Good Clippers for Fading – 2021 Detailed Review

Do you wonder where to buy Good clippers for fading or have you got your money and as well know where to buy them but still confused about the best ones to choose because there are so many of them out there? Not to worry, we got you covered!

This buyer’s guide is specifically dedicated to buyers who find it a little tasking making up their mind on the available good clippers for fading to buy.

If you are looking for the best clipper for Fading, we recommend the Oster Model 10 Classic Professional Barber Salon Pro Hair Grooming Clipper.

It has all the blade guards and full attachments guards that will help in making a perfect fade in haircut

Men have an array of choices to make when it comes to having a haircut, of course, they can decide to keep their long and dropping, they also can decide to have a low cut.

Whichever they decide to do is always very good and looks perfect for them.

Hair clippers have different purposes for which they are bought, the clippers you use in having a long hair cut or trims are different from the one you use in having a short or low cut.

Over the years, another style of hair cut has joined the array of existing ones and have risen to be among the most popular ones out there.

The hairstyle is called Fading, fading is now among the top popular type of haircut which every man wants to have.

The increased popularity of this hairstyle has called for the invention of a special type of hair clippers to use in achieving the style.

When you use the wrong type of hair clippers for fading, the result is not always pleasant until you get a professional clipper for fading.

I am certain that is the reason why you are reading this article because you need to get an amazing hair clipper for fading for your use.

Well, I know one thing, and that is the fact that we are very committed to giving you all the information you will ever need to make a successful purchase.

Let me be your guide and product educator to walk you all the way through making a perfect choice of hair clippers for fading.

Best Professional Hair Clippers for Fading – Our Top Recommendations

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What is Hair Fading?

This is the type of haircut the involves the gradual removal of hair the hairs around the back of your head to look shorter as it draws close to your neck. Hair fading is also called Taper.

The best way to achieve an amazing fade is by using a good hair clipper for fading and this is possible when you use different haircut guard sizes as the hair is being cut. This will make it possible to achieve a perfect fade style.

There is a difference between the taper and fades hairstyles though and the major difference is that the fades hairstyle cuts down to the skin while the taper leaves some hair although very short.

Before getting a fade haircut, you must, first of all, determine where the fades should begin and where it will stop so you don’t end up getting something you never bargained for.

Although choosing a clipper that will help you in achieving the best fades seems to be a little bit tasking, we are here to properly guide you on the right products to buy by providing accurate details on their descriptions, key features, pros, and cons.

Will you rather go ahead and buy even when you don’t have enough customers or do you allow us to guide you by the hands while making out the best recommendations for you?

If we are going to recommend the good hair clippers for fading to buy for then you must promise to follow this write up every attention required. When we are done, you can then go ahead to choose among the listed products if you feel convinced.

Ready? Now let’s look at good hair clippers to buy, their descriptions, key features, pros, and cons, etc.

Best Professional Hair Clippers for Fading

1. Oster Model 10 Classic Professional Barber Salon Pro Hair Grooming Clipper with Blades Size 000 and 1

Best Professional Hair Clippers for Fading- Best Buyers Guide
Best Professional Hair Clippers for Fading- Best Buyers Guide

Best Professional Hair Clippers for Fading- Best Buyers Guide

Yes, if you are looking for that good clipper for fading that will help you achieve exactly the same effect as when you go to a barbershop then this hair clipper right here is the right choice of product to use.

Well let’s look at the features of this product, then you definitely understand why I said this clipper is a great fit perfect for your hair fading.

Product Description

The Oster Model 10 hair clipper for fading is perfect for barbers as well as individuals who use hair clippers to fade their hair. Made with an excellent design, skill, technique, and quality of the American brand, it promises to provide excellent hair fading techniques for its users.

Key features

The key features of the Oster Model 10 classic professional hair clipper include;

  • Detachable blades with numbers 000 and 1
  • Specifically made powerful universal motor designed to withstand heavy-duty use.
  • The packaging is resistant to easy breakage hence you can say that the packaging is not fragile. This increases durability.
  • The cord is extra-long measuring about 10ft long
  • The package contains lubricating oil, blade guard and cleaning brushes.


  • It is a top-rated product that will help you get a professional fade to look both at home and in the barbershop.
  • It is very durable
  • It does not break easily
  • The cleaning brushes included makes it easy to keep the hair clipper clean after each use.
  • The blade guard present protects the blade from damage when not in use
  • The lubricating oil help to keep the blade and other moving parts of the clipper lubricated to prevent rust and help it function effectively.
  • The blade numbers 000 and 1 are perfect in achieving a perfect fading effect which is why you are looking to buy this product without wasting time
  • The long cord,10ft is needed to make the clipper flexible during usage.
  • The clipper has a long track record of lasting long and does not develop faults easily.


  • The product gets a little hot on long hours of usage, but not to worry because this hotness is felt only while holding the clipper on the hand. The hotness is not felt on the hair.
  • The motor of the clipper makes quite a noise but sure it is very bearable and the efficiency of the clipper overrides the noise except you have a very sensitive ear that reacts to mild noise.
  • Maintenance is a must for this product, customers who feel the maintenance takes a lot of their time find the maintenance session tasking.


2. Limited Edition Classic 76 Camouflage Clipper

Professional Hair Clippers for Fading

The limited-edition classic 76 camouflage clipper is one of the best clippers you will find in the market because it has all the features you will need to achieve a maximum fading effect.

The product features are all you need because it will be your greatest advantage you will get as a user in achieving your fade effects and get value for your money.

Product description

This professional clipper is widely used by barbers and stylists and it is prominent for staying useful for a very long time.

It is renowned for its lasting durability with a powerful motor used for heavy-duty performance and cuts through all hair types.

The packaging of the product is extremely durable and is resistant to breaking. The clipper operates endlessly delivering maximum efficiency and providing value for your money.

Key features

  • It features a powerful single-speed universal motor for heavy-duty use
  • It cuts through wet hair or dry hair easily
  • The package comes with a detachable blade size 000
  • The casing for the clipper is ultra-durable and break resistance
  • The design is meant for all-day cutting
  • It provides easy gripping for users
  • 8 ft heavy-duty cord with hanger loop


The package includes lubricating oil, clipper grease, blade guard and cleaning brush.

The casing or housing of the clipper makes it extra durable and resistant to break. The clipper is ideal for cutting through either wet or dry hair.

It as well comes with an 8ft cord and a hanger loop which makes it very flexible for use.


The hair clipper looks a little costly but it is worth every penny spent on it as it provides value and maximum efficiency.


3. Oster Model 10 Professional Hair Clippers with Exclusive Break-Resistant Housing, comes with 000 and Bonus Free 1 blade

Best Professional Hair Clippers for Fading- Best Buyers Guide

The Oster model 10 seems to be the favourite among barbers because of its exceptional power plus excellent cutting capacity that makes it the best option for fading.

The Oster model 10 is back and better with a remarkable improvement in its durability, efficiency, and ease of usage.

Product description

The professional hair clipper is tough enough to cut through both long and short hair because of the presence of a classic 76 detachable blades.

The clipper comes with 000 and a free blade for usage.

It also comes with lubricating oil, clipper grease, and blade guard. It has a compact design which makes it durable and tough.

Key features

  • A model 10 compact redesign
  • It is very powerful for cutting through thick and wet hair
  • The detachable blade arrangement makes it easier to change blades while using the clipper
  • It has an extra-long 10-foot-long cord which makes usage flexible
  • It includes clipper grease, lubricating oil and blade guard.


The Oster model 10 professional hair clipper for fading includes other accessories like lubricating oil, clipper grease, and extra blade, blade guard, etc. which makes it easy to use and improves its efficiency.

The detachable blade system allows for easy change of blades while using it and it is also designed in such a way that it allows for flexibility.

It cuts easily through dry or wet hair – thick or thin hair due to the presence of fine cutting teeth.

The motor of the clipper is very powerful and runs on a quiet operation plus it runs on a maintenance-free operation.


It gets a little hot after several hours of usage but that is not a major turn off as the hotness does not extend to the hairs but only on the hands.

It also seems to be a little costly but the value it provides is worth the money spent on it.


4. Andis Master Cordless Clipper

Professional Hair Clippers for Fading

Professional Hair Clippers for Fading

As the name suggests, this hair clipper for fading is really the master when it comes to handling the fading aspect of hair cutting.

Product description

The hair clipper is excellent for fading the hair and comes with a premium charging stand which provides the perfect atmosphere for the clipper to charge.

The weight of the clipper is 11.2 ounces which enable for better handling of the clipper as it is not too heavy to handle.

Key features

  • It has a very powerful rotary motor with a constant speed technology
  • The master hair clipper is cordless which makes ideal for easy flexibility during usage
  • It comes with a lithium-ion battery
  • It has over 100 minutes of run time after charging


The Andis Master clipper for hair fading is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get a professional feel while using your clipper. The cordless feature of the clipper makes it ideal for cutting hair while assuming any position of your choice without having the wire interfering.

The motor of the clipper features a powerful rotary motion which enables it to operate at a very high and constant speed.


The master cordless clipper seems to very loud while in usage but the noise or loudness is quite bearable.

                                          CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

5. Wahl 79445 Clipper Fade Cut Haircutting Kit 

About product  

This is yet another interesting clipper that contains all the features that will be needed in any clipper that is perfect for Fading. It can be easily used for having a hair cut at home and also for professionals.

It also features a durable self-sharpening clipper blade to ensure optimum haircut without nicks, cuts from dull blades.

The blade will cut easily through even thicker hairs. It comes with a complete set of attachment guards that will help in having precise haircuts and Fading.

The Powerdrive heavy-duty clipper motor delivers exceptional power for no-snag cutting.

An adjustable taper lever allows for easy blending and fading.

Reasons to buy

It is a very quiet clipper that you’d love. As a plus, it comes with self-sharpening blades which means you no longer have to be bothered about sharpening your clipper blades or replacing them often.

Also features precision ground Xtreme fade precision blades and 10 secure snap smooth cutting attachment guards.  It is a perfect haircut tool to get fade cuts including detailing and touch-ups around ears, necklines, and sideburn.

Another reason why you’d consider the Wahl 79445 Clipper Fade Cut Haircutting Kit is that the clipper has an adjustable fade lever and extreme fade blade with gentle blade angle. This allows blending and precision short cuts with 40 percent more surface area than other basic blades.

You can be sure to get a smooth hair cut each time you use Wahl 79445 Clipper Fade Cut Haircutting Kit. The product has been designed to meet the demands of your home hair cut and professional use. This clipper is sure to give you a sharp performance.


  • Contains all the Fade Cut Features
  • Powerdrive Heavy Duty Motor
  • Complete Haircutting Kit
  • Powerdrive Heavy Duty Motor
  • Self-Sharpening Precision Ground Blades
  • Full Set of Attachment Guards For Goof-Proof Haircuts
  • Adjustable Taper Lever for Blending and Fading.
  • Self-Sharpening Precision Blades
  • Precision ground blades cut through all hair types and stay sharp longer.


6. Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

About product 

This is a Godsent self haircut tool that has all you need for a precise Fading and sharp haircut.

It is an answered prayer to anyone looking for a clipper that will deliver fast, easy and precise cutting every time. The clipper has an extra-wide curved blade following the contours of your head for even cutting.

You can easily move it around your body surface as it has been designed to fit into the hand comfortably. It’s a palm grip clipper for obtaining perfect Fading as well.

Reasons to buy

Most of all and the reason why you are probably reading this is that the Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit has Length-adjusting combs that allow you create to let you create your own personalized haircut and Fading while ensuring you get peak performance with a cleaning brush that helps the clipper work.

It is an advanced Cordless Hair Clipper that has precision ground blades easily cut through even the thickest hair, giving no room for pulling and snagging of hairs.

It has a washable body design that makes maintenance easier. The blade works with the natural shape of your head to provide a close, even cut. It’s 57% wider* for maximum coverage and efficiency.

As you can see in the image, it is a very compact and travel-friendly haircut tool that you can carry almost anywhere. In order to maintain a sharp performance for a long time, the maintenance has been made easier with the waterproof feature.


  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic Design
  • The clipper fits comfortably in your hand so you can easily reach the neckline, around your ears, and the back of your head.


Remington Lithium Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit, 9 Pieces allows you to Turn your haircut into a DIY project! This self-haircut kit has everything you need for a quality haircut at home. 

How To Perfectly Cut A Fade Haircut

Knowing how to perfectly cut a fade haircut at home will not save you the cost of going to a barbershop but also save you the time you spend trying to figure it out your own way.

The first thing is to get a very good clipper for Fading which we have been looking into and then… Practice.

You can achieve a fade haircut using the tips below as easy as a piece of cake.

It is true that cutting a fade yourself is not easy, but as hard as it may seem, here are the steps to follow that will make it easier. What if you have no choice than face your mirror and do your thing yourself?

Here are the steps to follow :

  • The first thing is to identify the starting point of the fade line
  • Some will choose long fade while others may want a short fade. So choose the appropriate guard size for the type of fade. 
  • Move the clippers up the sides and back to trim the hair.
  • It is ideal to begin Fading from the bottom and work your way up with short strokes.
  • While you gently fade and blend the hair, change the guards. This should really give you a natural result and a simple one. 
  • Work your way up the head. Make sure to stop around the temples.
  • Make sure the Fading blades with the hair on the top. This is achieved by running your clippers across a comb that exposes the right length of hair.
  • Clean up the hairline and neckline with trimmers.
  • Be carefully conservative while cutting hairs! 

Good Hair Clippers for Fading: Best Ways for Maintenance

Buying a good quality clipper is a good choice but will getting a good quality to be just enough. No! While you get a good clipper for fading, it is also very important that you learn how to maintain your clippers so that they will last longer and provide you with the maximum efficiency you deserve.

Follow some of these guidelines to maintain and keep your clippers clean always;

These are a few tips you can follow to maintain your clipper so that they will last for a very long time.

Well, we have succeeded in listing out the professional hair clippers for fading available in the market. Now the choice is yours, to either get a good one or make mistakes choosing a good clipper for use.

Of course, we do not want you to make any mistake as money is not always easy to come that is why we have taken our time to properly review these clippers.

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Do you have more questions or inquiries concerning choosing your best clippers for fading? then do not forget to drop your comments on the comment section or kindly email us.

Now that you’ve read our comprehensive list of good clippers for fading, check out more on hair clippers here;

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