring daily wrapping. It May does not sound like a big deal but I like the feature. Several heat settings plus ‘on-demand’ cooling to help set your style. Great purchase


#5. Andis Ionic Compact Hair Dryer with Folding Handle and Retractable Cord

Andis Ionic Compact Hair Dryer is another retractable hairdryer on the list with folding handle. It comes with ions features that help reduces Frizzles while conditioning your hair for healthier hair. Also, it has 3 Heat/Air Speeds for ultimate styling and control; cool shot button locks in style.

The retractable cord makes it so easy to carry around even while traveling likewise for convenient storage. Andis Ionic Compact Hair Dryer features Nano-ceramic and  Ionic technologies to create smoother, silkier hair in less drying time. And it comes with Cool shot button locks in style.

What I Like

  • It makes use of two different technologies that make it so easy to create smoother, silkier hair in less drying time. The blow dryer comes with 3 heat/air speeds for ultimate styling and control and cool shot button locks in style.
  • The design is in such a way that it allows it to be taken out to the gym and it is convenient for storage.
  • Comfortable Ergonomically Designed Handle as it is designed to reduce stress on the hand and wrist during styling.


  • It comes with multiple speeds and temperature combinations + cold air shot button for wet or damp hair.
  • Features ceramic technology to produce negative ions for ultimate shine.
  • It comes with a concentrator for a more focused hair drying process.
  • It is convenient for storage and to be carried around.
  • Worth the price.


  • It does not work on battery.

Fantastic product. I discovered this hairdryer while staying at the Loden Hotel in Vancouver, Canada. The hair dryer’s multiple settings, retractable charging cord, and collapsible handle make this dryer a must-have.

Whether your hair is thick and lush or baby fine, you’ll love the results. This is definitely the best dryer I have ever owned, and I’ve used many.


#6. Revlon 1875W Full-Size Travel Hair Dryer with Retractable Cord

If you are looking for a hairdryer to maximize space, you should get yourself a Revlon 1875W Full-Size Travel Hair Dryer with Retractable Cord from Amazon as it comes with all the necessary kit you need for a comfortable hair drying process.

Also, it has a 2 Heat / 2 Speed Settings for drying and styling flexibility with a worldwide dual voltage. Another feature of this retractable hair dryer is that it comes with a concentrator attachment for precise hair drying and styling process.

Revlon 1875W Full-size hairdryer is a combination of power and mobility. It comes with Ceramic coating to help reduce hair damage and unwanted frizz while delivering stunning, shiny hair!

What I Like

  • It can be taken around without worries about it occupying space.
  • Talking of easiness of operation, it can be operated by anyone who cares to use it. All that needs to be done is to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • It features a narrow concentration attachment for the focused styling process.


  • It is affordable
  • It is lightweight that it won’t stress the hand and wrist when using it.
  • Easy to use even for a first-timer.


  • It is not small

2+ years later, the dryer works as well as the day I got it – even the retractable cord. This dryer has outlasted every other dryer I’ve had. Every once in awhile the cord gets stuck and doesn’t retract all the way but always works itself out after being pulled out a couple of times.


#7. La Sirena Pastel Colors Lightweight 1875 Watt Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer (Blush Pink)

Are you looking for a professional retractable hair dryer that can be used in the salon? Then you should get yourself a La Sirena Pastel Colors Lightweight 1875 Watt Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer.

It comes along with astounding  1875 watts of power, with the power you can dry AND style your hair simultaneously with our salon-quality blow dryer. It is easy to use and you have total control over it to the precise setting that is suitable for the hair type.

The power it comes with makes the results a fast one that it can even dry thick and long hairs while adding natural volume and shine. Also, it features Tourmaline technology producing negative ions to make the hair look healthy and frizz-free.

What I Like

  • It is extremely fast that it can even dry thick and long hair while adding shine and natural volume.
  • It features Tourmaline technology that helps produce negative ions to make the hair look healthy and frizz-free.
  • Even if you are a beginner in the use of a hairdryer, you can conveniently make use of this hairdryer.
  • It comes with an astounding 1875 watts of power that make it ideal for professional use.


  • It can be used on all hair types.
  • It is easy to use as you will have total control over the user experience. – Precise, independent heat controls, airflow settings, and a cool air blast button.


  • No reviews


Hair Dryer With Retractable Cord – Buyer’s Guide

Hair dryer with retractable cord 2020

During my research on hairdryers with retractable cord, I went further to discover the benefits and downside of this particular feature.

And I believe this is something that will add up to your efficiency in getting one for yourself.

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Benefits of Retractable cord feature for hair dryers

Damaged cords can electrify the floor, any electromagnetic devices, and your hairdryer as well. It can expose live electricity and can harm you badly. So you can easily get rid of this horrifying situation simply by using a hairdryer with a retractable cord.

Hairdryers with a regular cord system often get tangled. But you do not have to worry about the extended portion of the cord to be tangled if your hairdryer has a retractable cord.

When a device has to plug into an electrical outlet, retractable cords are used there mostly. The main purpose of using this kind of cord is safety because this feature stops the cord from damaging, overextending as well. Cord damages can put you in danger.

People often put their dryer in a drawer, sometimes in a bag while taking them outside. Cords (Long length cords especially) can create difficulties to fit the dryer in the drawer or any bag. But you will not face this problem if you use a blow dryer which has a retractable cord feature.

Besides the safety issue, you can be benefited in a few more ways by using a hairdryer with a retractable cord. Like:

It’s good for the people who travel. Many people prefer hairdryers with long length cord because not every time they will get an electronic outlet near her hand to plug in. But this long length cord sometimes creates problems as well.

You do not have to hold the extended part of the cord in your hand while blow-drying. Moreover, your cord will not get stuck in your head and arms or whatever comes in its way.

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The Drawbacks Of A Retractable Cord Hair Dryer

The problem with a retractable cord hairdryer is really a lack of choice. You are stuck with cheaper brands. There are no higher-end brand names that offer this feature.

So, if you are looking for a better quality hair dryer that can make your hair healthier, you will have to go back to the traditional models.

Also, a retractable cord is often short. Usually, it measures about 4 to 5 feet. This means you will have to stand close to the power outlet when using the hairdryer. The usual cord length for normal hair dryers would be 6 to 8 feet.

You can even get hairdryers with an extra-long cord that goes up to 10 feet to give you more flexibility. But at a little more than 4 feet cord length, you are tied to the spot.

You might even have a problem if you are a tall person and need to lift the hairdryer higher compared to an average height person when blowing dry your hair.

When the retracting is not smooth, it can get pretty annoying. Each time you pull out the cord to use the hair dryer, you will have to slowly feed the cord back in after you are done. This is indeed annoying and a waste of time.

Lastly, there is an issue with the durability of the retractable cord mechanism. If you are buying a hair dryer for this feature and it fails within a short period of time, it really defeats the purpose of buying it in the first place.

There are plenty of other choices if you are willing to forgo the retractable cord feature.

In conclusion, in regular blow dryers, the cords are about 8-10 feet long. So if you choose to buy a hair dryer with retractable cord, you will not get that freedom and you might not get a chance to stand quite far from the power outlet.

All in all, this feature is considered the best choice for use.

How to maintain a hair dryer with retractable cord

The maintenance of a hair dryer with retractable cord is very necessary so that it will last work and work exceptionally well. It is as well important to take into consideration the vital information about safety and care that comes with the products.

There is usually a guide that comes with new hair dryers in which the manufacturer has outlined the steps to follow when maintaining that particular hair dryer.

There is a need to be extra careful when using a hair dryer as lack of maintenance can lead to less efficiency as time goes by. Here, I will show you some important maintenance tips to incorporate when using a hair dryer and how to store them properly.

Having a quality hair dryer with retractable cord is not enough, knowing how to maintain it is key. Are you aware of some things you should stop doing to the retractable cord so that they don’t slack? Well, part of the things I’ll be showing you here. 

As part of the need to maintain hair dryers, regular and proper cleaning of the body parts should not be ignored.

So how do you clean a hair dryer properly?

Every new hair dryer comes with a manual guide that shows users how that particular product should be cleaned and maintained. To completely clean a hair dryer, you will need to disassemble the attachments from the body and clean them individually.

Just in case I have not mentioned it earlier on, you need to look out for safety terms before buying any hair dryers. A standard hair dryer with a retractable cord should come with an electrical safety first guide that will help users.

Still on the matter of maintenance, there are some situations where you really need to get a new hair dryer. If you have been using a particular hair dryer for a long time now, and you notice a drop in performance, it may mean that you need to level up in the way you maintain it, or you need to get a new one.

The big question is, how do you know when you need a new hair dryer. Because really, using a hair dryer that is supposed to be replaced will not only do a poor job but can pose a serious danger and damage the hair.

There are some notable signs users should take note of that signals a red flag and shows how urgent you need to change your hair dryer to a new one. Let’s take a look at these signs.

A hairstylist approached me some weeks back. She complained about some default that she has been experiencing with her hair dryer.

I helped her in listing out these faults to know if she really needed to change to another hair dryer or to carry out a very thorough clean up on the machine.

Some of the signs I could figure out are enlisted below. Not everything though. I just Want to show you the entire signs that can tell that you need a new hair dryer.

When the machine takes longer to blow dry your hair than it does to air dry it, it is a sign that it is degrading in its performance. Usually, this happens after a long time of use.

In the same connection, a loud hair dryer that annoys room mates when they are asleep is meant to be chucked in the bin.

This is because an old hair dryer that needs immediate replacement will begin to make some kind of  screeching, squealing or squeaking noise that can wake the entire family.

A reviewer once complained on a blog post that her hair dryer shakes when in use. The only cause this could be a broken impeller.

I’d advise anyone in this situation to change their hair dryer or fix the broken or loose part to make it work well back again. It is ideal to just replace the hair dryer with a new one as a whole.

These are some of the common signs that indicate the need to get a new hair dryer. In the quest of maintaining your hair dryer so they last long, you should be observant in order to notice any drop in performance at any point in time.

A very good hair dryer should last more than five years and still work perfectly well.

I’d love to really talk more on hair dryers here because there are so many questions people ask and problem users face when using a hair dryer. If this is going to be your first time using a hair dryer with retractable cord, you may not really fall on this table.

But let’s take a look at some common problems people face with their hair dryers and the question that amounts from these situations. I have also taken quality time to see that they are answered in the best possible and simple form.

Will overheating cause the hair dryer to stop working?

Yes. When hair dryers experience overheating, they will stop working. Overheating is caused by excessive use of the device for more than  7-10 minutes. The best thing to do is to unplug the hair dryer and allow it to cool for some minutes. The device should work perfectly well after doing this.

Can I  blow dry my hair everyday?

Well, I’d not encourage blow drying your hair every day. This is because you cause your hair to damage each time you do this. Irrespective of how you hit your hair with heat everyday, blow drying the hair can damage and dry it out.

Can a hair dryer kill lice and bugs

Studies have shown that after 30 minutes, blow-drying of hair can kill 55.3% of hatched lice and 97.9% of lice eggs. This is what a normal hair dryer can do. 

If you can maintain continuous contact for about 30 seconds, the heat from the blow dryer can kill Bed bugs. Use the hot air from a blow-dryer on a low airflow setting to force out the bed bugs from the cracks. 

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