Is Baby Oil Good For Beard?

Let us find out whether Baby Oil is good for beard.

Beard oil plays an important role in beard growth. It nourishes the beard hairs and creates a conducive environment for beard growth. But you are sure of the effects which lead to you searching for ” Is baby Oil good for beard”?

Yes! Baby oil is good for the beard hairs. It does not only keep the beard hairs all shiny, but it also moisturizes the hair and the skin beneath, prevents dandruff, and make beard hairs smell nice for those that contain fragrance. However, it is important for a bearded man to be cautious of baby oils made with petroleum oils, as they are not good for the beard if used consistently.

Is Baby Oil Good For Your Beard?

Applying baby oil to your beard will do you no harm and there are benefits the ingredients it contains can do to your beard, Some baby oils are made with ingredients used in the popular beard oil brands, we know you should know that we have three types of baby oils and with the ingredients,  and they can be used as beard oil alternative.

Common baby oil product is Johnson’s baby oil and it is petroleum or mineral-based. Note that Just like vaseline it is not soluble in water. We also have other types of baby oil produced with Sunflower Oil and Jojoba oil as their major composite and they are free of mineral oil or lanolin. Apart from the ones made with sunflower oil and Jojoba oil, others have mineral oil and plant infused in them.

That is why the effectiveness of your chosen beard oil is determined by the type of baby oils.

What are the pros of using baby oil?

What Are The Pros Of Using Baby Oil For Beard Growth

Mineral oils which are the basic ingredients used in producing baby oil available out there are greasy and make pores clog, making it hard for beard hairs to grow as expected, They also prevent oil from penetrating deep enough into the skin.

Petroleum Jelly is known to get oxidized as it is free of impurities. But oils such as Jojoba and coconut oil found in some baby oils penetrates the skin enough. The moment they get applied. So if you are badly in need of baby oil for beard hairs you should buy the ones made with coconut or Jojoba oil –  In general, buy baby oil made with natural ingredients and you will have nothing to worry about.

#1. Baby oil Improves Beard Appearance

You have nothing to worry about if the beard oil contains natural ingredients. They improve the appearance as the beard is free of dandruff and dryness. Baby oil made with the right oil will keep your beard soft without clogging the pores.

Note that using the right baby oil is not enough, it will be better if you apply it moderately.

#2. Baby Oils are Cheaper

Another reason why you should get yourself baby oil is that it is cheap. What do you think of buying an alternative oil that is cheaper but performs the same function as a normal beard oil? On average, beard oil costs $20 on Amazon whereas you can get baby oil that performs the same function at less price. If you can get the same result from using baby oil just like beard oil, then you consider as a way to save money.

Instead of spending more on beard oil at a time when your finance is nothing to write home about, you can consider buying baby oil. It will last you for a long time and enjoy the same benefits you will enjoy using beard oil.

#3. Baby Oil Fragrance is great

Apart from being cheap, it can be observed that baby oils are made with good scents which helps the body feel good and confident when in public areas. The scent used contributes to reasons why many want to grow beards. But before you buy beard oil with scent make sure it is with a good one that you won’t have to worry about buying another product to cover-up the ones infused in the baby oil.

Cons of using Baby Oil

Quite a number of baby oils are not all free of problems, they have their own problems. Baby oil made with mineral oil is problematic and bad for the health if inhale hence you should consider buying baby oil made with natural ingredients. Before you buy baby oil from any online store or local store make sure it is made with natural oils.

When you buy baby oil made with natural oils you need not worry about side effects. Baby oils made with natural ingredients are soothing to the skin and for all skin types, unlike others that can cause skin irritation.

Another con of using baby oil made with synthetic materials is skin irritation and if care is not taking can lead its skin itching and redness.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is Baby Oil Safe For Beard?

Yes, baby oil is safe to be used on all beard hairs type. What makes it applicable to the beard hairs is the benefits and results. It keeps the hair soft and manageable.

Is Johnson baby oil good for the beard?

Johnson baby oil is mineral oil. It is not in any way recommended for baby hairs, not to talk of the beard. Applying Johnson’s baby oil to your beard hairs can cause a lot of damages that can make you get rid of them.

In short, Johnson’s baby oil is a no go area for beard hairs care. And in case you think it will do you nothing, below are a few of the side effects you might face.

What Are The Side Effects of Using Johnson’s Baby Oil on Beard?

As said earlier, it is mineral oil. It is no good for babies an adult especially in cases where it would be used consistently. Applying a product made with mineral oil to your beards is the same as applying kerosene. So, it can be referred to as a by-product of fractioning oil which makes it a plastic. It increases the chance of getting allergies, hormonal issues, gene mutations, and in some cases tumors cancer. Instead of buying such oil like this, it is better you buy beard oil.

Can Baby Oil Affect Beard Growth?

Applying one gallon of the most expensive baby oil to your bear won’t increase the growth or aid in stimulation. The function of baby oil to the beard hair is to make it soft, attractive and manageable. So, when you apply baby oil to the beard you can be assured that your hair will become easy to style and manage.

So, it does not affect beard growth directly. However, it can help create the right environment needed for the proper growth of facial hairs.

When Is The Right Time To Apply Baby Oil To The Beard Hairs?

There is no specific law or principle that determines the right time to apply baby oil to the beard. The right time depends on your lifestyle and purpose. Let’s take for example you work in a dusty environment, applying this oil to your bear before going to work is not a good practice as it can easily get dirt attracted to your beard hairs. So, in a situation like this; it is better to apply in the evening and wash off in the morning. Also, in a situation where your purpose of the application is to make the beard hairs look shiny applying it in large quantity is a bad practice.

Is Baby Oil Effective For Beard Growth?

If you still belong to the school of thought that applying baby oil to your beard hairs maybe you are new to beard grooming as a whole. I will keep over saying that baby oil won’t make your beard hair grow at least indirectly, it can only help make the care of the beard hairs easy and comfortable.

What Are The Type of Baby Oil Available?

Baby oil can be referred to as a substitute for premade beard oils and there are varieties of it available for purchase online and the physical store close to your environment. Below are the different kinds of baby oil you should know:

  • we have the common type that is completely clear and made with mineral oil. An example of the baby oil made with mineral oil is Johnson’s oil that I have looked into under this section.
  • Also, we have the one made with plant/vegetable oil that often contains well-known oil such as Jojoba oil and sunflower oil as their main ingredient and that makes them free of mineral oil.
  • Then we have the one that can be referred to as the mixture, they are made with the combination of both properties. They can either be in cream or lotion form.

Note: If you are going to buy any type of oil explained above, it is recommended that you buy the ones made with plant oil and not the ones made with mineral oil or laden. Mineral oil-based baby oil are not entirely bad, at least they are free of impurities and allergens. However, they are greasy and can get the pores to clog. Their structure does not make it possible to penetrate the skin.

Can Too Much of Baby Oil Be Used on The Beard Hairs?

Applying baby oil to the beard can be acceptable but doing it too much can result in discomfort.  When you use too much of baby oil it will sit on your skin.

How Do You Wash off Baby Oil From The Beard?

As the baby oil needs to be absorbed by the skin so is the need to clean some of it off after some application. However, instead of washing it off, you can wipe off with a tissue.

Should I Apply Baby Oil every day?

Ye, you can apply baby oil to your beard every day. But in a case where you are making use of one made with mineral oil you should space how frequent you make use of while, if you are making use of one made with mineral oil, you can use as many times as possible.

How Many Drop of Baby Oil Should I Use?

The amount of baby oil that should be applied to the beard hair depends on the level your beard hairs are. Are you still making use of a brush? Are you still making of comb?

If you are still making of beard comb for your beard care adding 4-5 drops of oil is enough and if you are at the stage where a beard brush is all you need, applying 1-3 drops is enough.

Do I Really Need Baby Oil?

You don’t need a baby oil for beard growth if you have beard oil available at your disposal, but if you are looking for alternatives or have no beard oil but have baby oil lying around then you can make use of it.


When you buy baby oil made with natural oils such as Jojoba and coconut oil then you have nothing to worry about. However, keep this at the back of your mind that baby oil won’t be effective like the normal beard oil. Baby oil won’t perform like beard oil because it is specifically designed for beard grooming. That is using baby oil for beard grooming should be an alternative, only use it when beard oil is not available at your reach.

So if you decide on going ahead to use Baby oil for your beard, be sure to check what the baby oil is made of and then you can use.

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