Best Beard Rollers to Buy: Our 2021 Ultimate Guide

Best Effective Beard Rollers to Buy: Are beard rollers effective for beard growth? That is the question most men will always ask when the discussion of using beard rollers is brought up?

Well, I do not blame them, the reason being that a lot of products are out there in the magic promising to do magic for men who experience slow beard growth.

Well, the good news is that I am here to provide you with the best and most valued information you will need on beard rollers, their uses, and effectiveness.

What will you say to me? Of course, say thank you!

So, whether you are buying beard rollers or you are just looking for information o them, then I am certain you are in the right place.

Note that I am not only here to guide you on the best choices of beard rollers to make but I am equally here to provide you with all the details you will ever need in case you want to own one beard roller either now or in the future.

In this article, I will be explaining what beard rollers, their uses, and side effects if any.

So, will you allow me to walk with you side by side while we explore together the world of beard rollers and help you to make the best choices you can ever make?

If you are reading this article then I assume you are looking for quality information on beard rollers, so is that a yes? Great! Let’s move on!

Are you in a hurry? We recommend Crafted Dukes Bear Derma Roller as the best beard Roller to buy. It is designed to improve the elasticity and vibrancy of the skin while stimulating hair growth. This is the major thing anyone would want a good beard Roller to do. It is safe, painless and easy to use a beard Roller that you would love to consider. 

Our top 3 recommendations of beard rollers to buy

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What is a Beard Roller?

For the records lets just take note that beard rollers are also called Derma rollers and the act of using beard rollers over the beards to stimulate collagen production for beard growth is called micro-needling.

Micro-needling or Derma rolling, therefore, is the act of using an instrument, beard rollers containing tiny needles to roll over the place to stimulate the production of enough collagen needed for beard growth.

The intention of every person, mostly men using beard rollers is to increase collagen production which will, in turn, increase beard growth most steadily.

When you heard needles, did you get terrified? Well for a lot of people like me who cringes at the thought or sight of needles you have nothing to worry about because the needles used in beard rollers are very harmless.

So, next time you get terrified on hearing beard rollers contains needles then please refer to this and see if you wouldn’t feel better afterwards.

Why do men use Beard Rollers?

As stated earlier, the reason why men use beard rollers is to stimulate collagen for hair growth.

The rolling of needles over the face is expected to cause an increase in the production of collagen which we know to be crucial in the growth of beards on the face.

I am aware that a lot of men love the beards they’ve got on their faces and most times when they experience any type of hair loss they want to fix that by any reliable means possible and that is why I am here to help you fix that hair loss issues by suggesting the best beard rollers to buy for that purpose.

How Does Beard Rolling (Derma Rolling) Stimulate Beard Growth?

I am pretty sure all this while, you may have been wondering how on earth rolling some hundreds of needles packaged in a tool over your face could do the least work of stimulating the production of collagen that helps in beard growth.

Well, the truth is that I asked similar questions when I first heard of derma rolling and I was like how on earth is it possible to just roll needles over your face and hairs will grow because of that?

Not until I went into research and tried using one myself then I became satisfied because I have got the answers I seek.

I want you to do the same too, read then get one and use to solve your problem of hair loss on the face, then please come back and drop a thankful comment for me.

Yes, so back to how beard rolling stimulates beard growth, the microneedle effects give the body the signals that damage is occurring to the body.

Having received this signal, the body swings into action and begins to produce collagen for repair and hair growth.

In case you don’t know collagen is like keratin and both are needed for hair growth as well as maintenance of the skin all over our body.

So, the collagen produced from the micro-needling effects is in turn used by the body to hasten hair growth.

The description above is how beard rollers are intended to increase beard growth.

What are the Other Uses of  Beard Rollers?

Well it seems like women have an upper hand when it comes to beauty and skincare but that does not mean that men don’t know how to take care of themselves

Apart from beard growth, there are other uses of derma rollers that women have been enjoying over the years to keep their body looking fresh and young.

These uses include;

  • It helps in removing or fading wrinkles on the face or body
  • It helps to remove scar tissues
  • It also helps to avoid premature ageing
  • Derma rolling is also very essential in preventing hyperpigmentation.

Why Do Women Not Grow Beards When They Beard Roll?

I know when I talked about women using derma rollers to enhance their beauty, you must have wanted to ask, so why don’t they grow beards since I have earlier stated that derma rolling triggers collagen production which in turn aids beard growth?

Well, the answer to that question all goes down to hormonal presence, for all I am sure of women do not have the same male hormones as men do.

So, they can derma roll al they want and wouldn’t go about growing beards as this are meant for men only because of the presence hormones. If you see a woman growing beards then it probably means she has some secretion of male hormones in her body and that most times can be considered as an anomaly.

How to Use Your Beard Rollers?

If you have succeeded in placing your orders for a beard roller then the next thing to do learn how to use them for maximum efficiency.

To use your beard rollers follow these simple steps below;

  • When they arrive first of all disinfect it even if it has been disinfected already, remember that these are needles and need to be kept far away from bacteria and the best way to do this is by disinfection. You can use isopropyl alcohol to disinfect.
  • To roll you have to do rolling ten times up and down on your face, ten times left and right, and then ten times diagonally.
  • While rolling just apply minimal pressure and don’t roll too hard.
  • To change direction slightly list the beard rollers above your skin and then put it down, this will ensure that you don’t turn the rollers and injure yourself.

How often Should You Use Beard Rollers?

Beard rollers should not be used often because it can slightly irritate the skin. So how often should you roll?

For a start it’s better to do your beard rolling 2-3 times weekly, this will allow your skin some rest before another session comes up, remember that more is not always better give your skin some break!

Can I shave Before Using Beard Roller?

The answer to that question is yes, you should shave your beards to a lower level before you use beard rollers on them. This will ensure that you see results from using the beard rollers.

Types of Beard rollers to Buy and Which One Is More Durable?

The choice to buy an item in the market is not always an easy one to make because the buyer including I is always concerned with the fear of not getting the value for their money.

This is the more reason why I am here to be your guide so you can buy the best beard rollers that will be worth your money and provide you value.

In considering to buy your first beard rollers, there are two types you will mostly see in the market and they are;

  • Stainless beard rollers
  • Titanium beard rollers

The stainless beard rollers are much cheaper than the titanium beard rollers, in essence, it means that the titanium beard rollers will last longer than the stainless beard rollers.

So, if you are making a choice it is important you look out for the material with which the bead roller is made.

I trust you know what to do when you find out that they are made with either titanium or stainless, yes, of course, I trust your power of choice to bits.

What is the Best Size of the Beard Roller Needle?

To stimulate the hair follicles, a particular needle size will be efficient that is why it is important to always check the needles before buying them as the size is also very important in achieving better results.

A needle with a size of about 0.25m will be enough to stimulate blood circulation to the beard area but to reach the follicles and enhance collagen secretion, you should look for needles of about 0.5-0.75 as they are more efficient in reaching the follicles and stimulating collagen production.

So, I have succeeded in carefully letting you know all the things you need to know about beard rollers, their uses, and importance.

Now let’s move over to see all the types of beard rollers available for sale in the market, their descriptions, and key features that will enable you to make the perfect choice of the ones to buy.

Let’s get into our list of beard rollers to buy for use

1. Dukes Beard Growth Kit-Derma Roller for Beard Growth and Beard Growth Serum

Best Effective Beard Rollers to Buy

This amazon beard growth kit is specially made to help you achieve the incredible beard growth you so crave. What’s more? It is paired with effective beard growth serum that helps in promoting a healthier and thicker beard.

Product description

The Duke’s amazing beard rollers comes also with beard creams that are meant to facilitate beard growth. The beard rollers help in circulating blood to the treated areas while the serum helps in providing nutrients in the form of vitamins the needed for beard growth.

Key features

  • The Duke’s beard growth kit comes with an excellent combination of a derma roller and serum.
  • The needle size is 0.25m and it is considered as the best needle size designed not to puncture the skin.
  • The beard serum is included to help moisturize the beard and help in proper beard growth.


  • It increases the absorption of topical skincare products to about 500%.
  • It stimulates hair growth
  • It improves the tone of the skin around the beards
  • It is very painless and safe


  • The packaging of the product is not cool and it is packaged with plastic aside that every other thing is perfect.

Directions for use

  • Disinfect the beard roller before and after each usage
  • Wash your face
  • Gently start rolling by applying less pressure on your face
  • Apply the serum after rolling
  • Use once a week so you can see optimal results

I’ve been using dukes for about a week now and think the oil smells amazing. I’ve been using the roller on my patchy areas. Hoping to see growth soon.
My beard feels much softer and has had compliments on the scent. Already recommended to my bearded friends.


2. Aphaluxy Beard Growth Kit-Derma Roller for Beard Growth.5mm+Facial Hair Growth Serum

Best Effective Beard Rollers to BuY

If you have been looking to increase your beard growth then this beard growth kit consisting of a derma roller for beard growth and facial hair growth serum.

Product description

Beard roller combined with activator serum helps in stimulating facial hair growth. The 0.5m titanium beard roller helps in stimulating collagen which in turn helps in increasing beard growth.

Key features

  • 1 microneedle beard roller .5mm
  • Storage/travel case
  • Beard growth eBook
  • Extensive instructions on usage


  • It stimulates new hair follicles
  • Helps you prevent itching
  • It helps make your beard soft, shiny, smooth and silky.


The is no storage case included in the product but regardless it comes with very nice packaging.

Directions for use

  • Before usage put in isopropyl solution to disinfect
  • Wash your face to make it clean and free from dirt
  • Roll gently over the target areas in all directions, up and down, left and right, horizontally and vertically.
  • Apply the beard serum after rolling
  • Use 3-4 times in a week depending on how tolerant your body is.

I have definitely seen some progress, as someone who has struggled for years to even have something that resembles a beard. I’m still waiting to have been using it for at least a month before passing any real judgements on performance. The packaging and design is very sleek and stylish and the smell of the serum is absolutely wonderful and not too greasy/oily.


3. Beardly Beard Growth Kit – 2MM beard Roller w/Beard oil for Facial Growth for Men

beard rollers

If you are tired of bald patches on your beards or you want your beards fuller and thicker then beardly got you covered with this amazing beard growth kit plus beard roller to increase beard growth.

Product description

The beardly beard growth kit allows you to feel great and manly and the usage is required2-3 times weekly to ensure maximum efficiency. The beard rollers do wonders but it will be perfect if you pair with the beard oil as this will enable it to work perfectly.

Key features

  • Beardly beard roller with 2mm needles
  • Super activator beard oil
  • Durably packaged


    • It is very well used to grow fuller and thicker beards
    • It helps in the production of collagen which in turn helps in the growth of more beards.
    • It is easy to use
    • It is very efficient


The only con to this product is that the oil sometimes cause irritation on the skin of some individuals, discontinue use if irritation occurs

How to use

  • Disinfect the tool with isopropyl before and after use
  • Wash your face thoroughly
  • Gently use the beard roller to roll over your skin in all directions
  • Apply the beard oil after usage
  • Allow it to try and enjoy your soft, silky and shiny hair

I just ordered this beard roller and beard oil combo after seeing an ad. I’ve been thinking of getting a system like this but all of them were just a tad too pricey. Beardly’s product is amazing. Too early to see results, but already, the beard roller worked great on my skin with no irritation or itchiness and the beard oil left my skin feeling refreshed but not oily. The beard oil also smells amazing and left my beard feeling softer and looking shinier. Going to keep using this product!


4. Derma Roller Beard Growth+ Beard Growth Organic Oil -Microblade Roller For Hair Growth – Stimulate Hair Growth

If you are looking to stimulate your beard growth as soon as possible then the right thing to do is getting your hands on this amazing beard growth package plus beard oil and microblade needles that will help you in the journey to stimulate beard growth.

Product description

The amazing beard growth package including beard rollers and organic oil will help in stimulating beard growth as well as help to moisturize and keep the beard looking healthy all the time.

How can this be done?

The beard roller helps in the circulation of blood to the surface of the body and also helps in the production of collagen which aids in beard growth and the vitamins contained in the beard cream helps to provide nourishment and nutrients to the hair.

Key features.

  • The package contains beard rollers
  • It also contains beard serum
  • An amazing packaging bag is included
  • It contains micro needling derma rollers


  • It helps in the efficient growth of beards
  • The beard oil/ serum helps in the nourishment of the beard thereby making the beard shiny strong and healthy
  • It is perfect for a gift to men who loves and pampers their beards
  • The bead roller is made with high-quality medical steel
  • The beard oil is made with top quality oils like Argan oil and jojoba oil hence it is very essential for beard growth.
  • The technique involved in using this bead roller is safe and painless


The only con to this product is the mild assumption by some of its users that it causes mild irritation to their skin. Aside from this the product fulfills all descriptions above and has many positive reviews from buyers.

Been using this for little over 2 months and I’m seeing facial hair grow where it didn’t grow before. The derma roller is of great quality, very sturdy and the oil is super moisturizing and doesn’t have a strong scent. This is a great price for what you get and for the results. I will buy again when I run out of oil for sure.


5. Beard Growth Kit. Beard Roller with Beard Growth Oil For men Patchy Facial Hair Growth Titanium Microneedle=Balm Wax+Comb

Best Effective Beard Rollers to Buy: Our 2020 Ultimate Guide

This beard growth kit is the best of them and the most amazing you could get and why is that? It comes with a whole lot of packages to help you in pampering your beard and making sure that it stays healthy and strong all year long.

Product Description

The beard growth kit consisting of beard roller plus titanium microneedle is specifically made to help you get rid of patches present in your beards.

The titanium needle in this package helps to activate the body’s natural healing process which increases the production of collagen for hair growth while the beard oil helps to speed up the beard growth process and also makes the beard shiny and strong.

Key Features

  • It consists of 540 titanium needles
  • It also consists of beard rollers which aid in beard growth
  • It consists of beard oil with major ingredients as argan oil, jojoba oil, etc


The packaging of the product is not that excellent but that notwithstanding the result and effectiveness it provides is more appreciated.

10 ten days ago I received this. Up to that time, I had been using some cream for three months. I did not see any definite results. The instruction tells I use its derma roller twice a week, but I used it three times a week. I do not have good blood circulation on my face, so I look rather pale. But after I used the roller, I felt very good. More surprisingly I have seen a definite change in the growth of my mustache and beard. It works. The price is reasonable. I am glad that I got this product.


6. Argus Derma Roller for Beard Growth + Growth Serum- Healthier Beard and Hair Growth

The Argus Derma Roller is one of the ideal beard rollers for men that comes along with a Serum that can help promote healthier and thicker beard growth. It works by promoting proper blood flow to the heated areas. The serum provides all the nutrients needed by the hair follicles.

Furthermore, it is safe and painless. The needle size which is 0.25mm is safe for beginners. Also, it can be gifted to best friends and a man who cares about his beard.

Key Features

  • It is rich in essential oils, vitamins, and antioxidants
  • It can prevent shrinkage and makes achieving fuller beard hair possible.
  • The tools in the package can be used for sun damage, skincare, scarring, and so on.

The serum makes my beard a lot smoother and it gives it a nice shine and I started to see results after a week of using this product. The serum has a very light scent which is good because I’m allergic to quite a few things. The product comes very well packaged, with detailed instructions. I also like the gold color of the derma roller, it is unique and elegant and it stands out in my bathroom.


7. Biotin Hair Growth Products Kit, Microneedle Derma Roller

Biotin Hair Growth Products Kit contains a derma roller that can be used to make tiny pinpricks into the facial skin. The main purpose of the roller is to penetrate the dermis, deep enough to stimulate the release of blood and the production of new cells.

Furthermore, it helps eliminate imperfections on the skin. It is FDA approved and comes with a one year warranty.

Nothing has shown any results until I found this combo of the Derma Roll & Hair Growth Serum. You won’t magically start growing thick, full facial hair, however, if you stick with the process and you use both of these as directed, you will begin to see new hair follicles start to sprout and over time they start to come in thicker and thicker.


8. JJ Ellie Derma Roller Microneedling Kit for Face, Beard, and Hair 

About product 

I will also recommend this product as a very good option to go for. It is ideal for those who want to maintain or improve their skin health, male or female, young or old.

This particular product has been designed to help in enhancing the elasticity and vibrancy of the skin to create a naturally beautiful glow and a healthy complexion.

This product can be used together with your favourite skin serum or lotion to get better results.

It has the safest size of needles which is 0.25mm. It has been designed to puncture and rejuvenate!

Reasons to buy

It is made with 540 Grade A Titanium and nothing more. This is widely regarded as the highest quality so far.

It delivers effective and sharp results without leaving pain or skin irritation behind. In addition, it also helps your skin to look healthy and smooth.

You can be sure to look gorgeous as a man and be in your best facial look by using this product. The best beard Roller that rejuvenates and repairs the skin for a smoother, younger, healthy-looking appearance.

Special features 

  • Combine with your favourite products for the ultimate skincare routine 
  • Improve skin tone, enhance circulation, rejuvenate the skin’s overall look and feel.
  • Increases the absorption of topical skincare products to over 500%, maximizing their effectiveness.
  • Safe and Painless. 
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing.


  • Safe and painless 
  • Get healthy-looking skin and facial loom
  • Guarantee 
  • Get glowing skin


 “I love this product! I noticed a difference with the first use. I am over 50 and like that this will help my products go into my skin a bit more than without this. I had a few questions and the seller answered right away. They are very helpful and stand behind their products. I will be ordering more in the near future.”

9. Apaluxy Beard Growth Kit – Derma Roller for Beard Growth

About product 

Coming your way is yet another effective beard Roller that has all it takes to catch your interest. This package includes 1 Microneedle Beard Roller – 540 needles (Vacuum sealed, UV/Gamma Sterilized), 1 Storage/Travel Case, Extensive Instructions, and of course, a Beard Growth Ebook.

The Alphaluxy is a perfect  Beard Growth Kit that reveals the natural ability of your body to grow new, thicker hair when collagen production is stimulated.

Reasons to buy 

It is a perfect product to choose that will Activate your dormant follicles and strengthen your hair. It contains products that will deliver the necessary vitamins and essential fatty acids needed to grow your facial hair.

The Derma Roller is equally formulated with the highest quality. The 540 Titanium Needles of the Beard Roller stimulate the production of collagen and blood circulation.

In addition, the package comes with the beard oil that supplies vitamins and nutrients necessary to grow new hair.

The product can activate hair follicles and foster beard growth. It also has the appropriate needle length to guarantee a safe treatment that will give effective results.

Special features 

  • Grow a thicker healthier beard
  • Many prizes and gifts 
  • 90 days money-back guarantee 
  • Contains the most extensive instruction in the market
  • Premium 100% organic beard growth Serum proven by science. 


  • Stimulates new hair follicles, stem cells & fresh blood circulation
  • Delivers vitamins and minerals to the hair follicles
  • Promotes faster beard and hair growth
  • Combats itchiness during beard growth
  • Makes your beard soft, shiny, smooth & healthy


This beard Roller made my journey to a full, manly beard growth seem effortless and easy” 

How to properly maintain a beard roller

The essence of having a cleaned and sanitized beard roller can not be overstressed as the needles will puncture the skin surface and reach the epidermis.

When you make use of any of these beard Rollers we have recommended, you should see that they are disinfected as and when due so that harmful bacteria will be removed.

Now, this can be done really easily by making use or sanitizer spray or simply dipping the beard Roller into alcohol, use a sanitizer spray.

The disadvantage of ignoring the need to clean and sanitize your Derma roller before and after use is that you are likely to Bring in bacteria into the deep skin layers through the small puncture wounds. Now, that is a serious problem you want to avoid.

The Side Effects of using beard rollers

While using beard Roller is safe and painless, it is good to be aware of the side effects and how you can avoid them.

When using beard Rollers at home, we recommend that you use the  0.25-0.75mm needle size. This way the possible risk of using beard Roller will reduce.

Using above the recommended length can attract some really awful side effects. Another cause of some of the side effects of using a beard Roller is when you ignore proper maintenance.

Below is the list of possible risk associated with the use of beard Rollers:

  • Bleeding
  • Worsening of acne
  • Skin peeling
  • Formation of scar tissue
  • Bruising
  • Infection

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Does Beard Roller Work?

Many are curious when it comes to the effectiveness of beard rollers. The answer is Yes. However, certain circumstances can prevent this from happening. Beard roller won’t help in the beard growth process directly but helps ensure proper stimulation of blood circulation.

Can I Use a Derma Roller For Growing a Beard?

Derma is one of the experimental methods of beard growth stimulation. The idea is to poke tiny holes in the facial hairs, which get healed over time, and during this process, this area would have gotten increased amounts of blood delivering the nutrients needed by the hair follicles.

Yes, you use can Derma Roller for a growing beard. However, you should not expect any miracle as t takes time and consistency.

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Conclusion on Using Beard Rollers

Well, I believe I have succeeded in listing all the top beard rollers I consider effective and present in the market, now it’s your turn makes a pick and get yourself one of the best beard rollers listed above.

If you are a woman that doesn’t need beard rollers, know that you can also get this as a gift to that perfect man in your life and put a smile on his face.

So, if you are looking to get beard rollers at affordable and pocket-friendly prices then the ones, I have listed here should be your best bet as they have been tested and seen to be among the best you can get in the market.

Just click on any of the links and make your choice but before buying be sure that you have read through the descriptions, key features, and pros and cons as these will help you in making an informed choice of beard rollers to buy.

If you still have any questions regarding any of the beard rollers listed above then please contact us as we are ever ready to answer your questions to any length

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