Quiet Hair Clippers To Buy in 2020

Have you ever wondered why you need a quiet hair Clipper?

Having quiet hair clippers is an absolute must, especially when your boys are really young and might be frightened by loud noise around their head and ears.

One of the most profitable businesses on the face of the earth is cutting hair, because regardless of any other factors, everyone needs to get their hair cut or trimmed at some point or another, and growing hair never stops.

Getting your hands on a pair of quiet hair clippers for your home is easier than you think. Let this buyer guide educate you on some of the features and benefits of quiet hair clippers along with our quiet hair clippers reviews, you can be better prepared to find the pair which suits your needs.

Whether you are a barbershop or looking to cut your own hair at home, you need to make sure you get the right product to get the job done

What are the benefits of quiet hair clippers?


Needless to say, quiet hair clippers are great for anyone. Whether at a barbershop or home, the constant grinding sounds coming from a hair clipper may turn you or your customers off. But with the right model from this list, you will gain the perfect trimming and quiet operation you deserve.

They are certainly more pleasant to use, after all, who wants to put up with that loud noise so close to their ears.

Quieter clippers help you avoid the struggles which are born out of fear of the loud noise buzzing around your child’s head.

You can get a little bit more peace of mind when it comes time to break out your clippers for a quick trim or a full-blown hair cut when they are quieter.

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Here are some features to look for in quiet hair clippers?

I understand that it may be hard to lay hold on a quality quiet Clipper. One can purchase a quiet Clipper today and after some weeks, it starts to sing while in usage.

But that shouldn’t be the case. There are some general features to consider when selecting any clippers, which you need to keep in mind as you make your choice.

So let’s briefly run through the Important features you will need to take note of whenever you are about to buy a quiet Clipper, online or in a store.

Should be durable

Durability is another general feature to keep in mind when selecting clippers of any noise level. If cutting is your profession, then you will obviously want to get the longest lasting and most durable clippers you can get your hands on.

Even without being a professional, you want a pair of clippers that will produce up to a dozen haircuts annually for up to fifteen or even twenty years.

How do you know a Clipper will be durable even before buying it? It’s easy. Ensure you are buying a product that has a good name. For example, no professional can dispute the effectiveness of Wahl products. Read the features written on the packs of clippers to know the durability.

Simple in usage

Though ease of use also has little bearing on the noise level of your clippers, you want this feature regardless of the noise level, so keep it in mind as you narrow down your choice.

Where a professional might want a few more adjustments to achieve particular results, a home cutter will want a more straightforward pair of clippers that are easy to use.

Cutting hair takes some skill to do it right and come up with a finished product that has the look you hoped to accomplish.


More powerful clippers will provide a cleaner cut as well. Keep in mind that power can mean that your clippers are louder. Manufacturers of the best quiet hair clippers have accomplished a balance between the two.

Power is important when it comes to hair clippers. More power means fewer cutting strokes and fewer snags, resulting in more hair cut with each stroke.

Light in Weight

How’d you like to handle a Clipper that is as heavy as a brick? Discouraging yeah?

The weight of your hair clippers, regardless of how noisy they are, makes a significant difference in the quality of your work.

This feature becomes extremely important when you’re working in those hard to reach areas.

Let’s now get started on our aim of recommending you the best quiet hair clippers that you should buy.

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Top Picks Best Quiet Hair Clippers to buy 2020

1. Wahl Clipper Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers


They feature a long-lasting rechargeable battery which will run continuously up to 60 minutes

If You are looking for a cordless trimmer for a quick haircut and don’t want to pay a lot of money. A more substantial haircut will require a more powerful pair of clippers.

The stainless steel blades are easy to clean, are durable and stay sharp longer. This unit is easy to keep clean and has a low-vibration quiet motor. Its attachments are all color-coded for additional convenience

Like I mentioned earlier, These Wahl Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers are backed by one of the most well-known names in hair clippers.

Reasons to buy

  • The colour coding is a nice touch in the overall design of a lightweight cordless pair of clippers.
  • The long-lasting recharge of 60 minutes is pretty impressive.
  • Its stainless steel blades are durable, make a clean cut and resist corrosion.
  • The motor on these clippers is very quiet and the cordless design makes it easier to move freely around your subject to achieve better cutting angles.

Reasons to avoid

  • This unit does not come with a charging stand, so you will just lay it on a counter while it charges.
  • Though the clippers run for 60 minutes after charging, they only have decent cutting power for about 15 to 20 minutes.


2. OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510


They feature a very quiet motor, are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre

They feature a very quiet motor, are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, and are corded for continuous operation without worrying about a dead or dying battery.

The adjustable pivot on these clippers allows you to modify your haircut a bit more than your typical home clippers

You are looking for clippers with a professional feel but are on a budget. If you intend to use these clippers extensively over a long period of time you won’t be pleased with them

These Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor clippers are a higher-end type for professional use, but at a more affordable price for use at home.

Reasons to buy

  • This is a pair of small, lightweight clippers with the power of much larger units.
  • The adjustable pivot on these clippers gives you a bit more control over the finish of your cut.
  • These clippers are corded, so you don’t have to worry about running low on power.
  • They are very low noise and work well with children.

Reasons to avoid

  • Its motor isn’t quite powerful enough for extensive haircutting and its longevity might come into question.
  • Once the blades dull, these clippers are done, because the blades are not changeable.

Great clipper if you ask me. I’m 16 years old started to cut hair 1 year ago and this a great clipper for a beginner


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3. Andis Master 15-Watt Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper, Silver (01557)


Versatility and silence are built into the Andis Master Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper

These clippers are for professional-level use, but can still fit into a family budget.

You want durable, professional-quality hair clippers and don’t mind paying a little bit more for the added value. You might not like these clippers in a professional setting where they need to operate continuously and might get too hot

A surprisingly quiet motor operates inside of a durable aluminium housing with cool precision. Its adjustable carbon steel blades make it great for all-around outlining and fading.

Versatility and silence are built into the Andis Master Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper.

Reasons to buy

  • These clippers are extremely quiet during operation.
  • They are corded, so you don’t have to worry about recharging or fading power.
  • The carbon steel blades will stay sharp for a long time and they are adjustable for finer trimming and finishing work.
  • The housing is lightweight aluminium and more durable than your typical plastic clippers.

Reasons to avoid

  • A fully enclosed metal housing will cause these clippers to get warm after extensive use.
  • It is a little bit heavier than typical clippers. Carbon steel does not resist corrosion well.

Andis Master is one of the Barbershop standards, hard to find a professional who isn’t a fan of Andis. The Andis Master, Wahl 5 Star Senior, and Oster Classic 76 are the professionals base tools… It’s a GOTTA-HAVE clipper


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4. BuySShow Quiet Professional Hair Clippers Set


These clippers are cordless and rechargeable.

The blades in these clippers come with a fixed, non-rust, durable titanium and a moving blade made of high quality ceramic for smooth, efficient cutting.

It has an ergonomic switch design that can be reached easily and this cordless unit comes with a charging stand.

You want a lightweight portable home trimmer with a professional feel for not a lot of money. You might not like this as a true set of hair-cutting clippers

These clippers are cordless and rechargeable. The low vibration of the motor in these clippers does not exceed 50db, which is a quiet hum. Low vibration and precision are built into the BuySShow Quiet Professional Hair Clippers.

Reasons to buy

  • Being cordless and rechargeable are positive factors to keep in mind as they allow more freedom for moving around your subject and obtaining better working angles.
  • The titanium and ceramic combination of the blades on this unit provide smooth, efficient cutting and prevent corrosion and rust.
  • These clippers have low vibration and work below 50db, which is pretty quiet.
  • It comes with a charging stand which doubles as a convenient place to store the unit when it isn’t being used.
  • You get this unit at a pretty economical price as well.

Reasons to avoid

  • This pair of clippers probably lacks some of the power you need for clean cutting.
  • The guards are not U.S. standard sizes. The battery is a little short-lived.

It is a quality titanium clipper with a cheap price and in addition, it’s very handy without a cord that’s getting your way. I bought a promotor brand and in comparison this way better than my first one. And the nice thing is each blade are coded. It has a case which is very handy and easy to store in place. No regrets in buying this product.


5. Wahl Professional Sterling Eclipse Lithium-Ion Cordless Clipper


High carbon steel blades are used in order to provide clean cuts over the long-term.

They utilize a quiet rotary-style motor. These clippers come with a lithium-ion battery, which is charged in the included charging stand, and last for up to 90 minutes of continuous use. High carbon steel blades are used in order to provide clean cuts over the long-term.

You want a lighter weight pair of cordless clippers and money is not really an issue. You might not be happy with the lack of longevity of the battery on these clippers

Can get all the power of a full-sized set of clippers, but at ¾ of the size with these Wahl Professional Sterling Eclipse Lithium-Ion Cordless Clippers.

Reasons to buy

  • Since these clippers are cordless, you have more freedom to move around your subject without having to rearrange the cord.
  • They use high carbon steel blades which hold a good edge and won’t dull as quickly as others.
  • The lithium-ion battery extends the length of time that the clippers stay charged to 90 minutes.
  • These clippers are more compact and lighter weight for easy handling.
  • They also come with a charging stand.

Reasons to avoid

  • The rechargeable life of the battery is a bit questionable when these clippers are set aside for a long period of time without being used.
  • They won’t outlast their 1-year warranty.

Lithium battery lasts for several haircuts, doesn’t stall when cutting hair, not narrow like the earlier model, plenty of attachable comb fittings for any length hair, oil in it comes in a tiny bottle that leaks over time but you can buy a larger container of oil separately for the long run. I’m very satisfied.


#6. Bz Professional Cordless Hair Clippers, Quiet Hair Clippers

Bz professional Cordless Hair Clippers is one of the best Quiet hair clippers out there you can get for yourself, either for domestic or professional use. It comes with a durable lithium-ion battery that makes lasts for a long time per charge. Also, the self haircutting system makes its features make it ideal for self cuts. It comes with the necessary kits including detailing and touch-ups around the ears, necklines, sideburns, and head; The adjustable taper lever enables precise, smooth, and short cuts.

The cordless features make it convenient for self hair cutting and safe for wet hair cutting. Then the R shaped obtuse angle blade protects against accidental injury and suitable for both adults and kids.

The feature that makes it eligible for this list is the precision motor that is of low vibration and ultra-quiet design. So, if you are looking for a quiet hair clipper that won’t make your kids be afraid of getting hair cuts – you should get yourself a Bz Professional Cordless Hair Clipper from Amazon.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with 3 combs attachment that makes it ideal for cutting of different hair lengths.
  • Makes of rechargeable battery that can last for one hour.
  • It comes with a cleaning brush for proper maintenance.
  • Delivers exceptional power for no-snag cutting
  • Features self-sharpening system and a stainless moveable blade that can easily be removed for easy cleaning.
  • It is affordable.
  • It can be used with or without cord.
  • Lightweight

Reasons Not To Buy

  • The charging time is 5 hours which is a little bit longer.
  • Nothing new

I purchased this hair clipper for my 5y.o. son and husband. Now I can correct their haircuts when it’s needed. This clipper is cordless which is convenient. It’s not heavy and well designed. There are 3 clippers which work well.


#7. Kids Hair Clipper – Quiet Baby Hair Trimmer, Cordless & Waterproof Chargeable

Are you looking for a quiet hair clipper that can be used for kids suffering from Autism, you should get one of this clipper from Amazon. It has a self haircutting system – It is a hair clipper made with a ceramic blade which is made with R shape rounder corners. The uniquely designed blade makes the hair cutting process gentle, without hair pulling or scratching.  Also, it comes with 4 cutting heads & fixed length comb and they make it extremely easy to trim’s baby short hair.

Another reason why you need to buy this clipper for Kids is that it comes with a technology that helps reduce noise. The new technology reduces noise, 55 decibels lower than the normal communication with people. It can even be used even when the baby is asleep. Letting the baby not to be afraid and complete the hair cutting process comfortably.

The overall body design of this hair clipper is designed to be waterproof and easy to disassemble and clean. Even when immersed in water it can still work. Also, it is easy to use without the help of a professional.

Reasons To Buy

  • It is easy to charge and spore as it makes use of Nickel batteries with good storage capacity.
  • Features USB cable so it can be charged when connected to Power banks and laptop.
  • It is fully washable and waterproof.

Reasons Not To Buy

  • No negative review

I love these clippers. I bought them for my 19-year-old autistic son who has very thick hair and because of the noise and heat and hair pulling other hair clippers make and do. Doing his hair was a nightmare. He would yell, scream. And be in pain.
With these clippers. His hair was done in less than 15 minutes.
I love the clippers and highly recommend them. And will purchase again when these wear out.


#9. WONER Hair Trimmers, Quiet Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers for men

WONER Hair Clipper is another quiet hair clipper you should have in mind. It is a cordless hair clipper that comes with 9 guards, scissors, comb, charger adapter, oil, cleaning brush. Plus, a convenient hard storage case keeps everything in one spot. The materials used in the production of these blades makes it stay sharp and cut all hairs type. Also, it is easy to clean and maintain. When you buy WONER Hair clipper from Amazon, you will get a Cordless clipper, charger adapter, comb, 9 guards, convenient storage case, cleaning brush and instructional manual.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with a convenient storage bag that makes it easy to have everything store in place.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • It comes with cordless electric hair clipper comes with 9 guards, scissors, comb, charger adapter, oil, cleaning brush and charger adapter
  • It is affordable.
  • Easy to use.

Reasons Not To Buy

  • No negative review that you should worry about.

These hair clippers have been in use for a month. It’s very good. My son was very resistant to my cutting his hair before. The before one used to be loud and connected to a charging cable, not convenience. Now he can sit down and let me cut his hair, which is great.


What are the best ways to take care of quiet hair Clippers?


While it is painstaking to eventually choose to the right item, Maintenance plays a big role in the quiet and efficient operation of hair clippers.

Failure to properly maintain is likely to cause blades and other moving components to break down. The breakdown of those components tends to cause friction and vibration and both of these add noise to those once quiet hair clippers.

So basically, to ensure a long-lasting quiet Clipper for your usage, here are the maintenance measures to take.

• Change or sharpen the blades when they become dull and worn.

• Make certain that the blades stay properly aligned.

• Keep all of the working components properly lubricating.

• Keep the blades cool, disinfected and free of rust or other corrosion.

• Oil the blade after cleaning.

Finally, most customers agree that it is important to get a quiet hair clipper for their satisfaction. As is necessary by your level, professional or personal, these all make good options.

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