What Clipper Do Black Barbers Use?

Do you want to cut your beard or head hairs as a black man and you are thinking of what clipper do black barbers use, or a professional barber looking for the right clipper for your black customers?

I’ve rounded up the best clippers for black barbers on the market and broken down everything you need to know to make a decision.

Without beating around the bush, The most recommended hair clipper that black barbers use is the OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper 76076010. Oster has been able to provide this powerful hair clipper and it’s known for its compact design and heavy-duty hair cutting. In my opinion, It is best for any barber as it includes two blades (#000 and #1) and a universal motor that is very durable.

These Best Clippers for Black Barbers will make it quick and easy to cut your hair or that of your black customers as professional. Products that will be listed here are going to be based on reviews, specifications, design, and features.

First, I’ll talk through each clipper for black men. Then I’ll cover what you need to look for in a clipper for black barbers and provide recommendations based on various use cases.

Let’s dive in!

Professional Clipper for Black Barbers – Our Top 3 Recommendations

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Reviews of Professional Clipper for Black Barbers – Detailed Review

#1. OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper 76076010

what clipper should black barber use

OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper 76076010 is one of the best professional clippers out there with a detachable 000 size blade.

It is the ideal clipper for barbers looking for a clipper with a sleek design, compact design that can fit in hand perfectly and has Ergonomic design that reduces fatigue.

Asides from the features above, it is heavy-duty, which makes it perfect for cutting even the thickest hair.

Inside the OSTER Classic 76, Universal Motor Clipper package is blade guard, Clipper grease, oil and cleaning oil.

Reasons to Buy
  • It is powerful and makes use of single-speed Universal Motor for heavy-duty use.
  • The clipper is designed to cut through all hair types.
  • Its textured housing makes it easy to hold.
  • Known for it durability and lasting performance.
  • Has a detachable blade with sizes between 000 and 1.
  • Feature a 9ft power cord.
Reasons not to Buy
  • It is heavy

Words from a Buyer

Most people call these “The Beast and that is because they eat through hair incredible fast and without a problem. I’ve never had a problem with this clipper and I’ve had it for over 6 years. Some people are intimidated by the speed and the fact that it may feel clunky or too big. Don’t let that stop you from buying and enjoying this clipper. You can get used to it. Just practice and you will be fine.


#2. Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip

what clipper do black barbers use

Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Music is another Hair Clipper for black intended for professional use only and it is designed to deliver the high performance needed by experts, and it is cordless.

Also, it features High precision Zero-Overlap 2161 blades that help deliver speed and comfort, and a Lithium-ion battery that can last for 90-minutes per full charge. In the package are attachment combs, cleaning brush, red blade guard and recharging transformer.

Reasons to Buy
  • Accessories such as instructions, red blade guard, recharging transformer, cleaning brush, attachment combs, and oil are included.
  • It can be used with cord or cordless.
  • It makes use of Lithium batteries.
  • Wahl professional can be charged while in use.
  • It is affordable and worth the price.
  • Feels great in the hands.
  • Powerful battery.
Reasons not to Buy
  • No negative review

Words from a Buyer

Works great. I cut my own hair better than any barber. Now, without the cord, it is so much easier. The super sharp blades cut right through my thick hair.  A lot of compliments on my haircut since I’ve put this to use.


#3. Wahl Clipper Home Kit Model 79524-3001

what clipper do black barbers use

Wahl Clipper Home Barber Kit Model 79524-3001 is the Hair clipper that contains everything you need for a successful Hair cut at Home or for professional use.

It contains a Hair clipper, a personal trimmer and a detail trimmer.

Being a premium Hair clipper it delivers exceptional services that others within the same price range can’t offer. Also, it includes self-sharpening precision ground blades that can cut through thickest hair.

It is the ideal Hair clipper for finishing the job by cleaning up the necklines, trimming around the ears and touch-up sideburns.

Reasons to Buy
Reasons not to Buy
  • No negative reviews

Words from a Buyer

I’ve never cut my own hair before so needless to say, I was concerned about how it would come out. I used this kit the other day for the first time and I was pleases with the results. My haircut came out balanced, very decent actually. Although a bit short and it took some time because I was familiar with the process.

I recommend that you get the 1.25” and 1.5” guide combs along with this kit. Sold separately. This product is surely a great one.


#4. Ermila Motion 1885 Innovative Cordless Hair Clipper Li-ion 100-240v

What clipper do black barber use

Ermila Motion 1885 Innovative Cordless Hair Clipper Li-ion is the most expensive hair clipper on this list, and it is known for quick charging, charging time of 45 minutes and has a multi-LED capacity display.  The design comes with detachable scissors handles for safety and super ergonomic handling. With 45 minutes charging it is highly efficient and can be used for 90 minutes without direct power supply.

Reasons to Buy
  • The design is ergonomic.
  • It has a multi-LED capacity display.
  • It can be used for 90 minutes without a direct power supply.
Reasons not to Buy
  • None


#5.  NEWEST Panasonic Professional Hair Clipper ER512 JAPAN MADE

what clipper do black barbers use

NEWEST Panasonic Professional Hair Clipper is a powerful hair clipper with increased sharpness that can go through all hair types. The standard of this machine makes it widely accepted among professionals with a fast 10,000 rpm linear motor drive for a precise smooth and powerful cut. An hour of recharging will result in 70 minutes of continuous use.

Reasons to Buy
  • It is powerful and can cut through any hair type.
  • It is by most professionals.
  • An hour recharging results in 70 minutes of continuous use.
  • The battery is strong.
  • Worth the price.
Reasons not to Buy
  • None

Words from a Buyer

Cutting-edge technology as its best: the new Panasonic ER-1512 – the successor model of ER-1511TH Ergonomic curved handle with a plateau for perfect handling. Very light for fatigue frees working. The X-shaped shearing knife with diamond-like carbon and titanium coating ensures a perfectly clean, efficient interface with any hair.


#6. Remington Salon Collection Ultimate Performance Hair Clipper, Black, HC9700


Remington Professional-level haircuts with the salon collection are the right clipper for black men, especially if you are a professional barber looking for a hair clipper that can trim the hairs of a typical African Americans man. The convenient tapper level makes it and 11 guide combs make it so easy to achieve customize hairstyles. Being a cordless hair clipper for professionals, it can be used for up to 150 minutes when fully charged and it can be used with cord, and the LED indicator is there to give you warning showing the charging status. It is easy to clean up; all you need to do is press the blade release button and rinse under the running water.

The premium materials used makes creating professional-level haircuts easy. The precision and stainless steel blades of all type presents are one of the reasons why you should consider buying this product.

Reasons to Buy
  • It can be used on hairs of all types.
  • It features an LED indicator.
  • The battery when fully charged can last for 150 minutes.
  • 11 guide combs are present.
  • It can be used with cord or cordless.
  • Can be used when charging.
  • It is so easy to achieve customize hairstyles.
Reasons not to Buy
  • No negative reviews


#7. WAHL Pro-Lithium Beretto 4212-0471 Black Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

WAHL Pro-Lithium Beretto is another hair clipper on the list of what clippers do black barbers use. It is highly efficient and comes with a durable Lithium battery that can last for 90 minutes after charging for 180 minutes. The design is appealing enough that anyone that sees you using may get interested, the design is sleek. Also, it is ergonomic, super slim, light in weight and does not make noise that you can listen to music, watch TV or take part in other activities whenever it is being used.

In addition, it features a high precision quick detach diamond blade with innovative DLC coating that can be used for a lifetime. The kit includes a charging stand, cleaning brush, blade guard, oil, plug-in transformer, 4 attachments combs, and flat-top hairstyling comb.

Reasons to Buy
  • It is super slim and lightweight.
  • It does not make noise when in use.
  • Features a compact charge that makes it ideal for use in any work station.
  • It comes with 4 attachments comb.
  • Accessories such as oil, blade guard, plug-in transformer, charging stand and plug-in transformer is included.
Reasons not to Buy
  • No negative review.

Words from a Buyer

purchased this product without during research. I needed a #1 cut that I get from Andis and Oster and this was hard to figure out. I never used the machine because I was afraid of how it took one-inch shave on my arm I didn’t try it on my head but can tell you that this is a superior product that will do its job for someone for many years.


#8. HLDWXN Professional Hair Clipper for Men Oil Head Oil Head Charging Hair Clipper

If you are looking for a clipper designed specifically for professional barbers and you think you have what it takes to handle it, you should get yourself an HDLWXN Professional Hair Clipper. Because it comes with amazing features that only a few products this price range can offer. When you buy, you will get a clipper with low noise vibration, comb attachment, Lithium battery that allows you to charge and use.

Reasons to Buy
  • It can be used for 4 hours.
  • It makes use of a stainless steel moving knife system.
  • Designed for professional barbers.
  • It does not make noise.
Reasons not to Buy
  • No negative review.


#9. BabylissPro Barberology MetalFX Series

Another clipper on the list of professional clippers for black hairs, that is equipped with a high volume torque and brushless motor.  On the other hand, the blade is coated with titanium, comes with 5-detent taper control that makes it a perfect tool for cutting all hair textures with speed, power, and precision.

This hair clipper has helped pros in the field and clients stay on top of the trend.

Reasons to Buy
  • It can be used for cutting all hair texture.
  • High speed and power available.
  • The precision level is accurate.
  • It makes use of a brushless motor.
  • It does not make noise.
Reasons not to Buy
  • One of the buyers complained of the lever screw not staying in place.

Words from a Buyer

Very good clipper! It looks very luxurious and it feels premium. It’s also all-metal clipper and give’s well blended and precise haircuts. I definitely recommend this clipper.


#10. Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper

This is a 5-start Balding Clipper that every barbershop must-have. It comes with a powerful electromagnetic motor that performs x2 the speed of pivot motors, which makes it ideal for cutting an African-American man’s hair.

It has the power and precision needed to move through thick hairs effortlessly. For the convenience of users, it comes with accessories such as manuals, cleaning brush, and red blade guard.

Also, it features an 8-foot, and chemical resistant cord and a #2105 blade.

Reasons to Buy
  • It is skin-friendly and comes with a rounded cutting attachment for a comfortable clipping experience.
  • The cord is chemical resistant.
  • It comes with accessories such as cleaning brush, oil, 3 trimming attachments, AC adapter, charging base and Kinzi Modern Hair clipper.
  • It is stylish and functional.
Reasons not to Buy
  • A little bit heavy.

Words from a Buyer

Very good Job I will not be using razor ever again. No cuts no injuries no drama. Exceeded my expectations. However, I was disappointed that it didn’t come with a carrying case.


#11. Wahl Professional 5-Star Barber Combo

About product 

Next on this awesome list is the Wahl Professional 5-Star Barber Combo. This is another unique hair clipper that is recommended for not just black barbers alone but other barbers.

But it has been designed to be handled by professionals only. If you are looking for a clipper for home use, then you had better pass this one.

The Wahl Professional 5-Star Barber Combo will give you a complete, sharp, and reliable performance that experts demand.

The clipper also comes with all the necessary accessories that are needed to achieve a professional haircut.

Reasons to buy

The clipper will be a lifesaver for any black barbers out there as it produces cater cutting results with the extended blade cutting.

Professional barbers can now have both a soft trim and hard-line this great clipper as it features a multi positioning blade.

The clipper has been tested and trusted by dermatologists. It is fast and cool running. No overheat, razor bumps or nicks.

While the clipper will work on any type of hair, it is a miniature T-blade trimmer that has all the power of a normal clipper.

Special features 

  • Allows for longer blend range with extended blade lever (Legend).
  • Innovative Wedge Blade creates a smooth blunt cut (Legend).


  • Extremely close trimming creating crisp, clean lines (Hero).
  • Reaching tight areas with ease and accuracy (Hero).
  • Facial hair detailing and design



#12. Wahl Professional Essentials Combo #8329

About product

Definitely not the least among the best clipper for black barbers, the Wahl Professional Essentials Combo #8329 is a great choice for black professional barbers.

This Wahl series will deliver nothing but a sharp performance that is required from a professional. In a single package of this clipper comes two important hair care products that every expert needs.

Reasons to buy

Among the best reasons to buy the Wahl Professional, Essentials Combo #8329 is the professional precision that the clipper delivers.

This clipper is recommended only for professionals and will deliver sharp performance and great versatility. It is a two in one great package that offers a lightweight taper 2000 clipper and AC Trimmer.

It is time to start using an ergonomically designed clipper that is fully powered by electromagnetic motors. You can be sure to get the perfect performance in fading, blending, edging, and all with this clipper.

If you had just opened your salon, this is the best hair clipper you can have as a beginner. It helps beginners to cut hair like a professional. The clipper also contains enough hair care accessories to aid convenience when cutting hair.

In this connection, the clipper comes with  4 different attachment combs for the Taper 2000 Clipper and oil, a quality cleaning brush, a manual guide for users as well as blade guards for both the Taper 2000 Clipper and the AC Trimmer.

Specifications of the clipper

  • The Taper 2000 Clipper measures 6.25″ long, weighs 1 lb — features a 1045-100 blade
  • The AC Trimmer measures 6.25″ long, weighs 9.3 oz —  features a 1046 blade.
  • Each product includes an 8-foot professional-grade
  • chemical resistant power cord.

Special features

A special feature of the Wahl Professional Essentials Combo #8329 is the fact that the  Taper 2000 Clipper and AC Trimmer are both lightweight.

The trimmer has a wonderfully designed body part and powered by electromagnetic motors. Unlike other basic clippers, this hair clipper is good at making fading, blending, edging, and anything haircut demands!

This is a clipper that will definitely stay in your shop. The clipper comes with the necessary accessories needed to achieve a perfect haircut by a professional.


  • Includes 4 attachment combs for the Taper 2000 Clipper and oil
  • Includes a quality cleaning brush
  • User guide
  • Includes blade guards for both the Taper 2000 Clipper and the AC Trimmer.
  •  Each product includes an 8-foot professional-grade
  • Has the chemical resistant power cord


What Should You Look For In A Clipper for Black Barbers

If you want to buy a clipper for black barbers in the efficient way possible, you should consider certain factors. There are dozens of Hair clippers for African-Americans or Hair Clippers for Black men available for purchase online.

But the truth is that not all are worth either the price or hype. And that is why you should put the following into consideration.

#1. Is the Motor Power Decent Enough

Either you are a black man buying a hair clipper for personal use or a professional barber looking for the right hair clipper for your black customers, you should make sure the motor power is strong enough to move through typical black man hairs.

The blade needs to be strong and sharp that you don’t have to feel pain without dropping in performance.

#2. Accessories

Having a good clipper with the right accessories is a must; extra accessories provide protection, instructions, and guides to ensure easiness of use and comfort during the beard hair/head hair removal.

A clipper meant for personal or professional use should include one or two of the following:

  • Clipper oil and grease.
  • A warranty.
  • Blade guard.
  • Comb attachment.
  • Instructions/manual.

#3. Reading Reviews

Reading reviews is mostly overlooked, which is where the problem of buying products that are not worthy of the price they were bough start from. By reading reviews hints where the authenticity can be known.

#4. Long-Lasting Battery

Before buying a clipper, check the type of battery used and makes sure it comes with a long-lasting charge or a lithium-ion battery that can provide up to 2 hours run time on a single charge.

Tips on How To Take Care of Your Hair Clipper?

Hair clippers are used to trim the hair on the head, mouth, and others. Using it makes the process of hair removal easy and convenient. Also, it saves time and money.

However, you need to take care of the hair clipper to maintain the effectiveness and sharpness. Below are the procedures for getting it done the right way:

  • Start with washing the adjuster. Fill the skin with hot, soapy water to clean the snap on the adjuster. The snap is the clips that allow the length of the guide to be adjusted base on the hair. With time they become grimy and dirty from use and need to be cleaned periodically.
  • The next is to clean out the clipper, but should not be submerged in water to prevent electrocution. Instead, make use of the hair clipper brush and carefully clean put the hairs you can find. Not cleaning can get the clipper clog making them not to be able to run as well as they should. With a screwdriver, carefully remove the casing and clean the inside thoroughly. After you have cleaned out all of the hair, you will be ready to lubricate your clippers.
  • Also, spray lubricating oil on the moving part of the hair clipper, and inside the blade area. Make sure the quantity is not too much, applying it slightly will do.
  • Once you are done return everything back to normal; replace the blade cover and tightly screw the blade cover back onto the clippers.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How long will The Clipper Last?

To be frank with you, nobody can tell you the exact days, months or years it will take before you need another hair clipper, it is all down to the maintenance and how you use it.

In cases where you follow the instructions and guides provided by the manufacturing company, the clipper may last long enough.

Where Can I Buy Professional Hair Clippers From?

If you are interested in buying any of the products reviewed above, click on the links provided in-between the content to buy through our affiliate links.

Note that MyBeardGang gets commissions if you buy any hair clippers through any of the product links and there will be no additional charges to your fees.

Are Hair Clippers Water Proof?

Yes, some of the hair clippers available for purchase online are waterproof; technology has provided choices. You can now decide to buy hair clippers that you can rinse under water or take to the bathroom without the fear of it getting damaged.

How Long Can The Battery Last For?

From the reviews of products listed above, you must have noticed that the life span of each battery varies? How long each hair clipper lasts for depends on the types of battery used, the technology and the power it consumes. Let’s take for example you have HLDWXN Professional Hair Clipper for Men Oil Head Charging Hair Clipper, which means you will be able to use for 4 hours once it is fully charged.

How Can The Efficiency of a Hair Clipper Be Maintained?

To maintain the efficiency of your hair clipper either new or old, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers and make sure to carry out daily maintenance instead of waiting till it gets spoilt.

Is Wahl better than Andis?

Wahl and Andis are two great brands that deliver top-notch products when it comes to men grooming tools and devices. Users claim that Andis offers more shaper and durable guards that Wahl.

People who use Andis clipper on children will have to pay more attention and be extra careful.

Is Wahl a good brand?

Of course, most of the recommended hair clippers for both professional and home use comes from Wahl clippers. Their clipper comes with top-notch accessories that facilitate good hair cut.

The Wahl Professional clipper is recommended for professional barbers and hairstylists as it comes with quality accessories that experts demand.

Wahl motors are always durable and have sharpened blades. They make provision for clipper blade oil to ease up the hassle of getting a quality oil to lubricate blades after cleaning and sharpening.

Can I use pet clippers on humans?

There are clippers that have been designed by manufacturers to cut specific types of hair which include the fur of pets. If you are to cut hair, a pet clipper or dog hair clipper can be used.

Be aware that pet clippers and hair clippers are two different devices. While the pet clipper has been designed for only cutting short surface hair, the others are not manually driven tools.


Here, I’ve made a list of best professional hair clippers that black barber use, I made mention of benefits of each, features and specifications.

Also, the feedback of verified buyers was provided to back up my claims, but one you need to know is that; the best hair clipper either for professional or domestic use is the one that can get your job done, not necessarily the most expensive.

The most expensive hair clipper on this list may not have the features you need. What you will do is, go through the review once again, check the features and specifications, then choose the product that meets up with your needs.

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