Why Do Guys Grow Beards After a Breakup?

Why Do Guys Really Grow Beards After a Breakup?

There is a popular saying that goes thus – If you want a lady to regret ever breaking up with you, grow your beard.

This may be possible in all cases. Right?

Only that it is not in all cases.

In fact, professional counsellors and psychologists have said that growing beards after a break up is a sign of lack of self-care.

This is borne out of sadness or depression caused by the emotional effect of breaking up.

So, Why Do Guys Grow Beards After a Breakup?

According to Adetola Deedee of Deedeeblog; who is one of Nigeria’s biggest relationship counsellors, one of the critical things to look out for when checking a man who just got out of break up is his beards.

In his words:

In checking out certain behavioural and cognitive patterns in a man who just broke up, keeping beards show that he has not been taking care of himself. This is to confirm his state of sadness or depression. We tend to understand that a man who leaves his facial hair untended to is either sad or depressed.

On the other hand, this may not mean they are depressed or sad. A breakup can also be seen as a propeller to improve oneself.

A guy who just got out of a breakup may use the opportunity to cut back on some old habits like shaving to grow some stubble, head to the gym, try out his items on his bucket list and just move on with life generally.

It can also be argued that a man has decided to focus more on thinking on other important choices in is life during the period to get over the heartbreak, that he ignores all other non-important choices.

We can call it a form of introspection, can’t we?

So, he tends to forget or ignore a lot of things that have no significance to him at that time. All he wants is to think through his choices, adjust to his present situation and bloom like a butterfly.

When he eventually gets a hold of himself and moves on from the past experience. He may then decide to continue to grow and groom his beards or just shave it off completely.

In the event that you see a man growing his beards after a breakup, do not be in a haste to conclude that he is either sad or depressed. You can check out for signs of sadness or maybe he is just thinking about his life and choices at that time.

So, when you see a man growing his beards after a breakup, will you tell us? Maybe we can support his beard growth journey.

How To Rock BreakUp Beard

Keep It Clean

Since you will be saying goodbye to the daily maintenance of your beard hair, you must be ready to keep it clean through other means. You need to improvise ways to get rid of dirt, of oil, dead skin and pore-clogging dirt.

You might be confused as to whether you should be using soap or shampoo on your face in the morning. And the answer to this is you making of beard wash instead of the normal face wash you have been used to.

Also, you can make use of beard shampoo that can easily get from Amazon.

And don’t forget to make use of trimmer to get rid of excess beard hairs that can make your hairs look unattractive, and make sure you make use of the right beard oil as well. Using beard oil will make the skin far from getting dry.

Different Types of Beard Styles You Can Try Out

A Long Beard

Best Wedding Beard Styles

With the huge acceptance in beard grooming now in society, you can now grow a long beard and no one will complain about it.

You can get this beard style if you have always looking for an amazing beard style, just give this a shot.

The downside is that it is not well-groomed, so if you have vibes for things like this, then it is the perfect beard style you should rock after break up.

Long and Groomed Beard

Best Wedding Beard Styles

This is the perfect beard style for you if you are all about self-care. It will give you that look that everyone would want.

Take care of your long beard by oiling it, which will make it look clean and polished. Rocking this beard style after break up is not a bad idea, it will give that look of someone with the zeals and vibes girls want in a man.

The Goatee

Best Wedding Beard Styles

The Goatee is a beard style you should check out if genetics is not really on your side when it comes to growing a substantial amount of beard hairs.

Also, it is the ideal beard style if you are not a fan of the scruffy look. With this beard style, you don’t have to get worried about cheek patch, all you need is just a small amount of hair on the chin or wraps of it around the mouth, which connects to the moustache as well.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What Other Reasons Do Men Grow Beards?

Aside from being used for boosting self-esteem after a break, there are other reasons why a man would grow beards after a break-up. Before we move on, you should know the majority of the main reasons men grow beards after break up is because it is natural.

#1. Because It Is Now A Trend

The decision to leave the beard hairs without trimming off might be just to flow with the trends of men keeping beards for whatever reasons they want.

It is not news that there has been an increase in the number of men growing beards compare to years back. So, that man might just want to feel among.

#2. To Look More Dominant

Another reason why many may want to grow is to look smart and responsible, which makes many to choose beards style of popular celebrities or mentors.

Many believe that a man without a beard is immature and his opinion mostly gets accepted. So many grow beards to look dominant and mature than their age.

#3. To Conceal Scar

Many grow a beard just to conceal spots or scar such as blockheads, or other skin diseases.

So, by the growth of beard hair unexpected spots that can easily get noticed can be covered up. This is a practice among guys who feel inferior due to the spots on their skin.

#4. To Cool Manly and Cool

Many grow beards to look all grown up

What does a beard say about a man?

Since the ability to grow a beard is a sign of physical maturit, it is mostly associated with grown manhood and age and it tagged as a sign of maturity, power, and higher social status by both women and men.

What does a beard symbolize?

Beards are known to be epitome and culmination of what defines a man. Growing a beard regardless of gender is way being unique from the populous. However, beards today symbolize maturity, power, and higher social status.

Are beards intimidating?

Sure, beards make you intimidating. Beards make you look like you could easily kick anyone’s ass and therefore makes you feel you can kick anyone’s ass.

Do beards age you?

Yes, growing beards can age a man by three years. Even beard years that are yet to get all full can make one seems old then the normal age. Which gives people the impression that you are older than them in most cases.

How long should my beard be?

The kind of beard style you choose determines how long the beard will be, but make sure whatever length you leave is what you are comfortable with, and not the other way round.


Reasons, why men grow beards, has been looked into, however, it does not end at depression whatsoever.

Right from time memorial, human has tagged the act of growing beard to represent power and masculinity. So, with all you have read here, you will be able to choose the right beard style and have answers to questions you may want to ask on Why Do Guys Grow Beards After a Breakup.

Do you have anything to ask? feel free to make use of the comment box.

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