Can You Shave Between Electrolysis Treatments

Can You Really Shave Between Electrolysis Treatments

Can You Shave Really Between Electrolysis Treatments

Yes, You can shave between each treatment, but this has to be recommended by your dermatologist. Electrolysis treatment affects only the hairs that are in their “resting phase” equivalent to about 30% of your body hair.

Now that you already know that you can shave between electrolysis treatments, there are other things you ought to understand along, and I shall talk about them because of their importance.

Can You Shave Before Electrolysis?

You don’t need to shave before electrolysis since the treatment can successfully remove your face and body hair at any point in time.

For this reason, I will say no, you don’t need to shave your hair before electrolysis. Aside from that, shaving before electrolysis does not add any advantage to the process, it can disturb the progress of your treatment.

How Long After Electrolysis Can You Shave

Just like I mentioned above, it is not ideal to shave before electrolysis, but in this stage, before you continue your electrolysis process, it is okay for you to shave five to seven days.

In fact, you can apply other temporary hair removal methods before the appointed time but once you begin the electrolysis treatment again, you should discontinue other treatments.

How Long Should a Person Wait Between Electrolysis Treatments

Can You Shave Really Between Electrolysis Treatments

It depends on what your electrologist suggests but most of the people undergoing electrolysis hair treatment return once a week.

You need to continue to go for treatment until the prescribed week is exhausted and the said area hairs are completely and permanently removed. Normally, each treatment takes between 15 minutes and one hour.

5 to 6 treatments are okay for electrolysis since it is a gradual process that involves patience and persistence.

If you have trouble spots, 5 to 6 treatments are okay for you but if you have stubborn hair, it could take you up to 2 years to complete your treatments so that the hair will be permanently removed.

Can You Get Electrolysis in a Pubic Place

Yes, electrolysis is applicable to all parts of the human body; it doesn’t exempt both the men’s and women’s genital areas.

The nostrils and ear canals can be excluded due to their sensitivity; every other part of the body can be treated with electrolysis method of hair removal.

Can Your Hair Grow Back After Electrolysis?

Yes, your hair can grow back but this time around weaker and less coarse, in fact, it will need a tweezer to be lifted once it is released by the hair follicle from its bottom.

However, if your intention is to maintain the newly grown hair; don’t you dare carry out electrolysis on it; otherwise send a welfare song because the hair will never grow again.  

What Should You Not Do Before Electrolysis?

If you need a more comfortable treatment, it is highly recommended that you should avoid the consumption of caffeine for a few hours pending the appointment.

The reason is that consuming caffeine could hinder the electrologist from seeing your hair, and if that happens, he can’t zap the hairs.

You can pluck, wax or thread before treatment as doing so can reduce the number of time to be spent on electrolysis.

What You Should Expect During Electrolysis?

Well, electrolysis has these common effects after treatments and they are: session are tenderness, redness, and some swelling.

These side effects are normal and shouldn’t give you much concern because they are easy to treat.

Ensure electrolysis is done properly by a professional to avoid the chances of infection and permanent scarring.

What Is the Average Price of Electrolysis?

The normal cost of electrolysis is $30 to $100 per session. Sometimes, it could be more per treatments, and it depends on the number of sessions you are going for.

How Long Does It Take for Skin to Heal After Electrolysis?

Can You Shave Really Between Electrolysis Treatments

Your skin is expected to heal 2 days after treatment. Expect some spots or small blood scabs that may occur on a couple of days after treatment.

Do not pick these small scabs to avoid irritation, and spread of infection. These spots or small blood scabs may take 7 to 21 days to heal depending on the type of skin.

How Many Hairs Can Electrolysis Remove?

This is determined by the area of your body you are having the electrolysis on. Hair follicles normally need to be targeted at minimum twice.

So you need up to 8 to 12 sessions generally for any part of the skin, to be able to permanently remove the hair.

It is worth the sessions of the electrolysis; if you are willing to say goodbye to unwanted hair go for it.

How Long Does It Take for Hair to Grow Back After Electrolysis?

Depending on the response of your hair growth, in slower-growing hair, it can take several weeks or months to grow back after shaving.

If you tweezed your hair previously, it makes take a longer time for your hairs to grow back. Let’s say, it will take 8 to 12 weeks to grow back.

Is Electrolysis Worth the Money?

Yes, if you really need to get rid of those annoying hairs, spending money on what will give you comfort.

Besides, the only hair removal method that guarantees permanent hair removal, smoother skin after treatment is electrolysis.

Other types of hair removal methods can’t give you true results. Though, always remember that it takes a while for the effect to take place.

What Should I Put on My Face After Electrolysis?

It is advisable to apply Bacitracin, Neosporin, Polysporin on your skin after treatment, so that they will speed up the healing process, prevent cases of irritation and other side effects.

They are all ointment or cream that should be applied to the treated area of your skin and should be done night after the treatment for effective treatment.

How Do You Take Care of Your Skin After Electrolysis?

To take good care of your skin after electrolysis, you need to keep applying antiseptics, such as Witch Hazel 2 to 3 times daily.

Other antibiotic products as mentioned above can be applied on a regular basis until your skin is completely healing and free of side effects.

Aloe Vera gel can be helpful and useful too, especial before working out on a day.

How Do You Prevent Pimples After Electrolysis?

Yes, pimples may be generated after electrolysis, especially if the treatment is on your face area.

To avoid this from happening, you need to stop or avoid manual exfoliation such as scrub loofahs for 2 days after treatment.

Don’t apply heavy creams or any natural product such as acidic fruit, glycolic, salicylic and so on.

Does Electrolysis Destroy Collagen?

Yes, it destroys collagen from the lips but I think it has to do with the electrologist carrying out the treatments.

Based on experience, many patients after some years of treatments developed pitted scars and wrinkles on their upper lip. It is rare but it does happen that electrolysis kills some skin collagen.

Can You Do Electrolysis After Laser Hair Removal?

Yes, it is safe. It is recommended by experts because the laser does not affect some hair types such as blond, white, or red hairs. For this reason, it is advisable to do laser along with electrolysis because some people have the 3 types of hairs mentioned above on one area of their body.

To maintain good timing during the electrolysis, it is better to combine the two methods.

Is Electrolysis Better Than Laser?

There is no doubt that I will say electrolysis is better going by the end result. Both electrolysis and laser promise you permanent hair removal but it ended up being that laser hair removal method cannot permanently remove your hair, unlike the counterpart – electrolysis.

Which Is More Expensive Electrolysis or Laser?

The truth is that laser hair removal is more expensive. Laser removal ranges in the averages of $200 to $400 per session based on the size of the area to be treated and is a modern facility. Besides that, it requires fewer sessions compared to electrolysis.

Why Does Electrolysis Take so Long?

It has to stay long due to how it has to destroy hair follicles. The faster your body responds to healing, the quicker the session, and the faster the electrolysis destroys the hair follicles.

How Long Does Hair Have to Be for Electrolysis?

Discontinue any form of a removal method 48 hours before treatment. The longer you go for a treatment, the better. Always remember that your hair must be lengthening enough for the electrologist to be able to perform his or her work properly.

Can You Tweeze Between Electrolysis?

It is ok to shave or even use depilatories in between treatments in as much as you allow your hair to grow in for 48 to 78 hours before going for treatments. If you wax or tweeze your hair this period, will cause your hair to become ingrown and as a result, increases blood flow to the specific area causing more hair to grow.

Conclusion on Shaving between Electrolysis Treatment

You can shave in between sessions and no harm about that. Ensure you apply the necessary antiseptic and antibiotics after treatments.

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