Best African American Beard Products

Best African American Beard Products – This article would surely captivate the attention of African American men who grow beards. This is because there is a difference in the grooming and maintenance of their beard which is nothing compared to their Caucasian counterparts.

Yes, a beard is a beard of course and there is common ground in the regular and daily brushing, cleaning, combing, cleanse tone, and moisturizing of every man’s beard.

For long, there have never been enough options for the African American beard styles. If you have difficulties choosing the best beard style that suits your face you can always pay a visit to a professional barber who is always available to do that easily. But know that no matter what you do with your facial hair, it is necessary to use the right beard care products to maintain its condition.

Although, most people are unaware of this fact the African American hair needs more moisture, and this is due to its very dry and brittle nature.

Challenges like dryness, hair bumps, patchiness, irritation among others are very common for the African American men growing a beard. If you suffer from one or more of this you should take a look at the beard care products that would be listed in this article and choose which is best for you to start a routine for combating these disorders.

We are bringing you these recommendations as they have been tested and great reviews have been received about them all. Asides strengthening your hair shaft; these products also will moisturize and protect your beard from environmental damage.

And as they are being listed, the ‘How To Use’ them will also be mentioned if just briefly. You can get to read what they do instead of having to wait until you lay your hands on them before knowing what the products are all about.

Beard Conditioner

Conditioning the facial hair regularly will not only make the hair softer but will keep the skin underneath healthy.

The conditioner is great for mending split ends and keeping the beard growing. After you have washed the face, apply the conditioner from the tips and work gently to the roots.

You can leave the conditioner on for 3-5 minutes, but for a deeper condition; 8-10 minutes will do.

Then rinse gently warm water and blow-dry.

Beard Balm

It is not uncommon for most men to resort to synthetic sealants like petroleum jelly or castor oil. But in the best of advice, stay as far away from these products as they have a tendency to dry out your hair and make it brittle.

For the most effective results, It is recommended that the application of the cream or pomade should be largely dependent on how much facial hair you actually have.

Beard Oil “Serum”

You can use the Scotch Porter Oil to help lock in moisture.

Before application though, you have to brush your hair thoroughly; and this is to ensure that there are no knots or kinks.

When applying the Oil, start with the ends and work up to the roots. This is to make sure that the serum is distributed evenly al through the target area.

Let me mention that it is highly important to get all your beard care needs from a brand this will offer a great reward and satisfying results for your routine.

Here you go:

Best African American Beard Products

1. Prophet Beard Balm

In all, this is one of the foremost African American beard conditioners. This product has the properties of a light citrus scent while at the same time moisturizing the dry, scruffy beards.

Unlike many other beard care products out there, we can boldly say that Prophet Beard Balm does not cause flaking, irritation or dandruff. And the best part is this: even though the balm is white in colour, it clears immediately it touches and enters into the hair.

It works well for countering itchiness leaving your beard with a great look and smell all day long. And guess what, it also works with goatees as well.

2. Scotch Porter Beard Balm

Made especially for ethnic hairs, Scotch Porter Beard Balm works well for stopping itches while growing a beard.

This beard care product is perfect for African American men growing beards as it contains 100% natural ingredients like Coconut oil, Aloe Vera, Slippery elm, and Marshmallow root.

It is also simple to administer as you just have to wet the face with a hot towel for 10 minutes. This process is to help open the skin pore. After doing that, apply a bit of the balm and massage it in.

This product will make your beard look good, smell great and grow luxuriously.

3. Pure Body Naturals Beard Oil and Beard Balm set

Beautifully made pure body naturals beard oil and balm set works great for taming wild beards and mustaches It contains in its ingredients Argan oil, Sesame oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, and Vitamin E oil.

The balm and beard oil is both non-greasy as they do their work of repairing stunted and damaged beard hair.

This beard oil and balm set also stimulate beard and facial hair growth and at the same time conditions, softens, detangles and prevents hair greying.

4. Mr. Rugged Massage Brush

Brushing the beard regularly will surely prevent de-tangling. It will also stimulate blood circulation which is necessary for beard growth.

This is exactly what this unique brush does. The bristles on it can be used on any African American beards to that it can be de-tangled.

It works well with exfoliating, removing dandruff and ingrown hair on the facial hair.

If used regularly, you will surely notice an improvement in the health and texture of your beard.

5. Dr.Squatch Pine Tar Soap

Another of the best product for the African American beard grooming is Dr Squatch Pine tar Soap.

This soap is good for exfoliating dead skin and the prevention of acne, razor bumps, razor burn, ingrown hair, dandruff, and other beard disorders.

Containing oatmeal and pine oil, this soap leaves the skin clean and moisturized.

The facial hair and skin are also left smelling good all day. The only negative side of it is, it does not last very long.

Buying this product will give you access to the following features:

It is changing the way, bearded men approach hygiene by providing a healthy product that will not only make you smell nice but also feel like a champion you are.

6. Beard Shampoo “Wash”

Scotch Porter beard shampoo is very safer to start the washing of the facial hair routine with.

Washing the face now, it is highly recommended that you make use of warm water; this is to help open the pores and to soften the hair so that the styling process will be a less strenuous one.

During the wash, lather gently. Make sure that the skin and facial hair are getting cleaned. And after washing, rinse well with warm water also.

Do not rub the face roughly with the towel so that the facial hair does not get harder.

7. Commando Classic Beard Balm

With Brooklyn Grooming’s Commando Classic Beard Balm all thick and unruly hairs are damned. This product is made to soften and at the same time nourish the hardest of hairs.

It is also suitable for styling hairs so that you can expect that pomade-like shine which will draw all the right attention to your beards.

Its ingredients consist of beeswax, oils (like sesame, jojoba, hemp, and argan), shea butter and vitamin E.

8. Zeus Beard Balm Conditioner $21

This beard balm conditioner from Zeus is sure to give a light and glow to your facial hair.

Brittle hairs and beard itch will soon be forgotten like a bad memory.

To top it with the best results, gently coach the balm through each whisker with one of Zeus’ famed beard combs.

On the ingredients list are cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, sunflower seed wax, candelilla wax, jojoba oil.

9. Brothers Artisan Oil – The Tamer – $24

Asides the facial hair, this oil can also be used as a styler on the head. It has a reputation of fighting strays and at the same time conditioning the hair.

This brand is well known for its unique beard oils and balms which has the ability to soften the beards and make it looking strong.

This product is made up of oils (like the argan, soybean, grapeseed, jojoba, sunflower, avocado and hemp), cocoa butter, beeswax, Vitamin E, shea butter, aloe vera.

10. Proraso – Beard Balm – $18

Made by a classic Italian drugstore brand this lightweight, scented balm offers a cooling tingle, which is similar to its aftershave products.

It will bring to you memories of younger years, before the days of heavy mane on your face.

It has a composition of benzyl alcohol, glycerin, eucalyptus oil, dioctyl ether, and menthol.

11. The Viking Beard Kit

Here is the perfect kit for the bearded men. This product promises that you will smell like a Viking. It has a scent composition of oakmoss that has been blended with pine and leather with a hint of citrus. The strength of the scent is medium though so you don’t have to fear of being choked.

This kit comes complete with the Viking beard Oil, the Viking Beard Shampoo Bar, the Viking Beard Balm.

The benefit of this product is that:

  • It helps with irritation, wrinkles and the signs of aging.
  • The beard shampoo bar is so that you can clean up the beard without drying out the skin or hair.
  • The beard oils naturally soften beard hair while moisturizing the skin underneath.
  • The deep conditioning beard balms are made with plant-based waxes. This gives style and holds to the beard, locking in moisture and taming the unruly ones.

So all you have to do with this complete kit is:

  • Wash and condition the facial hair with the Shampoo bar
  • Follow up with the Beard Oil so as to have that feeling of softness and make it fuller than ever.
  • Then finish up with the beard balm to have that full and beautiful styling.

12. The Outlaw Beard Kit

This kit is perfect for a bearded traveler as he has to keep looking sharp. It comes in a woodsy and earthy but fresh scent. The scent strength though is medium strong of pine scotch, patchouli, and peppermint.

This kit has in its package: The Outlaw Beard Oil, The Outlaw Beard Shampoo bar, The Outlaw Beard Balm and the Mustache Wax.

Its benefits include improving skin moisturization.

The idea of using the kit is that:

  • you wash and condition the facial hair with the Shampoo Bar
  • then you add the Beard oil as this will leave a feeling of softer and fuller than ever.
  • Then finish your routine up with the use of the Mustache Wax and Beard Balm for styling the beard.

The Mustache Wax comes with two options to choose from:

  • The Medium Hold Mustache Wax- which has an easy applicator for regular use so that the moustache does not misbehave.
  • The Medium-Firm Hold Mustache Wax – This is a stronger, waxy hold for styling and curling the moustache

13. The Lumberjack Beard Kit

Here is the perfect beard care product for the bearded lumberjack. This product comes also in a woodsy scent which has a twist of citrus and a note of ylang-ylang.. the scent strength also is subtle.

The therapeutic essentials of this product are that it is grounding and insect repellant.

It has been tested and proven to be quite a strong aphrodisiac.

This manly kit comprises of; the Lumberjack Beard Oil, the Lumberjack Beard Shampoo Bar, the Lumberjack Beard Balm.

  • The Beard Shampoo Bar is so that you can clean up the beard without drying out the skin or hair.
  • The Beard Oils is made to naturally soften the beard hair while moisturizing the skin beneath, leaving no dry, itchy beards there.
  • The Beard Balm which is made from plant-based waxes has the function of giving style and holding the beard locked in moisture.

14. The Captain Beard Kit

The Captain Beard Kit is made so that you can catch an airy essence that will make you remember the high seas and your adventures of far and wide.

It comes with a strong scent of incense, earthy and oaky with a bit of spice of sage.

The benefits of this product is to bring back common scents of colognes and perfumes dating back to centuries and at the same time giving your hair and skin that look of smooth and healthiness.

This kit is great for those who experience itchiness.

As a kit, it comes complete with; the Captain Beard Oil, the Captain Beard Shampoo and Conditioner Bar, the Captain Beard balm.

  • The Beard Shampoo Bar is to clean up the beard and not necessarily dry out the skin or hair
  • The Beard Oil is made to naturally soften the beard hair while moisturizing it.
  • The beard balm is there to finish up the styling of the moustache and the beard.

From the various brands and products listed, it is safe to go for one which best suits your style. And don’t forget to always seek the counsel of professionals out before choosing or even when you notice the tiniest of change in your facial hair.

Now that you an idea of the best African American beard products to use. What do you think?

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How often should a black man wash his beard?

As a black man with a beard, there is no limitation to how many times you can wash your beard. How many times you wash your beard in a day can also be decided by your nature of work, let’s take for example you work in a construction company, it is known that this work nature produces dust. To keep your beard neat make sure to watch 2-3 times in a day.

How long does it take a black man to grow a beard?

Days? Months? Years? How long it will take a black man to grow a strand of beard and visible beard differs. Ordinary with proper care a black man can grow beard within 2-3 months. Once you make use of the right beard oil, beard cream, exercise, eat foods with vitamins and minerals, then you are on track to the growth of beard.

Should a black man Oil his beard?

Yes, a black man can oil his beard. There is no restriction or law that prohibits a black man from applying oil to his beard.

Can a black man use beard hair removal?

Yes, a black man can use beard hair removal before you do that make sure to carry out a skin patch test. With this, you will know if the products contain ingredients that your skin can’t cope with. Check out the best beard hair remover.

Should an African American grow a beard if it’s patchy?

If your beard is patchy as a black man, what you can do is to bring the line down the cheek and keep the edges sharp. There’s always a sweet spot between a beard and stubble that will make patches look less noticeable. After a few days of growth trim the cheeks and jawline with a trimmer with an adjustable length setting. Just keep the lines clean.

Where can African American buy beard products?

As an African American, you can buy your beard kit from any online store or make use of our affiliate links to buy any of the products listed above. And you can also buy from the physical store across the street, but make sure to buy the best.

How can I know a product that is good?

There is no product you want to buy online that has not been bought by someone and most would drop their views on what the product has done for them, what they face during the period of use. Those reviews are the ones you are to look for.

Conclusion on Best African American Beard Products

You have read on Best African American Beard Products and their reviews. You have anything to ask or contributions to make, kindly make use of the comment box.

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