How to Mix Indian Hemp with Hair Cream

I have been receiving a lot of messages as regards how to mix Indian Hemp with Hair Cream. I have been quite reluctant in stating this because Indian Hemp in Nigeria is not allowed. But for the benefits of those who would have access to Indian Hemp leaf and seed, you are very good to go.

What you will need to mix Indian Hemp with Beard Cream

1. Mybeardgang Beard Booster Cream
2. Any Carrier Oil of your choice (I love the Black Castor Oil fo his viscosity and shine, but you can also use others like Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Almond Oil which are relatively cheaper and readily available)
3. Indian Hemp – Leaves & Seeds
4. Mixing Bowl
5. Thick spoon
6. Non-Alcohol Based Fragrance (Optional)

Simple and Easy Steps in mixing Indian Hemp with Beard Cream

  • Under a bit of temperature, the solid Beard Cream melts, and this is a good sign that you are ready when it melts. Pour the Beard Cream into your mixing blow
  • Just in case you cannot wait for the Beard Cream to melt, you can put it into your mixing bowl and beat it like you are mixing egg. If you have a hand mixer to mix, that’ll be great.
  • Now ground your Indian Hemp leaf and seed – one tablespoon is enough for the Beard Cream of 120g. You can ground your Indian Hemp seed manually or mechanically.
  • Thereafter, go ahead and pour in the grounded Indian Hemp into the Beard Cream and mix thoroughly with your spoon or hand mixer.
  • Now pour in your oils. Note that you can use any of the oils listed above or all of them combined together. The more, the merrier.
  • You can then go ahead and add your fragrance. Remember, no alcohol fragrance but oil-based.
  • Go again and beat or whip your mixture together till everything has mixed into a paste.
  • Pour the mix back into your Beard or Hair Cream and you are good to go.

Have you tried out our Beard Cream before? Now is the time for you to get for that extra growth and boost for your beard.

Indian Hemp is a greenish coloured leaf and there has been a lot of research on whether it grows hair or not. After my research, I can categorically tell you that Indian Hemp is very good for your hair. As a man desperate to grow his beards, you should try out a mix of Indian Hemp with a Beard Cream.

In Nigeria, Indian Hemp can be sourced anywhere around you. All you need is to be smart about since the usage in the country has not been legalized. I don’t really know how you can get Indian Hemp, so you have to find that out yourself.

If you can get the seed and leaves perfect. However, if you cannot, then you should try Hemp Seed Oil out. Right?

Why do you need to mix Indian hemp to your hair cream?

Before you learn to mix Indian hemp with your hair cream you must know why you are mixing Indian hemp to your hair cream.

I assume that for you to be here means that you already know why you need to mix hemp to your hair cream, Yes?

Anyways in case, you don’t know it will be important that you know why before attempting to mix the two of them.

Do you see? It’s a good thing you are here and reading this article right now because this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn all that you need to know about Indian hemp and your cream.

Before we move ahead, you need to know that one of the main ingredient used in the production of beard oil is hemp, now before you start getting confused, hemp is legally accepted component of most hair product although it is easy to confuse the hemp plant with the not so legally accepted marijuana plant.

So, you ask, why is hemp legal and marijuana is not since both of them are classified as Cannabis?

The answer is simple, between the two of them, it is only marijuana that contains the active chemical tetrahydrocannabinol which has a psychoactive hallucinogenic property that causes its users to get high on consumption.

Hemp seed oil which is used in the manufacture of most beard oil does not contain this psychoactive element hence this is the reason why hemp is legal while marijuana is illegal not minding the fact that both of them are referred to as cannabis.

The best product derived from hem that is used on hair is gotten from the seed and is called hemp seed oil

Read below to understand the benefits of hemp on your and why you need to add it to your hair cream to get the benefits;

Benefits of hemp on hair

There are numerous benefits that hemp especially the oil gotten from offers to the hair an this is why a lot of people add it to their hair cream to enjoy the numerous benefits that it has to offer.

Want to get to know this benefit? Then keep reading to find out;

It moisturizes hair

Hemp oil has been known over the years to have moisturizing properties for the hair, this goes to say that hemp can help to moisturize your beard hair. This is because it is high in vitamin E so it can also be used as a good natural hair conditioner.

When you add it to your hair cream and rub it on your beard hair, it increases blood circulation and it penetrates through into your hair follicles making the hair to be moisturized.

It also retains water through prevention of water loss thereby keeping more moisture in the beard.

It helps hair growth

Hemp is an excellent source of omega 6 and of course, it penetrates easily into the hair. Omega 6 is a very important ingredient in the stimulation of hair growth as well as providing nourishment to the hair.

It helps in the synthesis of keratin which will make the beard hair thicker, stronger and healthier.

Hemp also works to prevent hair loss and thinning of the hair on your beard.

If you want to grow a healthy and thicker hair then you need to add hemp to your beard cream as this will help it to synthesize the growth of your beard hair.

It is good for grooming your beards

The hair on your beard is made up of mostly protein especially keratin, hemp adds to the protein already in your hair through its role in the synthesis of keratin and as well improves blood circulation to all parts of your beard, this greatly ensures that your beards are growing properly.

Not only does hemp help add more proteins to your hair but it stimulates blood circulation which ensures that the hair follicles are properly nourished to produce more hairs.

Therefore, you can now see that hemp also aids in the growth of your beards and this is the more reason why you should mix it in your beard cream as it will help your beards to grow properly and fast.

It helps to prevent hair loss

Hemp when added to your beard cream helps to strengthen your hair thereby preventing hair breakages from weak and dry hairs. This ensures that unnecessary hair breakages are stopped and this is how hemp helps in preventing hair loss.

Hemp is also anti-inflammatory so if you which to grow as much beard hair as possible then hemp should be a part of your beard care routine and you should include it by adding it to your beard cream for maximum effects

What type of Beard Cream Do you Need?

Of course, without mincing words, the MyBeardgang Beard Cream is just perfect for you. A cream that helps you boost your hair without any additions will perform wonders when you mix it with Indian Hemp. (Please note that ou Beard Cream is currently being sold in Nigeria, West Africa). If you would desire it out of the country, then you will have to make a special request for it. Got me?

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