The African American Beard Softener That You Need

African American Beard Softener – Beard softeners are another name for beard conditioners. As an African American man, you have natural Afro hair. Afro hair is very different from straight Caucasian hair or Chinese hair. Our hair is uniquely different. And because of this difference, our hair needs special care and attention.

Afro hair is naturally thick, hard and coarse. Our hair also has the tendency to be dry. Because of these tendencies, the hair needs special care. A very special one at that. We need softeners that are totally compatible with our hair.

As a man of African origin, you are bound to have curly hair. The typical hair type of any person of African descent is usually the tightly curled hair. The typical black man has black, tightly curled hair and beard that could make it really hard for him to comb and brush through.

African hair also has a tendency to be dry and coarse hence the need for a beard softener. Most leave-in conditioners for beards have softening agents for the beard in them. There are many beard conditioners, creams, waxes, and oils that will serve as the perfect beard softener for your beard. The beard shampoos and liquid conditioners out there that don’t come in wax, cream, or oil are usually very harsh to the facial hair.

Beard conditioners do the work of softening your beard hair effectively. Some conditioners are harsh and you need to be careful about the type of conditioner you wish to use for your Afro haired beard. You can’t just go to any store and pick any conditioner you see and expect it to do the work of thoroughly softening your beard. It might even damage your beard!

Some conditioners are harsh so they dry out your facial hair. And you remember that Afro hair is naturally very dry. So, picking the wrong conditioner could have adverse effects on your beard. Be careful when picking a beard softener. Which is why we solved half of your hair-softening problem in this article. We will be walking you through the 10 best beard softeners for African American men!

Did you ask for this right? And here we are to your rescue. Most of the products listed below are available on Amazon and the links will be provided for each product.

Click on the link for any African American Beard Softener you want and buy and you are IN!

1. Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner

This 2oz smooth beard balm is one of the best options of a softener for you. This beard balm has a woody scent and is packed in a 60ml bottle. The Honest Amish beard brand has been very popular for ages now. And also the ingredients they use to make their beard products remain unique and unchanged. Their products are all 100% organic and natural! Their beard balm is arguably one of their best products. This product is specially designed for your beard to help in softening it. The ingredients in this beard balm are not only for your facial hair but also to help in moisturizing the skin underneath.

The product is made of a unique 100% natural formula and deeply conditions your beard. The Honest Amish beard balm cleanses, conditions, nourishes, and hydrates your beard and facial hair. It could also be applied to your mustache and your overall facial hair in total. It is a balm with leave-in conditioner in it that has quite the stronghold on your beard and holds your facial hair in place for styling. It is still one of the best selling conditioner and softener out there!

How To Apply

Scoop the balm into your palm and rub your palm together. Watch the balm melt in your palm and then apply to your beard. Apply to the roots and tips. To every single strand if possible.

The balm is packaged in a tin container which helps to prevent leakage and ensures easy carriage. It is also relatively easy to carry about. The scent of this balm is also very masculine, so you will love it. You might be wondering about the ingredients. It contains a rich blend of carrier oils like Virgin Argan oil, Virgin Pumpkin seed oil, Avocado oil, Grapeseed oil, and Apricot kernel oil.  Honest Amish beard balm with leave-in conditioner tops the list of beard softeners.

You can order it on Amazon as is the best selling beard balm on Amazon and sells for $12.87.

2. Smooth Viking Beard Conditioner for Men

This 60ml packaged beard conditioner is another choice for you if you are looking for a beard softener.

This smooth-textured beard conditioner has a really nice fruity and citrus smell. The scent will appeal to your masculine senses and won’t come on too Strong. This beard company is just as popular as the Honest Amish company.

They produce quality beard products and are quite popular. This beard balm by Smooth Viking contains Beeswax that helps to give your beard a stronghold. It ensures that beard styling is easy. So basically it holds your facial hair for styling and also deeply conditions and softens your beard. It is packaged in a tin container that helps to prevent leakage. You can also take it anywhere with you. It is very portable.
You should pick this beard conditioner if you wish to style as well as nourish your beard.

Follow this link to shop for this product on Amazon.

3. Rugged Roots Orange Cedarwood Beard oil

This beard oil helps you in effectively softening your beard. Even though it is not a beard balm, like the other conditioning gels listed above, it is still a very good choice for African American men to choose. Like the title and name of this African American, Beard Softener states, it has the cedarwood scent which is woody and doesn’t come on too strong and is at the same time very masculine.

The Rugged Roots Cedarwood beard oil deeply hydrates your beard deep into its roots and follicles and also nourishes and moisturizes it.

The bottle comes with an easy to use dropper attached to the lid that allows for easy application. It is a unique blend and mixture of organic and essential oils like Argan oil, Sunflower oil, Jojoba oil and Grapeseed oil. Jojoba oil is a very nutritional oil that closely resembles the natural sebum that our body produces. This means that this softening oil is both a conditioner (softener) and moisturizer.

You can buy this softener for your Afro hair on Amazon by following this link. It sells on Amazon for $13.97 and is currently in stock.

4. Polished Gentleman conditioner

This conditioner contains natural oils including Peppermint oil, Tea tree oil, Rosemary oil, Biotin, Aloe vera, Argan oil, Manuka honey, and Eucalyptus. Looking at these unique ingredients that it contains, one can say that this beard conditioner will marvelously do its work of softening your beard. The Honey it contains not only aids in styling and holding your beard, but it also helps to lock in moisture thereby effectively softening your beard.

This beard conditioner also helps in thickening your facial hair and encouraging facial hair growth. You can buy this conditioner from their website the Polished Gentleman’s Club by following this link.

5. Rugged Bros Beard Shampoo Conditioner

This 8 Fl oz is a 3 in 1 beard conditioner shampoo that does three jobs at the same time. It washes your beard, which is the work of its shampoo. It conditions your beard which is the work of the Moroccan Argan oil it contains. And it deeply softens and moisturizes your beard which is the work of the jojoba oil it contains. It softens that thick and tough Afro hair of yours leaving it supple and so soft. You really need to try this African American Beard Softener. There are no artificial ingredients in this conditioner and it is free of harmful chemicals and is 100% natural!

It costs $29.99 on their Amazon and you can buy this African American Beard Softener by following this link.

6. Beardition Even Better Beard Conditioner

This wonderful beard softener and conditioner cost $14.00 according to their website. Check out this reasonable African American Beard softener on Amazon.

This beard conditioner is a true all-natural one that contains essential oils that are so moisturizing and healthy for your beard. This conditioner has Aloe vera which is a main softening ingredient. It also has Vitamin E, Cucumber essence and Mint fragrance combined with the essential oils. This conditioner will work wonders in softening that Afro beard hair of yours.

You are truly in safe hands!

It is recommended that you use this conditioner immediately after your shower when your facial hair is still slightly damp. After use, you then rinse out. It comes in an 8Fl oz size and like earlier stated costs $14 on their official website and $20.95 on Amazon.

Click the link above to be led to their page on Amazon.  Obviously, it is cheaper when purchased on their website than anywhere else. Visit their page and buy this African American Beard Softener directly.

7. Art Naturals Beard Conditioner

This 8 Fl oz beard conditioner by ArtNaturals costs $18 which is the discounted price. The original retail price for this beard conditioner is $20. Follow the following link to go to the site to place your order.

This African American Beard Softener works your Afro beard brilliantly and helps it to shine. It contains essential oils like Tea tree oil and Jojoba oil. It also contains Aloe vera which is a very good beard moisturizing agent. ArtNaturals are also very popular among beard Bros for their product quality and crafting expertise.

8. The Art of Shaving beard conditioner

The Art of Shaving peppermint beard conditioner is made up of the peppermint oil and Jojoba oil. It costs $18 on its official website and you can place an order for yours by following this link.

9. Botanical Skin Works Beard Conditioning Oil

This is another African American Beard Softener that will work miraculously in softening your Afro beard hair. To buy this product, go to their page on Amazon by following this link.

This product costs $11.25 on Amazon and contains essential oils like Sesame seed oil, Jojoba oil, Rosemary oil, Sandalwood oil and Vitamin E which is also called Tocopherol. The Jojoba oil it contains is the king of all essential oils. Because no other oil does the work of effectively moisturizing and polishing your beard as it does. Also, this product is very peculiar because unlike the other products we have been mentioning, this is an oil.

Not a conditioner, but it does the softening work extremely well. Not surprising though if you look at the calibre of ingredients it is made of.

10. Beard Brand’s Tree Ranger Beard Softener

Follow the link below to go to their website where you can buy this African American Beard softener.

This African American Beard Softener costs $17 on their website which is surely the discounted price. Because if you go to other sellers, you will get it for way more than this. This product by BeardBrand is specially formulated for softening your beard. It also has Eucalyptus oil as one of its core ingredients. Which is a plus for you. BeardBrand is a company that has fame and popularity already in the beard world. They make very good beard products. And are famous for their expertise. Which means you can trust them for a quality beard softener for your beard.

So, there they are above! Look through the list of the various beard softeners that are available for your beard and pick the one you like. Beard softeners are so important especially for we black men that have quite the coarse and tough hair.

These conditioners and oils not only softens but also moisturize. And they promote healthy beard growth. The links to the places where you can get these products are provided for each product so be sure before you make a pick. Just being part of the My BeardGang already makes you awesome. But giving those beards maximum care and treatment will make you a real prince.

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