Does Nair Kill Hair Follicles?

Does Nair Kill Hair Follicles – Nair was listed among the chemicals that can destroy hair follicles. So how real is this?

The straight answer to this is NO!

All Nair does is remove the hairs that it makes the regrowth of hair longer than other normal methods of hair removal.  So one can say that it does not in any way cause permanent damage to the hair follicles. After the use of Nair removal products, the only thing you should expect is the fast removal of hair.

Does Nair kill hair follicles? There you have your answer.

Let’s look into what active ingredients you will find in Nair:

Nair (a well-known hair removal ) products contain two active ingredients. Inside Nair, you will find calcium Hydroxide (Lime) and Sodium Hydroxide (Lye). They both work hand in hand to increase the PH of the head and beard hairs, this approach is used to break down the hair.

Also, it contains compounds known as potassium Thioglycate which penetrates deep into the skin leading to the breaking of the bond. The breakage of the bond weakens the point making it easy to pull out.

Sodium Hydroxide in Nair Hair Removal

Sodium Hydroxide is a compound used in the production of sanitary and drain products. It serves as a catalyst for acute and dangerous hair loss noticeable when the human immune system attacks the hair follicles. This can cause changes to the hair follicles.

Also inside cement, cleansing agents and solvents you will find calcium Hydroxide. Ingesting of this compound in any form can lead to stomach aches. Pain and aches are results of damage around intestines, causes burns to the intestinal tract in some cases.

An experience of burns around the digestive tract can be equated to internal bleeding.

Looking at the possible side-effects of using Nair for hair removal, do you think it worth the pains and stress? Do you think it worth having itching scalp that can make you have sleepless nights for days that you could have prevented in the first place?

Other Alternatives For Hair Removal

Instead of using this cruel method of removing hair that could leave you redness of beard scalp, itching skin and many more, you can make use of the methods below:

  • Hair Removal Cream
  • Electrolysis Hair Removal method
  • Hot Waxing
  • Shaving
  • Plucking
  • Laser Method of Hair Removal

Laser Method of Hair Removal

Machines such as the one listed on best hair removal machines work on the principle of laser technology. It is fast and efficient that you don’t have to worry about ingrown hairs. It is one of the longest methods of hair removal that can last for months but need 4-6 weeks of treatment.

Note that the laser method of hair removal is more effective on dark hairs.

The laser beam, when flashed towards the skin sole, aim to destroy the hair bulb that houses hairs. Looking at the cost of laser hair treatment, it is expensive for many but you can buy the best hair removal machines online to get it done yourself instead of going to meet professionals that charge more. Note that before you can use a hair removal machine at home you must practice with it consistently before you can be good with it.

Electrolysis Method of Hair Removal

The electrolytic method of hair removal is another approach to hair removal. What makes it different from the laser removal method is that the presence of a professional is needed.

He/she will be the one to place the needle with an electric shock passing through it in the hair follicles. Talking of the electrolysis method of hair removal there are two methods; thermolytic and galvanic.


Shaving is the best method to utilize if you want to get rid of hairs on the leg, arm, and facial hair. The shortcoming of shaving is that it can cause ingrown hairs, especially if used in the pubic region.

What Are The Side-Effects Of Using Nair For Hair Removal

Nair is one of the most common hairs removal cream you can get out there but with all illustrated up there, your view of it must have changed. It is safe for a specific set for people but it not for many, but if you have decided to go on using it below are the possible side-effects to expect.

Skin Irritation

It contains ingredients that can cause skin irritation of different magnitude depending on how sensitive the skin is and what part of the body you applied it to. Skin irritation varies in degree from burning to the appearance of a rash.

To avoid skin irritation ensure you don’t apply it to sensitive parts of the body such as armpits and genitals. You can as well reduce the effects by applying aloe vera, it will help lessen the irritation.

Chemical Burns

Applying active ingredients such as the one found in Nair to the skin can cause severe chemical burns. Note that the degree of chemical burns also depends on your skin sensitivity.

Allergic Reaction

Experiencing an allergic reaction is another side-effect of using Nair that you might face. To avoid a severe reaction make sure to carry out a skin patch test, this will give you insight on what the chemical will do to your skin. If after use you experience allergic reaction make sure to seek medical attention immediately.

Nair does not in any way destroy the hair follicles permanently all it does is remove the hair right from the origin that it takes a long period of time before it gets back to normal.

As a bearded man, it is recommended that you carry out a patch skin test before applying Nair to your skin and make sure you can withstand the pains and aches attach to it.

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