How to Shave the Back of Your Neck

How to Shave the Back of Your Neck – Having to bother about a weekly appointment to the barber’s is not something every man has sufficient time for. Even though some haircuts still manage to hold the good look they carry a few weeks after a haircut, the back of the neck always looks best with regular grooming.

Now, instead of bothering your head thinking about the weekly visit to the barber’s, or even wasting your weekend sitting in a barber’s chair, learn here and now how to shave the back of your neck between appointments yourself.

Collecting the Proper Tools                               

So if you are trying to take the self shaving steps yourself then you have to put some tools which you will need in place.

The first thing to have is two mirrors. One of these mirrors will have to be a large wall-mounted one. It might be located over a sink though. The other mirror should be a large hand mirror or better still a shaving mirror with a swing arm that can be adjusted. It will be nice if you can get your hands on a shaving mirror as that will ease the stress of having to hold a mirror in place which might hurt your arms. After this, you will need a razor and some shaving gel or cream.

What you would be using on the face is just fine; just make sure that your razor is sharp as it should be able to prevent ingrown hairs. If you know you would not be committed to shaving the back of your neck every week then consider getting a pair of hair clippers. You need this to trim the hairline before you shave.

Getting a Low Maintenance Cut From Your Barber

Although trimming the hair at the back of the neck will keep the neckline tidy, it might take more time than you really want to put into it.

When you have a natural cut, it leaves off the tail area so that it can show a less obvious shape. As a natural neckline should be able to remove the frequent need for trimming the middle of the back of your neck, therefore, trimming the sides where the hair grows towards the collar is just the ideal thing. So now you should have just a few strands of hair to shave on each side.

When you know how to trim the back of your neck, no matter what hair cut style you are going for, then you have been able to greatly save time. Also, you can demonstrate this great skill whenever there is an urgency which may be an impromptu interview or a wedding.

It is important to always keep those hairs at the back of the neck in check so that you can have this cool and collected look. As it is not that obvious maybe due to the fact that it is not the first thing you see in the mirror, many guys do not pay attention to this area. For once, consider that some people see you from behind every day when they see this neglected back of your neck they see a shabby person. So keeping it in control is essential.

In the following order of guide, you will see how to shave the back of your own neck so as to maintain that well-groomed look between trips to the barber.

Talk to your barber first before you attempt this at home shaving guide. Professional advice is always needed.

As mentioned earlier, you will need a satisfactory trimmer, a hand mirror and a great deal of patience.

Here’s How to Shave the Back of Your Neck

1. With your back to the bathroom mirror, remove your shirt and hold the hand mirror in your face. Make sure that the hand mirror is positioned in an angle where it is easy to see the back of your head in the bathroom mirror. You can use a swing arm mirror; this is because it allows you to have the two hands free.

2. Make sure you are standing straight and your head is not tilted.

3. And if you noticed that you have a significant amount of hair at the back of the neck it is advisable to use a clipper for the first cuts.

4. Be sure that the clipper is held with the blade side up. Then start your shaving along a horizontal line across the back of the neck.

5. Now, hold the trimmer and make the teeth of the blade face the back of your neck; it is now parallel to the floor.

6. Shave a straight guideline horizontally along the back of your neck. Make sure this line is as close as possible to the bottom of the natural hairline. After this, it is then easy to follow the outline left from your last haircut.

7. Now, with your horizontal guideline set, make vertical strokes until you get to the horizontal line you had created. You can rotate the clippers for this.

8. Again check the position of your head so as to make sure that your shoulders are straight and your posture, good.

9. Next step is to flip the clipper over so that the teeth of the blade are facing upward. In vertical sections start shaving the bottom of your neck and upward until you get to the horizontal guideline you achieved in step 6 above.

10. You can shave off the corners of each side of the neck if a more rounded look is what you want. You can also remove stray hairs behind the ears if necessary.

11. A very thin layer of shave gel or cream should be applied along the back of the neck. Do not cover the existing hairline with the cream though, this is important. Use your razor to shave the areas which you have just trimmed along the back of your neck.

And if a closer than trimming shape is what you want, then you may shave the area with a razor. Make use of a very thin layer of shaving cream (this is so that the hairline is still visible) and shave the neck in the direction the hair grows. The trimmer lines can be used as a guide.


1. When you hold the clipper or razor with the hand on the same side of the neck you can shave easier.

2. Try to get a swing arm mirror mounted on your wall as you will have to stand between it and the bathroom mirror. The job is less complicated when you do not have to hold a hand mirror.

3. Work at a slow pace. Rushing will only give you an uneven result.

4. Shaving the hairline will give you undesirable effect when the hair starts growing out, make sure you stick closely to the natural hairline.

5. Know that far-reaching areas of the face like the chin and neck can cause annoying threats regardless of maybe you used a conventional traditional razor or an electric razor.

6. You can blame this only on the odd shape of the sensitive areas like the neck.

7. You can also rotate your body a bit to see one side of your head. And if you have the rounded hairline type, trim the edges of your neckline with great care so that the curves are even.

8. You can clean up, with the clippers, any extra hairs along the side of your neck.

9. Notwithstanding, you will surely get used to shaving this neck area perfectly with a very little degree of stress and error, after much diligence and proper use of the ‘How To-s’. You will be amazed at how you have achieved a skilled, neat and elegant look.

10. Remember that you must always shave in the direction of hair growth. This will help with preserving the neck and hairline.

11. Rinse the back of your neck with cold water and pat it dry with a towel.

Encountering difficulty when shaving the neck? These are what are to be blamed

Read along.

Asides the fact that it has the ability to feature contours, the neck is importantly uneven in shape. So know that shaving around it can be very demanding.

Some stubborn hairs are ever-present when making use of an electric razor on the neck. And also from the fact that you can feel stunning pains when the collars on your shirts rub the neck raw after shaving, the hairs on the neck can protrude out in different directions.

So it is wise to pay keen attention and focus on addressing the sensitivity of the neck to achieve that neater and smarter shave that is lacking severe pain and burns.

Know that laying your hand on the perfect razor that respects the sensitivity of your neck skin is not just all that you need to achieve the proper shave you deserve. A little dedicated effort in the practice and the fundamentals of using your electric shaving is also necessary so as to achieve that comfortable and proficient shave.

It is not uncommon that every elegant shaver has its own unique and preferred method of shaving among many other methods.

Vast experiences and experimentation with different shaving styles, creams and other aftershave products have accorded them these accolades.

They have the knowledge that not every skincare, creams and shaving method will be suitable for everyone.

Start your shaving with the Troublesome Area

The troublesome area as you might have known now is the neck. Work on it repeatedly before you start moving forward. After you might have done this you can then go on to the chin and a little bit downward.

Your carefulness and accuracy will surely go long in eliminating mistakes and of course prevent pains that might be heat-induced pains due to extended time of use.

It is important too that you do not stay static. Always adjust your head position. When you are being careful and properly positioned is not the same thing as fixing your head in one position.

You can help yourself to access the hard-to-reach areas by tilting your neck a bit so that you can align with the shaving positions.

You can always go extraordinary and exceptional. Break grounds and get to discover new and elegant shaving for the back of your neck. This will spice up your knowledge of the directionless pattern of how the hair on your neck grows.  

You can also apply some pre-shave lotion in preparation for shaving. You already know that this is important in shaving as it is used to decrease the sensitivity of the skin area. When this is done, you will see that there is less irritability and reduce pain.

The degree of force or pressure you use while shaving determines the level of comfort and pains that will be induced, well you already know this. So, take note of the amount of pressure you are putting in any area of your neck skin.

The longer or taller the hair the more demanding it is to shave than shorter ones, there is no doubt about this. Therefore, the hairs at the back of the neck when it is overgrown can cause extreme pains and jerking during shaving, mostly for sensitive, pain-prone skins.

This is why you need regular and frequent shaving.

Always use an after-shave balm as it will help greatly with achieving a perfect skin

The fear of having skin irritation is greatly reduced as the aftershave balm or cream works well not minding whether your skin is sensitive, oily, dry, rough or smooth.

How to shave the back of your neck – Conclusion

To be frank, reaching perfection in shaving the back of the neck is a quite demanding practice. Also, a display of committed effort in practice and patience is what has been the challenge many men face.

But with diligence which of course comes with investing a lot of time and energy, getting to the level of great competence will definitely show great rewards.

Got any feedback or comments on how to shave the back of your neck? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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