Electrolysis Hair Removal at Home

Electrolysis for hair removal involves using a small needle-like probe, inserted beneath the root of the hair into the hair follicle. It then delivers a small electrical pulse that both removes the hair and gives the chance to permanently stop hair growth from that particular spot.

Even if you’re already contemplating using a home electrolysis machine for your personal grooming, it’s quite possible that you still don’t know exactly what electrolysis is, and how it removes unwanted hairs.

In this article, I’ve decided not only to recommend the best 4 electrolysis hair removal at home but also explain what pros and cons you get in buying them.

Among a number of electrolysis machines out there the EP85M Professional Radio Frequency RF Permanent Hair Removal Machine.

To most users, is the best Electrolysis Hair Removal at Home. Not only does it provide professional results at home but also painless, safe and very easy to use for hair removal.

This is the number one electrolysis machine we will recommend for home use. 

It used to be that you will have to visit a clinic for electrolysis, usually on a weekly basis. But there are now plenty of great options which let you try out electrolysis at home as an African American, and I’ve reviewed them all.

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There is plenty of choice on the market. However, they don’t all do exactly what they claim. For this reason, it’s great to read around before making up your mind.

I’ve rounded up the best home electrolysis hair removal tools and below are thorough reviews of them all.

“In fact, the technique of using small electrical currents to permanently destroy hair follicles has been practised for almost as long as the light bulb has been around. Advances in technology have seen the advent of home electrolysis machines.”

Electrolysis Hair Removal at Home – Our Top 2 Recommendations

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Electrolysis opts for Laser treatment, you say?

Electrolysis machine for home use 2020

Having discussed with some dermatologist before writing this article, most of them recount that their clients are somewhat oblivious to the effectiveness of electrolysis and laser treatments.

From my review, here are a few facts that will change your thinking. Then you can go ahead to decide which treatment you’ll opt for.

  • Laser light simply disables the follicle for a period that averages around two years (with a maintenance treatment suggested after one year) and after that, hair usually grows back.
  • In contrast, electrolysis is permanent because a hair follicle can never again grow hair after it’s been “shocked” by the needle.
  • Electrolysis Takes a Long Time (Initially) While Laser Hair Removal is More Convenient (In the Short Term).
  • Electrolysis has been largely overshadowed by laser treatments in recent years, but the older approach has two major advantages.
  • Electrolysis takes a long time to be done properly. Removing hair from just one area of the body involves a lengthy series of regular treatment sessions, sometimes as long as 12-18 months since every hair follicle must be dealt with individually. That’s why many find laser hair removal more convenient since larger areas can be treated during each session and the entire process often requires just 6-10 visits
  • Electrolysis works for everyone, while laser treatments are much more effective for people with light skin and dark hair.
  • Dark skin is often burned by lasers, and since the method works by attacking the dark pigment in hair it’s usually not effective on light hair.
  • The length of required treatments for each method can vary widely, however, depending on the type and amount of hair being removed and the area being treated.
  • It’s also common that one woman who’s gone through a long series of electrolysis sessions is finishing her hair removal treatments forever – just as a second woman who’s undergone laser sessions is beginning a new set of treatments because the hair has already regrown.
  • Both methods do involve some pain, but neither is an excruciating treatment and the extent of the pain varies with each patient – in comparison you need to be quite determined to undergo a Brazilian waxing session.

Electrolysis Hair Removal at Home

The best way to save money on hair removal is to do it yourself. Home electrolysis machines have gotten better over the years and are a good alternative if you have steady hands and aren’t intimidated by the concept of sticking yourself with needles carrying electricity.

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EP85M Professional Radio Frequency RF Permanent Hair Removal Machine

Electrolysis hair removal


The EP85M was designed for professional use but is also suitable for individuals.

The EP85M was designed for professional use but is also suitable for individuals. There are four micro clips that attach to one hair apiece and deliver lower-level RF waves for 15-30 seconds, heating the hairs to remove them and theoretically destroy the follicles.

Another set of tweezers can be used for shorter, higher-level radio wave “zaps” so you can treat several more hairs while the microchips are doing their work.

Electrolysis hair removal

Hairs treated this way will come out with virtually no pain, and the machine is easy to use once you go through the instructions carefully.

Long-term results? Your mileage may vary. The EP85M will set you back nearly four figures but is a good bet for thermolysis believers.


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AVX500 Professional Electrolysis Machine For Permanent Hair Removal

Electrolysis hair removal

Electrolysis hair removal

It’s strictly a galvanic unit with no blend function.

The upper blend of electrolysis machines is dominated by one company, Aevexx, which uses several different brand names including AVX.

This is a model that’s very similar to the one we’ve just reviewed, but it’s strictly a galvanic unit with no blend function.

It sells for less than the Aavexx 600, so if you’re looking to spend in this price range I’d suggest springing for the 600 with the blend function.

It may or may not add to the long-term effectiveness of your hair removal efforts, but it’s only a little extra money.

Electrolysis hair removal

The galvanic specifications for the AVX500 are exactly the same as the Aavexx 600, complete with single or multiple modes, foot switch, overload protection and so on.

They even look nearly identical, which probably shouldn’t be a surprise since this is really the Aavexx without the thermolysis function.

Performance is just about equal to the dual-mode machine, requiring slow but steady work overtime but not requiring the re-treatments you’ll have to do with the Clean and Easy or with thermolysis models.

If you know you definitely want only galvanic electrolysis, though, you can save a little money by going with the AVX500 instead of the Aavexx-branded machine.

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  • Galvanic (single or multiple outputs)
    Technical: 24,000kuv, maximum 5000uA with overload protection, DC driver
  • AC power source
  • Comprehensive power and function controls, plus analog meter and timer
  • Dimensions: 14 x 3 x 9 inches
  • 11 pounds in weight
  • 1-year warranty


Clean and Easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis

About product 

If you are looking for an electrolysis machine that is Gentle, safe, fast, and effective, then look no further than Clean and Easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis.

This machine is an effective way to remove unwanted hairs permanently using the electrolysis method of hair removal.

The machine can be used anywhere on the busy, even in sensitive areas. Ideal areas to use this machine includes the eyebrow, upper lip, bikini, and body.

With this machine, you can comfortably customize treatment using the control dial and the Stylet tip are self-adjustable.

Reasons to buy

It is affordable and very effective. This is more reason why it should be considered. The machine will offer a professional result even at home.

While it is very simple to use, it will have a gentle, fast and safe impact on the affected area of unwanted hair and remove them permanently.


  • Gentle, fast and safe removal of unwanted hair
  • Comfort control dial lets you customize the treatment
  • Self-adjusting stylet tip can’t even pierce the skin
  • Easy to use anywhere on the body


Électrolyse Standard Electrolysis Non-Laser Machine for Hair Removal


About product

Anyone who is really serious about getting rid of unwanted hair on the skin permanently should consider buying this Électrolyse Standard Electrolysis Non-Laser Machine for Hair Removal. The machine has been specially designed to meet the demand of professionals when it comes to the electrolysis method of hair removal. 

This machine will also deliver a professional result and it is good for both professionals and private use. It is a very compact machine and easy to operate. The Électrolyse Automatique standard produces a full 22,000kµV of output intensity. It is indeed among the most powerful electrolysis machines you will find on the market.

Reasons to buy 

Électrolyse Standard Electrolysis Non-Laser Machine for Hair Removal comes with numbing cream, conductivity gel and other necessary accessories needed to achieve a successful permanent hair removal and after treatment. It is a machine for all both men and women and contains helping kits.

People would appreciate a machine that is compatible and efficient. This machine is not lagging behind in this. It is also recommended to use on coarse face and beard hair.


  • Permanent Hair Removal 
  • Professional grade results
  • compact and affordable salon or home use machine.
  • Practical
  • 1-year warranty.
  •  22,000kµV of output intensity


If you have received electrolysis before and know what to expect and what you are doing, this is a great product, that gives results. It does take a little time to master the technique but when you do results are good!

The benefit of using home electrolysis machine for hair removal

It is one thing to get rid of unwanted hair and it is another to make it a permanent action. The choice of hair removal method you choose will determine how often you will be bothered about unwanted hair regrowth.

As I have mentioned earlier, electrolysis is the only approved hair removal method so far that can assure individuals permanent removal of hair on the skin by completely destroying hair follicles.

When you choose to use electrolysis for hair removal, you can be sure to have a permanent solution. But are there other benefits to this method? What are they?

While there may be lapses in not carrying out the treatment properly, it is best to meet a professional to get the job done perfectly. However, these are the benefits of using an electrolysis machine for hair removal.

Apart from the fact that electrolysis will give you a permanent solution, it can be used to treat any type of hair and skin without negative impact.

The hair on the skin varies from one individual to another. Other methods of hair removal will work perfectly on a particular type of skin colour or hair type.

Thankfully, an electrolysis machine has nothing to do with the colour of the skin or the type of the hair as it goes straight into the hair follicles to destroy them and prevent hair from regrowing on unwanted areas of the body.

Areas on the skin like the upper lips and jaw may have finer hairs and electrolysis can work effectively by removing them permanently.

Another added advantage to the use of electrolysis hair removal is that it is actually a pain-free method.

Although, the process involved in electrolysis and how hair is destroyed through the passing of current from a needle-like object may sound hurting it will only cause itching that will not last for long at all.

Electrolysis method of hair removal is a pleasant process especially when it is handled by a professional who knows the proper way to go about the treatment.

The only itching sensation that clients will get is what makes people think it is a painful method of hair removal. But in reality, it isn’t.

After completing a session or treatment of a particular hair removal method, it may require some after-treatment care to adverse downsides or make the treatment permanent.

Now, this can be a very expensive extra treatment or even a stressful one. Electrolysis method of hair removal demands lesser after-treatment care.

The Aim of the after-treatment care is to ease up any discomfort that clients or patients might have encountered while carrying out electrolysis with the machine.

Experts will also devise that patients should limit their exposure to excessive daylight for a few days after treatment to get permanent and best results.

It is normal to experience irritation after some treatment and some herbal get has been included in these machines to use for the aftercare treatment.

These herbal gel can also be bought separately, though.

What makes electrolysis less expensive may be because it doesn’t really require too much session to achieve a good result unlike other basic methods of hair removal.

There is no such thing as ongoing maintenance after the main treatment as it offers a permanent solution.

This is among the major factors and benefits that set it apart from other methods of hair removal.

The use of an electrolysis machine for hair removal is best and safe for removing hairs on the skin permanently and can be applied on any part of the skin.

Some Risks connected to Electrolysis

Electrolysis machine for home use 2020

Just before I wrap up with my Post on electrolysis hair removal you can use at home, Let me spell it out here that there are risks associated with electrolysis, so you do have to be vigilant when performing electrolysis at home.

  • Follow the instructions carefully, start with a less visible area like your leg instead of your face, and try working on a follicle several times if necessary.
  • Most people aren’t patient enough to read through the manuals and learn exactly how to use their machines. That’s why you may see many online reviews saying “this didn’t work”.
  • If you do decide to invest in a machine be patient. The process takes some time to learn and master so you may think that a machine “doesn’t work” after trying it a few times when it’s really a matter of gaining experience and using the machine properly.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Home Electrolysis

How Often Should Electrolysis Be Done?

The frequency of your electrolysis hair removal depends on the area that you want to remove hairs from and the rate at which your hairs grow back.

For example, it takes more sessions for someone with a thick and large volume to get remove it completely compare to someone with thin hairs.

So, if your hair is thick and long, you need to do it for long to ensure it is completely removed.

How Can Pain Be Reduced During Electrolysis?

The level of pains you will experience during the hair removal process depends on the thresholds.

Some describe the pains experiences during the process as a stinking sensation while others say it is one of the most painful methods of hair removal. Luckily, there is a process that ensures lesser pains.

You can listen to music during the hair removal process to take your mind off it, which makes you stay focus and clam. And you may rub ice on the area you want to treat.

This can numb the area temporarily, so make sure you do it immediately.

What Are The Types of Electrolysis?

#1. Thermolysis

This is the type of electrolysis method of hair removal carried out using radio waves instead of electrical charges along with the hair that will break down the hair in the hair follicle making use of heat energy.

The high frequency sent into the skin makes the hair follicle to vibrate.

This subsequently heats up the hair damaging the cells that it will take long before the hairs grow back.

#2. Galvanic

The galvanic electrolysis method of hair removal makes use of direct electrical current to break down the cells in the hair. It is the common and most trusted method that can be used for the removal of hairs.

The electrolysis hair removal machine that makes use of galvanic technology helps in rearranging the hairs in a way that is different from the normal.

All it takes is to insert the needle directly into the follicle where the electrical charge can be passed into the follicle.

#3. The Blend

As the name suggests, it is a type of electrolysis hair removal method that combines galvanic and galvanic technology to get rid of hairs.

However, this method is a little slower than thermolysis but faster than the galvanic method of hair removal.

This is the right technology for whoever is whose hair is sparse. Also, it works with fine and coarse hair.

Can I Get Pimples After Electrolysis?

Yes, ance may break out when too much oil, dead skin cells and hair become trapped in the treated hair follicle, thereby form a plug.

In conclusion, There are electrolysis devices available for home use, but they are often unsafe for use by anyone who is not trained on how to use.

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