Can You Brush Your Beard Too Much

Can You Brush Your Beard Too Much?  The recommended time to brush your beard in a day is 4 or 5 times. It is normal to brush your beard too much but you need to be careful not to go overboard with it.

Brushing your beard too much can make your beard hair fragile and brittle. A lot of people have complained about hair loss in the process of brushing their beards. If you are one, then you need to slow down on brushing your beards.

What impact does too much brushing if beard have on beard grooming?

There are some factors that surround how you brush your beard which includes the beard texture, the style of your beard and its length.

While it is encouraged to brush a beard regularly, the head hair should not be brushed too much especially when it is wet. When you brush your beard too much, excess hair and dandruff will be removed making the facial hair thinner.

How Many Times a Day Governs the Brushing of Your Beard

Five times a day is okay for brushing your beard. You may damage your beard hair if you over brush it. Maintain five times a day to strike balance on your beard grooming habit.

How to Brush Your Beard Daily

Wash your beard thoroughly: wash your beard thoroughly with beard wash, rinse and dry with a clean towel before brushing it. Apply lukewarm water before running your fingers through the beard; ensure your fingers get to the bottom so that they touch your scalp to remove dirt and germs.

Use a beard wash to give a pro wash to your beard, it is another professional way to care for your beard before brushing it. Using shampoo on your beard regularly causes dryness underneath it but it is better than using regular bar soap.

What Direction Should You Brush Your Beard?

Downward direction! Brush your beard downward to make it appear fuller and longer on the bottom. Oil it first before brushing, it lengthens and makes it look longer and fuller.

Does Brushing Your Beard Makes It Grow?

Brushing your beard makes it grow. It exfoliates your beard scalp and helps in the distribution of natural oil throughout your beard to hydrate it.

Brushing your beard 3 to 5 times a day helps to influence the blood flow and by so doing, can trigger the rapid hair growth as a result of more nutrients, getting to your hair follicles.

When to Start Brushing Your Beard

Start brushing your beard after 3 to 4 weeks after growth as a beginner. The growth of the beard varies as an individual, some have a rapid beard growth rate while others have a slow beard growth rate, and these factors are determined by hormonal difference.

Brushing your new beard gives it a nice appearance as the natural oil is distributed throughout, giving it a shining look, stunning appearance and these are the benefits of brushing your beard at an early stage.

Benefits of Brushing Your Beard

These are the benefits of brushing your beard too much:

It exfoliates your beard

Brushing your beard helps to dispense natural oil to the scalp to moisturize it to stay healthy, removes dirt and debris from the beard and also makes the hair appear healthier. It reduces flaking and dandruff in beards. Brush your beard to give it healthier and better-hydrated appearance.

It encourages the release of sebum

Sebum is described as the natural oil produced by the skin and this can be triggered by brushing your beard. Ensure it is not produced in large quantity, otherwise, your beard will appear too greasy. Although you may not be able to easily control the production of sebum, because it occurs naturally but you should know when to stop brushing your beard.

The sebum coats the hair shaft and then moisturizes it to grow better and thicker. It is a good idea to maintain a healthy and balance sebum flow on your beard. To maintain this good idea, avoid over-washing your beard and apply a beard wash that is 100 percent organic.

It helps your beard grows the way you want it

Brushing your beard gives a natural command to how you want your beard to grow. It help flattens and straighten the hair out. You can brush your beard hair in any direction you want; it has no say about that. The more you become conversant beard brusher, the neater your beard becomes because it will learn and abide by your rules. This implies that you will have to brush your brush lesser than previously.

I recommend you brush your beard with a boar bristle brush, it is one of the best in town. Boar hair is very similar to human hair, for this reason, it is very easy to rotate its way through your beard with less pulling.

It fights against patches

Patches are not good on the beard, in fact, it makes your face look rough and tattered. If you have a way to get rid of patches, are you not going to rush to it? Brushing your beard is a good idea for the reduction of patchiness. Imagine your beard being clumped, it doesn’t make sense at all.

However, brushing your beard reduces clump and also detangles it. Adopt this idea for a cleaner, more relaxed, fuller and thicker beard.

It helps to channel oil and products throughout your beard

You must have heard about various beard products out there, beard oil, balm, waxes, pomades, etc but I recommend beard oil for you because its powerful effect is not something you can rule out of beard grooming agenda.

The benefit of beard good beard oil is that it makes your beard soft, smooth and gives fantastic fragrance. You must distribute the beard oil properly to avoid clumping and clogging of your beard which may lead to greasy and patch appearance.

It reduces itchiness

One of the benefits of beard oil is that it reduces itchiness because it is an anti-bacterial agent. Especially at the early stage of growing your beard, a level will be reached where your beard begins to itch you, if you have good beard oil, apply it to reduce the itchiness.

Brushing your beard regularly can reduce the itchiness by, first of all, exfoliating the scalp, remove dirt and dead cells that would have caused irritation or redness. Brushing your beard strikes out stick-out hairs by commanding them to follow the direction you actually want.

By channelling natural oil throughout your beard, brushing finally helps to hydrate your beard and the scalp beneath it. For this reason, beard itching can be controlled by applying good beard oil.

It reduces hair breakage and split ends

It is rare to see that a regularly brushed beard develops breakage or split end.  The two reasons are that brushing the hair circulates sebum through the beard, this is because the circulation process is a layer of protection which reduces the risk of hair breakages and split-ends. You should brush your beard hair regularly to avoid these.

Untangled, flat and straight hair is less likely to tug and pull, brushing your beard will reduce the risk of breakages and early hair loss. Ensure your beard is neat by brushing it regularly so as to protect your hair shaft.

It selects out weak hair

Brush your beard to remove weak hairs. It is normal to have weak hairs that are ready to fall out, the reason is that all hairs don’t grow at the same levels. In order to maintain only strong hairs, brushing your beard is not in any way a bad idea.

It softens your beard

When you brush your beard, the release of natural oil helps to soften it. The more your brush your beard, the more it adapts itself to the routine and becomes flat and straight, soft and easier to command in any direction with a good beard brush. With this highlighted benefit, you should have found a reason to brush your beard if you haven’t before now.

It aids your beard easier to style

After the softening of the beards comes its obedience to allow you to style it in any way you chose. All you need is to apply a little balm, wax or beard butter to it and then style in any direction.

If your hair is a bit long, there is a possibility that the parts that brush cannot reach will tangle, so I recommend that you get a beard comb to strike out that constraint.  Beard combs are also good products when it comes to grooming your beard.

Why you should go for a boar beard brush

Every other beard brushes are essential but boar beard brush is super essential for brushing your beard, and one of the reasons being that it is more similar to the human hair.

When it comes to superiority don’t compare boar beard brush with a brush made out of synthetic material—there is a big difference between a father and a son.

The synthetic brushes are generally cheaper compared to brushes made of animal hair, but they cause more harm than good. You must consider the harm a cheaper brush will cause to your beard.

Boar hair quickly adapt to human hair, and as such, is the best for your beard, it glides easily around your hair without pulling it out compared to the synthetic brushes.

So, choose your brush wisely to avoid major damage to your beard.

The use of beard brush or comb – Which is ideal? 

A lot of men do ask if they can use a brush or a comb to make their beards straight. I will quickly outline what these two grooming tools stand for and how they work.

As you already know, the major difference between a beard brush and a beard comb is their teeth. Those tiny strands you find under the handy wood or plastic.

Beard brush is used for maintaining shorter beards while a beard comb, on the other hand, is ideal for longer beards

Advantages of a Beard Brush

The major pros of a beard brush are that it helps in cleaning the beards. As a man with beards, one paramount responsibility is to keep it clean always.

Another added advantage of using a beard brush is that they have the ability to Disperses Beard Oil and Beard Balm.

In other words, a good beard brush can help you to get the maximum benefit from the beard balm or oil that you use.

Unlike a comb, a beard brush is recommended when you want to train your beard.

Advantages of beard comb

You will get the best result when you use a beard comb for styling your beard. And as the case is, you can’t style a shorter beard. This is why a beard comb will actually be necessary for longer beards.

In addition, whenever you are experiencing tangling beards, the best tool to use to untangle your beard is a beard comb. This is a big advantage.

Unlike a beard brush that has bristles, the teeth of a beard comb will be able to dive down into longer beards and pick its way in untangling them.

I must not forget to add that a beard comb will be very useful when trimming the beard. This is something that a brush will not give you.

It will make more sense when you use a beard comb for longer beards.

A Beard brush or beard comb – Which is best for you? 

The simple answer is that it depends on the length of your beard. Now that you know that it is important to brush your beard regularly but not too much. It is equally important to use the right grooming tool.

A Beard brush should be used for maintaining shorter beards. And for long beards, a beard comb is needed.

I have shown you the benefits of these two grooming tools and how they contribute to the growth of facial hair.

Bristles in the brush are denser and packed tightly to straighten short beards. This means that it can not untangle beards. Because short beards hardly tangle.

But in the case of a beard comb, we are dealing with longer beards.

But as a bearded man who is more ambitious, having the two is not a bad idea. This will ensure optimum maintenance of facial hair that will lead to growth.

Final words on brushing your beard too much

You can brush your beard 3 to 5 times a day and that’s what I mean by too much according to this article. If you over brush your beard, I have already mentioned the consequence above.

Choose good beard wash to wash your beard thoroughly and in a healthy way, get good beard oil to apply on your beard, brush your beard with boar hair beard brush.

You are free to leave feedback in the comment box, I shall respond accordingly.

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