Professional Beard Trimmer for Barbers

As a barber, having not just the right, but also the best professional beard trimmer for barbers at your disposal can be referred to as one of the bests step to take when drafting strategies for your business –be it new or an already existing one.

For your information, and for you to take note; sometimes, having the best professional beard trimmer for barbers is the only differentiating option you have, when finding discrepancies between a job well executed, and one that would have been better left undone. Hence, in summary, we can conclude, that having the right professional beard trimmer as a barber, is very essential when one is into the business of men’s grooming.

Having known this, in this article I have carefully broken down into understandable pieces, everything you need to know about professional beard trimmer for barbers, as well as also outlining a few of such beard trimmer, whilst also giving in details their respective features, and as well as the online store they could be purchased from.

Hence, without much ado, let’s delve into the business of the day – Professional Beard Trimmer for Barbers.

Things To Consider When Buying A Professional Beard Trimmer

Just as the world is getting older day after day, the same is the speed of technological innovations increasing. Hence, the need to get you acquainted with the things you must know and should consider when buying a professional beard trimmer.

With this information, you wouldn’t only be on your toes when shopping for a beard trimmer, but would also make you know as a barber, what type of beard trimmer you should buy, and also for which type of facial hair such trimmer would suit.

Hence, when faced with the question; “what trimmer should I choose out of the many options available,” here are a few things to consider before making the final decision;


Generally, the best trimmers possess very powerful motors. The moto in the beard trimmer is that which enables such user to his facial hair irrespective of its length, yet without being disturbed by the noise produced.

Sure, there are many parts coupled to form a beard trimmer, but even with all of these, none is as important as the motor. Thus, when buying a beard trimmer as a barber, the most important thing to consider in the beard trimmer is the kind of motor it possesses.

Now the big problem; “how do mi know the best motors. “Well, basically there are three kinds of rotors a beard trimmer can possess. They’re the Rotary motor; Magnetic motor; and the Pivot motor.

In brief, the rotary motor has proved to be the best for professional trimmers, especially if you’re a barber – making money from trimming. However, although it is relatively slower than others, its power is incomparable with others. This thus explains the reason a trimmer with this kind of motor usually has the ability to cut both wet and thick facial hairs.

Near and next to 5the rotary motor is the pivot motor. This kind also does not have much speed, although runs faster than a rotary motor, also provides more power, although lesser than the rotary motor. As a barber, the best kind of trimmer to cut thick beards are those who have a pivot motor.

Lastly under motors, is the magnetic motor. This basically helps you save more money – trimmers having a magnetic motor doesn’t really cost much, compared to others. However, just as a cheap good can’t be compared to a relatively costlier own, a beard trimmer with a magnetic motor can’t be compared to a luxury beard trimmer having the other kinds of motor, as regards efficiency. This doesn’t mean it isn’t a good motor for trimmers, as it is best used for beards that aren’t thick and curly.


These are attachments which are used to improve a user’s trimming experience, whilst also making trimmer quite easier, and styling relatively simpler. These attachments include the blade guard, beard comb, beard brush, etc.

A few numbers of beard trimmers usually come with these accessories. Hence, a yardstick to determining the kind of beard trimmer to buy as a barber. Economically wise, it is preferable to buy trimmers who have this attachment upon buying. This helps in cutting down costs, thus saving money for you as an entrepreneur. 


After considering the type of motor, the availability of accessories, the next thing you need to consider when buying a beard trimmer as a barber, is the blades of the trimmer. For a good and efficient trim for your customers as a barber, you need a very strong and sharp blade in the trimmer to be used.

Generally accepted, the best blades are made of stainless steel and are usually used to sharpening themselves. With this self-sharpening feature, it simply means as a user, you do not need to replace the blades cause of been blunt – no! They simply sharpen themselves! This, in turn, helps you as a barber to save lots of money. Thus proving it to be just another yardstick to determining the kind of beard trimmer to buy as a barber.


Another important factor to consider when deciding the type of beard trimmer to buy as a barber is the mode in which you plan to use the trimmer.

How do I mean? Simple. In a nutshell, what I’m trying to explain is; what and what type of operation you plan using the trimmer to carry out determines the type of beard trimmer you have to buy.

If you are planning on working on children’s hair, then smaller models of trimmer would work best. However, if you plan to work on older men whose beard s has grown wilder, thicker and even curlier, then you would be needing even more powerful beard trimmers.

So basically, that would be all for now as regards the things as a barber, you need to consider when buying a professional beard trimmer.

Professional Beard Trimmer for Barbers

1. OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Trimmer

Professional Beard Trimmer for Barbers
Professional Beard Trimmer for Barbers
OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Trimmer is a beautiful beard trimmer that comes with a single-speed universal motor. With this kind of motor, this beard trimmer has the capability of cutting through or along, any kind of beard – irrespective of such beards thickness, length, or whatsoever. This tool doesn’t just see its way through any kind of beard, it also works pretty efficiently, thereby conserving more useful time.

This Trimmer is one whose blade is detachable. Meaning, this tool comes with two types of blade sizes; standard #000 and the #1 sizes. These blades are made of stainless steel, and her self sharpening. Thus in relation to what has been earlier discussed, I seem you’d agree with me saying this beard trimmer is one of the best trimmers a barber shouldn’t hesitate to buy.

In addition, the body of this Trimmer is strong, thus durable. With a luster appearance, the case is resistant to breaking up to a reasonable amount.

Alongside this professional beard trimmer for barbers when bought comes the blade guard, cleaning brush, clipper grease, and also an extra cord that is aimed at helping its user take care of any heavy-duty operation it’s used for.

Are you needing speed, effectiveness, and a near-perfect final result, then this beard trimmer is one of the few options to go for!


2. Wahl Professional Senior Trimmer

Professional Beard Trimmer for Barbers
Professional Beard Trimmer for Barbers
Wahl which has been known to be a brand manufacturing quality beard grooming tools and kit comes with just another awesome one – THE Wahl Professional Senior Trimmer.

This beard trimmer is a heavy tool that has a V9000 electromagnetic motor. This is a beast of an engine, as it helps in combining heavy-duty actions.

Also, it as well helps in increasing the strokes per minute, as well as giving a relatively quiet environment during its use – makes less noise.

Wahl comes with an adjustable blade. This is designed in such a way that aside lever present in the Trimmer controls the #1005 blade, adjusting it from shorter to longer cuts and even vice versa, all depending on your preferences. This Trimmer also has the capability of doing fades.

Another interesting feature of this beard trimmer is its durability. This tool is designed with a metal lower part, and with a hard plastic cover. Although it isn’t all that attractive as other beard Trimmers, it has over the years proven to be relatively stronger and resistant to damages than other beard Trimmers.

This tool comes with three attachment combs, a clipper oil, a brush, and a blade guard, as well as an instruction guide. All these attachments serve as a plus thereby giving it an edge over others when deciding which kind of professional beard trimmer you should buy as a barber.


3. Panasonic ER1611 Professional Cordless Hair Trimmer

Professional Beard Trimmer for Barbers
Professional Beard Trimmer for Barbers
To start with, this bead Trimmer is popular amongst Japanese barbers, and a lot of them have testified to the outstanding and unbeatable service it renders.

Panasonic ER1611 Professional Cordless Hair Trimmer is a cordless beard trimmer whose trademark and distinguishing feature is its linear motor. The linear motor designed with this tool allows it to make up to 10,000 strokes per minute, thus making it capable of powering any form of heavy-duty operation you might want to carry out.

The blades of this Trimmer cut very sharp and faster with an appreciable level of accuracy. It cuts through any kind of beard, be it excessively thick or curly – this tool has a way of taming them all down.

Also, the Trimmer self-control itself. This is made possible because of the built-in dial it possesses. This thus helps in controlling the cutting length from  0.8 to 2.5mm, all depending on the manufacturer’s instructions.

This cordless Trimmer has a running time of approximately 50minutes, after just one full charge. This is a very awesome plus for you as a barber as it enables you to achieve a few cuts before it runs out of power, after just one full chafe. Also, this beard trimmer gets fully charged within a period of 1 hour. This charging period according to stats, has shown to be amongst the fastest charging time.

This Trimmer as well comes with an indicator which indicates the battery level of the battery, and as well notifies you when you start running low on battery.

For a wonderful experience, this too is recommended!


4. Wahl Detailer Powerful Rotary Motor Trimmer

Professional Beard Trimmer for Barbers
Professional Beard Trimmer for Barbers

This is just another product of Wahl on this list.

This Trimmer, in particular, comes with the brand’s premium T-wide blade (#2215), with a quality stainless steel which in turn provides perfect edges, trims, and accurate outlines. This beard trimmer is used to give sharper even closer cuts as well as detailing.

However, one needs to be careful while dealing with this tool. Why?

Due to the sharpness of the tool, you might eventually result to cut your customer of yourself if care isn’t taken. Hence, the need to be extra careful when using the tool. I have no fears on you tho, to source this document online, then you’re already a professional barber.

Designed with a  rotary motor, which as well helps in taking care of the overall power of this tool, as well as the number of strokes per minute delivery.

Designed with beautiful finishes – burgundy mixed with white, thereby making it attractive and appealing to users. This tool comes with a few attachments which include, a blade guard, a clipper oil, cleaning brush, and an instructional guide.

Works as advertised. I zero’d out the blades and it gave a nice close trim. I have to say what surprised me the most is how comfortable it cut my hair. I use it to buz my whole head and it didn’t in the least scrape me or “bite” like other models. Feels rounded at the edge. Not sure if it’s because this model is a “professional ” series or not. But there is no need to be timid with this at all. It runs powerful, quiet and smooth and replacement blades are 16 bucks. The switch is conveniently at the bottom so it doesn’t shut off from hitting the button by mistake. It’s quite small and light and for me perfect. Wish I bought it years ago.


5. Andis Professional Barber Comb – CL -66325

Andis hair trimmers belong to one of the big players in the beard trimming manufacturers industry and there is no way we will get to the end of this article without including Andis professional beard trimmers as one of the professional beard trimmers we are going to be reviewing.

This professional hair trimmer is a special combo that comes with a professional heavy-duty clipper and professional T- outliner trimmer perfect for all-around styling, trimming, outlining and shaving.

The features of the Andis professional beard trimmer for a barber is what makes it very efficient and easy to use for barbers. The features of the Andis professional barber comb include;

1. The professional heavy-duty clippers cuts wet or dry hair

2. The sleek housing is lighter and fits perfectly in your hands

3. The smooth-running motor runs quietly and cool

4. The lever present helps to adjust the clipper blade from fine to coarse

5. Professional T-outliner clipper

6. Hanger loop for easy access and storage


  • The hair trimmer has the ability to cut both wet and dry hair
  • The hair trimmer is less noisy and the motor runs smoothly and cool
  • The sleek housing and design of the clipper allows it to fit comfortably in your hands
  • The hair trimmer comes with T-outliner, trimmer/clipper blade guard and oil which ensures its efficiency during use


The hair trimmer heats up during use on repeated use

You can buy the Andis professional barber combo-CL66325 HERE

6. Oster Model 10 Classic Professional Barber Salon Pro Hair Grooming Clipper with Blades size 000 and 1

Are you a professional barber looking to get a more durable and efficient hair trimmer to your collection of trimmers, then this trimmer right here is your best bet.

The Oster model 10 classic professional barber salon pro hair grooming clipper with blade pays homage to American quality and craftsmanship and celebrates the distinct tradition of technique, skill, and design.

The Oster model 10 classic professional hair trimmer houses one of the best features that make a hair trimmer worthy of spending money on.

Some of the features of the Oster model 10 hair trimmer includes;

1. Durable break-resistant housing

2. Compact and power loaded

3. It comes with blade guard, lubricating oil and cleaning brush

4. Extra-long,10 ft power cord


  • The break-resistant housing makes this beard trimmer durable and helps it to last longer
  • The extra-long 10 ft power cord ensures maximum flexibility during use
  • The cleaning brush and other accessories included helps the user to observe adequate hygiene after use


They get hot after about one year of use.

Buy the hair trimmer HERE

7. Wahl Professional Sterling Definitions Trimmer 8085- Great for professional Stylists and Barbers- Rotary Motor and Close Cutting Adjustable T- Blade

From Wahl professional’s commercial grade line of product, the sterling’s definitions trimmer is intended for professional use only and it is designed to deliver the sharp performance that experts demand.

The trimmer has a very lightweight and measures less than 5 so it presents no hassle to hold when in use

The features of this trimmer that make it exceptionally ideal for professional use include;

1. PROFESSIONAL PRECISION: The Wahl hair trimmer is designed to deliver the sharp performance and accuracy that experts demand

2. ULTRA CLOSE ACCURACY: Designed for extremely close trimming and can reach into tight areas with ease. The trimmer weighs 6.0 ounce hence it is light weighted and easy to handle.

3. ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Includes 3 trimming guides (1/16-3/16), styling comb, oil, cleaning brush, operating instructions and red blade all of which are designed for professional quality in your salon.

4. QUALITY PROCEDURES: Wahl’s quality testing procedures involve testing the product on synthetic hair. Bits of synthetic hair may be found on the product and is NOT a sign of previous use.


  • The battery life of this trimmer is excellent
  • It is not noisy although not very quiet
  • It is easy to use
  • Provides maximum value for your money


Once you can zero-gap it is an amazing lightweight trimmer that is easy to use

Buy the beard trimmer HERE

8. HATTEKER Beard Trimmer for Men Cordless Mustache Trimmer Hair Trimmer Groomer kit, Precision Trimmer Nose Hair Trimmer Waterproof USB Rechargeable 5 in 1

Professional Beard Trimmer for Barbers

The HATTEKER 5 in 1 beard trimmer is an excellent trimmer that ensures maximum precision and amazingly simple for use.

The beard trimmer gives you the exact length, precise contours and an even trim

The hair trimmer creates fine lines, contours, and details. It is a great trimmer for men

The features of the trimmer include;

1. LED DISPLAY: Easy for you to read clearly how much using the time left and how long remaining for you to charge

2. 100% WATERPROOF: This hair trimmer is 100% waterproof, simply rinse the blades under running water for quick hygienic cleaning

3. NOSE AND EAR TRIMMING: The trimmer quickly trims unwanted nose and ear hair without nick and cuts

4. BODY GROOMER: The body groomer allows you to trim and shave conveniently and safely below the neck with an innovative all-in-one design


  • The USB charging is fast and lasts for up to 60 minutes of charge time by only 1.5 hr. charging
  • A long-lasting lithium battery is ideal for travel
  • The ability of the whole-body washing makes it easy to maintain the trimmer
  • The stainless moving and standing blades with precision gap, deep close to the skin more pruning and low friction heat doesn’t produce high temperatures that can scald your skin


Some of the blade attachments are not sharp enough and may not cut too close to the skin

Buy the Hair Trimmer HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answer

Does Trimmer Darken Skin?

Discoloration of the beard area is not limited to the use of a beard trimmer. The aggressive nature of shaving, whether it is the use of trimmer or blade can cause the change of skin color. The rubbing or scraping action of blades can cause cuts to the skin, which can cause “hyper-pigmentation” and that is the way the skin replaces the damaged area.

Are Wahl Trimmers Waterproof?

Yes, Wahl beard trimmer is water-resistant. It can be used when having a shower as it is 100% waterproof. It can also be used alongside with foam, shaving gel or cream for a wet shave.

Is the Mangroomer Waterproof?

The Mangroomer Ultimate is 100% waterproof, that is you can use it anywhere without worrying about what will become of it if placed underwater. It is convenient to groom, trim or shave beard while in the bathroom or an environment with water.

Can I use a Beard Trimmer To Cut My Hair?

Unlike clippers, the main function of trimmers is to cut short and thin hair. They are not designed for cutting or shaving of thick hairs, trimmers do not have the ability to cut the hair very close. It is advisable to make use of clippers for cutting of head hair instead of trimmer.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Buying Beard Trimmer?

  • Attachments and Accessories
  • Corded or Cordless
  • Versatility
  • Standard

Conclusion on Professional Beard Trimmer

So far it’s being a wonderful journey together. Taking you along through the various factors to consider before buying a professional beard trimmer for barbers, the general importance of using a professional beard trimmer as a barber, and also proceeding to give a few professional beard Trimmers you might find helpful, including the features they possess, as well as the various places to get them.

It’s being really great taking you along with me through all these.

Hence, this is serving as my conclusion as regards this article – if at all you want to venture into barbing as a business, get the right tools.

Do not just source for Trimmers that would make you run to loss or in worse cases lose potential longterm customers. The point; use a professional beard trimmer for barbers

Should you have any reservation, question, or what-a-view, let’s meet at the comment section to trash them out. I really want to hear from you. But before then, please keep bearding!

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